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  1. So doing what the gravy guzzler did, like I said. Until the end of the season is the absolute maximum he should get anyway. No chance should we even contemplate giving him a long term contract. Hopefully it’s just bullshit rumours and we see him nowhere near the club. People seem to think he’ll guarantee survival but he’s barely won a game since leaving us ffs! He’d be as big a gamble as rolling the dice on someone like Arteta.
  2. The ones I know keep switching from sympathy to gloating. It's horrible.
  3. I actually can't believe there are fans that want him back. He showed his true colours at the end of his time here and everything that's come after. It wouldn't surprise me if the delay is him holding us to ransom like the lover of gravy did before coming in. That's the type of man he is. I clapped him out of Goodison but I've not once clapped a return from him and I won't be changing that even if he's our next manager.
  4. Just a few hours ago Sky were saying Moyes was ready to step in
  5. If they embody the spirit of him a few will get sent off stupidly so they can get Christmas off and then return only to get injured and miss the next two months.
  6. I also think he’s a gobshite that lives off an undeserved legendary status. Usually entire coaching teams go when a manager loses his job but he keeps surviving, which suggests he’s someone that is just foisted on each manager when they arrive as he’s a club appointment.
  7. I still think it’ll happen. So while I wait for that disastrous appointment so I can stop giving a shit about this season I have to put up with the joke that is Duncan Ferguson. How nice.
  8. Don't get me wrong, it was me laughing in utter disbelief. It was bad enough against Norwich swapping Sidibe for Coleman at 1-0 down but that last night was on a whole new level. Sigurdsson and Iwobi had both been absolute shite all game and he subs Davies? Davies who at least was trying. And then compounds the lunacy of the sub by the replacement being a defensive player.
  9. No. He either plays RB or he doesn’t play at all.
  10. I don't even want to see this idiot on the bench. He offers nothing. Fuck all. He's not even good at chasing his own bastard shadow, never mind the shadows of the opposition. Our captain last night and I didn't even know he was on the pitch until just before half time! Davies was no great shakes next to him but Sigurdsson hung the lad out to dry and how he wasn't substituted at some point during the game is a fucking mystery.
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