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  1. Even on his worst day he’s a better option than the other three. That’s how bad they are. Hopefully we’ll do some good business in that area in the summer.
  2. Schneiderlin for me, all day long. The other three should only come in for rotation, not as viable options there. But Delph would be the last one that should be playing.
  3. Good for them, they can keep him. We’ve got a better keeper already.
  4. I hope City destroy UEFA over this tbh. They've bigged on a big boy in City, they've got bottomless pockets and they'll fight them all the way on this.
  5. I was just coming on to post that article. Wanker. None of us know what's going on behind doors. Not us, not Southall. For all we know he's had his little moan in the press but he's doing exactly what Southall says he should do there - looking at himself, working hard in training, wanting to prove people wrong with his performances on the pitch. That's the bit I mostly take issue with. The people going round making all these statements about what they believe he's thinking and feeling, because no one knows!
  6. Gomes is a lot more handsome. Don't care about the report, I just want to see pictures of him kicking balls! Wait, that could be taken very wrong
  7. If Pickford's ego is as big as the amateur psychoanalysis guru's profess then I hope he never reads this thread and sees that people are talking more about red shite players than him.
  8. I wonder what time his game is today.
  9. Congrats. Digne will be happy 😛.
  10. What I find even more hilarious than our own fans writing off our chances is the way Sky are going about it. In all their coverage of the race for Europe we don't get a sniff. Wolves and United do, despite us being on the same points as Wolves and above United. Keep dismissing us and we'll keep going about our business quietly with one of the best managers in the world. We might not actually get there but Carlo says we're going for it and that's good enough for me. Aim high.
  11. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/exclusive-carlo-ancelotti-invites-david-17750372
  12. A fair few of us knew it was possible even then.
  13. We need the football back so Pickford can come and collect a cross or concede a goal.
  14. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1609673/mina-reveals-goal-to-empower-young-people-through-charity-foundation
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51511548
  16. And they should as well. There are other clubs who take the piss but UEFA do fuck all, but they’ve wanted to get City for anything they could ever since they came into money and pushed the big boys.
  17. This is written by the same man that said we needed a reality check because Moyes was the best we could do... so I reckon I'll ignore anything he has to say, thanks.
  18. I’d drape myself in a rainbow flag for him any day.
  19. Don’t why you’re bothering with the topic when it’s completely out of reach for us.
  20. Carlo Ancelotti is fucking brilliant and is our manager. Stop talking about Bisto Tits for fucks sake, he's gone and I want to forget that cunt was ever here. It's an embarrassment that he was ever charge. Edit - Even more embarrassing is the fact that people are arguing over his time here!
  21. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1607415/brave-charlie-meets-everton-heroes-at-usm-finch-farm
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