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  1. Hope we do not come to regret Haller to West Ham.
  2. If we do sign him, I just hope he gets more service than DCL. Leao had Nicolas Pepe giving him some wonderful assists last season at Lille. Pepe and their winger on the other side (Bamba) both outscored Leao by a good bit. Also does anyone know much about him? Looking at transfermarkt looks like Leao split minutes with Loic Remy. Remy started their last 5 games of the season. Had one less goal than Leao (8 vs 7).
  3. https://www.juventus.com/en/news/news/2019/juventus-signs-exclusive-partnership-with-konami.php Kean one of the players included on that cover photo for their recently announced deal with PES / Konami.
  4. Reports that Ethan Ampadu is going to head out on loan. Lampard also recently said he does not need new players to be successful. Looking less likely everyday... Hoping Brands levels up from magician to grand sorcerer.
  5. Good to see him trying to get as much of a pre season as possible.
  6. ToffeeTV's twitter just posted a pic of him at the airport in our training gear... doh!
  7. I would be happy with just Zouma and Kean! Know that we have time but still has not stopped me from spending way too much time on Twitter. Hoping we get some news this month.
  8. Good post indeed Elston. Think I am beginning to finally understand where pete and palfy are coming from. Maybe it was all the statistical talk / claims he was the worst player ever in a blue shirt that was distracting me but when you put it in the context of the future and the fact Gomes has now signed a long term deal, I am starting to understand. I am still a Gana fan and do not personally agree but I will admit that I now see the point they are trying to make. Now if we could only keep the Gana talk in the Gana thread... tee hee.
  9. Article gives him a lot of praise but he has never played an international game before (for France or for Mali) Wonder what that is about.
  10. I am surprised at the Delph situation. Just know that we need to secure a CB and a FW and move tons of deadwood before any squad players are signed.
  11. Surprised he was not given a look in Kenya.
  12. Anyone know if he was at the 1st preseason game?
  13. Same for me. Renewed my international membership while I was at it.
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