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  1. I was brought up in a nice, English family. Not cold at all, Matt. No, prison is not the best place for a terrorist. Definitely not. And it’s definitely best for a child to be brought up by a terrorist. Spot on once again there. The people of Manchester would I’m sure rather that we stopped being wet wipes terrified of being labelled racist if we punished these people and have their family members alive and well. And being soft deters no one. Personally I’d rather people who’d sooner blow me up (from a distance of course) than look at me were stuck in a dark hole somewhere.
  2. Yes. Go and ask the people of Manchester if we should just keep letting these people back with "understanding and compassion". So, you think she should keep her child? You don't think she should be imprisoned at all? The nice, British family comment was nothing to do with getting rid of bad outside sources. Already explained what that was about.
  3. https://www.clubcall.com/transfers/2019/02/21/everton-join-race-to-sign-birmingham-striker/
  4. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/kurt-zouma-transfer-everton-chelsea-15852659
  5. Yes, she can still stay where she is.
  6. And if my aunty had a dick she'd be my uncle. All good and well saying that but the reality is that this is who she is, and that is the way she was brought up. Invite these people into your community and have them live next door to you, knowing they hate you and would prefer it if you were dead.
  7. At least he didn't assist the opposition this time.
  8. When that decision is to want to wipe out a whole way of life then yeah she should pay for it for the rest of her life. At 15 did you know that murder was wrong, Mike? Did you know that joining a terrorist groups was not a good idea? Because I sure as shit did. I also knew that decisions have consequences Im sure that way of life should be allowed to exist while it ensures the safety of her baby though
  9. And tbh, I haven’t actually seen that myself but was told about it and trusted it. Either way, her child going to a family that is everything she hates would be what she deserves. She certainly doesn’t deserve to raise it in her own twisted image.
  10. I find it really sad when someone claims to hate a way of life but then when that way of life can wipe her arse for her she wants to come crawling back. She was brave enough to make her bed, so now she should be brave enough to lie in it. I don’t think her age is relevant to her subhumanness. Whether she’s 15 or 45 she knew what the decision she made was, what she was going there for. Fuck her and fuck all of them. Male. Female. Young. Old. White. Brown. Fucking multi-coloured.
  11. Yes. Well that’s doubtful seeing as her father likes to burn the British flag. So if her grandparents fit that description they didn’t pass it on and aren’t fit to raise a child. And I said a nice, British family because they’ll be everything that girl hates. So it’d actually be a punishment for her. Personally, I’d rather she be left to rot in that cesspool with her child and never be allowed back here but she’s a human. Apparently.
  12. Absolutely let the woman back in. Then rip her child away from her, throw the silly little bitch in prison for the rest of her miserable life, and let a nice, British family bring the child up.
  13. His form has dipped (who's hasn't recently?) but I'd still be looking to keep him.
  14. 52K is a piss take. It'll never be expanded on, that's a fantasy. So 52K is what we'll be stuck with no matter how successful we are. Got to love that ambition.
  15. It’s not rumours, it’s mentioned in the results of the survey.
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