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  1. Think I'd rather we raided Monaco for Henrichs or even Sidibe. Henrichs is only 22 as well.
  2. Sweet! U23's for 6 months, then get him out on Loan.
  3. Hope so. Would be a great signing, supposed to have a lowish clause as well.
  4. Depay considers himself too good for our "level", wouldn't come here.
  5. He needs/needed game time, only real way to polish. If they weren't going to take the risk and play him (like when we were average and Walcott was Walcott), then they should have loaned him out.
  6. Was impressive when he came on, has a real threat about him. Wish this kid could get more minutes.
  7. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/04/29/report-everton-target-rafael-leao-will-be-blocked-from-summer-mo/ Buy him and loan him back then, if he's good enough. Keep the talent conveyor rolling.
  8. Don't think he's scored on any of the occasions that he's gone up. Probably playing off of the bench though.
  9. Better passing, but yep or Gomes. He plays the Gomes role in a deeper sitting CM pair, or further up as an attacking mid. He is not a defensive shield or destroyer ala Gana.
  10. Wouldn't mind his teammate Nicolas Pepe as Walcott's replacement either, pretty sure we're already priced/positioned out of that one though.
  11. Scored another hat trick, 20 goals in 15 u18 games.
  12. Yep, that's the issue I see shifting him.
  13. I disagree, but going along with it... The difference is he's 21 and unlikely to be a finished product. He's got improvement in him, but he needs to play to get there. Walcott isn'tt taking Everton where we want to go, Lookman still might...or earn a decent transfer fee. China is probably the only hope for Walcott, without taking a big loss.
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