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  1. nyblue23

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    City 2 - 0 Everton none
  2. nyblue23

    Watford (Home) Monday December 10th

    Bad argument to say let’s not emulate the best team in the world. I agree that Man City aren’t a bunch of pansies, but they surely don’t boss the pitch with physicality. They’re a manipulative, incredibly well coached and chippy bunch but that doesn’t neccesarily translate to what it seems like you’re arguing for, and I think you’re moving the goalposts on Mark a little here. We have plenty of size in the team; we just need a winning and aggressive mentality. We can’t be victims anymore.
  3. nyblue23

    FA Cup 3rd round draw

    I was living there 20 years ago, so maybe we passed each other as the entire city is built on a seven mile stretch of the highway and there’s little to nothing off that stretch. I’d never even heard of Westport even though it’s a short jaunt from where some relatives lived; Lincoln City is a little further south directly west of the capital, Salem. Yeah the U.S. is not very original with names. The majority of our town names are stolen from either you lot, the natives we stole the land from, or after early presidents and then repeated ad infinitum in each state. Lincoln City was actually seven small towns that incorporated together in the 1960s and the name was chosen from contest entries. Not the most romantic way to be named.
  4. nyblue23

    Summer Transfer Window

    I still think Onyekuru will be class if he's ever allowed to play for us. Not to say it wouldn't be nice to have another striker, but if he gets his work permit, but I think we'll find ourselves in a pretty good position next season if we're able to retain Gomes and sign a replacement for Coleman.
  5. nyblue23

    FA Cup 3rd round draw

    That's fair. Not quite like the Lincoln City on the Oregon coast. A little more picturesque where I grew up. Lincoln Cathedral does look pretty badass, though.
  6. nyblue23

    FA Cup 3rd round draw

    I grew up in a town called Lincoln City in the states, so I've always been a little curious about their club.
  7. nyblue23

    André Gomes

  8. nyblue23

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Everton 2 - 1 Watford Siggy
  9. nyblue23

    Newcastle (Home) Wednesday December 5th

    I’ve never felt an Everton squad to be less threatening from set pieces and we had a manager for three years who wouldn’t even practice them.
  10. nyblue23

    Newcastle (Home) Wednesday December 5th

    How have we not gotten a head on a single one of these corners?!?! This is embarrassing.
  11. nyblue23

    Newcastle (Home) Wednesday December 5th

    Mason is at risk of letting this one get away. Can’t let a player grab at jerseys like just happened with Lookman and then walk away. Newcastle is starting to play a little dirty in order to frustrate.
  12. nyblue23

    Newcastle (Home) Wednesday December 5th

    Didn’t last long.
  13. nyblue23

    Newcastle (Home) Wednesday December 5th

    Mason just ruining a perfectly good attack with that foul call against Lookman. Lookman was the one who got fouled.
  14. nyblue23

    Newcastle (Home) Wednesday December 5th

    Sometimes I feel like I’m screaming into a void.
  15. nyblue23

    Newcastle (Home) Wednesday December 5th

    Impressive save there. Maybe the best of the season. We’ve had 76% possession, which I doubt we’ve seen since the early Martinez days. We look really threatening, but once again just don’t have that final bit of quality. And that goal from Rondón was shocking.