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  1. By ‘leaving for the Championship’ does that mean he’s come over here?
  2. https://www.clubcall.com/transfers/2019/03/19/dortmund-target-to-cost-35m/
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/mar/17/everton-chelsea-premier-league
  4. You’ve actually showed what the manager did to change things. He’s obviously told them they need to be doing things like that run forward from Gomes. In the first half that sort of thing was non-existent and we were slow on the ball, with very little pressing from our players. But it was evident straight from the kick off for the second half that it would be a different story because we pressed from the first moment, and it completely threw them. We scored 4 minutes into the second half and all of those 4 minutes led to that goal, not just a run from Gomes We won because we gave our heads a collective wobble and played like a team that’s together and fighting for each other. I don’t think Chelsea imploded at all; we just didn’t give them a chance to breathe.
  5. Played with a titty lip until his goal, then he was very much the Richarlison of the early season. I hope he stays that way until the end of the season.
  6. Definitely thick. He thought it’d be a good idea to applaud the Gwladys Street end when he was subbed today. Needless to say, the boos for him just increased. He’d probably forgot that he doesn’t play for us any more to be fair.
  7. If he did then I’m glad because these players shouldn’t be allowed to get away with being powderpuff.
  8. It’s not cheaper though. It’s the same price as it always was, he’s just made the decision to add an advert himself so that we can keep using the better quality provider.
  9. That first half was just abysmal. How we went in at 0-0 I will never know. But whatever Marco said to them at half-time, it worked. Literally from the kick off we were at them and I felt we deserved the win, and that half has given me a lot of confidence for the future that we can compete.
  10. It’s the same provider we’ve been using for a long time, he hasn’t changed it, so I don’t know why it would be slower.
  11. He looked much calmer and didn’t panic any time the ball came near him.
  12. I like him a lot and I really hope that all the effort he’s putting in is rewarded.
  13. I just think it's a little overboard with Pickford tbh. And I don't mean just you when I say that either. The level of shit that's getting flung at him is ridiculous. Yes, he has shown a bit of immaturity and made mistakes etc but I think he'll learn and he'll be quality for us and more than likely be snapped up by a bigger club. If he doesn't learn then, by all means, jump on him. But do you (not you personally) not realise that you're just putting more pressure on him at the moment? Being a goalkeeper must be very difficult at the best of times because you're totally on your own. So lets not exacerbate things and put undue pressure on him which will cost us in the long run.
  14. You jumped on Pickford a long time ago, Haf. You have to have a target or you're not happy, and get fixated and make all sorts of psychological analyses of them. I can quite easily not fixate on Richarlison and appreciate when he doesn't have a titty lip on him (please get back to that and press), when he scores. My not rating him doesn't mean I go off the deep end about him.
  15. I'm nowhere near a big fan of Lookman, he frustrates the shit out of me, but how can he not be a better option to play than Walcott? You can't just say Lookman shouldn't play because he's not showing consistency, he's getting a minute here, a start there, not even getting in the squad the next week. Meanwhile, Wally seems to run in quicksand, messes up his first touch over and over (not his hair though), has lost the ability to go forward and does fuck all defensively (what a myth it is that he helps out) meaning Coleman looks even worse.
  16. Some of the dick heads we have playing for us aren't even in the same stratosphere.
  17. I love it when we blues get a target to hit. Be much better if it was an opposition player rather than one of our own, but there you have it. Up the blues.
  18. Mina has been consistent, I don't know what Marco is talking about.
  19. Bit more than I slap, Mark. He punched him. It was fucking crazy.
  20. Can’t understand why he brought Mina on. Taking out that Mina is fucking terrible, we just looked confused with another centre back out there and that showed by just how shambolic we were from that point onwards. I don’t know what his thinking was at all. A change was needed, definitely, but a pair of fresh legs in midfield - Davies, Lookman or even Schneiderlin Ffs! Let them push for goals and then just break on them over and over. I feel sure we’d have been returning home with the three points if we’d just stuck with what we were doing. That loss is definitely on the manager.
  21. I loved the siren going off before Z-Cars as well.
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