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  1. Ghoat

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    So you Brits hang flags when the Missus consents to a round of bumming, just to brag to your mates? That's a custom we should all get behind!
  2. Ghoat

    2018 World Cup

    Something bold - perhaps with stripes!
  3. Ghoat

    2018 World Cup

    Croatia vs Nigeria - The pasty white Slavs in light kits, and the midnight dark Africans in a dark green - the kits are swallowing both sides! Nigeria's GK wearing dark purple when his team is in dark green...in a scrum, he blends in with this team, there isn'tt enough contrast for me.
  4. Ghoat

    2018 World Cup

    As good as that FK was, the screamer Nacho hit was filthy, holy shit. Instant Classic.
  5. Ghoat

    2018 World Cup

    Or a team with really short players, like say, Japan.
  6. Ghoat

    World Cup Snacks

    Mike you are seeming to forget that we "colonialist" (OMG that cracks me up when I see that used!) used to have to pay a tax to the crown for each letter we used - pronounced or written. That's why it's an "erb" not a "herb" even if it happens to be our FAVORITE COLOR. It's was an economics choice, because the tea was killing us already. The Syntax Tax of 1631 isn'tt really taught in school, I'd venture to say that no one has even heard of it until they read about it. In this post. But now you know.
  7. Ghoat

    World Cup Snacks

    Maybe, you can go look it up in a thesaurus. Speaking of, what's another name for a thesaurus.....
  8. Ghoat

    2026 World Cup

    Yeah, well, we said that about 2000 as well.....
  9. 'Merica, first team to qualify! Tho honestly, I wonder if the US and Mexico both qualify normally, if Canada would get an automatic bid? Or if the US did and CN/MX didn't, who if either would get in?
  10. Ghoat

    Brendan Galloway

    Similar situation as Holgate on the right?
  11. Ghoat

    Gerard Deulofeu

    He does seem to get in his own way. When he would lose the ball or not get a call, he seemed to sulk and just disappear from the game. If he doesn't get that mental toughness, he is risking becoming Kevin Mirillas 2.0, but with far more (wasted) talent.
  12. Ghoat

    Brendan Galloway

    Agreed. Unsure if he hasn't fully shaken the injuries, but the last couple of loan spells have been fruitless. 10 games played between West Brom and Sunderland in the last 2 full season on loan. It appears he is behind Robinson now as well, so I would say unless he really has a breakout of sorts this year, it's probably best he just a fresh start somewhere new. Tyias Browning seems in the same boat.
  13. Ghoat

    World Cup Snacks

    There are few things more ironic in the language than the pronunciation of the word "phonic"
  14. Ghoat

    World Cup Snacks

    Seeing how the games start here at 5am, 7am, 10am and 1pm....it's probably just going to be coffee and toast. Maybe toss some cinnamon or cheese on it if I'm feeling adventurous .