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  1. It would help Tranmere a lot if they went to the wrong place like.
  2. Here was me thinking I’d be getting a comfortable leather seat.
  3. I hope he does... at another club. If we can find a club the superstar deems suitable, of course. And we all know he’ll have his pick of clubs with all that talent.
  4. We’ll see when it comes to renewing his contract just how much Carlo wants him. Not to mention we’re actively trying to get him out of the club. You keep telling yourself he’s decent though.
  5. Apart from thinking it’d be amazing to have a player called Everton I feel absolutely nothing about this possible (probable?) signing.
  6. That is such an unfortunate still for Pickford and makes it look a hell of a lot worse for him than it actually was. It’s not like he’s gone and actually stood behind the line. If you watch the video he ends up there after going to make a save from a shot but it’s blocked by one of our defenders (I think, could’ve actually hit one of theirs with the mad melee).
  7. You had me on board until you said your missus. That’s asking for far too much.
  8. This public comparing of dicks is a little awkward to watch
  9. I’m judging him on everything that he’s ever shown. The Newcastle example just sums him up to a tee. You can keep going with this until you’re red in the face if you like.
  10. It’s personal opinion after watching him show countless times that he lacks ability in an extreme way. You won’t even find his biggest “fans” saying he has ability, it’s all about his determination. Against Newcastle he has a breakaway on with DCL supporting him, his next touch was a fucking tackle and he lost the ball. That’s a lack of a ability. Not to mention Newcastle then went down our end and scored their first.
  11. Both played well against Newcastle (for the most part) but there's no way Watford will be 10 yards away from them at all times like for our previous game. They'll be hounded from the first whistle and I worry about us if that's our pairing for this game.
  12. He's scored 12 goals in 4 years. 4 of them for Hull. And one for us with his arse.
  13. Of course but without the subs we never would have been in that position to fuck it up in the first place. Newcastle were not in the game whatsoever, they weren't pushing us, he makes our substitutions and we went ultra-defensive and then we all know what happened. That tells me that the catalyst was Ancelotti and 99% of us dropping 2 points is on him.
  14. Sorry but while the players have their share of the blame he absolutely should shoulder the majority of it. If it was Marco Silva that made those subs tonight and invited Newcastle onto us he would have been slaughtered by a lot more of our fans.
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