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  1. Thought they were well stocked for centre backs
  2. The guys a good singer but he’s too old and blind!
  3. Deffo happy with this.hope during this lull we are getting our business done
  4. Centre back, centre mid and either a right winger or a forward. Looks like the centre half at Lille will be coming in. I’d like Dwight McNeil for the right side.
  5. Gilfi and Sid terrifies me down the right side. Bang average Chelsea team. Need a win big time
  6. No doubt Fernandes will get player of month to go with the usual bias
  7. 3 points is a must. We need to play our game and take our chances. Chelsea aren’t that good
  8. DCL will sign a new 5 year deal in the next few days
  9. Firminio has scored I think one league goal at analfield this season
  10. I don’t think we should have accepted it. We should have took it further and made more of a point of the disgrace of a decision.
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