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  1. He wasn’t in the Napoli team last night is that a sign that he is definitely leaving soon, or does anyone know why he wasn’t playing. I don’t know where those odds originated from but I very much like them.
  2. Great to have an Evertonian return and even better that you chose TT, I would love to join you in a wee dram but I can’t bare the stuff, so I’ll raise a nice class of red and welcome you on board, with the hope that you stay and enjoy the experience 👍
  3. Any how we need stop this why would we want to be 25% Norwich look what happened to them, oh yeah forgot they did beat us😉
  4. Is this a complete joke or true with a funny 😄 at the end.
  5. Good stats Rob I’ll be totally honest with you I don’t really hold to much sway in stats I like to make my own judgment on what I see, you may have noticed with Gana thread. He has escaped my notice like you say young a few years under his belt at this level good stats, if the money’s right why not, if we could bring in the experience of Allan then why not put someone like him along side him. I honestly feel our midfield needs some big changes I’m even beginning to doubt if Gomes still has the heart, which probably won’t get me on many Christmas card lists. I was watching some old games the other night from the 80s and Reidy and Bracewell were in the centre of the park youth and experience working as a team, that’s the combination we need to find now.
  6. I have watched Norwich but honestly can’t remember what he was like, so unless he wasn’t playing he didn’t standout for me or I would remember him, Jamal Lewis stood out for me, an attacking full back with great energy in the tank.
  7. Bailey stop being so sensible and be an anarchist for once it’s great fun, and it’s the only to get what you want.
  8. Fifa is corrupt, we were led to believe that the corruption had been kicked out the organisation when the 2 French idiots were exposed, obviously it hasn’t and we will receive the same or harsher treatment if we go on another spending spree this summer. As a supporter I would rather have a team where I enjoyed the football and pay the penalties for the overspending, than go through to many more seasons like the last couple, easy to say I know it’s not my money. But surely we would have a case to take them to court or some sort of tribunal, if we felt we had been treated differently than the big clubs, after all FFP rules were brought in to try and create an even playing field or so we were led to believe, for me it’s spend and take the establishment on.
  9. Palfy

    Jokes thread

    Who can drink 5 litres of petrol Jerry can
  10. Do we know if this is still a goer the more I think about him the more I like him, steel with ability is a rare thing to find and he has them. We need a presence in midfield a leader he has the attributes to be the man we are looking for. Let’s hope the pull of Ancelotti is enough to secure this.
  11. Looks like he’s going to Chelsea then.
  12. Was a mistake, was you hoping I wasn’t talking to you anymore, if so sorry to disappoint 😉
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