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  1. I happened to mention yesterday about my age now I’m being bombarded with ads for Stannah stairlifts, talk about a kick in the bollocks to your thoughts😀 I hate these ads when they troll everything you say or look at, I’m now expecting dating sites that require you to own a stairlift or live in a bungalow to come flooding through, wankers😂
  2. That was the year I became an Everton supporter it’s nearly been 54 years and never a dull moment.
  3. 😂😂😂 could you be more specific in what they felt you had a future in, if it was to live a long life you wouldn’t win😀
  4. You still pulling Christmas crackers in your house mate😉👍
  5. Well that’s good to now Rubes, because otherwise you’re computer has cloned itself into you, and if so that’s a bloody good computer😀
  6. Reading these stories I’ve realised two things. 1) Most of us weren’t born Blues even if we come from around the area, we in someways accidentally become Blues. 2) And this is making me feel older than I believe I am, with most of you remembering your first experiences from the mid eighties to the mid nineties. My only consolation being I have witnessed some of the better years of the club’s history, and hopefully you pups will get to see great times come back in your lifetime 🤞
  7. I was born in Newcastle moved to Swindon aged 3 ( not my choice although it has served me well) then at 6 nearly 7 I started to take an interest in football because of the hype surrounding the up and coming World Cup. If Everton hadn’t won the F.A Cup that season I wouldn’t have been an Everton supporter that was the first team and game that stuck with me, my parents god bless their souls were die hard Geordies and couldn’t understand why I would want to follow Everton, now I’m beginning to realise why😉
  8. In 1977 I was at Swindon v Everton FA Cup round it ended 2-2 on a pitch that was more like a beach, if you google Swindon v Everton you will see it Kenny Stroud equalised with one of the best goals you will ever see off a beach for a pitch.
  9. That went straight over my head caught hook line and sinker 😎
  10. It’s very much looking like a goer, is your browser set on pidgin English 😉
  11. I don’t know to much about him but Ancelotti knows him, so I can only assume he is capable of playing in the system the manager wants or why would he go for him.
  12. 😳 Sibdane can you translate that please mate my Portuguese isn’t what it should be😜
  13. It’s looking like this is going to be a done deal very soon.
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