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  1. Scored another hat trick, 20 goals in 15 u18 games.
  2. Yep, that's the issue I see shifting him.
  3. I disagree, but going along with it... The difference is he's 21 and unlikely to be a finished product. He's got improvement in him, but he needs to play to get there. Walcott isn'tt taking Everton where we want to go, Lookman still might...or earn a decent transfer fee. China is probably the only hope for Walcott, without taking a big loss.
  4. Exactly. If Walcott is the only other option, then play Lookman and let him learn and develop with first team time. Bernard and Richarlison should keep him out at the minute.
  5. Would be hoping that some of the Fulham players have the ol'relegation get out clause. As for playing left/right, pretty sure he's pure CF (although could be wrong).
  6. Price dependant. Picking him up for Tosun sale money would be decent business.
  7. Mostly just hoping to see some heavy dead wood and wage shifting, then bringing some youngsters through. That said, Luka Jovic would be the (now unrealistic) ideal striker target. Fulham could also be worth raiding, if some bargains can be had. I still like Seri and Mitrovic would be a good fallback striker/Tosun replacement. Sessegnon would be way too expensive and not an area of need, unless Richarlison gets sold.
  8. Hopefully they loan him out next year, the Bundesliga seems to be the go.
  9. Don't mind the idea, just not sure on structure. Don't think he deserved dropping, but Morgan doesn't either. Think we probably need to sit back a bit in this one.
  10. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/gordon-not-alone-youth-cup-15822053
  11. You're having a laugh...surely...
  12. Honestly never read or heard it. If we want to be successful long term, the whole organisation needs to embrace review and improvement. The managers don't just get a leave pass. If he/they won't buy in to that, then part ways. That needs to wait till the end of the year though.
  13. Understand what you're saying, but he looks to have decent touch and an accurate boot. Doesn't seem like just a man child, get more of that impression from Hornsby and his game style (but impressed/hopeful with him also).
  14. Found this goal compilation, definitely looks a natural scorer. Looks like he'll be a big, powerful, lad as well.
  15. Well said @nyblue23, we need to avoid the doom spiral of constant change now. Working towards establishing that winning culture should hopefully include a club wide internal review at the end of the year. Any areas of improvement & solutions identified, with the goals wholeheartedly embraced. Hopefully that includes a solution to our set piece defending woes. Near as I can figure (from a very rough and simplistic count), we've dropped 7 league points to set piece goals. Silva/the club can't continue to hide from the failures in this area, even if it means bringing in a specialist defensive coach.
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