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  1. Buzzing. Hard to find the words. Carlo Fantastico!
  2. Agreed. Basically living on twitter this week. Improving the midfield was key and it looks like we might have done the business!
  3. Decided to return to the forum after a long long break. Did not pick the best of days.
  4. Siggy spent another game pointing at other players in an attempt to not receive a pass. A midfielder who doesn’t want the ball. And our captain to boot. 🙈
  5. Are we afraid to put it into the box? Always backwards...
  6. Ha. Ball watching for the second too. Too early for Mina?
  7. If you watch it back, Davies communicates and points to have Keane pick up Mount. Keane doesn’t move an inch, in that moment, during the goal, or after. Maybe Davies shouldn’t have handed him off but still Keane was ball watching.
  8. I could get behind that starting lineup. Could always switch to what I suggested if it doesn't work out.
  9. Looks like Walcott will miss this one. Also they have Aubameyang and Saka flying down the left in form at the moment. Not sure I would start Sidibe or Gordon for this one. Pickford Coleman Mina Holgate Digne Richarlison Gomes Morgan Bernard DCL Kean
  10. This! Still praying for the day he is never mentioned. How many times have I typed that in this forum. Such dark dark dark... dark... dark... days, but now in the past. Only lesson to be learned is NEVER do something like that again and move on. Carlo Fantastico! Carlo Magnifico!
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