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  1. It is shocking that you had a Civil war predominantly on the issue of slavery and the north won, yet you’re Civil rights hardly changed towards Black people. Your country is fucked up, you probably have millions of white Americans who idolise Black American sports stars in football basketball and baseball yet hate Blacks because of historical teachings that are still going on today, as I said to Mark your only way through this is education, violence and the gun will hold you back, and your gun laws are a massive reason why you’re country is like it is.
  2. Yes it’s shit mate that the amount of racism in your country is so prevalent in 2020. There is no way of dealing with this bar education, which accepts that it exists, when you live in a country that has more racist than not it is a slow process, but one you have to go through. But what you should never do is stop the people you are trying to educate from having a say, to them there views are right that’s what they have been brought up to believe, by silencing them you just fuel their anger and make them believe they were right all along, and you’ve shut them down because you can’t handle the truth. keep conversing and the tide will slowly change send it underground and the status quo will remain.
  3. I know now who it is, is this a personal reflection or a unanimous mod reflection, or am I not going to get an answer because freedom of speech is being slowly eroded even on TT. I understand his views are not those of the majority on here, but ask yourself this are his views the same as a majority of Americans, because since Trump indicated the same sort of views his ratings are going up.
  4. Very insightful post. The messages of loot and shoot and other threats of death to the rioters or blacks depending on your point of view, is said to be bolstering Trumps ratings in his quest for a 2nd term. So for me this can only mean 1 or 2 things the USA is a predominately a racist country that wants a President who is a racist and thinks like them, or that what is happening now has stepped over the boundaries of racial protests, and is now turning into a lawless free for all to steal and destroy property under the guise of protest, and the majority of citizens are happy they have a President that is acting strong in dealing with it. So is your President and a majority of US citizens racists, or are the majority of US citizens pleased they have a president who is tough on crime. If it’s the first then rip your national anthem up because you are far from the home of the free. Or is that just to far a simplistic way of looking at it ?
  5. I new 1-2 weeks ago that we had one of the furthest social distancing rules. In some ways it feels like a lottery to me on not whether but when you might catch it, because the fear for a big majority of the population has diminished and they have lost all respect for social distancing, just looking at the film on Bournemouth beach yesterday it was rammed. So if you venture out now and you have underlying health issues you are pretty much taking your life into your own hands for doing so, not because of your own actions but because of the actions of those you come in contact with.
  6. The truth is Holystove nobody really knows how any of this is going to pan out, it seems that the goal posts are constantly moving between the EU and Britain. I am beginning to feel that the EU are more afraid of a no deal than our government, my biggest fear I will be honest was Britain crashing out with a no deal. I am still very much a pro EU supporter, but it saddens me to say that Britain appear to be gaining the upper hand, which in reality I don’t feel will make us a stronger economy but maybe not quite as weak as one thought, but for the EU a no deal and Britain riding the waves could lead to the near break up of the EU, if not definitely more member states leaving. And that would be a very sad time for Europe and the world.
  7. You make us sound like care home for knackered footballers😂 But in all seriousness Gabamin is a young man who has suffered some horrendous injuries in the last year, and your right there aren’t many better clubs to be at than Everton, to help physically and psychologically help players come back from injuries. Even Barkley put his transfer on hold so we could look after him till he was better then left 👎
  8. Totally agree with that statement John, they are a global business after all not a market stall that might fly by the seat of their pants. But I do feel that there is going to be some sour grapes towards them because they’ve chosen the UK over Spain.
  9. The Merseyside police have no objections to the game’s being played in the City even the Derby, I think that’s what I heard reported from them.
  10. 11,19, 34, 37, 42 shit I can’t remember the 6th number 😄
  11. Because Nissan Renault and Mitsubishi are in a alliance, and I’m not sure if they built any Renaults in the Barcelona plant that is shutting, but it was reported that 2 Renault models could be built in Sunderland so I assumed they might be being built in Barcelona at the moment. So if this were to happen I don’t think the EU are going to be very happy that Renault have been involved in putting a non EU state in front of a EU state, and would consider building 2 of its models in a non EU state, if this did happen which is a real possibility do you think it would go down well with the EU members, even though for the companies concerned it financially makes more sense for them, taking into account they lost 6.2bn last year and Barcelona was a poor performing factory, and Sunderland was one of their best performing factories?
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