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  1. The argument that we are winning so we should stick with DCL is a reactive way of selecting a team. A more proactive approach would be to see that we are lacking penetration in the final third and we need something to change. It's like when we are playing well, creating chances but we aren't quite scoring and people say "we are going to give someone a hiding soon...." So we leave the team as it is knowing results will ultimately change. This is like the opposite of that. Anyone who is watching us right now can see we are lacking goals. If you have the main striker not even getting himself in positions then his position comes under scrutiny regardless of how hard he works, or how professional and nice of a bloke he seems. Silva will know that DCL isn't the answer and will quite rightly nurture Kean into the starting line up. However, we are always going to be one scoring blank away from people wanting him in the starting line up asap. Some players just have a knack of making things happen. Anyone remember Daniel Amokachi? Not the greatest of players by any stretch but did he have a knack of getting in scoring positions and turning drab games into a load of chances. Hopefully Kean is like that but with better finishing...
  2. "He works hard" is the only quote Ive read with reference to DCL. I'd work hard too if I was playing but unfortunately that isn't enough. Denis Straqualursi worked hard but we wouldnt have him up front. I get the affinity towards him because he goes about his business well, looks the ultimate professional and some players just have that "likeability factor" when you chase things down. Unfortunately that doesnt win you games. Kean looks like he just wants to score. You can see the hunger to find the back of the net and from that cameo, all his movement and touches are directed towards him trying to score. DCL looks like he has picked up from where he left last season, just running his balls off but no end product and he never looks like scoring. He isn't going to suddenly become this goal machine which is what we need. The only way for me he ever gets a game is to be used as a foil alongside Kean in a 4-4-2. But this for me is a push. He loses the ball too much.
  3. I’d like to see a midfield three of Delph, Gomes and gbamin when fully fit. This would give Gomes more scope to venture forward and use our full backs and iwobi/Richarlison for width. It’s a narrow midfield not too dissimilar to Liverpool. We would have to make up for sigurdssons goals elsewhere but surely we are all now wondering what we would be like in an orthodox 4-3-3 without him??? would the team be better balanced? More importantly, I just want a change from this 4-2-3-1 we seem to have been playing for too long.....
  4. I think he'll be fine. He looks like he has some good attributes and continued to look for the right pass. He's strong physically and just needs a bit of time to adapt.
  5. I think Silva wants to play Iwobu, Kean and Richarliso as his front three. Bernard should be the fall guy, he just has very little end product and looks like a rabbit in the headlights as soon as he gets near the goal. It's all well and good cruyff turning on the halfway line but we need goals and imo, he will never be productive in this department.
  6. I watched him play for us and judging him on that. Not some Mickey Mouse league.
  7. With that squad as it is now, it finishes 8th at best. This is a great chance to break that top 6. We’ve got a week to sort it out. Fingers crossed.
  8. Zaha definitely would. He scores goals. He’s not lethal but he knows where the net is. I’ve just checked he scored 10 league goals last year. That’s 9 more than Bernard. I haven’t seen moise kean play so I can’t comment but from what I understand his fundamental role in the team is to score. Digne will score 3 or 4, centre halves the same, Coleman maybe 1. Gomes 1 or 2, Bernard 1 or 2, DCL maybe 10 if were being optimistic. That leaves Richarlison, Walcott, Delph and sig to bang in about 50 goals in between them for us to score over 70 goals in a season. That’s what we have right now. Surely adding kean and Zaha adds more goals????
  9. We don’t score enough goals because of key positions in the side which contribute very little. Centre forward, centre mids and wide forward/winger offer little because of Bernard, DCL, Gomes and gueye. We need far more goals and Bernard and DCL will take the most slack. I honestly feel they are the two we are looking to replace, hopefully if we can get Zaha and moise kean. Footballs a simple game, you have to score more than the opposition. Bernard can cruyff turn and nutmeg people all day long on the halfway line but for me he’s like a rabbit in the headlights when he gets near the goal. As is DCL. They’ve been playing football for years and have never scored goals. I hate to tell everyone but this isn’t about to change because of cliche reasons such as adapting to the premier league, a full pre season, etc etc. we use these excuses as hope rather than pointing to examples. Let’s just get some goal scorers in and win more games
  10. We have lost two of our best players and have two players who can score. We need goals and two key cogs of our defensive make up replacing. Hopefully a busy next two weeks.
  11. I'm slightly concerned that there now seems a chance that we won't bring a striker in. It's the most important signing for me. We will never push top 6 without a recognised quality striker. Look at the teams above us and what they have up top is different gravy to us. Elsewhere, there's some sort of comparison.
  12. Without the collapse at Newcastle, lets not go into the reasons again, we would have been in a good place right now with 3 wins out of 4 and a draw against Liverpool. If we can beat West Ham though, things will be looking up...
  13. I was the first to say maybe Silva wasn't the right guy but good on him for getting some important results. I hope he proves me wrong.....big summer coming up.
  14. I must be watching different games to half of the people on here. The guys made more mistakes this season than I can remember an Everton keeper making in one season. Best keeper since nev??? You having a laugh? If we asked unbiased fans from the rest of the Prem what they thought about Pickford he wouldn’t even be in the top ten in the league. His behaviour and attitude stinks and if schneiderlin acted like that on Sunday he’d be hounded out the club. karius made a howler in Liverpool’s most important game of the season last year and was never seen again....Pickford did the same for us but seems to have got off Scot free.....almost destroyed our season that derby game.
  15. I don’t really want our keeper to be winning our awards at the end of the season. I’d much rather have a 7/10 keeper every week a la man city and Liverpool at the moment. His shot stopping is above average I agree on that with you and he’s good at pens, hence the hype at the World Cup. However, all other aspects of his game are poor. In fact very poor. I have no trust with him on crosses and set pieces and his decision making and concentration levels are poor. His kicking is over rated.
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