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  1. I disagree. I'm not talking about people here, that are pretty educated about politics and civics and understand the difference between an impeachment and removal from office. It's exactly as you said if successful, an official reprimand by congress that the DNC can use against every GOP candidate in 2020. If it fails to get out of the House, I think the GOP/RNC will batter the democrats with it in 2020. Personally, I think the outcome of this will determine control of the House, Senate and likely the WH. Maybe not quite a Hail Mary, but I do think the democrats are putting most all their 2020 eggs in this basket. And I think it's going be a nasty fight, like Kavaugnah-esque. And like Palfy, I don't see him retiring, he seemingly enjoys the fight too much.
  2. Well that was unexpected, even by the mot optimistic Auburn fan
  3. I am most happy that we didn't crumpled like a cheap suit after conceding. And I'm not exactly sure what it is about him specifically, but nobody makes me more nervous getting the ball on the wing than Sterling. DCL is playing like a grown ass man today
  4. Looks like it called him right along the temple, where the skull is very very thin.
  5. That was a pretty wicked blow. Don't see anywhere in the world that cannot be a concussion, feel for the lad
  6. Ok @Sibdane I don't fancy your Bulldogs in the Cow-College Bowl this evening. At least I hope not, I was standing back with a close friend I grew up with. Auburn wins I sent her something AU related and she has to use it as her profile pic for a week - and vice versa. She sent me this awful reminder from 2015 last night haha, so War Eagle!!
  7. Or that were going to sit deep and hope to steal a goal or two on the counter. That's about the only reason I'd start Walcott, strictly for pace on the counter.
  8. Optimistic are ya? I'm not sure we even reach 30%
  9. Lol yeah I am, EST starts in far east Alabama, about 60 miles away, I love the 630am games You you know looking at the lineup I have two questions. Did Tom Davies shag Mrs. Silva? Does Morgan Schneiderlin have pictures of Mr. Silva with a 🐑?
  10. I generally avoid drinking before noon (1130 kick in US) but today maybe one of those days.... At least I can laugh at Lloris' nifty footwork.
  11. It amazes me how ignorant most Americans are when it comes to civics. I would be willing to bet a significant percentage of not a majority of the people that have been screaming for Trump to be impeached since the day he was inaugurated think that it means it removes him from office (I think it was also the case for those screaming for Clinton's impeachment). The sheer gravity and threshold to bring an impeachment hearing to a vote is significant enough, that it's only succeeded twice in our history and both of those were overturned by the Senate - and a president has never been removed from office by the legislature. I really I think this is going to proceed against Pelosi's better judgment, because it's high risk high reward. If Trump "wins" I think 2020 will be a bloodbath for the Democrats - however should they succeed I believe it is their best chance to get the WH and Senate in 2020. I would imagine that we are going to see some of the most ridiculous partisan shit from both sides, but it's impossible to not watch - like lesbian midget mud wrestling.
  12. You can win that debate sir, I have faith. And should you find yourself in a debate with the 5th, use the tactics that subdued the 4th
  13. OBJ could look like Def Leppard's drummer and still snag 80 balls a year. Freak!
  14. More so than any other demographic, I would say there is an inherent the distrust of police within the black community, regardless of the officer's color. I believe that is generally understood are police departments, and most or trying I need to continue to dry to reach out to the communities and improve relations. But by the same token those communities have to be willing to accept that effort, and do their part as well, even if 75% of the burden is on the police force, the community still has to do their 25% or it can never improve. You will have a community that has a high crime rate and demands something be done about it, and then often times when patrols increase it raises tensions and there are complaints in the same community about heavy police presence and arrests. People will not cooperate with the police - even when they match the community and are uneasy by their mere presence. When there is a fatal shooting by an officer in the line of duty, there is always an investigation. Actually if an officer even discharges his service weapon there is an investigation. I'm not foolish enough to assume that justice or the truth always comes out of these investigations, but there is really no other option then to let the process at least run. If the victim is white, or the officer is black, typically is that news, and the races might not even be mentioned initially unless something dodgy surfaces. But in cases where the officer is white and if the victim is black there can be racial assumption applied before there are any facts whatsoever which greatly complicates the process. Michael Brown, Ferguson Missouri. Initially reported as white cop gunning an unarmed black teen down in the street in broad daylight. The national rise to prominence of Black Lives Matter, "Hands up, Don't Shoot" chanted, on shirts and signs, the Ferguson Riots, as well as being a huge influencing factor on Colin Kaepernick's NFL protest come from this case, and primarily the initial reporting of this that became a worldwide sensation. When you have the time read through this. There's a lot of information on the investigations the witnesses forensics etc. For more information then the media went back to cover or report after the new cycle was over, they were on two other news stories and other controversies. I want even summarize it but if you're so inclined, read the evidence presented to investigators and draw your own conclusions. And yes there other cases, and names that are familiar to us all, but this was probably the biggest. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Michael_Brown
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