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  1. That game has certainly done my head in. I need break as well.
  2. You know exactly what I mean and all three subs were not at 91' Also give me an example of said contribution...
  3. Also you do not always have to use all three subs. What just happened?!?
  4. attacking was working. why make more defensive and some useless subs?
  5. In retrospect, what was up with those subs?
  6. And here I was making fun of Lascelles.... woof.
  7. Yeah looks like Walcott is up top. Odd choice.
  8. Also what was Lascelles thinking there for the goal... oof.
  9. It was 2-1 last meeting and hopefully this time as well. They also have a decent amount of injuries. Let's get them!
  10. Looks like Rashford will out for a bit now so it might come down to him or Ings. Should be interesting which one Southgate picks.
  11. Both Adeniran and Onyango have done some training with the first team this year. Possibly one of them? Beni is just back from injury as well but unsure if he is ahead of or behind the previously mentioned players.
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