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  1. It’s still very much a thing over here, too, but not so much with the mainstream. The so-called “alt-right” who are responsible for riots in Charlottesville, Virginia and Portland, Oregon among other cities are extremely anti-Semitic, and they definitely have a presence online and in fringe culture, but they’re not so much influencing elections. That said, few things bother me more than when people try to equate antisemitism in this country with systemic racism towards black and brown folks. They’re not even on a remotely level playing field.
  2. Hopefully give us that jolt that having a new manager tends to give in order to win a few points towards the end of the season. I’m not advocating for his sacking, but we’d pretty much have to lose out through March to be in that position, and if we can’t win a match before April, I’d be pretty worried we wouldn’t win anything in the last six, either without a major change. Relegation is far from likely at this point, but if it becomes more likely, we’ll need to do everything in our power to stave it off.
  3. Race absolutely played a part, but Republicans are Zionists, so being of the Jewish race is far less an issue for them than being brown.
  4. Meh. Anti-semitism and anti-agnosticism may be pretty equal at this point. Church attendance has dropped rapidly over the last couple decades, as my out of work pastor father could tell you. We’re down to 37% weekly attendees (it’s a miracle), and while some cultural religious non-attendees would still never vote for an atheist or agnostic, I personally know a bunch of Christians who would rather vote for someone of another religion. It’s not a non-issue, but it’s not a disqualifier anymore I don’t think.
  5. I like him from a 10-minute perusal of his campaign page. A lot really. That said, context is everything.
  6. Unless we’re in a bonafide relegation battle at the very beginning of April (with 6 matches left to play), there’s no way we can sack him.
  7. Slightly off-topic, but this is a primary reason why I think it’s so important (crucial even) to elect someone to the far left and stop pandering to moderates who are burdened by the wills of corporate interest groups, who can’t help but put their bottom lines above environmental issues: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/02/book-excerpt-the-uninhabitable-earth-david-wallace-wells.html
  8. I used to referee kids’ basketball when I was in high school (I was 14 or so), and I once nearly ejected a coach for cursing loudly and profusely at his own two 9-10 year old sons who were on the team. I gave him two warnings and a technical foul, at which point he finally shut up. He ended up re-marrying to a good friend of my mom’s, but fortunately we were long gone by then.
  9. Ever the moderate you are, haha. I’ll vote for pretty much whoever the hell dems end up nominating, but I really do hope it’s someone who brings some fresh ideas to the office, as we haven’t had a truly progressive president since Carter.
  10. Not sure who this would be other than, say Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but I’m also not about to advocate putting someone as divisive AOC on a ticket, as much as I like her.
  11. I completely disagree. Davies lacked every bit of quality that he showed the last two matches. He was back to the hard worker with no product that we all expect him to be. Every ball was too heavily weighted and you could see that he couldn’t get anything he wanted to come off for him today. Hopefully he’ll be better again next match after some rest.
  12. Zouma as he got his head to everything and even gave us our best two chances offensively.
  13. Well that was shit. Zouma and Gana the only two who played well in my opinion. Both likely off in the summer. Great.
  14. Should never have been their ball anyway as Pickford didn’t get a touch on the ball before. Shit officiating again costing us.
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