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  1. We should go for Rafa ASAP. That's the most realistic option with proven record. 20m release(if that's true) is nothing. We paid that for Schneiderlin and double that for Siggy. I think Benitez would be interested too. With the spending power we provide, he got the chance to build our team on his own and resurrect his reputation within the football world. An opportunity he didn't had since he managed Valencia and Liverpool.
  2. Hell, if he wins the next couple of games, we will be begging Moshiri to keep him for awhile. 😁
  3. Actually this one is quite good, but is another winger. Perhaps if we move Theo, this guy would be perfect fit. Not sure Everton would be comming to Everton though. There are a lot of clubs interested right now.
  4. I think he's dreading this job already. Probably he wants to be fired as much as we do. Feel sorry for him, because he seems genuinely a good guy, but things just didn't worked out. I wish him luck and a lot of success with his next club.
  5. He's gone already. We need to fix this mess ASAP. Calling on Moshiri and Brands, we are at their fucking hands, they better fucking do something!
  6. Alright, that's it. Farewell Marco! Now how we get out of the swamp!?
  7. Not a good shout for me. I wouldn't gamble our Premier League status with someone who has zero experience managing in Europe. It's not the right time for us to experiment while we are on the brink of relegation.
  8. I forgot Arsenal and Tottenham are local rivals. Well it won't hurt if we try in that case. If we offer him a huge sallary and transfer budged to rebuild the squad, he might be tempted.
  9. He must be the first on their list though.
  10. It's a dip in his form, everybody has it at some point. More so when the whole team suffer from a bad run. Digne needs some time on the bench until he regains his focus, but Marco seems hesitant to bring Baines in.
  11. It's funny how until today's match Davies was hailed like the only positive in our squad and Sidibe as the worst of the bunch.
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