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  1. DownUnderToff


    Signs are certainly good for Ellis Simms, Korede Adedoyin looks the goods as well.
  2. DownUnderToff

    Ademola Lookman

    isn'tt the Left his preferred side though? Seems to be where he's played most of his footy, with his highlights showing lots of cutting inside to shoot.
  3. DownUnderToff

    Two-year academy transfer ban

    Must have missed that, definitely confirmed?
  4. DownUnderToff

    Ademola Lookman

    Needs to be on the park longer to get a chance to show that, hence the call to start.
  5. DownUnderToff

    Ademola Lookman

    Yep. Also just to reinforce an attitude and a merit based system. Some starters have been down on form, so those training well & with the right attitude should get a chance.
  6. DownUnderToff

    Ademola Lookman

    Deserves to Start.
  7. DownUnderToff

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    (According to transfermarkt) Played equal amounts left and right last year, is playing more right this year. Is right footed.
  8. DownUnderToff

    Ademola Lookman

    Didn't think he was all that bad. Not good, but not bad. Saw him get back and help out a few times (got him a cheer at one point), a long way from Richarlison level but still. Agree on the width part, was a bit surprising given he's apparently right footed.
  9. DownUnderToff

    Sandro Ramirez

    Ah, I see! Fair play, carry on then... ...was more of a dire needs scenario, would much rather try youth
  10. DownUnderToff

    Sandro Ramirez

    Can't buy our way to the top, we need to develop players. We could keep average players for bench cover, or we can provide opportunities for young talent to rise the challenge.
  11. DownUnderToff

    Sandro Ramirez

    Keep 4 (Lookman) and use the u23's/u18's as required/warranted. Brands wants 1st team avenues for youth players, keeping the squad lean provides that. We haven't got any international comps to worry about and Calvert-Lewin/Gylfi/Dowell can all fill in as required (till Jan at least).
  12. DownUnderToff

    Ademola Lookman

    Could have done that directly/in person Haf. No need for that to play out on social media, and no reason for us to assume some slight/callous act on his behalf (not assuming you are). He may well prefer to move and that's his prerogative. Although I think that the Leipzig post could very easily just be the kid taking an interest in a team and player he played for/with. Not everyone's a mischievous Mastermind (footballers less likely than most), and he is still just a 20 year old kid. He's currently an Everton player, and welcome in my book. If he goes, I assume we'll get a fair price and wish him good luck. Then continue to cheer on Everton's upward trajectory.
  13. DownUnderToff

    Ademola Lookman

    Hold out unless they meet the valuation. Set a precedent, or keep a talented player. If they started at 12 and have risen to 25, they'll pay 28/30.
  14. DownUnderToff

    Man of the match @ Wolves

    Agreed. Think Digne will be a very good replacement and love that Baines is rising to the challenge.
  15. DownUnderToff

    Man of the match @ Wolves

    Richarlison obviously, but thought Baines was also very good. Defense in general was pretty solid. Might not be a popular opinion but I thought Schneiderlin played a decent game, the best I'd seen from him in awhile.