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  1. sydneyneil

    January Transfer Window

    If we could also add a pacey winger with goals in them that would be so useful. Walcott's a prime example. The more goal threats we have the better. You don't get the feeling that Lennon will ever score many. I think that is a position we need to upgrade.
  2. Great result tonight. Rode our luck a couple of times but you can definitely see the defensive influence Allardyce has. We still gave the ball away too much under no pressure but that's just quality of players. His game management is very good, simple but effective. There seems to be a lot more action on the bench and we actually look like a team again where people know their roles.
  3. sydneyneil

    Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    I think he could be a top drawer centre forward. Already he is a good player and he seems to have a great attitude. I hear behind the scenes he works very hard and I'm sure he will continue to develop. His movement is very good off the ball. He's always making the right runs. Whether the natural instinct for goals is there is another thing. I do think that the natural goalscorers have scored goals throughout their career right from their youth sides. He certainly has all the attributes that if he applied himself and with the right coaching, he could be a decent goalscorer.
  4. sydneyneil

    Tom Davies

    All I said to start this was I didn't think he would develop into a top player. I think he will be a good solid Premier League player. I just think when he first came in, I thought he was going to be an absolute star. Now after 50 odd games, I don't think he has enough goals or assists in him. He does however, have good attributes. I am not slagging off the lad at all. He does frustrate me though with his yellows....... I think DCL will improve dramatically more than Davies. I think he has huge attributes to be a top centre forward. I dont think he has the natural eye for a goal like Lukaku, but I think he affects games hugely with other parts of his play.
  5. sydneyneil

    Tom Davies

    Yes it’s just an opinion. There are countless players who don’t improve much. Barkley, cadamarteri, Jeffers, branch, Vaughan, Rooney even??? He’s not a bad player, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see him becoming an England regular (which isn’t high praise these days). I think he’s probably a midfielder in the Jordan Henderson mould. Good engine but doesn’t offer much at either end of the pitch. I hope I’m wrong but if we have ambitions to break the top 6 I don’t think he will be good enough as a regular starter.
  6. sydneyneil

    Tom Davies

    Apologies, his second season..........
  7. sydneyneil

    Tom Davies

    I hope you're right. I just think that there isn't much difference between him and Gueye (and i would prefer Gueye in) and Gueye gets a lot more stick than Davies. I agree that he does always look to pass the ball forward but surely this should be expected from a centre mid? He will run all day but I just don't think that he has the quality you need to become a top player. I think that he would maybe improve more than most though with better players around him. I just think in such a crucial position, we will need someone with more quality on the ball to ever threaten the top 6. And someone needs to show him how to tackle. He seems to pick up a yellow all the time.
  8. sydneyneil

    Gylfi Sigurðsson

    I think he will continue to improve. His lack of pre season and the struggles which followed meant it was always going to be difficult. I like him and what he can offer. He's a clever player and he can finish. We need goals from anywhere, but having a goalscoring midfielder is always a bonus.
  9. sydneyneil

    Tom Davies

    I'm not convinced that Tom Davies has a huge scope of improvement in him, which is what is required for him to be a top 6 player. He lacks discipline, makes rash tackles and doesn't offer enough at either end of the pitch for me. He's never going to be a goalscorer, creator, or effective DM. I just dont see where his future lies. If he wants to be a player who just "ticks things over" in midfield he's not good enough. I wonder where everyone else sees his future? At first, he was an energetic breath of fresh air who always tried to do positive things. You are generally absolved from criticism as a young player. Now he is in his third season, are we not expecting improvement?
  10. I think he may do better than what people think. This is the best opportunity, except England, he's ever had and although he can count himself very lucky to have ended up at such a great club, with some cash to spend on an unbelievable contract, I'm sure he will want to make the most of it. We couldnt get anybody else. We are not one of the Top 6 and that's just how it is. He was the best available with PL experience. I hear he's keeping big Dunc on, I'm surprised he hasn't asked him if he can get his boots back on right up his alley Ferguson........
  11. sydneyneil

    Gylfi Sigurðsson

    It was like he had more space tonight and had a buzz about him. Maybe that was with Rooney playing deeper. Rooney will and should take all the plaudits but his display shouldn't go unnoticed either. Hopefully he kicks on from here
  12. sydneyneil

    Who should replace Koeman?

    Im glad if they are getting rid of the current team as it starts something new, which is what we need. I dont know how anyone can say they know anything about Dunc's ability though. What influence does he have as first team coach? I dont know. I also dont know how we can judge him as one. He's worked under 3 different managers now and they've all been shite teams so maybe he does need sacking?? Unsworth, however, has proved to be totally incompetent and should never have talked himself up as he did. I always feared there was no way back for him if he had such a bad spell. He needs to go and interview for some league 1/2 jobs and work his way up. Could be a blessing in disguise for him.
  13. sydneyneil

    At what point do we say we are in a relegation dogfight?

    The reality is, half the premier league class themselves as being in a relegation fight before the season starts. Ask the Chairmen! This season,Huddersfield, Brighton, Newcastle, Southampton, Palace, Watford, Burnley, Bournemouth, West Brom & Swansea would probably all say their priority is to get 40 points and try and stay up. Now as the season starts, West Ham, Stoke and Everton are all close to the bottom and therefore in the relegation fight. Simple. Being in a relegation fight is not about being in the bottom three. It is about not being far away enough to consider yourself safe. We are nowhere near safe an dthe stats tell us that the amount of goals we are conceding points to relegation and barring a huge uptake in form (which is what we are all hoping!) are going to struggle to get 40 points. Mentioning a January transfer window to bring players in is completely irrelevant until we actually bring players in, then they perform better than our current squad. I think we as Evertonians, know that bringing in players for a load of money doesn't guarantee anything. Teams like Watford, again, based on seeing them play and the form they are in, look far better than most teams in the bottom half. Now they would expect to pick up 40 points and kick on. Same for Leicester. The others are just like us, in a relegation fight.
  14. sydneyneil

    Who should replace Koeman?

    For me, he has a proven track record of keeping clubs in the Premier League and that is our priority this season. The only thing which pisses me off is Steve Walsh seems to have got his pick. He's also got his best mate Craig Shakespeare it seems coming in as his assistant. Steve Walsh was on holiday with Shakespeare and their wives in the summer, which seems like a conflict of interest for me, as he was Leicester Manager at the time! If Walsh has had a big influence in this, Im concerned that Walsh is Moshiri's guy and he has more of a say than we thought.
  15. sydneyneil

    At what point do we say we are in a relegation dogfight?

    I meant it due to the fact that we needed a permanent manager in charge from the start. Not Unsworth. You're right, we are not the decision makers so we can't do anything. We can still influence things though. Names are leaked to the press and reactions are gauged. Most definitely. Id take Big Sam now all day. I hear people on podcasts and forums saying they would stop going the game if he was in charge. I just think that is short sighted and we should get behind our next manager whoever it is. Because we need it............and in my opinion, we need a firefighter and Big Sam is the best out there and immediately available.