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  1. EFC 3 - 0 Newcastle Brown Ale Siggy the Blue viking
  2. I don't see Klopp as a douchbag. He gave us a very big compliment in his post-match and you can tell he really meant it. The douchebag manager that you're referring to is Jose - he is the most arrogant ego-driven twat fuck in this game, period. Feel gutted for Pickford, but he is still a TOP keeper and we are lucky to have him. SOOOOOO Proud of the boys - what a different team from just one or two years ago. We are on the path.......COYB.
  3. We sat back too much 2nd half. I thought we were doing much better in the 1st half when we pressed them. Chelski didn't give us a chance to set up, I think Silva can learn from that.
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