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  1. This is exactly what I was thinking. How are you going to penalize Sigurdsson for being on the ground when Wan Bisakka fouled him after he shot?!? What a fucking joke. And yet when Siggy was sitting there and the ball went in, I didn’t even celebrate because I knew they’d wrongly disallow it.
  2. I could not. The man next to me I think might have murdered me if he hadn’t had his kid with him.
  3. Haven’t posted in a minute because I’ve been busy with work and law school applications, but I just arrived in London and this will be my first ever Everton match. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get tickets in the away end, so I’ll have to pretend to be somewhat of a neutral, but I’m still excited beyond belief.
  4. Any suggestions on how to do so? I'm not really seeing any on StubHub. And thanks to everyone else for the advice!
  5. I finally get to ask a question here! Visiting London for the first time in over a decade and it falls on Feb 1st, a weekend when Everton travel to Watford. I know StubHub is an option, but how much shit will I get if I end up wearing an Everton kit in the midst of a pack of Watford fans? Is there a specific section I should be looking for to sit with visiting fans? And how much is reasonable to pay for tickets on StubHub?
  6. isn't he rumored to be announced at the match tomorrow? Is that a real thing that would happen?
  7. It was actually kind of sad watching Silva's face after the match. He knows he's done. I don't know why he couldn't put it together and I really did have a lot of hope for him. On to the next. Let's hope Pochettino is feeling low on confidence.
  8. That's it from me for this season. This is disturbing.
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