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  1. kolon


    2M would be decent fee...
  2. kolon

    Center Back

    Johnny Heitinga + Jags ... No discussion Let´s sell Yobo / Distin on the bench...
  3. kolon

    Eva Banega

    I agree with you, saw him few times, could be great signing for us...
  4. kolon

    Line Up Next Year?

    Howard Neville Yobo Lescott Valente Arteta Carsley Cahill Jags AJ Vaughan ???Koumas, Smith, Richardson???
  5. Are you joking about that boycott????????? I hope so....
  6. kolon

    Tim Howard?

    very good idea....
  7. kolon

    The Reserves

    Faddy is still very good forward...we will need him in Europe...He is very young..he will improve himself
  8. kolon

    Link To A Very Good Article

    It´s very good article...i agree with the author...rooney is shite...but he can be better...if he would like to be better...
  9. kolon

    Summer Signings

    i agree with maghull... Cahill is one of our best midfielders...he showed his top quality on World Championship where he was the best aussie player.. We cant sell him!!!
  10. kolon


    i am from slovakia so i know how to say his name...something like Yut-kye-witch...
  11. kolon

    Summer Signings

    Fernandes on permanent trasfer/Sidwell, Nugent/Smith/Zamora, Baines/Bridge, Barton/Nolan...