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  1. memmaclub2

    Bournemouth (Home) Sunday January 13th

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/teams/everton/top-scorers I stand by my previous quote of we should put DCL in every game he is finally scoring some goals and so as any striker if he is scorgin keep him in richarlison needs to be out wide.
  2. memmaclub2

    Leicester City (Home) Tuesday January 1st

    Lookman had a start a few games back and he was anonymous.
  3. memmaclub2

    Leicester City (Home) Tuesday January 1st

    I disagree with this lack of quality I think we have a dam dight more quality than we did last season. We have some decent players out on loan and we bought in 2 Brazilian internationals and 3 barcelona players. I think the truth is we haven't found our top 3 gears enough of the time. The players look like they have little confidence so they revert to the game plan Marco sent them out with which says keep the ball and play out from the back. When charly was playing well he was being unpredictable I think the players have stopped being risky.
  4. memmaclub2

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    Marco silva needs time and we should give him a number of seasons unless we go months with out playing well. But as an Everton fan I can't see we have recovered since moyes left. We were consistent top 6 with him now we are consistent top 8. Bobby M's first season for me should have bought him more time (In hindsight). I want silva to suceeed but it's about progression. We can't turn up every other match we have to get a level of consistency.
  5. memmaclub2

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    I think we need to see where we are at the end of the season silva has improved performance and how we look going forward but results are not much better than last season. I prefer his style of football obvs but we need to see progression in our learning and see the team playing attaching with results to match.
  6. memmaclub2

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    Not sure why you label it hate he had a poor game and his play even before us was very in and out. He has a good game 1 in 3 and I think the only thing keeping him in the team is lack of a good replacement. I am not sure lookman is any different he has a good game in 3. Neither pulls up trees when they are on they don't scare teams.
  7. memmaclub2

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    I think where I am with SIlva at the moment is he needs to learn from the mistakes and make changes based on that. He says every interview he picks a team based on his plan for the game but his formations and players in the formation don't seem to talk to that. he seems to make changes for the sake. dropping richy last game and then gylfi this doesn't make sense. I also agree dcl has to start against those cbs of brighton.
  8. memmaclub2

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    It's the level of inconsistency that is amazing.... Mina was awful and I don't think he should be in the team at the moment Walcott was very very poor. I still am not seeing bernards performance matching the hype. The real problem for me is we need to give one of the strikers a run of games ans stop playing charly up there. He changes the personell too much. Why didn't Gylfi start. Also not sure gueye is the player they say he is. Headless chicken trying to do too much when you see fernandinho for city he doesn't try and be creative he just plays the ball simple why can't gana do that.
  9. memmaclub2

    Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    I have been his biggest crtitic and think he was given enough time last season but what i realised was that was in a side which didn't create chances. I agree with his attitude and I have never really faulted his workrate and aggression more his ability at finishing but having looked at the stats all be it over 10 games I think he has changed my mind. If he is given the rest of the season I can see him getting 15 -20 goals. The other thing having him gives us is richy plays in the wide position which he is much better suited too. I really wanted tosun to come good and but i don't think he can hack it in this league enough. Interestingly walcotts scored 4 this season in a better system I want him and richy on the wings as the first team and given DCL his game time.
  10. memmaclub2

    Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    I looked at the stats for goal scoring and he finds the net 132 minutes as opposed to richy who is 171. I never rated him but my gut says give him a run of 10-15 games and lets see if he sustains anywhere near that return. Also if he gets the one yesterday that should have been given he is on 6 for the season.
  11. memmaclub2

    Marco Silva

    seeing highlights 3 things stood out to me if we get the calvert lewin goal at 2-0 things are different and we go more defensive, if we can eradicate that fuck up by pickford we stay at 2-0. But what they had over us was finishing they take their chances (Saying that we scored 3 at home)
  12. memmaclub2

    Spurs (Home) Sunday December 23rd

    For me gylfi is not a CM but a ACM. I want him behind the main striker. Too that point can we given tosun some more games as our main striker I think richarlson needs to be on the wing with lookman on the other. I don't see enough end product from bernard and walcott baing in mind they are both seasoned players from big clubs. bernard is too light weight and theo is too inconsistent. Although that said lookman only looks a threat from the bench.
  13. memmaclub2

    Manchester City (Away) Saturday December 15th

    As much as people have been calling for a striker can we say we have given tosun the right amount of time. As much as gylfi and charlie have been in good scoring form I think we need a player who just sticks to the centre backs and looks or through balls and crosses. Over the last 3 games we are in danger of being like a bobby m side moving the ball around the box for 5 minutes before losing it with no threat. I want the opposition defence to be nervous about a striker on their shoulder who will score with one chance. the other thing I am not sure about is tosun hasn't been given a run of games in the current set up when we are creating more chances.
  14. memmaclub2

    Fulham (Home) Saturday September 29th

    just looked at table we needed that win. And two or 3 more in october
  15. memmaclub2

    Fulham (Home) Saturday September 29th

    nana just followed through with excitement