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  1. DownUnderToff

    Timo Werner

    He's a lock to go to Bayern, no point entertaining this one.
  2. DownUnderToff

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    5 at the back is shite, has only worked against a team that also played 5. Our right side has been incredibly poor. If Kenny's not good enough, we need another RB. Walcott doesn't deserve to start again, he's had his opportunities this year. Needs to be forced to fight his way back from the bench (hopefully Lookman's fit).
  3. DownUnderToff

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    Irrelevant now but would have been DCL, shift Richarlison to the wing. Are you defending Walcott?
  4. DownUnderToff

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    Walcott off next, has offered nothing
  5. DownUnderToff

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    Also been good. Call him 2nd best, if it makes you feel better.
  6. DownUnderToff

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    Probably been our best player, offered attacking impetus and made good interceptions.
  7. DownUnderToff

    January Plans

    May not make purchases any this window, but I hope we're chatting away to any number of Monaco players. Sitting in relegation zone, no champ league next year...a number would be assessing options. Benjamin Henrichs or Djibril Sidibe could answer our RB problem. Youri Tielemans would be a great get. Plenty of young talent there, Willem Geubbels and Pietro Pellegri would have plenty of suitors.
  8. DownUnderToff

    Andreas Pereira

    Contract expires in the Summer, definitely for free.
  9. DownUnderToff

    Rumours Without A Link

    I like Gana, think he's very good at his role. ...but realistically, he's 29 and we're going to need to replace him in the next 2-3 years anyway. If we can turn him into £35m+ before then, we absolutely should. The stated 20m is laughable though. There will be replacements out there, Brands just needs to work his magic. That Salzburg lad (Samassekou?) or Denis Zakaria spring to mind.
  10. DownUnderToff

    Burnley (Away) Wednesday December 26th

    What's wrong with Lookman?
  11. DownUnderToff

    Spurs (Home) Sunday December 23rd

    Think we should be able to get on top in the midfield for this one, looks like they might have to run with Winks and Sissoko. Assuming Gueye is injured, I'd be happy to go more attacking with Davies instead of Schneiderlin. Keep Calvert-Lewin up top, Richarlison on the left and Lookman on the right.
  12. DownUnderToff

    Kieran Dowell

    Fair enough. Might only be 5 - 10m (maybe more in these crazy markets), but every bit is important in the long run. Our Billionaire owner is not just going to keep pumping in 5-10% of his net worth year on year. See SPL as more of a career killer. Doesn't seem like many come out and kick on, Van Dijk recently... anyone else?
  13. DownUnderToff

    Kieran Dowell

    Still a reason to target a better loan, put him in a bigger shop window and hopefully improve the return. Still think he's got enough ability, just needs to apply it. Lower Prem or Germany for mine.
  14. DownUnderToff

    Kieran Dowell

    He did well enough, first go round, in the championship, he's better than rangers/spl. Time to really challenge him. Lower prem and Huddersfield I reckon, let him fight off relegation. They're down their creative mid, in Mooy until at least the end of Jan, and short in that area regardless. Wagner likes possession based football as well.
  15. DownUnderToff

    Manchester City (Away) Saturday December 15th

    I understand what you're saying @wolf8312, but saying (in hindsight) the tactics didn't work doesn't have to be a manager Witch Hunt. Just that something was tried, didn't work, and you move on. Silva is still a young (for a coach) and learning, he'll make some mistakes and that's ok. We're playing so much better, and more attractive, than last year, having been far more organised at the back as well. Kudos Silva and Brands. Against Man City, 5 at the back and conceding the midfield clearly didn't work. We had one (clear-cut and fluffed) opportunity in the first half, that's just flat out not creating enough and a big part of that has to be down to the structure. They had far too much time on the ball, able to shift the play and pick passes at will. Getting some balance back in the midfield allowed us to at least get forward a bit more...so we could fluff more chances.