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  1. Yeh its dissapioting to hear that wether it iis tru that he threw it back is another story <_<
  2. Cloud

    Everton Player Animation

    Add me on MSN and i can send you some. Or I will upload then if i can be botherd, busy at the mo
  3. Cloud

    Simon Davies

    I know, watched him then on MOTD! Fuckign twit! Step Overs, Skining Evra, Chest it and Turn and Volly it!
  4. Cloud

    We're Shite At 4-4-2

    Fuckign awful my Moyes today, I Cant understand WTF he was doing. FFS this now see's our Europe hope in a thread now. Ref was fucking terible. Fuck of Moyes!
  5. Yes it would be very very helpfull for poeple to maybe give us more of an insight in what type of sig they want and if so mor helpfull pics that can be used not little things
  6. Nice one Blue4Ever. If anyone want's to request again i will ge cracking on some of them, me and Blue4Ever will sort the out
  7. Cloud

    I'm Joe

    Welcome Joe, Great to have you here.
  8. lol, cant belive he filmed it Good one!
  9. Cloud

    Hey! Sam Here..

    Welcome mate, Stick Around
  10. Doubt it TBH, just cant see it happing,. but you never know. Sounds like he is liking it here at Everton.
  11. Cloud

    Everton V Blackburn

    Great result for us. Fernandes played really very, good composer, first touch looked excellent. Only time his first touch let hin down was for his chance which he prob should have scored. Quite strong aswell tbh, never got pushed off the ball and we seen through balls coming from the centre of the midfield! 2nd half Sat back abit and never really got going but a god game and it was fucking freezin! Prob should have won more Comfortable in the end but it was a reasult. And was great to see Fernandes took a snap at 50 pence head Jeffers. Like him already. Very skillfull and there was one time where the ball came to him on the left wing did somthing very good with his touch, hard to Explain though. LMFAO at Killishive (sp) Arteta got the ball and i dont think he got him but not too sure, but went down like he had been shot FAF the way he went down just dropped very slowly!
  12. Cloud

    Arteta To Athletico

    Doesn't look good at all. feelin it myself now and Mikel's my Fave player, hope we dont let him go. It does sound like a bit of a 'come and get me plea'
  13. Cloud


    After reading thr article, some very good wors by the spain Manager. it seems as if Arteta is just a little away from a call up by the sounds of it. But what he said about Everton is very reasuring! Respect for that! Mikel For Spain!
  14. Cloud

    Everton V Blackburn

    Blackburn are on form over the ast few weeks and their main man look like Morten Gamst Pederson, who has been lethal for them. will be a tuff game for us, batterd us in the Cup at Goodison as few weeks ago so must perform. Might see Fernandes, but AJ looks like a doubt. Though for me 2-1 Everton!