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  1. Great idea, will definately prove we are a club with dignity
  2. Jimmy are you a fan of the 90's boyband A1 then??
  3. Its nice to be back. And I love white gold I'm dropping big hints for a white gold ring sometime soon
  4. Thats amazing, and yesterday at the game they were giving out free tic tacs in the street end!
  5. My boyfriend was in the doghouse for most of the day cos he made it look like he'd forgotten. But in the evening I was given some nice white gold jewellery, flowers and he cooked me an amazing meal.
  6. Is this thing still going I thought you all would have ran out of things to say!
  7. You and Mike would have been more trouble than all the kids put together!!
  8. Is it just me or does Cahill look a bit like Peter Andre in that beach photo??
  9. Awww that picture makes me go all broody!!
  10. Yeah primary I'm going on a school trip tomorrow, 60 children on the beach with paper mache swords re-enacting a Viking battle!!
  11. Not quite, a year off, then teacher training
  12. I'm off to Bulgaria with the boyf in September, glad to hear its cheap!!! And off to Kent for a week cant see that being as cheap!! And then to Birmingham for a week very glamourous
  13. And I just found out I got a 2.1 for my whole degree!!!
  14. The Philosophical Use of History from Rome to Post Modernism, you can stay at mine for free bed and board too, you need to be quick though my exams tomorrow at 9am
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