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  1. DCL - but bring Kean on earlier. Time to start really laying the challenge down to DCL. Challenge him to find those dangerous spots or to make something happen, more than just a line leading workhorse.
  2. Really? Thought he was clearly our best in the first 45.
  3. Start of the season (injury permitting) would have to be Bernard DCL Richarlison Iwobi and Kean will need time to settle in, before trying to displace Bernard and DCL.
  4. He'll certainly hold on to the ball better than Walcott
  5. Hmmm... worth a shot, 60m at Neves
  6. Either way, looks like he won't be playing against us on the weekend
  7. Yep, for a fair price I'd agree. It has been suggested that they want 75m for Nathan Ake, so "fair price" might be out of the question. Rony Lopes has been linked as well.
  8. Is there actually anything to this, or just a made up media story? Price is ridiculous, completely against the trend of a Brands purchase. Not the, left footed, right winger that Silva was after. He is (apparently) already on 130k a week, any increase would blow our wage structure further off track. Doesn't make much sense to me.
  9. Would prefer Henrichs, of Monaco's remaining RBs, but 14m seems reasonably cheap. Was playing, well, at the top of Europe only 2 years ago.
  10. Sorry, poorly written. Assuming that we're buying a CB (as expressed by Marco), and getting an RB on Loan (pretty sure the club has said this as well?). If we do that, Holgate would likely be 4th choice CB and 3rd choice RB. He needs to be playing, so a loan to a prem league team with Jags as a continuing mentor... No brainer for mine. Think Gibson has shown enough to be the 4th CB cover this year.
  11. Apparently Sheffield keen on a loan. Provided we sign another CB & RB on loan, we should definitely do that.
  12. Why would you ever want to do that?!? That league is a Footballing graveyard, and they nearly price their players as exorbitantly as Portugal.
  13. Absolutely this. Kristoffer Ajer as well, loan him straight back to Celtic.
  14. It never serves a purpose and is always a blight on the game. Players should be, rightly, heckled and punished for doing so, the soft-ass primadonnas...
  15. isn't that the same as our bid?
  16. Not sure what all the criteria is but; high fee, u18 national captain, Brazil's standing as a footballing nation. Should be able to get the "special talent" dispensation, if he fails the first points test.
  17. Hoping this interest is some sort of Brands negotiation tactic/misdirection. Get other clubs occupied and spending on Zaha, away from our real targets (Malcom, Reinier etc.). Get Palace interested in our players, after they sell Zaha elsewhere as well.
  18. Can't understand any dissatisfaction. Think it looks fantastic, like a world class stadium. Blends old and new very well. Capacity is a little disappointing, but can understand it and will take them at their word re: ability to increase. Anyone know if the change to safe standing would have any immediate impact on capacity, or will still be 52k?
  19. Would do that without hesitation
  20. Williams injured, according to one report. Anyone know what it was?
  21. Not remotely worth 40m. Haven't checked but pretty sure we're right for the homegrown quota, we'd be far better off looking for a quality foreign CB.
  22. I'd buy a young and talented (if somewhat "unproven") winger, who still has the possibility of improvement left, as a possible first choice winger. I'd certainly play said winger over, an already declined, Walcott. Maybe it's just me, but don't see how it's all that hard to find better candidates than Theo... with all his space marking and little-to-no impact... Malcom is certainly included in that list, but I also think that Lookman is as well. If it's purely a question of 'finite resources' and priority to spend, I'd agree that Winger isn't it. If the question is Theo Walcott... it's just a hard no.
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