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    Ademola Lookman

    You're having a laugh...surely...
  3. DownUnderToff

    Summer Transfer Window

    Honestly never read or heard it. If we want to be successful long term, the whole organisation needs to embrace review and improvement. The managers don't just get a leave pass. If he/they won't buy in to that, then part ways. That needs to wait till the end of the year though.
  4. DownUnderToff

    Ellis Simms

    Understand what you're saying, but he looks to have decent touch and an accurate boot. Doesn't seem like just a man child, get more of that impression from Hornsby and his game style (but impressed/hopeful with him also).
  5. DownUnderToff

    Ellis Simms

    Found this goal compilation, definitely looks a natural scorer. Looks like he'll be a big, powerful, lad as well.
  6. DownUnderToff

    Summer Transfer Window

    Well said @nyblue23, we need to avoid the doom spiral of constant change now. Working towards establishing that winning culture should hopefully include a club wide internal review at the end of the year. Any areas of improvement & solutions identified, with the goals wholeheartedly embraced. Hopefully that includes a solution to our set piece defending woes. Near as I can figure (from a very rough and simplistic count), we've dropped 7 league points to set piece goals. Silva/the club can't continue to hide from the failures in this area, even if it means bringing in a specialist defensive coach.
  7. DownUnderToff

    Manchester City (Home) Wednesday February 6th

    Is Walcott able to keep possession or do anything valuable in attack?
  8. DownUnderToff

    Summer Transfer Window

    I'd add a new, starting, holding mid to that. I'm assuming PSG, or similar, come back in for Gueye and I'd expect Besic to go. Would love it if one/both of Beni and Williams could step up.
  9. DownUnderToff

    Wolverhampton (Home) Saturday February 2nd

    Coleman's goal.
  10. DownUnderToff

    Beni Baningime

    Could be really good. Royle is already there and rumours Unsworth is on the manager replacement list (if they change).
  11. DownUnderToff

    Thiago Mendes

    Caught a bit of a Lille game a week or so ago. Hardly a large sample size, but wasn't impressed by him.
  12. DownUnderToff

    Twitter Transfer Rumours

    @Matt Could be wrong, but I thought I read the (media) suggestion as Gueye + some cash for Meunier.
  13. DownUnderToff

    Rumours Without A Link

    A package deal with Djibril Sidibe. Given the club's linked, he's probably out of our league already, but...Hope we're asking questions of the Sandro Tonali lad as well. A young Italian DM, can't just let the Reds get him.
  14. DownUnderToff

    Artem Dzyuba

    He must not have been mature enough, we should send him back there to ripen for a few more years.
  15. DownUnderToff

    Artem Dzyuba

    30 year old, average, Russian league striker...yes please!
  16. DownUnderToff


    @Bailey (if you know) do those touches include headers/aerial duels won? Would be curious to see how many each were involved in and how many they won.
  17. DownUnderToff

    Michy Batshuayi

    We'd be silly to pay £40m for a player no one else wants, except on loan. Half would be pushing it. plus... he's been bang average in Spain, and only had 1/0.5 good year in Germany. He did manage to score a few off the bench for Chelsea, but still way too pricey at 40m.
  18. DownUnderToff

    Timo Werner

    He's a lock to go to Bayern, no point entertaining this one.
  19. DownUnderToff

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    5 at the back is shite, has only worked against a team that also played 5. Our right side has been incredibly poor. If Kenny's not good enough, we need another RB. Walcott doesn't deserve to start again, he's had his opportunities this year. Needs to be forced to fight his way back from the bench (hopefully Lookman's fit).
  20. DownUnderToff

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    Irrelevant now but would have been DCL, shift Richarlison to the wing. Are you defending Walcott?
  21. DownUnderToff

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    Walcott off next, has offered nothing
  22. DownUnderToff

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    Also been good. Call him 2nd best, if it makes you feel better.
  23. DownUnderToff

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    Probably been our best player, offered attacking impetus and made good interceptions.
  24. DownUnderToff

    January Plans

    May not make purchases any this window, but I hope we're chatting away to any number of Monaco players. Sitting in relegation zone, no champ league next year...a number would be assessing options. Benjamin Henrichs or Djibril Sidibe could answer our RB problem. Youri Tielemans would be a great get. Plenty of young talent there, Willem Geubbels and Pietro Pellegri would have plenty of suitors.
  25. DownUnderToff

    Andreas Pereira

    Contract expires in the Summer, definitely for free.