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  1. Romey 1878

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Bournemouth 0-2 Everton Davies
  2. Romey 1878

    Idrissa Gana Gueye

    https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/marco-silva-reserves-special-praise-15046424 Another manager that rates him
  3. Romey 1878


    So am I. But it would be helpful if he had a left-foot he could use to play the ball seeing as he plays on the left. That way when he attacks a defender and he shows him on to his weaker foot he can still be dangerous. As it is he gets shown down the wing and he he awkwardly fluffs the ball into the area with his right foot. I'm not saying he needs to have a wand of a left foot like Baines and be able to whip the ball in on that foot, but when he doesn't even seem to be able to pass the ball into the box, or lightly cut it back on his left foot, that's very poor for a professional footballer.
  4. Romey 1878

    Southampton (Home) Saturday August 18th

  5. Romey 1878

    Ross Barkley

    I was thinking this the other day. As much as I’m not arsed about him being gone, I do think there’s a good chance he’d have flourished with Silva as his manager. Not even just because of the style of football, but more so because of the type of manager Silva seems to be. He makes players want to sweat blood for him and motivates them to go above and beyond.
  6. Romey 1878

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    I can’t agree with that after actually seeing them both doing it first-hand. I think the pair of them did extremely well at the pressing game. What goes unnoticed, I feel, is that while they make not actually get the ball back through their pressing, a lot of the time their pressing forces the opposition defender to misplace a pass or put it out of play.
  7. Romey 1878

    Southampton (Home) Saturday August 18th

    Mario ( ) Silva once again showing how inept Lardiola is. Almost the same players as fat head had available and yet we’ve gone from playing dour, negative, play not to lose football, to positive, quick, attacking football. Its not been perfect by any means, but it just goes to show what a difference the manager can make to players.
  8. Romey 1878

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    I was a little bit worried that Sigurdsson wouldn’t fit in with Silva’s plans and we’d be looking to move him on next summer at a huge loss. But in the past two games those worries have disappeared - he was great against Wolves and fantastic today.
  9. Romey 1878


    When it means he puts the ball in the box with his right foot and it messes up what would’ve been a simple pass with his left foot to make almost a certain goal, then yeah I’ll moan about that. I kind of expect a professional footballer to at least be capable on his weaker foot to be honest. Weird, I know.
  10. Romey 1878


    I’d love it if he had a left foot he could use for something other than standing on.
  11. Romey 1878

    Southampton (Home) Saturday August 18th

    First half we couldn’t have been any more comfortable, it was a bit of a stroll tbh, really impressed with all aspects of our game. Second half... well, I’m still waiting for it to begin for us!
  12. Romey 1878

    Tom Davies

    I actually thought he had a decent game myself.
  13. Romey 1878

    Southampton (Home) Saturday August 18th

    I feel like a little kid again I'm that excited to watch us play again. Didn't think I'd be saying that after the torture of last season, but I cannot wait to get to Goodison Park.
  14. Romey 1878

    New Ownership Incoming?

    I was thinking that myself as I was reading the article.