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  1. IN my opinion we will not see the best of a Carlo team until a year or twos time. Next season for me is transition. We need to move out 4-6 high wage players and replace them with quality. I am not sure there is 7 first team players in that squad. I would say the stikers are the only ones who don't have question marks. Gomes for me needs someone next to him who does a shit load of running.
  2. I can honestly say this is the worst I have seen us play. The players look like they don't give a shit. I would expect fines for every single one of them. I think there is a few reality checks to be had: Tom Davies is not a prem player and won't be there has been no progress in 3-4 years. Gomes is not as good as we think he is Glyfi needs to drop down a level he is not the player he was and the decline has been too quick. Sidebi should not be signed. We need to let Davies Gylfi Morgan Keane walcott all go We need a player who can get the ball back, We need a
  3. To balance all the criticism of Pickford. Would Davies had been given the chances he has if he was not a local lad. I think he is not prem quality and I think he is going backawards.
  4. we were better last week away against arsenal
  5. they are slating both keepers, but they didn't get here by mistake. What keeper in the world is not prone to a mistake.
  6. Yeah but what keeper in the league is better who would come. De Gea is prove to mistakes but he still keeps his place.
  7. Walcott and gylfi have been non-existent. If we are playing 4-4-2 why have we got two strikers that move wide. I don't get the plan. If the wingers are out wide then so are the full backs leaving two stikers in the box. If they play narrow or drop deep you have 4 against 2 upfront. surely the point of a winger is to cause problems for the defence when we go froward.
  8. Tom davies needs to be more molbile running past and what the fuck are the wingers in for if they aren't playing in and around the area
  9. and man u's midfiled is not that strong.
  10. If we are not capable Why have we spent 25 mil on a portugese international ball player from barca.
  11. what are our tactics today. To let them have the ball?
  12. we haven't set up to up get have posession I don't understand how a team at home with gylfi gomez on the pitch can't keep the ball for more than two passes.
  13. I don't get why we have gylifi out wide?
  14. As much as I am gutted I think this is a freak result and we shouldn't take away from us dominating a decent prem side. I think we could look at not being 3 or 4 up. for 90 minutes (93 minutes) that was how I want to see us playing. The one thing I am bored of since Bobby's 1st full season is every year we seem to have a massive blip that essentially leaves me looking to next season because I think top 4 or top 6 is gone. I think with wins at west ham and newcastle which I hope we are capable of I was thinking Europe was a potential.
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