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  1. Palfy


    It’s not a game you play or a film you watch that after a while you’ve played it or watched so much you become bored of it, far from it it’s about the future of the country and future generations, now if you can’t be arsed with that then find yourself a little desert Island somewhere and fuck off and stop praying off the people who do care about their future and the future of the country. Sorry mate but I find your comment the comment of a fucking arsehole.
  2. Palfy

    Manchester City (Away) Saturday December 15th

    The key to this game is Gana and Gomes working as a pair and not allowing acres of space in the middle, against Watford there was no understanding between them and for a majority of the game there was 30-40yards between them and Watford took advantage and dominated the middle of the park, do that against City and we loose 3 or 4 nil.
  3. Palfy


    Thing is Rubes there needs to be a vote or referendum on whether we like the deal because it isn’t what Brexiteers voted for or remainers, so I can’t comprehend how you are prepared to except just to get it over and done with, if your so interested in just getting it over and done with the easiest thing would be to revoke article 50 and stay in. What you fail to see in your version of democracy is that if you voted for leave or remain because of certain promises that were made and then to find out later you had been lied to you shouldn’t you have the choice to reflect and change your opinion, if not that’s not democracy Rubes. So now that both sides of the argument are more informed as to what stay or leave will look like without all the lies and propaganda on both sides, there should be another vote in the interest of democracy which is. 1) except the deal negotiated ( and not leave it for the MPs to decide whether to except it or not because they will just make it party politics) 2) Leave with no deal 3) Remain For me that would be democracy working for the good of democracy
  4. Palfy

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Man City 2-1 Everton Gylfi
  5. If you mean it’s wrong to be positive and have belief in your ability then your right. If you mean that being the top scorer in a team and one of the top scorers in the league is strolling around doing fuck all then your right. If you mean it’s wrong to want play at the highest level in your career, and he hasn’t been the first to leave us for that reason and he won’t be the last then your right.
  6. Palfy

    Man of the Match v Watford

    He did run out of steam but he got through a hell of a lot of work.
  7. Palfy


    I know mate he completely folded, you’ve got to hand it to the citizens of France they let their leaders know in no uncertain terms when there not happy, and for decades they’ve got what they want they force their leaders to do what the people want not the other way round which happens here, and the sad thing for me is we roll over and allow our government to treat us with contempt.
  8. Palfy


    If we were in France the people would have taken to the streets by now, and the perpetrators of the Brexit lies and financial bribes and irregularities would have faced the guillotine by now.
  9. Palfy

    Marco Silva (manager)

    I’ve got no problem with Silva at all he’s trying to play football the right way, he has to look more at his players and replace the ones that aren’t capable of carrying out his plan. Thats exactly how I felt about Martinez but not the clueless Koeman and Allardyce, the advantage Silva has over Martinez is he has a cracking Director of football and an owner who has money, given time to change 4-5 more players for what he wants we will see the team play more to how he wants.
  10. Palfy


    Your right Aidan it was just more a rant about how we could do with him now, because of what he can do regardless of what people think of him as a person, we payed him to score goals and he earned his money.
  11. Thanks mate much appreciated 👍
  12. Lukaku scored a lot more when we had no where near the sort of possession we have now, but forgot he was shit !
  13. What by 2 people who critique his performances without the need to get personal about what he does off the field as well as on it, that’s so much hate.
  14. Palfy


    I agree with that John but don’t you think when we had Lukaku it worked, whether you like him as a person or not or think he’s fat and lazy lacks a good touch, he did what good strikers do he stuck the ball in the back of the net on regular basis, with less opportunities and possession being created as now. I’d buy him 20 Big Macs a week if he come back and put the ball in the net like he did before for us.
  15. Gomes is a footballer he goes out there and plays good football, like someone said during the game it’s no called tackle it’s a game called football he can’t do the football bit. What use is any player to a team who can’t play when playing is what’s required, the better we get as a team the more he stands out as being inadequate at playing football. He really invokes the Everton mantra of the Appliance of Science. 👏👏👏👏👏