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  1. Everton 1 - 0 Watford Richarlison
  2. Didn’t think Schneiderlin looked great in the moments I witnessed. Gave the ball away pretty cheaply a few times, as did Siggy all game.
  3. Sidibe is technically a loan in. I'm not sure we're good enough for fourth but I do think the signings we've made have improved us, even losing Gana and Zouma. I'm a little worried about a shaky back line, but I'm definitely hoping Mina takes a step forward this year as he gets consistent game time, and hopefully he'll even contribute some goals from the back. Gbamin and Delph are definitely a different style of player to Gana, who I rate very highly, but both seem to have the talent necessary to fill that hole. Kean will be massive for us, I hope, and Iwobi is at least a little further along than Lookman was. Sidibe is a big improvement on Kenny as our replacement RB if Coleman goes down and does give Coleman some more competition. Add to that the fact that last year's signings have all had some time to bed in and play alongside each other and it's hard to see how we couldn't be at least a little better than last season.
  4. True but eliminates leverage. Many will go for less to European clubs who can’t pay as much because there’s no premier league interest to compete against.
  5. Legitimately laughed out loud. Also, Zouma.
  6. Palace 0 - 2 Everton Richarlison
  7. Will miss him but he deserves first team football somewhere. All the luck to him and won’t look forward to playing a Palace midfield with him in it.
  8. I’d love to see this drawn up for the last decade or so because I’ve felt like we get the shit end of the stick a lot. Crazy that our luck index was almost twice as bad as the next worst club.
  9. First XI as of right now: Kean Bernard Siggy Richarlison Delph/Gbamin Gomes Digne Keane Mina Coleman Pickford Bench: Delph/Gbamin, Walcott, Holgate, DCL, Baines, Lossl That looks pretty decent. Should be our best attacking side since at least year one of Martinez just based on the quality of players. I’m excited again.
  10. I think I’m falling in love.
  11. For fuck’s sake. We’re still making digs at Gana, eh?
  12. What if the shite are trolling us?
  13. Also started following Everton.
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