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  1. Need a week away from football and just let it settle
  2. There is a lot of good British managers that get overlooked that probably know a lot more about our club and where we should be. U only have to look at our prediction league to see how cocky we are. Jags in his interview was very magnanimous but you could tell he thought it was an easy win
  3. Cups are our only hope this season. I expect our strongest team possible
  4. What’s the biggest away win for a prem game?
  5. we should be coming out of the blocks and having shots getting amongst them and that causes mistakes. We are too nice. We are too easily got at especially now gana has gone. Average teams are picking us off very easily
  6. I’ve said this for ages and it was the same under moyes, Martinez etc. We are not in the position of the red shite or city that you pretty much know their formation but you can’t do much about it anyway because they are that good. Teams know exactly our formation and how we are going to play. We are too slow attacking wise. We have too much possession in the final third instead of shooting.
  7. I was sat listening to Jeff stelling and didn’t watch the game but would be interested to hear your viewpoint Romey
  8. Mid table is trouble as far as I’m concerned. What’s the point? We just look a mess at the minute.
  9. I’ve said this before and someone missed my point. These players are multi millionaires and they have all the power with regards to transfers etc. There won’t be a Clough or a Ferguson anymore because the game has obviously changed however it’s the managers job to find a way to connect with the players. I made zidane as the example. He doesn’t seem to be a players player and won’t last. Same as moutiniho. The best managers like Pepe, klopp, Simone have passion and don’t take prisoners.
  10. Jesus kean has had two games in a different team and league and you’ve given up on him. And you say others are doom and gloom merchants 😂
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