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  1. Haiku


    Well I think EU should dump UK completely. What's that soft brexit? Are they in or out? You can't just drop obligations and keep getting benefits only, what UK is trying to do. Not fair towards other EU members, who pay their cut to be part of EU. Not fair towards other countries based in Europe who want to be part of EU but are not. Why should UK get that VIP non membership status? Yep they still got one of the greatest economics and letting them operate freely on the EU markets is of benefit of the EU itself, but still it looks discriminatiоry getting so many benefits as a non member towards countries like Serbia for example.
  2. Haiku

    Luke Shaw

    Similar to Barkley
  3. Haiku

    ATV Irdning (Pre-Season - Game 1)

    I think our pub team could do better against Everton.
  4. Haiku

    ATV Irdning (Pre-Season - Game 1)

    What is the point of this match? 21-0 already
  5. Haiku

    Ademola Lookman

    He said he wants to play regularly.
  6. Haiku


    Ok, I don't know him well and he might come decent, but he won't set the world on fire, that's for sure. I have high expectations from our board. In order to improve we should sign high profile established players or if we can't afford those, then I expect Brands to look for young talents with potential to become top class for Everton. Bertolacci doesn't fit neither criteria for me. This guy will only hinder Davies progress if nothing else.
  7. Haiku


    He's 27 and a half, so there's not much time to rediscover something he never had.
  8. Haiku


    What the hell? I don't fancy this. Another fringe player we will be looking to rid in 12 months.
  9. Haiku

    Ademola Lookman

    Are we really selling Lookman!? That's hell of a stupid idea. No way he'll go to Wet Spam after all, it's a bollocks. edit: Shit, why are you even posting tweets from accounts with less than 500 follower?
  10. Haiku


    I just said exactly the same words in another forum.
  11. Haiku

    Ademola Lookman

    I would rather swap him for Werner if given the chance. Unfortunately quality Germans rarely leave their country and end up in Bayern.
  12. Haiku

    Henry Onyekuru

    It's unfortunate. Has he played on the WC, he would gain WP to play for us.
  13. Haiku

    Marco Silva (manager)

    You want some, mate? I know we can't have him back, it was rhetorical question. I'm just overly exited by him and Belgium beating Brazil last night.
  14. Haiku

    Jordan Pickford

  15. Haiku

    Jordan Pickford

    Rumors swirling that Donald Trump have offered Jordan Pickford 150 mil USD to build the wall with Mexico.