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  1. The guys a good singer but he’s too old and blind!
  2. Deffo happy with this.hope during this lull we are getting our business done
  3. Centre back, centre mid and either a right winger or a forward. Looks like the centre half at Lille will be coming in. I’d like Dwight McNeil for the right side.
  4. Gilfi and Sid terrifies me down the right side. Bang average Chelsea team. Need a win big time
  5. No doubt Fernandes will get player of month to go with the usual bias
  6. 3 points is a must. We need to play our game and take our chances. Chelsea aren’t that good
  7. DCL will sign a new 5 year deal in the next few days
  8. Firminio has scored I think one league goal at analfield this season
  9. I don’t think we should have accepted it. We should have took it further and made more of a point of the disgrace of a decision.
  10. What is the point? Carlo needs to come out and rage to fuck
  11. My thoughts are this. Sidibe is not a full back. Davies is a poor player and Gilfi is too slow for the premier league.
  12. Pickford coleman Holgate. Mina. Digne Gilfi. Delph. Gomes Charly. DCl. Bernie variation of 4-4-2 when we haven’t got the ball. Bernie drops into left position and Gilfi on right side. Or swap Gilfi for iwobi
  13. Watched giroud for Chelsea yesterday and you sounded what could have been if he was on the end of some of them set pieces
  14. Sell Keane, Morgan, Gilfi gets you maybe £55 mill. Get Ferguson at West Brom to cover full back positions. Dacoure in midfield with McNeil at Burnley
  15. I do read a lot of baileys posts but fall asleep half way through them if I’m honest
  16. That’s your post. You want to go with Bernard. So that indicates you have missed Charlie’s work rate doesn’t it?
  17. If you can’t see his work rate/endeavour on top of being the obvious most dangerous player in our side then that’s fine. Not sure how u can say his decision making annoyed u over all the other players. But hey ho.
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