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  1. If you stop our goods at the border as a show of power we will stop your goods at the border, it will not be all one way traffic, call it war if you like but you can be sure of one thing we will enjoy our marmite dinner in the safe knowledge that you are suffering as well. So put your big stick attitude away and don’t believe that you hold all the power because you don’t, the biggest power in the EU is on the brink of a recession the French are rioting the Italians are close to recession and could likely be the next to leave. We will survive as an independent nation and if we can’t do free trade with you we will find other partners to trade with, this would have huge implications for the rest of Europe, but your problem is because you fear that we might flourish and do well as a country, you are trying to put as many obstacles in the way as possible to try and make sure that doesn’t happen, because if it did it could spell disaster for the direction the EU is taking. Your argument of we will do this to you but you can’t do this to us has certainly got my back up, and is making me consider whether I really want to be part of something that has that small minded way of attitude, I could go a lot stronger but in the interest of harmony for the moment I won’t.
  2. All though I voted remain and still wish too please do not under estimate the British resolve, if we have to dig in and face a period of hardship we will, so please don’t think for one moment we will allow your goods to come flooding in whilst you hold ours up. Through history we have proven to be a nation with a will to fight and defend our liberties, being an island as made us more stronger, these are the qualities that a lot of main land Europeans don’t possess, so in my view if you implement what you have said the EU citizens would not be prepared to put up with a trade war with us if it meant their financial position deteriorated, where as you will find we would if it wasn’t an even playing field. So please don’t harbour the view that we need you more than you need us because you would be highly mistaken, and personally I’m ready for the stand off if it happens and we will suffer, but the Germans will suffer the most and if they suffer you all suffer. And one good thing for me is that French will struggle and we all know that if French citizens face any form of hardship they take to the streets, but on a positive note we will hopefully see a huge decline in terrible French cars on our roads 🙂
  3. Ok splitting hairs miss or better off, well to date with improvement of points gained from corresponding fixtures from last season we are better off without him. I can’t think of better way to gauge it now or later, the wrath will come down on him with biblical proportions.
  4. 😂 that’s a bit harsh I’ve got GCSE grades B’s and A’s I’ll have you know, I don’t remember anything about the subjects but I had written conformation I passed. How else can you quantity it if not by results, I think the do games we’ve played so far show we don’t miss him in my opinion for the reasons I’ve given. Show me what scale you have used to suggest we have missed him, even though results have improved or stayed the same?
  5. I did highlight that draw some posts back which again proves we didn’t miss him, because we never lost and the result was the same he wasn’t missed.
  6. Kean no brainer unless your a Villa supporter then you would want someone who’s not going to score.
  7. This is crazy shit your 2 likes both rated Lukaku, I could only find 1 who was Haf I didn’t rate him, some more jumped on that when he started his 2nd season at United. So could you 3 wise men please enlighten me who these people were because I cannot find them.
  8. Not a fucking scooby do what your on about and I doubt you know yourself 😉
  9. I was very happy with Lukaku if you go back through the thread when he was here you’re find only 1 or 2 who weren’t. We’ve needed to replace his goals since he left and we haven’t, Tosun and Sandro fell short as has DCL. So is it no wonder when you get a new striker in you want to see if he can do the job, because the current incumbent can’t.
  10. I’ve said before you need to go to Specsavers. If anyone is equipped to hit teams on the break then it’s surly DCL, Kean was brought on to replace an ineffective DCL who contributed very little.
  11. That was a deliberate ploy to stop others from speaking it, and as much as how hard it is to learn it’s the language of choice for global interaction.
  12. What are you saying that if we started with Kean we would have sat back from the start, we got pushed back and were hanging on because we didn’t turn our 1st half dominants into goals at Palace and home to Watford, so you advocate a striker who doesn’t score who doesn’t have an attempt on goal who doesn’t get assists. I we had a striker who scored we could but games to bed early, you don’t need a coaching badge to know that except in your case.
  13. G’day mate that’s perfection not.
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