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  1. Hojdborg and raboit for me in the centre. I don’t care if he’s a tit he’s got real quality and maybe we need a tit in our midfield. I’m sick of these passive twats. Get Cakir in goal and a right winger. Use the loan system to swap kean as Carlo doesn’t fancy him
  2. He’s making a major mistake every game since the break and he doesn’t seem arsed. I think he’s off and a deal is done. Get Cakir from turkey and throw. Tosun in to the deal
  3. You don’t sign Carlo in relegation form without giving him assurances. He will clear the shit out. But four or five and a couple of loans
  4. No a cast off is someone who the other team don’t mind selling. I’m talking we should be identifying players that are starters for their team in whatever league
  5. We need three midfielders. A box to box a playmaker and right sided. All with some pace
  6. We need to get out of the “let’s buy people’s cast offs” we’ve been doing it for years and are still doing it.Brands was supposed to be changing that ethos
  7. We either go direct or we see lots of passing around the back tommorow. Seeing as we have no midfield I would rather go direct. Back four speaks for itself but I wouldn’t mind baines getting a game. Midfield of walcott Benni davies Gordon and kean and DCl up front. Give richy a rest
  8. Awful. Need 5 players for the first team
  9. See the red white are at it again. Fireworks on dixies statue.
  10. Never seen him play 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. I think something came out we are playing in the Umbro kit till the end of the season. Prefer it that way. Fresh start and all that
  12. To get a new contract speaks volumes. Nice pay rise for him. Well done
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