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  1. We are very close to signing him according to the reports.
  2. He will get a call up very soon, no doubt. I hope Holgate will get one too.
  3. Fuck off. The least this lad deserves after all he's been through is just a little bit of appretiation! For the limited time he's been on the pitch, he got us some pretty important points. For those keep bashing him he's not good enough, yeah tell me something I don't know. And how the fuck you judged his contribution for 5 fucking minutes yesterday in a moment when the whole team had a mental fart!? Sick of reading this kind of bullshit. Sorry for double post.
  4. Pretty sure if Ancelotti didn't made any changes and they still equalized, the same people on here would blame him for not doing so.
  5. Stupid kids. Think that signing for the biggest club is the real deal, only to be sold to mediocre side a few loans later.
  6. Season Injury from until Days Games missed 18/19 Muscular problems May 3, 2019 May 9, 2019 6 days 1 18/19 Distortion of the ankle Apr 7, 2019 Apr 14, 2019 7 days 2 18/19 Ill Oct 21, 2018 Dec 5, 2018 45 days 8 17/18 Back Injury Mar 18, 2018 May 25, 2018 68 days 11 16/17 Ankle problems Jun 24, 2017 Jun 24, 2017 0 days - 16/17 Knee Injury Dec 9, 2016 Dec 19, 2016 10 days 3 16/17 Tear in a joint capsule Aug 22, 2016 Sep 20, 2016 29 days 5 15/16 Torn Ankle Ligament Apr 14, 2016 May 2, 2016 18 days 6 14/15 Ankle Injury Sep 8, 2014 Oct 16, 2014 38 days 7 12/13 Torn Ankle Ligament Nov 5, 2012 Dec 31, 2012 56 days 11 11/12 Torn Muscle Mar 15, 2012 Apr 5, 2012 21 days 4 His injury record is not that bad. The most severe one is a back injury he got at the end of his spell at Anfield. Also underwent thyroid surgery most recently, but that has nothing to do with playing football.
  7. He's not a Red. That he played for the Shite is not the same as if he come up through their ranks. He's a fan of his hometown Eintracht Frankfurt if that matters.
  8. We need a brand new pair of central midfielders BADLY! Even if Gomes and Gbamin come good once fit, we need more options, because those we have right now are not good enough for backup. I would keep Davies as a fifth option only because he's homegrown and still young. As soon as Delph, Sig and Morgan leave the better.
  9. I don't believe finances play any part in his decision. He's under a contract and it's an agreement between the two clubs how his wages will be paid out, but at the end he will get what's in his contract, no more no less. Thinking about it, he's not going to set the Championship on fire. He's free in 5 months time, I believe he's happy to see out his contract while keeping himself in shape using our better facilities without the risk getting an injury, so that when he leaves in the summer a few clubs will approach him on trial and someone will sign him eventually. Smart decision.
  10. He was treated badly. Obviously not good enough, but has scored some pretty important goals. I would pick him right after DCL and Richarlison. He has more to offer than Tosun, because of his superior physicality and couldn't be worse than Kean, who still has to adapt to the league. Is he one of the worst signings? - Considering the fee we paid for him and how the management treated him, then Yes. But again, Tosun cost us more and delivered less. Is he one of the worst Everton players? - Definitely not.
  11. So soon? Is he on rehabilitation phase or back on training, because there's huge difference? I guess he'll need to recover his fitness slowly before getting back on regular trainings.
  12. I would take most first team players from Benfica in a heartbeat. My favourites being Ruben Diaz a top defender and Florentino Luis, perhaps the brightest midfield talent Portugal has at this moment.
  13. What other options do we have? Davies and Delph currently. With the tight schedule of late it's impossible to carry on with two midfielders only. This was supposed to be an easy game, since the Shite are obviously not interested in cup games. We used 3 of the 4 options and we failed miserably. Sorry, but I do not consider Holgate as an alternative, he's defender first and foremost. I'm not a huge fan of Ancelotti, I didn't wanted him to come in the first place, but I don't blame him for the selection he made. He's here for a couple of weeks only and many on this forum suggest we better have used some of our academy players instead. Sure, but if he did so and we inevitably lose then the same people will question his selection again. Bear in mind match selection is not available until after both teams fill the team sheets. No one would know what players the other team will field beforehand. It was embarrasing result and I put the blame entirely on the players. Ancelotti is not a God, anyone who thought he will instanly turn that highly demotivated poor quality squad into a world beater then he has lost his mind. If anything I hope Ancelotti realized what he's dealing with and will take actions accordingly.
  14. We are massively lacking quality in centre midfield and that's the main difference between us and City. Unfortunately we don't have many options (if any) to change that. With Gomes and Gbamin this could be a whole different picture, but It is what it is.
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