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  1. The issue with the builds with older parts is that DDR3 is obsolete, you would have problems replacing faulty sticks in future. The older processors are power inefficient. You can get new, low end processors that have the same processing power but now use a fraction of the energy to the so. It's a waste of electricity.
  2. Yes this is a much better option. The R5 1600 is now a 3 year old processor but it is much more capable than the others you linked. AMD are popular for mid range builds because you have the option to upgrade to the R7 2700 in future should you choose. I'd have to check but I think with a BIOS update the motherboard could carry the R9 processors too. The memory is the latest DDR4 which is double the speed of the other systems which run the last generation DDR3. Memory is like having a biggerdesk. It allows the processor to get more information put through it so gets through more work. The RX 570 is a capable graphics card and these are very easy to just switch out in future also. The PC comes with an SSD. This is a better option than the old fashioned hard drives and will make using the PC feel much faster. The hard drive traditionally is the slowest part of a computer so it's important to move away from traditional hard drives and move towards SSDs. My previous 2 builds were exclusively SSD based. You will not be disappointed with this PC. It offers good performance straight out of the box and will not limit you down the road.
  3. Run a mile. They are speccing 2nd and 3rd generation core i5 processors. They're about 7 years old now.
  4. No idea about this player. Is he any good? Another big club cast off? He looks tall and physical, can he do it in the Prem? Really not seen enough to give an opinion really
  5. Oh it very much is hugely popular in St Helens but I meant in terms of school sports teams. I always played football as a kid but the school organised it's P.E classes around the rugby teams. Rugby came first in that sense. We didn't really have much contact with "scousers" until later in high school so I'd never met a die hard football fan, or one that even went to a football match until then. In fact I don't really think I knew anyone that actually followed a football team beyond watching them on tv and picking them on FIFA. Most of the kids at school flirted around different teams, almost everyone supported Liverpool because it was the late 80s early 90s that I was at primary school. Later I discovered Man Utd fans as they got bigger in the 90s. I was 13 years old in 95 when we won the FA Cup and it was only really then, seeing how excited it made my dad, that I understood how important the club was. By then I was already supporting Everton but only because I loved Duncan Ferguson. His whole story with the headbutt, the conviction and the injustice really. I just felt like it was all falling in to place for me.
  6. My dad was a blue and my grandad was a blue but my dad never took me to a game. In fact it was my wife who first took me to a game when I was 21. As a kid I never really understood football all that much. A few of my friends were Liverpool supporters, a few of them were Man Utd supporters. That's all we really new about football teams in St Helen's. It's a rugby town first and foremost. It was only as I got a bit older and understood that you didn't just have to do whatever your friends were all doing at school that I started to make my own way and supporting Everton meant you weren't just following the crowd at school.
  7. We saw out the 90 against Newcastle and look how that ended 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. There are a lot of Davies bum boys at Everton. As much as we all want him to do well it is clear he is having a bad period at the club at the moment. I honestly think a loan will do him good. Follow Kenny to Bundesliga. He needs a break from the hot house and maybe a foreign country will mature him a bit too.
  9. Digne could and should have cleared it. Davies had an opportunity to clear it but didn't. Sure they might have been played into a corner but someone has to take responsibility and nobody in this squad ever does.
  10. All we ever do is take it on the chin. Every season that goes by is a false dawn. We make some new signings, get a new manager and then piss the season away. What's worse is that we have good and bad spells. We look like we are finally getting it and then it all collapses again. All we really want is a bit of consistency. To know that the players are as good as they are and the performances will only ever be what they will be. For the last 5 years we have been absolutely all over the place and that is the most frustrating thing.
  11. We need to get a sports psychologist in because these players have got some serious problems to sort out in their heads. I remember Moyes getting one in, Jags talked about it, because some of the players were doubting themselves. These players just look so fearful, especially on derby day, there's a real panic that can set into the side when things go awry. Tonight showed again that they panic and start making all the wrong decisions. It is most disappointing when experienced players like Delph, who was brought in specifically for this reason, cannot calm the players and manage the game
  12. We need 2 centre mids on loan. Delph should never play again
  13. Oh there were a whole host of reasons that this happened. The subs were poor and invited pressure onto us. Our defence is feeble and has been awful at set pieces all season. Newcastle knew that if they could flood the box then Pickford would flap at it and our players would switch off. This is not a random occurrence. We have been feeble in defence all season. Mentally we have something wrong at this club and it has been with us for years. We cannot see out games. How many times are we under attack in the final few minutes compared to us going for the finish. We need to start acting like we are a goal down every week I'm the final moments of a game. The ball is always in our half, we don't go for the throat in games.
  14. Heads have gone in here lads 🤯🤪😵🤬
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