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  1. As much as I am gutted I think this is a freak result and we shouldn't take away from us dominating a decent prem side. I think we could look at not being 3 or 4 up. for 90 minutes (93 minutes) that was how I want to see us playing. The one thing I am bored of since Bobby's 1st full season is every year we seem to have a massive blip that essentially leaves me looking to next season because I think top 4 or top 6 is gone. I think with wins at west ham and newcastle which I hope we are capable of I was thinking Europe was a potential.
  2. Please for ancelotti at small passages in the game I saw from gylfi what I hoped for from him in a two mad midfield sit back spray the ball around not too much running with the ball and keep posession being recycled. let tom davies and the wingers do more of the running. Its really what I expect from gomes when fit. but then he starts trying to do too much and then doing fuck all. he is a good passer so anceloti just needs to focus him on that. I do like a 442 fo us with the current stikers we have. I think having 2 up top helps DCL and interesting that the manager has told him to get in the box and stop doing all the running. both our first choice strikers have 10 goals plus at this point in the season. I am hoping both can get 20 across the season.
  3. Not sure what the difference in the last few games or even this season but the boy is proving me very wrong. I always rated his work rate strength etc but slated him for lack of goals. I think I said if he gets 15 he would well a truly change my mind. I think if he keeps half this type of scoring form up for the rest of the season I will have to eat my hat.
  4. Agree with this if they they can get that out of the players with dunc in charge I want him until the end of the season.
  5. I agree give it to dunc and let him fuck it up. If not get him a really experienced number two not sure joe royle still has the knowledge but I do like the idea not sure who you could put in the role. What made me quite emotional was duncs connection with the fans I appreciate in a win that comes through more but he really cares and I think that is what we need. I think since Bobby M they havent had that connection I want that over perfect tactics.
  6. I also have to say it does show if a manager loses the dressing room it really is a lost cause. This was almost the same team from the derby and worlds apart on perfomance. I would give dunc 5 games see if he makes things better or worse. If better give him the season. Then make the decision on him at that point. If he can have that affect with just passion I can accept that. (Obviously unless we are in a relegation battle then fuck him off)
  7. i'll be honest i am not a DCL fan he needs to do a lot more for me on other days but today he did perform and got the goals. If he goes on to have a 10-15 goal season I will be happy to eat my hat. I want him to succeed like any other player but my complaint has been he has had the chances to show what he can do and up until this season I don't think he has done it. As i said he if gets 10-15 goals this season I will stand corrected.
  8. My last point then going to xmas shop: Gylfi looked good today like it meant something. and then he adds good passing.
  9. Seeing Dunc interview I know he is not a manager but his passion is amazing wish he had the tactical skill to be the man as his passion bought a tear to my eye today
  10. Ossie just made a good point on BT DCL had a partner today. I do agree that made him better
  11. Enjoying the game!!! that was the most enjoyable game I have watched for a long time. It shows how much influence the manager has. I have never had a good view on DCL always think he is not up to prem league level. I agree today he is up to it but I stand by the fact his days are not often enough he needs more goals if he is going to be The Man. Richarlson looks dangerous every game, I know they are different players but he doesn't have enough good perfomances.
  12. Great goal i stand corrected!!!!!!!!!NOT USELESS WHO SAID THAT???
  13. Only aimed at DCL offers nothing no hold up play no goal threat.
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