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  1. Palfy

    Davy Klaassen

    Steve I don't think anyone is giving him credit for anything, you originally asked why did Everton give him the job some gave their opinion as to why they thought he was given the job.
  2. Palfy

    Davy Klaassen

    Spotty dog Haf.
  3. Will I ever get to see it in my life time starting to have my doubts now. 🤔
  4. Sign him up he could take the whole of the shites front line out in less than a minute.
  5. Palfy

    General Election

    Good article but it’s not to late to do something about it vote for Labour re-buy our services re own our country and future.
  6. Palfy

    Record against top 6

    Since 14-15 we have got worse against the top six but still finished mid table and above that to me is a good indicator of how big the gulf is getting between the top six and the rest, to bridge that gap now will take the sort of money people like Usmanov can throw at it. I agree we could do better against the lower teams and finish 7th or 8th but our chances of breaking into the top six are getting slimmer and slimmer every season, so if we can’t improve against the top six we are destined to stay where we are, what a shit thought.
  7. 20 out of 30 not to good but hopefully not to bad when other scores come in.
  8. Palfy

    Signed Richarlison painting

    Excellent piece of work Louise I will be bidding when the Auction opens it would be a unique piece to own whilst supporting a good cause. One question Louise was you present when Richarlison signed it it would be nice to know his reaction when he first set eyes on it, I can only imagine he was very impressed.
  9. Palfy

    Davy Klaassen

    I don’t ever think for one moment he was going to get past the end of the season, the board just made sure we were not going to get relegated, whether right or wrong they eventually got to were they wanted to be even if they had to go the long way round.
  10. Palfy

    Longest Thread!

    Left surfers paradise Brisbane today now at Trinity beach Cairn's the weather was 29 degrees today and the beaches empty the sea felt like a warm bath, but I was a little perturbed about all the signs warning about salt water Crocodiles and jellyfish, going on a Rainforest and native animal park excursion tomorrow.
  11. We said it the last season Lukaku was here he was on his own sometimes no one was closer than 20 yards to him no width fuck all yet he managed to score goals and create chances. Haf you have said Tosun is everything a striker should be and Lukaku everything a striker shouldn’t be, that my friend I struggle to get my head round one is a proven goal scorer and one isn’t. If every manager was given an opportunity as a free pick of Lukaku or Tosun they would go for Lukaku, show me one who would pick Tosun and I would show you a liar or idiot.
  12. Goals win games mate players who regularly put the ball in the net cost money 90 million plus those that don’t 25 million no comparison really.
  13. Fuck me what a joke of an argument we’ve got Tosun now much better striker my arse, Lukaku would be filling his boots if he was here now not sat on the bench.
  14. Palfy

    James McCarthy

    Let's hope so mate sounds a lot better than what we're getting at present.
  15. Palfy

    Longest Thread!

    I’m not leaving the hotel 😂