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  1. Without the collapse at Newcastle, lets not go into the reasons again, we would have been in a good place right now with 3 wins out of 4 and a draw against Liverpool. If we can beat West Ham though, things will be looking up...
  2. I was the first to say maybe Silva wasn't the right guy but good on him for getting some important results. I hope he proves me wrong.....big summer coming up.
  3. I must be watching different games to half of the people on here. The guys made more mistakes this season than I can remember an Everton keeper making in one season. Best keeper since nev??? You having a laugh? If we asked unbiased fans from the rest of the Prem what they thought about Pickford he wouldn’t even be in the top ten in the league. His behaviour and attitude stinks and if schneiderlin acted like that on Sunday he’d be hounded out the club. karius made a howler in Liverpool’s most important game of the season last year and was never seen again....Pickford did the same for us but seems to have got off Scot free.....almost destroyed our season that derby game.
  4. I don’t really want our keeper to be winning our awards at the end of the season. I’d much rather have a 7/10 keeper every week a la man city and Liverpool at the moment. His shot stopping is above average I agree on that with you and he’s good at pens, hence the hype at the World Cup. However, all other aspects of his game are poor. In fact very poor. I have no trust with him on crosses and set pieces and his decision making and concentration levels are poor. His kicking is over rated.
  5. Where has this saved us more points than he’s cost us come from. I’m sick of saying this but keepers are there to make saves.. I can’t remember saves he’s made thinking he had no right to make the save. Most good saves are down to poor finishing at premier league level. All keepers in the premier league are good shot stoppers and regularly make “good saves” weekly. The better keepers are the ones who make less mistakes. The best compliment you can give a keeper is solid. He’s made more mistakes than any other keeper and is a keeper I would describe as erratic. Erratic is the worst adjective you can use to describe a keeper.
  6. He’s 25 now and I’m sure he’s been coached by professionals for years. He’s immature and has the wrong attitude. Add to that frequent poor decision making and he’s really not a top keeper. If he was 10th in a table of goalkeepering errors (in the premier league) which led to goals this season it would not be good enough. The guy is top in a table which includes every player. Why people still rate him is beyond me. Remember David James? Calamity James was always prone to errors despite having all the attributes. Pickford is similar but with less attributes. At least James was big.
  7. He should have saved the first goal in my opinion. The pen he caused so is irrelevant. Goalkeepers are there to make saves Mark, there were no insane saves that he shouldn't have saved. Its' like there's now a bizarre theory about measuring mistakes versus saves and if he ends up in the positive then he's doing a good job. Goalkeepers should not be making several mistakes in a game like Pickford on Saturday. It's a regular occurrence and he costs us far too many points. If we had a decent keeper this season, we are ten points better off. Easy.
  8. Gomes is by far one of our vest players and he needs to stay. He had a bad patch but his A-game is a different level to most of our first 11.. We need to find a way to get the best out of him consistently and build a team round him. We have been crying our for a ball player in midfield. Now we have one lets keep him.
  9. I hope he plays every game between now and the end of the season. A run of games could really help him. He has a lot of attributes.
  10. He costs us the game on Saturday. I don't blame Silva, he cant be responsible for such errors by a goalkeeper. He acts so immature. He's 25 years of age now he is not young. I understand keepers play until they are 40 but that doesn't mean they are still young at 25. He has made so many errors this season. More than Howard was making towards the end of his tenure. He is so erratic and so is his personality. He needs so much to change to become a good goalkeeper in my opinion. All keepers these days are decent shot stoppers, it's the other attributes involved in goalkeeping which separate the good and the bad ones. We need a calm head at the back who exudes confidence in the back four. I think he makes them nervous. Even his kicking is dreadful. Many fans used the derby defeat to blame our quick demise, like the derby was some sort of unlucky result. Pickford cost us that game and some momentum with one of the worst shows of goalkeeping of the season. I dare say, he has cost us some momentum again on Saturday.
  11. We need to get out of the mindset that new managers are put off by the sackings of recent managers. All the top clubs sack managers regularly. Just look at Real....and they can have whoever they want. Im not comparing us to them but for the managers that we can attract, it would always be a good proposition due to the clubs following and finances right now. Money talks, always has and always will.....when Marco Silva got the job Im sure we all agreed that he was a lucky guy to get such a good job and great opportunity.....there's not much difference one season later.
  12. There’s no way Richarlison is a midfielder...but it’s a good return for a wide forward in a struggling team.
  13. And I like lookman. I think he’s a good passer, tries to make things happen and has a shot. If he started the next ten games I’d fancy him to get a couple of goals, I wouldn’t fancy Bernard to get a league goal this season...
  14. I just don’t see it. He’s far too lightweight to ever make it as a top player in this league. Silva and mata are both small too but they’re stronger. And also a different level of football player. Bernard falls over himself never mind when anyone comes near him. He’s been benched as often as he started and Fans have not really been banging the drum that he must start. And this team is really shit. That speaks volumes for me.
  15. Bernard for me doesn’t do enough. Full of lovely touches but very little penetration. I’d like to know how many shots he’s had in what is likely over 20 appearances. Lookman has the most potential but for some reason Silva doesn’t fancy him either it appears. It’s like he needs to produce an 8/10 performance to keep his place when the aforementioned produce 5 or 6 and keep their place. Lookman needs a run of games in the team then we can judge him the same as the other two, who can count themselves fortunate to play so much.
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