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  1. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    Can't agree. I saw some pretty good tackles from both.
  2. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    Only 3. I'm not arguing what you're saying. Just saying that Allardyce is the king of defense. We won't ever win something with him, but we can feel pretty safe about our existence in premier league. That's probably the best choice of manager for teams with no ambitions.
  3. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    shots: 21-3 possession - 79%-21% score 1-1 classic Allardyce
  4. West Ham (Home) Wednesday November 29th

    Tell Big Sam to fuck off and give Unsy time till the end of the season, ffs.
  5. Who should replace Koeman?

    Harshly? Man you know in Portuguese Primeira liga, there are only 3 quality teams.
  6. Who should replace Koeman?

    Why him? What has he done? Won a title with Porto. Won a national cup with Braga and won a title and cup with Shakhtar. Sounds promising, only if he wasn't managed the best teams in competitions with literally no competition.
  7. David Unsworth

    Why do people blame Walsh so much over our signings? Yes, he probably choose most of them, but OK. All signings this summer, except Rooney and Cuco, were top notch players at their previous clubs to date and many agreed that we're not able to find much better than these, because we are not in a position to lure world class players at our club. I still believe that most of our players are simply underperforming and that Koeman built awful team with no balance in positions whatsoever.
  8. Ohuzhan Ozyakup

    We always have room for another №10
  9. Sandro Ramirez

    Of course he's not a number 9. I guess he's best on the left cutting inside with his stronger right.
  10. Sandro Ramirez

    The same reason they've signed Deulofeu?
  11. Nikola Vlasic

    It's not her.
  12. Usmanov - Panorama

    I'm not worried at all, because all this might seem evident but hardly can be proven. I doubt Usmanov and Moshiri are so stupid to not cover their tracks.
  13. Usmanov - Panorama

    It's nothing we didn't knew when Moshiri took over.
  14. Some say we need pace. Put Sandro on the left, DCL in the middle, Vlasic on the right and voila. Mix it up with some Lookman and stick with that for long enough to mature. I have no concerns with Siggy, Davies, Rooney and Gana playing in the midfield, as long as Morgan is not there. But I have no idea how to deal with the shitty defense. We need left back, right back and good sane central defender waiting to join us on Jan 1st along with proper striker. That's a must.
  15. Lyon (Europa Group Stage Away) Thursday November 2nd

    Yeah, exactly what I thought. We were shit in defense but we were scoring for fun.