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  1. ^^ Nice random advertising post.
  2. Notched his 19th league goal of the season tonight in the Milan derby. I decided to watch the game, it's the first time I've actually sat and watched a game of his since he left the Premier League (I wasn't even watching for him, I wanted to see how Ibrahimovich is getting on). Based on this one match, my impression is that he's definitely found the league that best suits the strengths of his game, and doesn't punish the weaknesses so harshly. His poor first touch isn't such an issue over there because of the much slower pace of the game, and having a midfield who are very skilled at placing the ball exactly where he needs it (Brozovic in particular seems to put every pass on a plate for him, and now they've added Christian Eriksen, another fantastic passer) means that his brilliance at finding the target pretty much does the rest. Good on him for making the intelligent move for his skillset. I'm happy for him.
  3. Pretty funny to re-read some of the posts on the first page of this thread with the benefit of hindsight (not that I'm blaming anyone for their first reaction to this signing, because I doubt anyone predicted just how good a buy he'd turn out to be). I remember when we signed Richie, the media never missed an opportunity to say we'd bought "£50 million Richarlison from Watford" (even though the initial outlay was 35 million), trying to make us out to be mugs. I remember every opposition fan board I checked was laughing at us too. Well, 18 months on and United's main fan site has a thread calling for their board to try and sign him.
  4. Now tied with Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling and Sadio Mane on 11 league goals, and he has a better minutes per goal ratio than any of them.
  5. -4 now. We're chipping away at it game by game.
  6. He didn't work out, but for signing Richarlison, Gomes, Digne, Kean and Bernie, I'll still remember him fairly fondly. In comparison with Allardyce (Tosun, Walcott) and Koeman (Klaassen, Bolasie, Schneiderlin, 70 million pissed away right there ), he spent relatively well and has left us with the best/most promising players we currently have.
  7. Not quite last minute (last 10 though) but Everton - Wimbledon, 1994. Graeme Stuart's goal to save us from relegation is one of my most vivid football memories.
  8. Yep, "not available in your country" for me too.
  9. We're a competent midfield away from pushing for a Europa place.
  10. Absolutely made up with that result. This is the best I've felt after an Everton game in what feels like literally years.
  11. Other results look like going our way also. Up to 8th!
  12. Even Mbappe, who looks like being a once-in-a-generation talent, is holding off on the big move to Madrid according to his recent interview, and Haaland just chose Dortmund to further his development. It's madness to go to such a massive club as Real Madrid at such a young age. They've already got that Vinicius Junior kid wasting his talent on the bench week in week out.
  13. Given how utterly decimated our midfield has been, this recent run of results since Marco was sacked (credit to Dunc as well as Carlo) has been very impressive.
  14. Same here although I'm annoyed he's even on the bench. His lounging around on the floor while Curtis Jones scored last week was the final straw for me. I don't want to see him in the stadium again.
  15. https://twitter.com/robefc80/status/1213933295307776001
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