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  1. Brighton 1-3 Everton Richarlison.
  2. As I’ve always said we have to have a 2nd referendum to truly gauge the feeling of the people now they are more informed, instead of leaving it up to MPs to wrangle over for their own political gains without a care or thought for our concerns, no matter whether your in the remain or leave camp or what party you are aligned to. And these polls pretty much echo that, people will say of course you want another referendum because you are a remainer, and to that I would say if I was a leaver I would be honest enough to say that 1st referendum was so flawed in many ways, that I would want to make sure people had an opportunity reconsider their position.
  3. It probably would but I could accept the vote of a 2nd referendum even if it was the same result. I would then expect everyone who has a right to vote being given that right, because as we know there was thousands of EU residents denied a vote due to the logjam in processing paper work, and I would want both sides of the campaign to be strictly monitored for false claims, or maybe not allow any campaign canvassing with a few that it would be a fairer assumption to say if people don’t know now they will never know. But the 1st referendum throws up so many issues I don’t accept it’s legitimacy as a fair referendum.
  4. As Mike said calling it an incident, but also heard a report that there was fighting during the day so could be linked to that.
  5. It’s a very toxic environment fulled by far right racist, I wouldn’t want to be leaving that ground to get to my hotel, I can see a lot of trouble outside the ground
  6. Hopefully it will give him a kick up the arse to do better.
  7. I do not disagree with that we know Cameron used a tactic like it would be the end for us, and Boris said it would be easy to walk away and the EU would agree to all of our demands, you could go on splitting hairs about who told the most lies for ever and a day. But the fact people were lied to and for many that could have influenced their vote whether remain or leave, I find it incomprehensible that people who know the referendum was based on lies and ultimately flawed, would not allow a 2nd vote for those who genuinely feel they have been misled in voting the way they did, and want the opportunity to right an injustice, for me that is the sign of a true democracy a democracy that is prepared to right a wrong, not a democracy that says yes we know you have been misled but tough you had your one chance and you should have done your homework and worked it out for yourself, or unless of course you genuinely believe that people weren’t influenced by the canvassing.
  8. And Britain has prospered whilst we have been members of the EU in financial terms and the rights of it’s citizens particularly when it comes to workers rights. There is an argument from those who want to leave that we could have done better financially but that is just conjecture and can’t be proven, but the taking away of the rights afforded to us by the EU will definitely be undermined by a Conservative government they have already said they want change our rights if and when we leave, and you can be sure it wouldn’t be for the better.
  9. Again been proven that you’re facts are completely false and no reliable evidence to back them up as holy has displayed, bar a far right wing view with no substance. I think it’s fairly clear that you are not pro any form of a United Europe.
  10. That is scandalous to suggest the EU have only funded projects in this country to create divisions with in the country or any member state for that matter. I’ll have to let Matt make up his own mind on that, but it’s evident to me you are conniving and trying to cause division to suit your agenda, but not a problem I can see through you. That’s not evidence to prove your statement of EU officials pensions that a story from a right wing paper and here say, and do you not think that Johnstone actions are more in kin to a dictatorship, or the actions of a democratic person.
  11. Every think you said then was Symantec’s what proof have you that EU officials cannot speak their minds because they have been threatened with the loss of their pensions again fake news from the far right I would guess. You are on a forum where many people in Liverpool have benefited from EU money culturally and financially, a City that was neglected by its own government and supported by the EU, and you believe that was done because Liverpool was a haven for EU activists or something?, using your analogy any entities funding projects could be accused of the same thing, again fake news on your behalf. Now you are sucking up to Matt like a politician because you have a glimmer of hope that you may have a friendship developing or at least someone who may sympathise with you, so to further in enhance that you are changing your stance from your other posts to try and court a friendship it’s so blatantly obvious and cringe worthy I’m actually embarrassed for you. The only doctoral thing I have witnessed in this whole fiasco is Johnstone culling 21 mid Tories because they dared to follow their beliefs We have not been dictated to by the EU we have engaged with the EU, and when a policy hasn’t sat well with us we have used our veto or negotiated a deal that would exempt us from that policy, and every member has that right, again fake news it’s not a dictatorship we have witnessed a dictatorship and it is completely different to what’s happening in the EU.
  12. The Kurds have been the allies of the west for years, helping with the fight against Iraq and more importantly one of the main players in the down fall of IS. I maybe wrong but it would seem that Trump deems there use is over and has given the green light to Turkey, to attack the Kurds based on events of the past and old grudges. And Turkeys President is using this opportunity in the hope that the Turkish people’s hate for the Kurds will make him once again popular in his country. Playing politics with peoples life’s is shocking but all too very common.
  13. I think you’re find the Tories have also promised to spend big with billions being pumped into the economy after Brexit, and other vote buying promises. It’s not all one way traffic when it comes to electioneering never has been and never will be. I might see you in Spain in a couple of years then😀
  14. I totally get your point of view, it would seem there’s more things wrong than right at the moment. Is it time for a new manager or the spending of more money.
  15. And add to that and I believe it might be in the hundred of thousands, workers from other EU countries who had a right to a vote but where denied that vote due to not enough resources to process their applications, which was another flaw in the referendum process that suited the Brexit vote.
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