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  1. Williams injured, according to one report. Anyone know what it was?
  2. Not remotely worth 40m. Haven't checked but pretty sure we're right for the homegrown quota, we'd be far better off looking for a quality foreign CB.
  3. I'd buy a young and talented (if somewhat "unproven") winger, who still has the possibility of improvement left, as a possible first choice winger. I'd certainly play said winger over, an already declined, Walcott. Maybe it's just me, but don't see how it's all that hard to find better candidates than Theo... with all his space marking and little-to-no impact... Malcom is certainly included in that list, but I also think that Lookman is as well. If it's purely a question of 'finite resources' and priority to spend, I'd agree that Winger isn't it. If the question is Theo Walcott... it's just a hard no.
  4. Mino is his agent, think it was his father being quoted. Inter have their young star striker, they don't need to try and find game time for another.
  5. Wow... talk about a longbow... 6 goals and 2 assists (in a half) is a decent return, but 13 goals and 6 assists (in a full) is not good enough? From midfield? Involved in 35% of our Goals... I think we should be looking to bring in long-term successors to both positions, given there age. I'm also on board with cashing in now, if the money's right and replacements are ready. However... Ignoring your hate boner for Gana, trying to suggest that Gylfi is not performing is bonkers.
  6. Better, younger, options out there and too $$. Would rather we went for someone like Ajer at Celtic (and loaned them back one or 2 of our under 23's). Need to get in early on the likes of Ajer.
  7. Usually in fan of loaning them out to get regular game time, but this makes sense. U23's should still be a step up, given he spent most of last season with the u18's. Hopefully some game time in the firsts as well.
  8. Are we any chance of shifting our Deadwood contracts? Haven't seen much on Bolasie, Mirallas, Ramirez or Niasse going anywhere.
  9. De Jong went for £65m, he's not going for more than that.
  10. https://the4thofficial.net/2019/06/everton-willing-to-pay-the-release-clause-for-15m-argentine-ace-worth-the-outlay-for-silva/ Looked good from the brief footage I saw, big and quick. No prizes for guessing where his family emigrated from.
  11. With who/what they've brought in, I hope we're heavily in to Dortmund for Weigl and Mahmoud. They'll end up going cheap, by today's standards, somewhere.
  12. Think I'd rather we raided Monaco for Henrichs or even Sidibe. Henrichs is only 22 as well.
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