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  1. This but only after we have moved Cenk and Oumar on.
  2. He lost me on that Newcastle game. Just numb. Not sure if sacking him would help. Just looking forward to the summer and what Brands can do.
  3. My guess is neither. He is on contract until 2021 on decent wages. Just had a kid. In his second year of marriage. Turns 30 this year. As things stand, it looks like he is preferred to James McCarthy. So for at least a year he can just play the part of professional, soak up some funds, and enjoy some stability before worrying about another and/or his last contract. That would be my guess. Not a fan and feel as if he is another example of deadwood with a badly negotiated contract (long term / big wages) from the Koeman/Walsh era. Hoping Brands will prevent this kind of thing in the future or least be more selective / shrewd.
  4. Alexander-Arnold is destroying Watford right now. Will need to prevent him from having the space to just pick out balls into the box.
  5. That's awesome. Just went to my first game earlier this month against Wolves. Sat in the Main Stand which had a decent view of both ends. It was relatively quiet where I sat minus a few moans, some snide comments (that I agreed with) towards the ref from a 5 year old girl who sat behind us (Dad must have taught her well), and when the cat ran onto the field. So if you are looking for loud you might want to take up Wiggytop's suggest of the Gwladys St End. We ate in the city centre before the game so I cannot help you with food near the stadium. As for pubs, we hit up The Brick first. Good atmosphere and full of supporters. Also had the earlier game on TV which was nice. Then we hit up the Winslow Hotel because I felt like we had too. Place was packed. Was replaying some highlights of older games. Also checked out the Fan zone which does seem like it would be a good place to be if you had people with you who were younger or didn't drink (as Wiggytop mentioned they have various food, drink, and entertainment). If you get over to the area earlier than we did there are certainly more Everton pubs to check out near the stadium. Are you there just for the day?
  6. Love how DCL runs his socks even though he knows he will not get any service. The most assists by a single player in our squad this season is 3.
  7. Was quite poor tonight against a poor side. Hope he can put it behind him and get back to looking a threat.
  8. Cool finish from DCL and great work for the set up from Gana!
  9. Not many would leave the top scorer on the bench. It was the right sub. Silva nailed that. Just would have liked to see it sooner.
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