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  1. Just don't try and mess with the engine to make it go quicker or anything. You and vehicles don't mix well.
  2. Goalkeepers look better when you're not seeing them week after week. You don't see their little issues they have when you're not a fan of their club and only watch them sporadically. When Howard was coming towards the end of his time with us fans of other clubs still thought he was brilliant for us. But we knew he was well on the downward curve but looked excellent at doing star jumps. Even when he was at his peak they didn't know he was beaten regularly from distance but we did. Henderson, or whoever else you want to name as being better than Pickford, will have issues and negative points to their game as well but you'll only find them out if/when they sign for us and then you'll moan about those things too.
  3. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/11961202/holgate-phones-92-year-old-fan
  4. A bit more on this here - https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1647142/everton-launches-campaign-to-support-societys-most-vulnerable
  5. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11671/11960251/everton-not-expecting-delays-to-new-stadium-work-because-of-coronavirus
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/19/former-cardiff-midfielder-peter-whittingham-dies-aged-35 Sad news.
  7. China also covered up the existence of it in the first place. Who’s to say they aren’t lying again?
  8. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1645776/davide-ancelotti-qa-everton-has-everything-to-compete-at-the-top-level
  9. I really hope that’s not what we envision for Holgate.
  10. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/emotional-bramley-moore-open-letter-17925846
  11. Glad you're doing better, Rubes.
  12. A centre back being a nutter is not a quality!
  13. Not sure he'll be blaming his handlers. More likely to throw that accusation at the Iranians or something.
  14. https://www.teamtalk.com/news/everton-move-for-andrea-belotti
  15. If they were mathematically champions already then that would be different, but they’re not (Celtic and the shite) so I don’t see how anyone could go for that.
  16. If the season gets cancelled I can see things being taken to court. It’s going to be hilarious watching the shite make it all about them and seeing the footballing world see them for what they really are.
  17. Sources were already saying the Euro’s would be delayed until 2021. I just don’t see away the league doesn’t get completed, it’s just a matter of when.
  18. Our own players and staff are self-quarantining now so it’s very unlikely this game will go ahead.
  19. I can't see it getting cancelled, there'd be uproar. A suspension is looking very likely now though.
  20. You’d think the season would have to be suspended now.
  21. They'll still win the league, so I don't see why they'd give a shit. As long as the season plays out they'll be happy.
  22. We went to bits against their kids, there's every likelihood it'll be an even bigger bottlejob against their full side. If that Chelsea debacle hadn't happened I'd be feeling a lot better about this.
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