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  1. Steven Bergwijn

    My attempt to highlight the talent we have was genuine but the execution was quite poor.
  2. Steven Bergwijn

  3. Official Positivity Thread 2017/2018

    Is that his kid with the Adrian keeper kit on?
  4. Steven Bergwijn

    Henry Onyekuru had more goals in the dutch league in a half a season than Steve has since 2014 so....
  5. Steven Bergwijn

    He has less EPL goals than Lookman so..... Hopefully all just paper talk.
  6. Morgan Schneiderlin

    https://twitter.com/PremLeaguePanel/status/964175248450097152 Found the following comment in response to that tweet funny: "Like the Titanic...... should never have left Southampton!!!!!"
  7. Morgan Schneiderlin

    I wouldn't start him in the u23s. Beni > Morgan.
  8. Eliaquim Mangala

    Mori got 70 minutes in the u23s. Mangala will need to step up or risk losing his spot almost immediately.
  9. Kieran Dowell

    Dowell is only 20. No need to make any decisions on his future yet. He just needs to be playing and where that is, is the best place for him. Hopefully in the future someday that will be in the first team.
  10. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    McCarthy broke his leg b/c Morgan let his man walk past him. Rewatch it. Absolutely appauling. Just b/c you dislike Gana does not make up for the fact that Morgan has been the worst / most toxic player out there this season.
  11. Crystal Palace (Home) Saturday February 10th

    Our CBs were SO bad. No chance whatsoever that they do not get the lowest ratings today. Gana was miles ahead of them. Mangala was dreadful. Turning focus to the positives, Daives really put in a shift today. So glad he got his goal. Today’s midfield 3 worked and should be the 3 from here out. (Sam will never play Beni and Morgan isn’t arsed)
  12. Crystal Palace (Home) Saturday February 10th

    Gana for Morgan?! I cannot wait to see Sam out of this club.
  13. David Unsworth

    Unsworth did prefer Beni over Morgan..... Seriously though, if his ambition is to manage in the EPL then he needs more experience. Where ever he ends up, wish him all the best.
  14. Statistical analysis of this mess

    If only we had that 20M....
  15. Evra

    Not banned from league play just UEFA competitions, so can go straight in. Hasn't played a game in awhile though. Prolly linked with two clubs to get that bidding going. We had ALL window to sort the LB position. Manager / staff do not see the issue. So doubt he will be here.