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  1. Always rated him. Since he is local, fans will ALWAYS give him stick for not being the best footballer in the world. Hopefully he will change some minds with a run of games due to injuries. As long as Morgan is still employed by the club then Tom will never be our worst midfield option. A crucial mistake made by previous managers and our current one.
  2. Not sure I agree. Looked a foul to me. He was roasted.
  3. Or just normal? Would not let him play in my Sunday league team. Beni should be on the bench. I mean I’d trust rusty Baines in over Morgan.
  4. Feel bad for him. Needs a run at striker whether it is the first team or the u23s.
  5. Indeed. Richarlison and Kean on the wings look / looked an absolute waste.
  6. Game needs Davies or Siggy but we will get Walcott.
  7. Just two substitutions to fix it or it's over.
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