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  1. Yeah I was happy with him. And then the whistle went
  2. He’s very young. I think we will see more of him after chrimbo.
  3. I like sidibe. A few of his “fouls” were harsh as he’s so tall and physical for a full back when he puts his arm acros to defend the ball his arm goes above chest height which makes it easier for the winger to go down. Whether or not to spend £12 mill on him when we have kenny is another matter
  4. Thats always going to be the way. There is something going wrong though. The lads not had a chance
  5. Gallardo at river plate, Benitez or arteta
  6. Not the same though is it? Not even bothering with that post
  7. I don’t care what anyone says son went in to leave something on him. He can’t be blameless over all this. That’s the annoying thing
  8. Is that picking up results? Look at Leicester that’s what I want
  9. We get a second and the crowd will turn on them
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