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  1. I’m going to play 4-3-3 methinks Cech carr King Campbell. Cole Viera D.silva Gerrard Suarez. Shearer. Henry carr probably stands out as the odd one but he used to get up and down the park. Good engine just thought he was underrated
  2. Hudson odoi was just finding his feet before he got injured and that Sarri was a bellend with him. He’s deffo talented
  3. There was interesting programme on sky with the class of 92 players to pick there best all time prem team with no united players. It was weird. They had either courtouis or “spunky” seaman in goal. Their right back was either zabaletta or lee Dixon!! All time best players and they were the choices. So boys and girls what would your team be?
  4. Don’t get haf going mark 🤣. I agree though when you solanke going for £20 mill and Wilson at Bournemouth priced at £40 + it’s crazy.
  5. Abraham to me is a championship player. His one season in the prem he was terrible for Swansea. Pedro is decent but pulisic could go either way and we all know about Barkley. I just feel that fourth is going begging this season and with the right signings we could be up there. We need definitely a creative player in case one of Gilfi or Bernie gets injured and certainly a striker. Saw a link to das Bost again today. He scores some goals that lad does but not the type of forward I want
  6. Jesus I rate he’s just not great on crosses
  7. I’m not talking about Richarlison and Walcott they aren’t strikers. I’m talking DCl, Tosun and niasse that’s our three strikers
  8. It’s there on the website just looked at it again
  9. Chelsea’s front three will be giroud, Abraham and bitshaui or whatever his name is. Can’t see the goals to hit champs league from that. But compare us at the minute? We are well worse
  10. Image just released online at the echo website as a teaser
  11. Don’t you agree that it’s not going to be forgotten about? It’s not going to be a supermarket. Goodison will live on through whatever plans they have. This isn’t Kirby. I sent the video to mates in Manchester I used to work with and they were blown away
  12. I’m rubbish with technology but there’s a three minute video on YouTube from the people’s project I’ve just watched and it got the goosebumps going. The ground is gonna be fucking epic. I want it to be fucking old school with modern. Peaky blinders meets the matrix. Hopefully someone can put it up
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