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  1. I think his tactics at Newcastle were based more on the players and his budget, he wasn’t like that at the shite.
  2. Isn’t it very scary that there are millions of people like that all over the world, who have been brainwashed or brainwashed themselves into believing one thing when the evidence clearly shown another.. This world is becoming a two state world, made up of people in a sane state of mind and those in a insane state, and the latter seems to be taking over, the lunatics really are running the asylum.
  3. That’s mental, I wonder if they ever sit down and take time to consider that with just a small percentage of their wealth, they have the power to change life’s of most of the world’s poorest who live in utter poverty, and they personally wouldn’t know they had even done it. This is why we need to get rid of your Trumps and Boris’s of this world and replace them with leaders who have a social conscience.
  4. I think that is very smart when you consider the other options
  5. No one knows what we are going to get from him as a manager his style and tactics, we’ve nothing to compare to from his past in a managerial role. But what we do know is that he will make sure every player leaves everything they’ve got out on the pitch, because if they don’t there know about it in no uncertain terms, which is what some need a good kick up the arse.
  6. Big Dunc mate, happy birthday great prezzy if they win how good would that be 🤞
  7. The next manager should be Brands man, so if we see Moyes turn we can be sure that that has nothing to do with him, and so what is the point of his role if Moshiri is always going to have the final say, even though he has a track record of a one legged man in a arse kicking contest.
  8. See ya Marco and enjoy the money mate you’ve done well for yourself. If we had an owner that had a clue about what he was doing you wouldn’t have been here, and we may not have been in the shit we are. Managers out round 5 coming up, god help us if Moshiri has any input in the next manager.
  9. He should have put Walcott on stuck Iwobi more central and thrown caution to the wind and taken Keane off, instead with our last role of the dice he goes negative. Is that really worth 6 million a year, because if it is we should all get our applications in for the vacant managers job.
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