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  1. Nothing to see here..... just looking silky smooth and teeing up assists while beating Real Madrid in the UCL.
  2. davies should be fresh. been on the bench all season. haha. but do get what you mean.
  3. Do not agree with this. His "tidy" sideways passes slow everything to a crawling pace. Dread watching him start with Delph. If that is a partnership that is developing we are in for a long long season.
  4. Why two holding mids? Why Morgan? Need a team to go out and win this.
  5. Said this before the game and exactly nothing has changed after the game. If Silva is playing Morgan because he is better defensively then he should just look at some scorelines or tape of when Morgan plays...
  6. That is a great goal! Maybe we should send our guys up top to train with her once a week on finishing.
  7. https://royalbluemersey.sbnation.com/2019/9/17/20868932/everton-tactical-analysis-everton-high-pressing-bournemouth-marco-silva-kean-richarlison-delph
  8. Uggg and another one. Subs way too late for me.
  9. With Finn and Palfy here. Tom > Morgan. Not exactly the same type of player but Tom can throw in a tackle. Things he does have that Morgan does not is that he can run with the ball, play a forward pass, and has heart. Know who I would rather have on the pitch.
  10. Random thought: Is petulant the modern day snide? Can't really throw in a hard tackle these days without getting a yellow., much less any antics ala big dunc style.
  11. Complainers are going to complain. Stat guys will yell about stats. All I can say is that my personal level of excitement watching the team under the current manager is decent whereas under the previous manager (the one who shall remain nameless) was non existent from his first day til his last. Can anyone disagree with that?
  12. Love to see loans going well for our players. Hope Brands continues to find the right fits for our youth.
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