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  1. It’s all about scouting. Look at Dortmund? Sancho last season, hazard signed and Brandt’s already this season. That’s the blue print right there
  2. I was being flippant. What I meant that it’s a joke this year. Like yesteryear
  3. Cos he was a natural goal scorer. Scored all types of goals
  4. what I’d give for the yak in this team
  5. I don’t want Wilson. He’s done well with the talent he’s got but for the Money he would cost I just don’t think he would get the goals that would justify the price tag
  6. That’s what I mean nowadays theres not many left. I think you have to be versatile. I’d much rather invest in a speedy striker. DCL can hold the ball up now and is getting better all the time. We get a left footer to compete with Bernie on the left and a fast striker that would do for me
  7. All the kopshites comments on the echo website have been embarrassing
  8. We sell him vlasic and lookman that never play or have never played that could be £60-£70 million. That could a top striker and winger sorted. You don’t miss what u never had I guess? Still would rather have him though
  9. What’s the fee gonna be? Gotta be £30 mill with either a sell on fee or buy back
  10. Fuck me anyone can get in this country!!!!
  11. Joke this unless we do a Barca and have option to buy back
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