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  1. Walcott dribbling towards the goal I was screaming square it, square it! Thank God he scored, but the other day the goalkeeper will save it.
  2. I don't think it was intentional.
  3. Mourinho in the stands, does that mean he's watching his friend failing or he's looking at his next job?
  4. It's only positive to play in LE. We have big squad so I'm not bothered if we play our out of form players for this competition. I'm not bothered if we don't get through the group stage either.
  5. It's indeed a nod to the journalist, but the interview makes an impression that the lad is very happy being here. No doubt he wants to sign permanently.
  6. Fuck off hint to Barcelona. The lad clearly wants to sign for us.
  7. It doesn't matter. We were in control the whole game and have won 3 points. Things that matter more than the quantity of goals we scored.
  8. I don't think he's worth in my opinion. Mostly plays back and side passes, no through balls forward and is slow.
  9. We are playing great. Gomes though seems to be our weakest link.
  10. I would rather steady the ship and build from there. Currently we neither have a short term gratification nor there are signs of long term growth.
  11. Bollocks. Mourinho is the type of manager who likes to play the best players at his disposal. Usually these are experienced players. PL is not a place to learn youth how to play at the highest level. We also don't have young players ready to play at the highest level so I'm not worried that Davis or DCL won't be getting much time on the pitch. If we want to win something we should be doing just that no matter who's the manager.
  12. How many points did Pickford cost us? I remember 2 from the first derby? How many we lost because of the rest? You can imagine. We did not lost the Newcastle game because of him, rewatch the highlights. The only situation he truly messed up was that penalty he saved afterwards.
  13. Seamus should be kept in the team until he retires. He's great ambassador and I can see him getting valuable position within the club when his playing days are over. Maybe head of the community work or involved in the academy, because he's great role model kids should follow.
  14. No, it's not the same for all workers. Apparently footballers are not considered as workers, because in order to get work permit, the foreign players are classified with points on certain criteria for example: games played for national team, rank of nation within football world, value of the transfer etc. It's weirdly discriminative towards players and clubs as well, because the richest clubs can get the best Brazilians with no problem whatsoever, and others are restricted to EU nationals only. Yet players with growing reputation like Henry Onyekuru, who probably has something to offer to the PL can't get WP, but if Manchester City pays us 60m for him, he'll get that WP instantly, because he'll collect the points required through the huge transfer fee. It's just ridiculous and makes little sense. I'm not sure how's the thing with normal workers, but I know people who are not EU citizens and moved to UK. Let me tell you, they are not driving a Ferrari as far as I know.
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