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  1. Pickford Gomes Digne and Richarlison walk into most teams in the league, when you look at the rest of your lineup we are just 2-3 players away from challenging the top 6, a striker a CD and possibly a play maker.
  2. Don’t know mate maybe we have different targets there focusing on and hopefully all will be revealed soon.
  3. A people person for the people’s club, besides being a top class player he’s a top bloke gonna be a great fit for us.
  4. Great news they must have come back off their holidays and things😜 €25m and a five year deal reported by one football if true that’s a bargain.
  5. Holidays and things so I’ve been told 👍
  6. You always start it and Pete and myself usually take the rap, I’ve got my eye 👁 on you, less of the guy who plays in midfield and isn’t as good as some seem to think 🤔
  7. Well you can count Boris out of that equation he has just announced he will be leaving with a deal, in his words “ things between us and the EU have changed in the last 3 years “ I think more like he now realises what a monumental fuck up he has helped to create, and now he may become PM he hasn’t got the courage to press the self destruct button. All this from a man who was going to walk away without a deal who believed any deal was a bad deal now advocating a deal, if that’s not proof that he lied to also who voted Brexit I don't know what is. Personally all this is adding up to a second referendum and us staying and rightfully so.
  8. Stop back tracking you clearly said him as a whole 😜
  9. The high Court and the queen with the backing of the majority of MPs and the House of Lords would suspend the Parliament and the powers of the PM. I wouldn’t concern yourself to much that that would happen, that was just the rantings of Raab even the EU wouldn’t accept that as constitutional.
  10. That was said by Raabid but in reality it wouldn’t stand or happen, it was the voice of a desperate man trying to prove he meant business, we’ve left the times of Oliver Cromwell Boris or anyone else wouldn’t succeed trying to go down that road.
  11. Very true Matt but to change what Parliament has already sanctioned they would have to convince a lot of MPs to change their minds, and I cannot see that happening.
  12. He has told the club he wants to leave it was reported we had shown an interest, let’s say we can meet their valuation I don’t think he will want to leave London that was the main reason he didn’t make it at Utd couldn’t settle and Moyes was uncompromising with him. Maybe things are different with him and he has grown up but I think Spurs will be favourites to land him, very good player in a below average team could he become a excellent player in a top team he’s definitely got the ability but has he got the mentality, I would definitely give him the opportunity to prove he can do it on a bigger stage.
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