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  1. DownUnderToff

    Joe Williams

    Took a look at a highlights real from his Barnsley time, reckon he's at least a good shout for backup DM.
  2. DownUnderToff

    Ademola Lookman

    Sorry, more a comment on the quoted amount going round...and my own sense of doom on this one.
  3. DownUnderToff

    Ademola Lookman

    Doesn't mean we should sell cheap though. Despite what some have said about his performances there, he did decently well in the Bundesliga and is only 20. If £25m is the going rate for a, very good, 21 year old championship player, I'd be disappointed at 20m and downright unhappy at 15m.
  4. DownUnderToff

    Kieran Tierney

    Not for us, but interest from others might be less and the asking price lowered.
  5. DownUnderToff

    Kieran Tierney

    Anyone know if he would be cup tied, if he plays qualification games?
  6. DownUnderToff

    Emil Forsberg

    isn'tt he a Left Winger? He played 29 of 31 games as a LW in 16/17, when he collected 8 goals and 22 assists. Unless you think Bolasie & Mirallas are good enough/should stay (I don't), we're short competition in that spot. My only concern is the impact on Lookman, or RB asking for him in trade.
  7. DownUnderToff

    Who should be Everton’s first choice CB pair next season

    Yes please. 22, 194cm, nearly 100 bundesliga games, quick and comfortable on the ball.
  8. DownUnderToff

    Ademola Lookman

    No one gets guaranteed game time but he's definitely one of the 2 competing LW for mine, especially in a reduced pro youth squad. Number 1 of the 2, with what we currently have. Thankfully, it looks like they've given up on a "buy success" strategy. We need to build it long term, challenging and playing quality prospects is going to be central to that. I think he's good enough now (for 1 of 2), but reckon Lookman can really grow/thrive with some faith and the challenge of responsibility.
  9. DownUnderToff

    Rumours Without A Link

    Looks alright, doesn't he? Was a darn dangerous cross he put in, if only someone was there. Mooy's been linked in a few articles, but don't see it happening. He's not a lone #6 type, and don't see him moving from Huddersfield
  10. DownUnderToff

    Matthijs De Ligt

    I'd be de-re-ligt in my duty, if I didn't point out had bad these puns are given the pronunciation.
  11. DownUnderToff

    Matthijs De Ligt

    Davinson Sanchez was one of the Ajax centrebacks last year. He moved to Tottenham at the start of the year (for £36m), having just turned 21, and is now starting centreback in a top 3 team. De Ligt will be 2 years younger (19) at the start of the season, but has played a lot of senior football (including in Europe and National team). It certainly is a lot of money, but around the Sanchez mark given; how highly regarded, younger, and continued inflation... I'd probably be more comfortable going for Jonathan Tah (guessing a lot cheaper) and would have been happy with Issa Diop, but this would be a big coup...
  12. DownUnderToff

    Mario Gotze

    Where would he play? His ideal spot is the same as Gylfi.
  13. DownUnderToff

    Issa Diop

    If so, a huge miss...letting West Ham beat us to quality (and relatively cheap) targets in positions of obvious need.
  14. DownUnderToff

    Victor Nilsson Lindelöf

    Don't really get this one. Why would we pay through the nose (premier league mark-up) for a player whose coach has deemed not good enough, strengthening a competitor in the process (via a profit). Would much rather we went hard for Jonathan Tah or Issa Diop, for similar or less £.
  15. DownUnderToff

    Marco Silva (manager)

    They're "worth" what someone's willing to pay for them aren't they? Still an entirely irrational market, don't think they're at a points per game and $ per points calculation yet. Hearing the suggested "guide prices" for Arnautovic and Willian Jose at £50m+, I'd be very disappointed with £12m. Although, if we put him up for sale, we'd be unlikely to get top dollar.