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  1. As much as I understand that Kean hasn’t been very good so far, I don’t know what 10 minute appearances are supposed to do to build his stamina/confidence. I hope we see a full half from him soon.
  2. Got it. Yeah the commentators on American tv have refreshingly been shutting on Mourinho most of the match.
  3. Isn’t Cahill commentating on Sky today?
  4. Never did I think I would wonder if we’d be better off with Morgan Schneiderlin.
  5. Coleman looks like the only one trying to attack.
  6. Damn a slightly better ball from Gomes there and it’s 1-0.
  7. We look more dominant in possession but we don’t appear to have many ideas.
  8. I think both of them will have well moved on at this point. Son was more remorseful after that tackle than any professional athlete I’ve ever seen do anything wrong. I’m sure there’s no bad blood from Gomes and Son is back to terrorizing the rest of the league; I doubt today will be anything different.
  9. Son always scares the shit out of me. Still think he is one of the most underrated players in the world on his day. Feeling cautiously optimistic we can get a result, though.
  10. That’s a bummer. Now that you say it, I do remember hearing that.
  11. Is Virginia not legitimate competition? Honestly asking. I just know how highly touted he was coming over from Arsenal.
  12. Gordon looks very composed. Was worried after the derby since he was such shit but I think he got all his jitters out.
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