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  1. A con in Strangeways would shit in a sock and some con's think it's a career, and apparently the hours are good.
  2. If you look back through this thread and it won't take long all the relegation doom mongers with in a very short space of time are now singing a different tune, now it's how shit and lucky we are, honestly I don't believe some will be happy until we get relegated and they can say I told you so.
  3. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 2-1 Swansea Lennon
  4. I think the likelihood of us getting relegated this season are the same as us winning the league, in other words no chance.
  5. Newcastle (Away) Wednesday December 13

    Didn't see the 1st half but 2nd half we played quite well in spells and tried to keep the ball on the ground more than the last couple of games, small steps but we are moving in the right direction, Martina looked more comfortable not having a Salah to contain, and that was probably the best half I've seen Gana play.
  6. Newcastle (Away) Wednesday December 13

    Thanks mate wish I asked earlier once I cleared advertising great quality.
  7. Newcastle (Away) Wednesday December 13

    Can't find a stream I'm gutted can't give Martina MOTM now.
  8. Cuco Martina

    None taken mate enjoying the banter, I new you were only messing, and we're right.
  9. Cuco Martina

    Well thanks Newty I'm happy you've noticed, but I have no lessons for Pete what he has been highlighting about Gana is spot on and I'm in full agreement with his very knowledgeable post, to be frank I'm more gob smacked that so many are blinkered and can't see it. To be honest I think he's very much on borrowed time at this club and if and when Schneiderlin, Klaassen and Vlasic come good he will become surplus to requirements, he's just lucky they didn't get going straight away cause he wouldn't be in the team now.
  10. Cuco Martina

    I thought you might come back with Alan Ball or Duncan McKenzie not the kids, any way my argument was futile and I have to except defeat on this occasion, but I'll be back you may have won the battle over Gana but you haven't won the war
  11. Cuco Martina

    Now that you've gone through the archives please name someone with in the last 2years.
  12. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Newcastle 1-1 Everton Gylfi
  13. Cuco Martina

    Every player has a responsibility to defend and he had the opportunity to stop him and never took it not because he thought Williams should have closed him down, it's more because he can't see the bigger picture.