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  1. That's the classic confusion with Latin languages. In Slavic languages, you always pronounce the words right when you read them, because each letter has only one correct pronunciation.
  2. What frustrates me is that this guy was never given the chance to play. Hell, Niasse had his time...
  3. That's not an universal receipt for success, ask Xerox. They stuck on their strategy and blew the potential of the Alto. Could have been bigger than Apple, Microsoft and any other tech company today.
  4. It depends on tactics. If you want your defensive midfielder to close the gap left by marauding fullback as quickly as possible, he needs to be pacy.
  5. That's some poor analytics. Basically it says Gana is worth more than Nicolas Pepe, yeah right.
  6. Definitely Coleman was the MOTFH.
  7. I think it was unfortunate for him to be called today. Being forward, you can't do much wrong, but he's a defensive midfielder! That's a lot of pressure for a newcomer, who hasn't got the chance to know the league and his teammates.
  8. What worries me about Keane - Mina partnership... They are both way too slow.
  9. Was Iwobi available for today's match?
  10. From what I've read in Arsenal forum, Iwobi is not a natural finisher. in fact that is the only weakness they mention along with his poor decision making in certain situations. If that's the case, I'm not certain he'll be useful as a striker.
  11. I think we will be just fine. It's time for Mina to prove his worth. If not, Holgate and Gbamin are there to cover that position.
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