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  1. I'm disappointed this album isn'tt getting it's due from anyone. Sad!
  2. It's your lie, you tell it how you want! That's how I roll haha
  3. Sounds like you might have rolled into a strange bed two hours away...
  4. Yeah, I agree but if it "works" why stop? But God I hate theatrical football with a passion. Honestly, I think in a VAR situation, that would have been overturned and a yellow issues for simulation.
  5. Seems to be the norm really. If a moderate candidate is nominated, the DNC/RNC is going to push hard for a further left.right candidate to appease that wing of "the base", for better or worse. I mean i "get it", but also don't. I mean if you are a way left dem, and your party doesn't put someone on the ticket that's extreme enough you arent going to vote gop because of it - or ditto a far right winger isn'tt going to got dem because his ticket. Generally speaking, I think most of the country is more moderate than far left or far right, and that's how the want to be governed. Like MJB mentioned, the dems had super majority, the white house, the senate...and at some point the country will push it back to the other side - especially with a 2-term president. Same with W. GOP held everything, and during his terms, the house started to swing back Dem, then senate, then WH. The far left and far right make all the noise, but it's my opinion the majority of Americans want balance and moderation. Neither party holds power over the branches, especially all three at a time before it swings the other way. So here is something I've wondered before - assuming a "moderate" is the presidential nominee, what if the party put another moderate as the running mate? I'm not sure they ever will, besides a 2nd term election of a popular opposition president when they have no real chance. But, if one party ran two moderates, what do you think would happen? I mean if there were on gop ticket, the left would paint them as bible thumping right wingers, and if the were dems, the right would paint them as liberal socialist - no matter how moderate they actually were.....But I think they would likely win convincingly, assuming bother were at least decent candidates. Thoughts? Would either party do it? Would it be successful, total flop etc? What might it do to the house/senate in the following election cycle?
  6. 2-0 loss to Brazil, including an utterly blown penalty call. Attacked Robinson all night, and Douglas Costa abused him a time or two, but he hung in there and had a good game all in all. Good learning experience.
  7. My list would have been different had I just answered without reading other's lists - I was reminded of some greats that may have slipped my mind. All in no particular order Albums Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory - fistbump Romey U2, Joshua Tree (War and Boy were close) Rush, 2112 David + David, Boomtown Appetite for Destruction, Gun's and Roses (barely edges out Pearl Jam, Ten) Books Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History of Russia. Orlando Figes (2002) The Hunt for Red October, Tom Clancy (1984) The Firm, John Grisham (1991) Hitchhikers Guide, Douglas Adams (1979) - fistbump Matt How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling, Frank Bettger (1947) Yes, I'm in sales, but this is hands down the best "self -help" book I have ever read. Goes far beyond sales, attitude, enthusiasm, communication...almost 70 years old, but the principals are timeless. Films Caddyshack (1980) Full Metal Jacket (1987) This is Spinal Tap (1984) Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) The Big Lebowski (1998) - fistbump MarkJB Boxsets (I guess this is tv series right?) Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul - yes BCS is still on-going, but hard to separate the two. Seinfeld (I mean, it's a show about nothing) Sanford & Son (groundbreaking and Redd Foxx is still hilarious) Midsommer Murders (turned me on to the entire genre of British detective shows) The Americans (The best tv drama I have seen, bar none)
  8. Amen!! Last night episode was great, first "flash forward" into the BB timeline. Also, if you like older Clancy/Jack Ryan stuff, then you would likely enjoy the Amazon series that came out this weekend "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan". Binged all weekend, now I have a year wait 😡
  9. Happy to see Antonee Jedi called up again, I hope gets at least 90 mins in one of the 2 upcoming, if not both
  10. 5 attacking-type players in the lineup. Wish we knew why no Brenard and why Lookman really isn'tt in 18 (deal being done, refused, manager choice etc)
  11. There's the problem - it was syllabi. You missed the second one that covered emojis.
  12. I agree. I like him a lot and have wanted to see him get some steady time on the pitch. Now maybe the players around him weren't getting into space, and the positioning was off leaving him no one to link up with, but whatever it was, he looked awful yesterday, too long on the ball and turning it over. Worst game I have seen from him to date, which was a surprise after a pretty good preseason
  13. Ghoat


    No one looks "good" we will all agree on that, I assure you. We are basically picking out single touches by single players to find anything positive out of the half. When "So-and-so" had a nice throw-in is about as good as it gets...you know we're grasping for something positive.
  14. Ghoat


    Besic and Davies were awful. Kenny looks rusty, and Siggy and the others up front didn't touch the ball enough to even judge. Robinson is the only one of the 11 that even played an above average half. Shockingly disjointed.
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