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  1. Why would we want to develop other's players? This guy is never going to sign with us on a permanent contract, nor will Juventus let him go anytime soon. We need players with future at our club, therefore it's a no from me.
  2. If we can command a good fee, I would sell him in a minute. Useful player, but not someone I would miss. Ideally we will sell him for 30m and will bring in a replacement.
  3. Both Stones and Barkley were disastrous. I get that Stones might had a bad game, but Barkley is shite on constant basis, clearly has no future in the England squad.
  4. It's on the low side. I really thought they could get more like 150m. Neymar and Mbappe costed double that to PSG, each one separately. Sigh, we sold Lukaku for 90m?
  5. Umm you're wrong. Jags was officially the quickest player in the Premier league in season 14-15 and by far the quickest player at Everton. DCL confirmed that.
  6. We should have sold Lookman to RB Leipzig last summer. They offered what, 30m? I doubt we can attract similar offer for him anymore.
  7. He's not a worldie, but goals mean fuck all. Mbappe scored 17 goals in two seasons for Monaco before moving to PSG for 180m euro. It looks less likely that Malcom will set the world on fire, but his game at Bordeaux was brilliant.
  8. I don't see us as a possible destination for him. The lad is one of the best strikers out there. Surely will look at more successful clubs if he's leaving Inter anytime soon.
  9. I would do the same, really. 600k a week, that's insane! He's almost 30 now, has 3 more years at Real and his footballing skills are rapidly declining. That means he'll have another 100m at 33. Why would he turn them down knowing he will not get these money anywhere else?! It makes sense to take a paycut if you have one year left, but he has three and he'll lose a lot if doing so right now. And to be fair, who's gonna pay him even half of that salary?
  10. He also gave a vow in season one. Being in Night's Watch, that's а duty for a lifetime.
  11. Jon is sent there into exile for killing Daenerys I guess. And yes, there's a prequel already in development under the name 'Age of Heroes'.
  12. It won't make any difference. All players signed before Brexit will retain work permit for as long as they are kept at their respected clubs.
  13. Apparently Liverpool also sent money and will arrange friendly with all proceeds going to Bolton.
  14. I'm not watching the series, but I'm curious what do they feed the dragons?
  15. Sounds like a graphics card issue. Look at the resolution settings first, right click on desktop, display settings if you're on Windows. Analyse the graphics card. Run DirectX diagnostic: Run - dxdiag. Look for potential issues. Then update graphics driver. If that doesn't help try turning off the graphics card in device manager, PC should switch to integrated graphics automatically.
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