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  1. Needed to take more of a risk today, should have hooked Schneiderlin for Davies.
  2. That's just assuming they're taking the cup run seriously, otherwise flip the games.
  3. We did... but I'm suggesting they start him against United at home, with Gomes and/Delph held over for Wednesday.
  4. He's better than Morgan, mostly a different role though. Even at 4th choice, I'd agree with the loan. Needs to be playing regularly. Not to the champs though, he's already better than that. Lower prem or bundesliga. Moot point though. He's stuck till January and Silva needs to get him game time. If we're going for the cup, Sheffield United at home probably a good chance to start.
  5. Scored 2, winning 2 penalties (hit post with one), in an 8:2 demolition. Looked to be playing on the right wing, prefer to get him on the bench instead of Walcott.
  6. Would definitely have him on the bench
  7. DCL - but bring Kean on earlier. Time to start really laying the challenge down to DCL. Challenge him to find those dangerous spots or to make something happen, more than just a line leading workhorse.
  8. Really? Thought he was clearly our best in the first 45.
  9. Start of the season (injury permitting) would have to be Bernard DCL Richarlison Iwobi and Kean will need time to settle in, before trying to displace Bernard and DCL.
  10. He'll certainly hold on to the ball better than Walcott
  11. Hmmm... worth a shot, 60m at Neves
  12. Either way, looks like he won't be playing against us on the weekend
  13. Yep, for a fair price I'd agree. It has been suggested that they want 75m for Nathan Ake, so "fair price" might be out of the question. Rony Lopes has been linked as well.
  14. Is there actually anything to this, or just a made up media story? Price is ridiculous, completely against the trend of a Brands purchase. Not the, left footed, right winger that Silva was after. He is (apparently) already on 130k a week, any increase would blow our wage structure further off track. Doesn't make much sense to me.
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