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  1. A strong team. We have to be careful with a few but we have a squad now and the marker has been set down. The players left out have a chance to impress to get in the squad.
  2. Good keeper. £8 mill? I’d be all over that. If we could get a buyer for pickford for £40 that’s great business
  3. Alan Myers has confirmed it aswell. Done deal
  4. There’s no way I would be letting Gordon anywhere near them. They will probably have 3 managers this season. Gibson or branthwaite it will be. We have besic, bowler, Sandro, bolasie,Simms that could use a move aswell
  5. I thought that was a mock account and the actually fella is a journalist that got the Ancelloti signing before anyone else. Unless I’m well wrong 😂
  6. Rumours on twitter last night that Allen Maxim at Newcastle is our top target and morishi wants a marquee player aswell 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Be happy to see Bournemouth go down. We’ve had a few shit away days down there.
  8. Likes that step over drag back doesn’t he? 😀
  9. Gabrielle, Alan, McNeil that barca right back
  10. He’s absolute quality. Hope we get him
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