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  1. I would pass. He's finished with top tier football as is his mate David Luiz.
  2. That is simply a speculation which is most certainly false. Coronaviruses are not mutating as rapidly as influenza. They are known since 1960's and God knows since how long they exist and how many times they jumped on a human population in the past. There is a reason coronaviruses haven't become seasonal so far, and for the same reason chances are Covid-19 won't become seasonal either.
  3. These were times I barely have any memory of since I was very young back then. We are currently not much different than most countries in Europe. Of course these are stressful times for everyone, but grocery stores are stocked up and there's plenty of food for everyone. My biggest concern is that our healthcare system, knowing how fragile and underfunded is, will collapse pretty quick when cases rise. Hope that doesn't happen though.
  4. Guys, you better prepare to stay at home for the rest of the year at least. This thing is not going to disappear in a few weeks.
  5. Like we have enough options for LB. At least we have Kenny waiting in line for next season.
  6. I'm so happy for DCL and Richarlison. Both are becoming world class. It is nice to have them and we should be looking to build the team around them. It's good to see the progress made, whatever the end result it is about the future and with a few proper signings I can see us challenging for silverware very soon.
  7. Is it really necessary every single thread on these forums to end up like this?!?! I mean come on!!! Moderators please delete the irrelevant posts (mine included) and please everyone get back to the topic ffs. At first it was the Lukaku thread, then the Gana thread ... yet it is EVERY THREAD.. STOP IT PLEASE !!!
  8. I've seen This. GK learning curve is a lot longer than regular outfield players. Generally speaking they peak after the age of 28, and many even after 30. Very few are considered world class at younger age like Alisson, Ederson and Oblak, but still all of them are a bit older and are playing at top clubs with superior defenders in front of them. Surely one makes less mistakes when fewer chances are presented to him. I'm pleased with Jordan. His shot stopping is one of the best, which shows his raw talent. He lacks in distribution and command of area, but these improve with experience and maturing. In couple of years we will see him getting at higher standards, even more so if we manage to improve the rest of the team. As of now, he's doing just fine. There are many other things to worry about really. Looking for a new first choice goalkeeper shouldn't be in our priorities in the foreseeable future.
  9. Yep, although he's playing in orange shirt in the mini goal game at the end, so others know to go easy on him.
  10. Well you can tell by the image it's going to be fine building.
  11. Unfortunately quadriceps injuries can be quite severe and have high rates of recurrence upon returning to sports when not fully healed.
  12. This basically. The game changed, yet many clubs have spending power and can offer ridiculous salary to players. That said, top clubs are now attractive to world class players only, who can slot in and play at the highest level. Richarlison is not a world class, nowhere near yet. Since money are not a problem for us anymore, why would he want to leave? His spot is more or less guaranteed here and we can easily double his wages after a year or so if he continues to improve.
  13. Haiku

    Bad news

    John, may I advise you to see another specialist for second opinion? It happens doctors are humans too and make mistakes. It is vital to get your diagnosis right before making decisions on your further treatment. Best of luck!
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