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  1. https://www.football365.com/news/everton-calvert-lewin-richarlison-calvert-lewin
  2. I can't see him playing much this season tbh, but in my opinion they've bought him because they're selling one of Salah or Mane next summer and he'll be the replacement now while clubs can't totally rinse them knowing how much they have.
  3. I don't think he's a donkey based on just today. His performance today was just particularly bad. He's a good lad to have around the place but I would honestly look to sell him next summer because he is not a defender at all.
  4. Why sprint when you can glide round like that and find space that effortlessly? 😍
  5. One of DCL’s biggest problems was that he didn’t get in the box enough, so he was never around for the tap ins. In fact, he was usually putting the ball into the box for the invisible man to tap in. I’m glad he’s not wasting time and energy working the channels anymore and is a CENTRE forward.
  6. No doubt Mina is the main problem but it just looked weird. And I’m one that backs Pickford, so it’s not like I’m looking for ways to criticise him.
  7. Maybe not perfect, but you know what I’m saying!
  8. But the players we bought were a dead giveaway that we weren't going to play that formation. Ever since Carlo arrived he's banged on about playing the best formation for the players he has - 442 was perfect for what he had last season, this season it was very clear a different formation was needed.
  9. I can agree with that, I'm probably being a bit overly critical because of just how good they looked last week.
  10. I would put big money on us to lose comfortably if that was the team.
  11. I have zero idea why people were so convinced we were going to play 442.
  12. What a fucking donkey. Holgate's return can't come swiftly enough for me.
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