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  1. For once Silva did a massive change to his usual starting 11 and it payed off. I wonder he'll be more willing to drop his favourites after a bad patch going forward? The reason why we're a team is that everyone has to contribute and no one has a secured spot.
  2. Jordan had a brillaint close range save in the second half.
  3. Why can't we play like that every match? Even if we had lost, that wouldn't bother me much after such performance.
  4. Damn that was incredible goal.
  5. Bernard is great player, but he should limit the tricks a bit before looking for a pass. How Iwobi missed that.. what a poor finish... ffs What was wrong with that corner? Why was Mina's goal disallowed?
  6. There are two sides on the coin. Being under Ottoman slavery for 5 centuries, having fought our freedom in 1878 (the same year Everton was formed) with the help of Russia, nobody knows how cruel the Turks can be better than us Bulgarians. However everything that Kurds are doing is a pure form of terrorism that dates back from at least a century. We can relate to them, they are fighting for their freedom. At the same time it is perfectly understandable that Turks hate them, since literary everyone has lost a relative after Kurdish attack over the years. What I mean, there's rarely a right and wrong side in any war. In other words, everyone has a valid reason to be right looking from his own perspective.
  7. Yes, but every soldier had a choice? I mean no one was sent against their will.
  8. I feel I must apologize on behalf of my "compatriots". That was bizarre to watch. That scum is overloading our national league, making it unbearable for normal people to go on the stadium and enjoy football. Yet they are going on international matches. Embarrassing, because these shitheads are coming from a few ultras organizations and are making us look like a third world country, which we are not. I hope police will do something about it, I think it's very easy to track them down. Please, understand these scumbags are minority and are not representative of our welcoming and kind towards other nationalities cultural treat.
  9. The salute is his celebration trademark, just like Cahill punching the corner flag. That he isn't scoring for us is another matter, but he's doing this for quite some time. It has nothing to do with the war.
  10. Fuck no! If we are to bring someone back, that must be Martinez.
  11. Fingers crossed we lose then.
  12. So, two more defeats and he's out.
  13. We rather lose against West Ham if that leads to his sacking. I don't see him as our manager next season anyway, so a few more mixed results will only delay the inevitable. No way we will break into top 6 with him, although top half finish also seems difficult to achieve at this point. Why giving him more time? Clearly he's not good enough.
  14. I wonder why we signed him in the first place?! Looking at his CV, there's nothing to be impressed with.
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