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  1. I was born in Newcastle bar my brother and cousins who live in Canada most of my family are still in Newcastle, I can still remember how much they hated Allarydce when he was there didn’t really get it or care, but now I can sympathise with what they went through they protested at every home game and boycotted some to force Ashley to sack him.
  2. Mathematically it wasn’t over but with our points difference and most of the teams below us playing equally as bad it was very unlikely that we would ever go down. And you are right we are in bad situation and we will be definitely in the same situation next season if they don’t bring in the changes, my biggest fear is Allardyce convinces Moshiri he’s the man to take us forward and gets a 2 year extension to his contract, now that’s a scary thought.
  3. Darron Gibson

    Thanks mate I need to do this with him being involved from the beginning, just got to find the right way to bring it up.
  4. Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    At the moment Burnley’s not a move down it’s a move up if you take the table into account.
  5. Darron Gibson

    Never heard of that but that is a massive success rate do you no if it is offered on the NHS, I have a friend who is an alcoholic it’s cost everything he’s had in life from relationships to possessions, he’s been in hospital so many times I’m wondering if that’s been offered to him.
  6. Darron Gibson

    He has clearly got an illness which I would say he knows about, so by going out in his car and knowing he's got a problem I would class that as premeditated, he knows that he will probably drink drive before he leaves the house, unless he left the house under the influence then get a taxi. Should he get a custodial sentence no thousands of people get caught drink driving twice and don't get a sentence why should he be any different, he needs along ban and he needs to enter himself into to program for alcoholism. I don't feel sorry for him he got himself into this problem only he can get himself out of it, he will be facing the biggest challenge of his life I wish him well and hope he conquers his disease, before he kills someone or himself.
  7. Don't spoil it Mike I nearly got something right instead of exaggerating I was quite conservative for once, I thank you for your input for once😁
  8. My point was money spent not richest, to be fair I was surprised to see us in the top twenty rich list.
  9. Im sure I read somewhere we are the 6th highest spenders in Europe this season or something along those lines, Mike will check he’s always correcting my exaggerations which I have no problem with 🤥😡, anyhow the point I wanted to make was we haven’t spent wisely in the positions we needed to and with some of the players we’ve brought.
  10. I do worry that he will convince Moshiri to keep him and extend his contact, or am I just having a don’t panic moment
  11. To be fair Mike that discussion was over along time ago, it was kept alive by what I call the Corporal Jones brigade ( don’t panic don’t panic) if you get my drift😜
  12. Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    For me yesterday showed DCL will not make it in this league with us or anyone else, that ball from Rooney just highlighted he’s not good enough when in matters, yes he works hard but you need more than that you need ability and to be able to take your opportunities he doesn’t sadly. I believe if that ball was played to Tuson it would have been brought under control an a attempt at goal would have pursued.
  13. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Don’t get me wrong Shukes I’m behind what you’ve said I’ll take any win.
  14. Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    Good at least we are starting to agree on something.
  15. Cenk Tosun

    When it comes to putting the ball in the net he’s looking as clinical as anyone in this league, his build up play and general involvement wasn’t as good as last week not his fault we missed Gylfi and Tyson more than most, the last couple of games they worked well together and you could see an understanding being formed by to players with ability and craft, unfortunately that was missing yesterday, maybe Klaassen could be the man while Gylfi is out, it wasn’t Rooney he had a bigger role covering Gana.