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  1. Still seeing a lot of people talking about Malcom on twitter and how if moved here would be our best player. He only scored 23 goals over the course of three seasons in Ligue 1. Good player but never understood why people think this dude is a worldie. Does have a left foot though.
  2. Would assume this means that Stek is off and Virginia will be on loan.
  3. Hopefully Fiorentina is just playing hard to get until we offer him on a free vs the 7m permanent option in the current deal. (fingers crossed)
  4. I think the big surprise there is Nathan Broadhead for the u23s. Guess he was the most consistent player? Maybe I haven't seen enough games to see his influence on the squad? He did score a brace against the Liverpool u23s, haha. Has anyone watched him closely? Assuming we will loan him next season? Josh Bowler (played less games) or even Anthony Evans (who had similar goals/assists to Nathan before he left halfway through on loan) might get a shout from me. Or even the Captain Feeney?
  5. Yeah but did you see that long throw for the assist for their only goal of the game? Imagine having long throwers on both sides... Must say I am surprised how well he has played at RB this season. Frankly, before the season started, I thought he was done in a blue shirt. Not sure he would make the Championship team of the season or anything but have to say well done to Mason.
  6. Totally agree. If we get Zouma then it wouldn't bother me if we also got Cahill BUT he would never be in the team. So why would he ever want to come here? If we do not get Zouma and try to replace him with Cahill?! Haha, nope. Would need to be someone similar. I am all for Mina developing but we cannot lose the momentum we had defensively at the end of the season. Plus I have a feeling Holgate will end up challenging Coleman for RB.
  7. And sadly Rabiot is the only young player in that lot
  8. Stats can be misleading without context. To some extent I had a similar view to pete0's in regards to Gylfi when he was brought into our team. I thought he would create more / have more assists and so far he hasn't. He just hasn't. This expectation of him was all based on his performance on his last season at Swansea where he racked up 9 goals and 13 assists in league play. Without context you might ask: "Where are all the assists Iceman?" but if you really look at Swansea that season (which is something I would never do unless in a silly conversation years later on TT) you can find some partial explanations. 1) Gylfi pretty much took every single free kick for Swansea that season 2) Many of Gylfi's assists came from those free kick situations 3) Fernando Llorente put away a surprising 15 goals that season (along with Mawson getting 4 as well) which I am assuming many were headers It would be safe to assume that most of Gylfi's assists came from free kicks that were headed in. Now if you look at our squad this year, Gylfi is not always guaranteed to take free kicks. Additionally, our CF (DCL) only had 6 league goals and our CB (Keane) only had 1 league goal. Compare that to the same contributors in the Swansea 16/17 squad that is a difference of 12 goals (probably many of which were Gylfi free kick assists). Lack of free kicks and a target man on the end of them that can convert could alone explain the difference in assists. So in conclusion: Did I think Siggy would create more when he first arrived? Yes. Did I think he would have more than 6 assists a season? Yes. BUT If we had a CF who was more clinical do I think he would have more assists? Yes. Was this season his highest ever goal tally? Yes. Do I think this was his best season in a blue shirt? Yes. We can talk stats and price tags all day long but I am happy with him. He improved on last season and I see room for further improvement this coming season (more so if the CF situation improves). It is when there is no improvement or a ceiling is hit that is when I will start to heavily criticize.
  9. David Luiz signed a new contract.......
  10. Yeah safe standing helps a lot in regards to capacity. We are not too far behind when they do seated only. Copied from wikipedia: It has a league capacity of 81,365 (standing and seated) and an international capacity of 65,829 (seated only).
  11. Move over "yellow wall" here comes the BLUE WAVE!
  12. Hoping this is rubbish: https://en.onefootball.com/yerry-mina-could-face-lifetime-ban-from-england-over-betting-advert/
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