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  1. Hugely disappointed with this result. The onus was on Villa to entertain their fans and all we had to do was shut them up and try and grab a late goal. Our away form has been dismal for years and we will never be a real threat to the big teams if we can't go away from home and close out a few narrow victories. Gomes and Schneiderlin clearly had their worst games in an Everton shirt but they were joined by Richarlison who has had 3 miserable games so far this season. I don't read too much into the pre-season games but we seem to have carried our goal shyness into the start of this season. 1 goal in 3 games is relegation form
  2. Hi everyone, back after a long break from the forums (not just this one). Looking forward to this game and will be hoping for another clean sheet. I think it's vital that our early form consists of a mean defence. It sends the message out that opponents will be lucky to get any points at all against us and gives us a platform to build on. I'm not bothered at all about the performances just yet, with players being brought in and getting used to each other. Just get that 1-0 victory and keep the points flowing and eventually the performances will come.
  3. I'd be going with a 4-4-2. Walcott and Richarlison as the front 2, Bernard and Lookman on the flanks. With Cardiff struggling I'd want to see all 4 of them applying pressure and getting in the box all the time. The full backs should join up with the midfield duo of Gomes (if he is fit too) and Gana. That should keep a tight midfield to keep constant attacking pressure on them. If we can trap them in their own half we should not overly miss Gylfi's creativity. We just need to be able to stop a counter attack and get straight back on the attack.
  4. The clean sheet is the thing I am most happiest about. We've been gradually improving all season and it's vital that we don't concede goals if we want to build a platform to go on and win games. Chelsea had their chances, as you would expect, but we made it difficult for them and also we looked just as dangerous going forward. We look like 1 good striker away from being a serious threat to the top sides.
  5. Nervous that we will suffer a serious injury due to this referee agenda against us.
  6. Really, Sigurdsson has been everywhere. Epitomising the defend from the front mentality
  7. I worry that as the game goes on and the refereeing is so one sided that we will suffer a serious injury. It's about time that our manager did what Pep Guardiola has done and put the focus on the referee before a big game and demand protection for our players in the same way that Hazard gets protected. Both Sigurdsson and Walcott have been done with some really cynical challenges and the Chelsea players are only going to be encouraged by the refs inaction
  8. Beat one of the top 6...... ..... not if they keep assigning John Moss to our games.
  9. What you all whinging about? Don't you know there's a Royal baby on the way????? AND it'll be a brown one!!!!
  10. Richarlison as a striker hasn't been working. He has been at his best playing from the wing. He's a strong lad and can bully almost any fullback in the game but it's too much for him to play the loan striker and he seems to have struggled. Either Tosun or DCL should start up front. Neither of them are going to set the world on fire and a striker is now top priority in January. Defence and midfield picks itself, injuries not withstanding. The question is; does Theo get dropped? Does Lookman or Bernard take his place.
  11. Two things that need working on with our side. 1. Finishing, we are capable of producing fine build up play but far too often the final product is just not good enough. Considering our play it's clear we are struggling to score goals. 2. Defensive errors. Too many times we have been in control of games only for a rush of blood by our defenders to charge forward and miss a challenge. We always seem to be able to allow teams an avenue back into the game.
  12. If Gana's challenge was a penalty then what the hell was Ashley Young's challenge on Lucas Digne? Surely that was a red card, match abandoned and Young given a lifetime suspension. It was just one of a great many incidents involving John "Wide Boy" Moss in the game.
  13. Agree with this. Walcott was poor all match, probably our worst performer. He has pace to burn and could beat Shaw and Lindeloff but then, frustratingly, he made shocking decisions. He shot twice when he could have played Richarlison in for a tap in, he often over hit crosses and was dismal at tracking back. Coleman and Gueye were run ragged by his abscense.
  14. The frustrating thing is that John Moss made other mistakes throughout the game. Man Utd weren't punished for their persistent fouling, particularly pulling back players. Everton can argue that they should have had a penalty in the first minutes when Luke Shaw puts his hands on Richarlison' s back as he goes for a ball. Coleman's shot was tipped over the bar and a goal kick was given rather than the corner. Referees do make mistakes, they are human, it seems that John Moss makes a lot of mistakes when he refs Everton matches. None of them in our favour. John Moss has form for this. Not only for shafting Everton every time he is out but also it happens when it's the big teams. A big team is struggling and John Moss is selected to ensure their victory.
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