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  1. I really want him here next season. He is obviously going to be really good player and PSG and Bayern sniffing so he must have something about him
  2. Watching England. Don’t know why u would play Henderson and dier at home. When Rashford is fit he has to play alongside Kane. Does Southgate go old school 4-4-2. Pickford, Trent Arnold,stones,maguire,chilwell, Sancho,rice, Ali, Sterling, Kane and Rashford
  3. Was in the echo this week that they are closing part of the dock road for a month to start work on roads and pipe work
  4. He played well at Stamford bridge aswell
  5. Right let me say this I know there is a gana fued on here with two posters I can’t remember who hates him and who doesn’t so I have no agenda but fuck me he is amazing at what he does. He ain’t Zidane but his energy and tackling are stupidly good. He needs piss testing. I really don’t know how you can criticise him. He is immaculate at what he does
  6. Hazard is a cert to go they are poor
  7. All joking apart if I was a Chelsea fan I’d be worried
  8. First half the whole team was minging but second half combined with the derby that’s something to build on. I’m forgetting the Newcastle second half
  9. Pickford has been on point today. I really think it’s concentration with him.
  10. How many’s Charly got this season?
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