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  1. They don't need to know anything. Do you think Mansour knows how to run a club? These stupid Arab cheikhs can't manage a newspaper kiosk if there isn'tt someone who do it for them.
  2. Perhaps you're confusing him with Galloway? Browning had 3 starts for Everton as right back and he's not a right back. I'm not saying he's good though.
  3. Yeah, watched him several times as I'm a fan of French football myself. It's true he's solid right back, definitely worth a consideration. However, I don't know if he can adapt to the intensity of the Premier League. Also he seems a bit of a late bloomer, it's only his second season in the French top flight and he's 25 already.
  4. Yay... Next Lukaku in the making.
  5. Not an American sport, but what is played on the highest level in America - Basketball. Just a brilliant sport. Any other American sport I've seen is dull. I don't mind NFL that much, but MLB is horrendously boring.
  6. Haiku

    New PC

    Where you bought the parts from? Most PC retailer offer to build the system for free. I mean it's not free, because they make a profit for every component, but you won't get it cheaper if you build it by yourself.
  7. Yeah losing 3-6 to Chelsea was much more enjoyable than losing 1-3 to Wolverfuckinghampton. We smashed Arsenal, and stunned United at Old Trafford, while playing on a high risk at the back with the likes of Bryan Oviedo, aging Distin and occasionally Antolin Alcaraz. When was the last time we beat a top 6 side? We have since spent a fortune and we're not looking any better. I keep wondering what would Martinez do has he got the money or what he would do with our current squad. One thing is obvious, Martinez was our best manager post Moyes era.
  8. I would rather like reverting to Martinez style. We were piss-poor at defending, but we created something at least. Now we are piss-poor at everything.
  9. He's just an average mid-table defender. Has his ups and downs in his form, but with him in our lineup we will never ever break in top 6, if that's still our long term ambition. Yet I'm not sure where we are looking at.
  10. I would like, so I can show them the obvious: Hire a proven manager with footballing brain and rebuild from there.
  11. Yeah, he's good, but I find it strange he went back, I wouldn't.
  12. The problem is THE MANAGER. I lost fate in Marco Silva. I don't think he's at a level matching our ambitions. He's simply not good enough. We should find proven manager. What are we thinking, we'll find the next Pocettino out of nowhere? Fuck no. Look what happened to Monaco. We should stop throwing millions on players and secure a highly paid proven Manager who can fix this mess. I wouldn't mind if we sign Mourinho at this point.
  13. No, I think otherwise. We have spent a lot in the summer and as the season goes, we're not going to break top 6 nor we will be relegated, so it is best to wait and reassess our future in the summer. There's no need to stress our squad with more signings mid season and clearly there aren't good options available to improve our critical areas and in particular strikers. We're short in strikers so it would be ridiculous to send Tosun out on loan, but the price tag is right there if anyone is interested to sign him right away. Then we'll be in a position to use the money and replace him with another gamble, which is acceptable risk than having two misfits.
  14. Yeah, cocaine stays up to 14 days in the system and that's if you are a heavy addict. Usually irregular user will show clean probes after 3-4 days.
  15. The lad had a solid WC. Obviously not bad at all and might prove useful.
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