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  1. In Britain the number of closed cases show an 85% death rate compared to recovery, this is up from last week when it was 73%. All other cases are still open cases.
  2. Probably a bit of mistranslation going on. They will have recovered and been discharged from hospital. There is evidence to suggest that recovered patients can still carry the virus for some time after recovery and continue to be infectious.
  3. SARS and MERS are still doing the rounds. SARS is currently doing the rounds again besides this particular SARS-Cov2 being a pandemic.
  4. Hubei police and residents now confronting Jiangxi police and tipping their riot vans over.
  5. Health Secretary Matt Hancock now also tested positive for coronavirus. I'd hazard a guess that Richi Sunak will also be positive in the coming days. I honestly think that the virus is completely airborne now, either that or it is incredibly resilient whilst residing on surfaces.
  6. Pandemics have always led to revolutions in sanitation practices. I wonder if this pandemic will see a new shift away from high density populations and mass transport such as the underground. London only improved sanitation last time round due to a massive outbreak of cholera. We all know that London's sewer systems are at breaking point. Will we see a shift away from the rat race towards major cities, upgrades in broadband infrastructure to allow remote working? Do banks and businesses really need to have their offices all located in one city and an army of workers shuffling in and out every day? Will we see more satellite centres springing up in smaller towns to ease congestion and overpopulation in big cities?
  7. Honestly I'm starting to believe the Oxford scientists who claim we have already got 6 million infected and are pretty much at herd immunity. I first heard about this virus late November, such is my morbid curiosity in these matters, so it is highly likely it already made it's way into Europe around Christmas time as the Italians had reported of unusual rises in pneumonia cases. Of course that's all just speculation but it makes sense that it may well have been here a lot longer than we think. China is just a breeding ground for viruses. Currently they are seeing another outbreak of SARS, they've recently had a couple of plagues in the remote villages and now there is hantavirus which is, so far, spread by direct contact with rats.
  8. BREAKING: Boris confirmed with coronavirus
  9. Politics pervades all aspects of life. The draconian measures that are required to slow the spread of this virus sit in antithesis to the traditional liberal attitudes of most western countries. It brings in to question many of our previous attitudes about freedom and democracy. Additionally we are going to see our health service pushed to it's breaking point in the coming months. It's not just about a lack of funding, staff wages, protective equipment etc. It's about our dependency on critical infrastructure components being manufactured abroad. It's about globalism in general being brought into question and neo-liberal capitalism that puts profits above ALL else including national security and the health of a nation. When you understand that Boris isn't really a conservative but a liberal you will be able to predict his moves. It isn't just about classical left or right, those aren't really all that relevant anymore as no parties cater to them. When you understand post-modernism and cultural Marxism you will be able to predict the plays of other parties too.
  10. Bronchiolitis is a different condition. It's caused by a virus. Bronchitis is caused by bacteria. Bronchitis can be cured with anti-biotics but viruses can't be.
  11. Another update. Lucas has been discharged. Diagnosed with bronchiolitis as suspected. Have to keep him warm and fluids up whilst he is fighting it as there is no medication available for it. Have to say the staff at Whiston hospital were great. A&E was virtually empty as people are finally staying away when there is nothing really wrong with them.
  12. On a positive note, it's highly likely it is not coronavirus. After talking to paramedics and call handlers the symptoms seem to be a slight cold that progresses into a high fever that will subside. After the fever you will start coughing up pink discharge and then blood. That's when you need ventilation because you get real bad pneumonia.
  13. They're gonna think it is corona chan. I'm gonna play along and make sure I cough extra loud all night.
  14. Update on my little fella. Ambulance came and took him for observations, wife has gone with. I'm at home with the kids waving at all the curtain twitchers in the street
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