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  1. ^^ It's bollocks mate. Just SSN doing what they always do.
  2. In other words some SSN intern has been tasked with scouring the internet archives for managers that were previously linked with Everton and now they're throwing out names to keep people watching their channel.
  3. It's almost certainly (please God) only for 1 game which is in less than 48 hours, so with that in mind, there's no chance of any kind of new tactics or grand strategy for the Chelsea game. Some dumb rabble rousing "Go Out There And Twat 'Em" team talk is probably the best chance we have of getting a result, and that's the kind of thing Dunc can deliver just as well if not better than Unsworth.
  4. Exactly the same for me. I really wanted this appointment to work, but it hasn't. He's had enough time to create his own team and it's just not bringing results. He hasn't won a single league game when falling behind, that's an awful statistic to have. Nice guy but he needs to go. And quite honestly, if he hasn't gone by Monday then it's the board who will be to blame for any future losses, because I can't think of a single reason to keep him on.
  5. Sounds very bitter? He sounds fantastic in my opinion. Very level-headed and respectful. He made a casual comment about being rejected by Everton and Liverpool by way of expressing his gratiude for the club and people that have taken him to where he now is.
  6. Really hope Kean gets his first goal tonight. He works hard, has great speed and strength, decent skill. Just needs to get his goal tally up and running.
  7. It's the correct way to say it. It's how his name is pronounced in Portuguese.
  8. Time to break that shameful stat of never coming from behind to win under Silva.
  9. Glad to see the same team. Looking at the bench shows how little defensive cover we have in the team.
  10. Has to be the same team that started against West Ham. Otherwise there's no incentive or reward for actually playing well.
  11. That's certainly one aspect of it but surely in his report he has to explain his decision. Just curious to know if there's been any word about what the fuck he was thinking when he ruled out a perfectly good goal. Thankfully it didn't end up costing us but it very nearly could have if Pickford hadn't made that point blank save a few minutes later. In the joy of actually winning, that dreadful decision seems to have been swept under the carpet. Never mind VAR. If we want to improve referring, make referees answer for their controversial decisions. At least publish their match reports so we can read the reasons for their decisions.
  12. Sorry if this has already been asked and answered in another thread but has there been any explanation of why Mina's goal was disallowed today? The commentators on the stream I used didn't have the slightest idea and neither did the BBC live text. I saw Silva giving the ref an earful at full time but I haven't seen his interviews. Any word on what the hell happened?
  13. First time in a while there's been a decent spread of votes across the team. Goes to show what a good team display it was, hopefully the first of many more to come. When everyone does their job, we're not half bad.
  14. Is it true that Everton have never come from behind to win under Marco Silva? Someone mentioned it on Twitter. Very damning statistic if so, show's the level of fight we have as a team.
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