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  1. I know it was just one game but, like the end of last season, it's given me confidence that Silva's ideas are good ones and that he does actually have a plan. That was a set of players that were playing to a plan, who knew their roles, and carried out their instructions to a tee. We had skill and toughness out there. And I don't mean there were some players being skillful and others putting a foot in; all of the players had both sides of the game. I just want us to show it on a consistent basis because the football on show yesterday really was enjoyable to watch. And, tbh, I'm sick to death of changing managers and having to wait while new ideas are implemented and new players are settled in. So, I've got my fingers crossed that it's clicked for Silva after yesterday and he doesn't change back when Delph recovers, Coleman is available and that Sig's goal doesn't influence his mindset.
  2. Yesterday was probably the first time I've been properly impressed with him. He was as solid as you'll find and despite him having one of the most awkward runs I've ever seen whenever he was having to chase back I just thought "it's alright, Mina's got this".
  3. There wasn't even an infringement. Aidan had it right, the ref was a moron. All game he was terrible.
  4. For that reason alone he should have been playing more over these past few weeks. Even without an end product he's always buzzing about the pitch and that rubs off on other players.
  5. I think yesterday showed that Silva most certainly has not lost the players. Like us, they will have known that his job was on line and they put in as committed a performance as you'll see. Each and every one of them played for him.
  6. I don’t think we allowed them to look fucking awful. We didn’t allow them to put a performance in at all, good or bad. Everton were just fucking brilliant.
  7. I was seriously impressed with him and will be fuming if Coleman comes straight back in.
  8. It helped that he can cross and is able to track back.
  9. I think we made them look bad. We’re all quick to point out when we’re shite so let’s give our players some credit today.
  10. The only thing I can complain about is that we only scored 2. It should’ve been a shellacking for West Ham. We were utterly dominant and there wasn’t a player that had a bad game. Tough in defence, energetic in attack. And we had a midfield and striker full of energy, that never stopped moving when we were attacking and hounding their defenders when they had the ball. Without the likes of Delph, Schneiderlin and a Sigurdsson we look a different beast.
  11. Please, please, please stick with the team from today! Bernie should’ve been playing weeks ago. Sigurdsson should’ve been dropped weeks ago. Sidibe earned his spot today, he was great. Same for Walcott and Davies. Richarlison showed hes hungry to play as the striker. Leave him there for a run of games and see what happens.
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