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  1. You yanks and your guns 😀
  2. And we let Kenny go on loan I hate the way our youngsters are being completely overlooked as a viable option, they don’t get the opportunity to prove there worth here yet go elsewhere and show they can do it. Completely bizarre in my opinion when the players in front of them show how inadequate they are 🤷‍♂️
  3. I’m not going to argue with that on the players not brought in, but I do believe Iwobi could prove to be a very good signing and there’s a lot who would like to have Richarlison in their team, I could go on about another one or two but my point is there are more pluses than just Digne. But your absolutely right to be pissed of with the results of two of our games, completely dire in every sense from the management to the players.
  4. I like that line up, but I would make one change which is Iwobi for Bernard.
  5. That’s true but you know where I’m coming from I trust.
  6. I think remain or leave no one would disagree that Parliament intervened in Brexit, the argument is whether you believe they were right to do so, if they did so in the belief that they had the interests of their constituents as there priority, due to them possibly being misled then surly that’s what they should be doing. Lets be honest plenty of MPs have switched sides along the way, what Boris is doing is undemocratic sacking MPs for having a different opinion so he can bring on board MPs with a leave agenda in the hope he railroad his agenda of a no deal Brexit. The most sensible way forward is to go back to the electorate with conditions.
  7. It’s always good to have an old adversary back as a friend and not a foe. And your right things did and still do get very emotive with Brexit, and things get said that shouldn’t, and reading your posts got me thinking I recognise the style and content of these posts, then the light came on hence my last couple or so posts, and I got the reaction I wanted to confirm my thoughts. Rusty can you honestly believe after 3 years and 3 months we would still be no further forward?. And let’s keep it a clean fight please 😀
  8. Welcome back rusty 747 I had an inkling it was you, and that last paragraph confirmed it for me?
  9. But who you are does represent your political view, as does your colour religion sexuality and your location, that does make it more diverse if we didn’t use those factors there would be less diversity, I fail to understand your argument, the last power house who tried to take away those factors that made us diverse and different were the Germans when they wanted to create the arian state where everyone was the same.
  10. John there was never a risk until we voted to leave, there is already a EU banking policy there has been for a long time my son in law is a freelance I T specialist in the banking industry, his role is to install new legislation which he says comes mainly from the EU, and keeps him very busy. It’s the financial houses themselves who have been saying if Britain exits the EU they will be looking to move their European head quarters to another EU country, for reasons that are more advantageous to them. Then step in Macron who is desperate for Paris to be the new financial capital of Europe because it’s riches are vast, in all fairness the Germans haven’t made bids to try and secure it, they genuinely want and need us to stay, if we leave there loss would still be greater but not so the French.
  11. You are a British citizen in name but not in substance, you are one of those people who chose not to live or work here, or pay into the system yet you want to preside over the future of those who do, it’s a no lose situation for you so you can take the road of uncertainty in the full knowledge that if it goes wrong you won’t be living with it.
  12. Rubbish my daughter heads up a fraud department that a lot of the financial houses in the City use, she has already been warned that if and when we leave she could be made redundant or will have to relocate to another country. That is one reason I want to remain, like I said before I’m comfortable my children and grandchildren aren’t, you live and work in Dubai I believe if you have no plans on coming back in the near future, then for me you’re view is worthless because you won’t live with the pain.
  13. Johns right Steve the weasel Macron is desperate to make Paris the hub of Europe’s biggest Banking sector taking it away from London, that would be worth more to them then anything they sell to us, also he has desires on the pharmaceutical industry. That’s why one of the biggest losses if we leave is the money the City generates for the country, that loss could prove irreplaceable and effect everyone in the country with the loss of revenue for the government. Personally I cannot stand Macron like a lot of his own countrymen I think he’s a little cunt and that’s putting it mildly, him and his henchmen are the only EU government who hope we crash out with no deal, so they can prosper on our assets.
  14. Silva takes the rap for playing DCL from the start instead of Kean. Simples.
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