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  1. If only we’d got him when we first tried to.
  2. Now it’s all official let’s get on to adding to the squad.
  3. So would I but Plunkett is probably who Morgan and Bayliss would want to come in. I’d be looking to get Ali out too. He just pisses me off with his stupid shots when we need him to stick around and give us stability.
  4. Don’t know about Curran coming in, I imagine Plunkett would just slot back in, but I’d definitely move Root up to open and get shut of Vince.
  5. When he plays you may as well start 1 down. Decent County player but he’s just not international standard. Hales should be ashamed of himself.
  6. We’ve signed a shit keeper. Don’t forget that!
  7. Big handicap having Vince play. He’s terrible. I cant work out why he’s had so many opportunities to prove he’s not international standard. It was the same with Bopara.
  8. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/michael-keanes-amazing-gesture-everton-16471585
  9. And would've given us the chance to finish in the top 2 again. There's every chance we'll not win another game in the group stages.
  10. Apparently Wigan have put a bid in for him.
  11. Matt always has an excuse for his idiocy.
  12. The weekend for me. I hope it's better than 3 because I thought that was a bit rubbish.
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