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  1. Ghoat

    Ademola Lookman

    There's the problem - it was syllabi. You missed the second one that covered emojis.
  2. Ghoat

    Muhamed Besic

    I agree. I like him a lot and have wanted to see him get some steady time on the pitch. Now maybe the players around him weren't getting into space, and the positioning was off leaving him no one to link up with, but whatever it was, he looked awful yesterday, too long on the ball and turning it over. Worst game I have seen from him to date, which was a surprise after a pretty good preseason
  3. Punch and Judy would make the starting XI today I fear
  4. Ghoat


    No one looks "good" we will all agree on that, I assure you. We are basically picking out single touches by single players to find anything positive out of the half. When "So-and-so" had a nice throw-in is about as good as it gets...you know we're grasping for something positive.
  5. Ghoat


    Besic and Davies were awful. Kenny looks rusty, and Siggy and the others up front didn't touch the ball enough to even judge. Robinson is the only one of the 11 that even played an above average half. Shockingly disjointed.
  6. Ghoat


    My thoughts too. Either Silva is giving him every chance to prove his worth, or putting him in the window - or both at the same time. Marcus Silver is clever like that
  7. Ghoat


    Oh duh, I don't know why I was thinking Sandro in middle and Niasse outside...🤡
  8. Ghoat


    ok, now THAT is interesting. Niasse on right wing I guess? Robinson, Pennington, Besic and Mirallas given a change before sold/loaned?
  9. Ghoat

    Ademola Lookman

    To be fair, if their manager passed the cleaning lady in the hall and she asked if Ade was coming back, and he responded "I sure hope so" then he can truthfully say that he "Is still in talks to bring him back". Doesn't mean that Everton is talking - or listening - to him/them.
  10. Ghoat


    This thread just got more interesting....
  11. Ghoat


    Robinson looked good in the 2 USMNT games I saw him in last month (his only 2 caps), plenty of pace, a willingness t go forward and put balls in the box, and a good defender. That being said, this is his first time in a game with the senior team, I'd think nerves or over eagerness is somewhat expected. Best competition he has faced by far, but invaluable for his growth. I so want this kid to succeed. USMNT and Everton - and a LB to boot. He needs game time
  12. Ghoat

    Elephant in the room

    We are fans, we are irrational, emotional and fickle. Last year we were encouraged by the initial aggressiveness of splashing cash and getting players. It failed, and we all seem to agree that it was poorly thought out, and there wasn't a solid approach - just go buy talent now that we have a billionaire owner!! Now, we have a team in place we think will be much more pragmatic as far as additions and subtractions. However, as the deadline looms, we start feeling like it's inactivity instead of pragmatism - and we want the team to hurry up and splash some cash. We can't have it both ways. Doesn't mean we're not going to bitch about it, and not feel guilty about it in the least!
  13. Ghoat

    Bury (Pre Season Friendly)

    What Niasse lacks in technical skill, he seems to compensate for in sheer effort. Effort can't be taught, finishing can be worked on, perhaps. I think he is a valuable sub to come on at 60-70 and cause problems in a tired back line. He seems popular with the team, and seemingly isn'tt unhappy with that role. All of those things make him valuable to me. He really doesn't seem to be a striker that will put fear in the hearts of and EPL team, but he does appear to be a pain in the ass, especially to a tired back line.
  14. Ghoat


    Sounds like it may have been just typical tabloid trash?
  15. Ghoat

    Bury (Pre Season Friendly)

    I'm just reading the updates on the website, but it seems Besic has been fairly positive?