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  1. For me he just doesn't seem to be a motivator when you compare him to other managers in the league. I don't mean for him to be running up and down the touchline being all emotional but he always looks flat. Only recently with his job being at risk does he "come alive". This is his second season and many of the issues of last season have not been resolved. We look like we struggle to manufacture real chances at goal. We have got the January transfer window now approaching to try and rectify some of the glaring omissions from summer and also the injury crisis. If the wrong players are brought in and he doesn't see a significant uptick in performances then he wont see out the season
  2. Don't know what the down vote is for mate. Sidibe seems to be great going forward but much more vulnerable in defence than Coleman. Perhaps his best position would be as a right midfielder playing in front of Coleman at right back.
  3. We look petrified of defending in the box. Sidibe needs hauling off
  4. Richarlison and Walcott need to gamble a bit more and get themselves into the box. We are too slow in the build up and it allows them to get men back into defensive shape
  5. Mason likes to take the ball forward more than Keane. I think Mason Holgate and Yerry Mina compliment each other better than Keane and Mina who are both "last man" style of defender
  6. First half analysis. We have been the far better team and looked to have taken the game to Southampton. Tom Davies being the stand out player with the goal and the last ditch tackle at the end. Cenk has had some good touched, whilst both Walcott and Richarlison have penetrated but have failed to produce. Southampton will have to open up and get back in the game which should offer us opportunities on the counter. Penetration through the middle has been poor and most of the time we have resorted to crosses into the box which are dealt with comfortably. Southampton cannot be as bad as they were in the first half
  7. I can't see Tom coming in to replace Gomes. Honestly I think he would be better suited to spending a season abroad, like Lookman, but hopefully not leaving. If it were me I would be dropping Gylfi into centre mid alongside Delph/Schneids and playing Iwobi as the number 10 if we are gonna stick with 4-2-3-1. At least Gylfi will have a forward pass in him and is a hard worker
  8. We don't want no stinkin' suvverners comin' up here n gentrifying the place. Keep yer posh nosh down there will ya
  9. I'm not gonna let this one go. I'm like a dog with a bone now. I'd been saying for weeks that this injury was coming, that referees were giving carte blanche for opposition players to make rash, cynical and downright dirty challenges on our players. Richarlison gets pelters for his diving antics, and rightly so in many cases, but he gets kicked week in week out by opposition players. As do many of our players. When referees fail to produce a yellow card because "well it's a bit early for one" it encourages further bad challenges. Gomes got injured because the referee did not have control of the game, he allowed niggly challenges to creep into the game and it led to an injury. It's not good enough and it happens to often to us that we get shafted by referees. Same last year when they decided to punish Niasse for "overreacting a foul" and turned away a penalty for it. The only time they ever bothered to enforce that rule was against us.
  10. The manager needs to get it into his head asap and then get it through to his players that EVERTON ARE NOT MEDIA DARLINGS. We are a thorn in the side for a lot of the more fashionable clubs and there are people in London that have bottles of champagne tucked away should we ever get relegated. If that happened we would end up like Leeds. Just a breeding factory for young players that the top teams can snaffle up on the cheap.
  11. It should be bleeding obvious. Spurs are in LONDON!!!
  12. And why dont "we" want them? Because the pay is too low. These are low/medium skilled but relatively unpleasant jobs. The market should dictate that these jobs are paid higher due to their unpleasant nature or unsociable working hours. Migrants aren't "doing the jobs we won't do". They are being exploited by employers who don't want to pay the fair market rate for that job. Migrants are easier to exploit because they don't have the kind of family infrastructure that is available to native workers. They don't have the same safety net that we have so must put up with unfair practices from employers. I've no problem with migrants filling gaps in the market, but there should be an effort to train young people to fill those roles too. The economy needs a big reset too but that's a whole other subject
  13. That'd be the cabinet members and shadow cabinet members. They use back benchers to raise fringe issues and gauge public opinion. Like some back bencher talking about fracking or child abuse. Stuff that doesn't really matter to them but the voters might have issues with. Living in a safe seat is when you see your representative just sitting on their hands because they know they'll get elected by their tribal voter base and can literally do nothing for the rest of their life
  14. The Tories did the job in the 80s when Thatcher crushed the unions. Employment rights are never given from on high, they are fought for by ordinary workers who are brave enough to stand up to their greedy employers. Now that the power is totally in the hands of corporations, and a lot of this can be attributed to mass migration and the ease of replacement, the employees have no chance of winning better terms. The reason I can go to my boss from time to time for a pay rise is because of scarcity. There are more opportunities in my trade than people to fill them. But for a shop worker at Sainsbury's; well if you rock the boat you are out because there is always someone else who will do it for less. Unless people are able to demand a fair wage for a fair day's work then there will always be exploitation.
  15. The problem is that the Premier League have deliberately made the rules nebulous and open to interpretation. Our handball rule is different to that of the rest of the world. We have seen in Europe and international football that an accidental handball is still handball. There has to be a cut off point where something becomes an infringement or else you get what we saw with Dele Alli and it is open to interpretation by the refs. Putting my tin foil hat on for a minute I believe it is by design so that they can manipulate the rules to sway results in their favour.
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