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  1. Really hope we don’t take up the option on him. I know the price is low for him but his good games just do not mitigate the shitshows like today. Send him back, give Kenny a good look during preseason and if he’s not deemed good enough go out and buy someone who is consistent even though it’ll cost us more.
  2. Couldn’t be more disappointed to lose that but apart from a few players that were garbage (I dont think I need to name them) I’m pleased with what we showed in the game as a whole. There are so many positives and signs of progress in pretty much every aspect of our play. I have no doubt that once Carlo gets shut of those players and can get his ideas and methods fully implemented that we’ll be right up there.
  3. What a fucking player this man is. I’m actually blown away by his performance today, you would never know he’d been out with a serious injury. He was strong on the ball and shielded it, always wanted it, and then used it intelligently - pinging balls all over the pitch and actually finding a team mate. The difference he made when we've been subjected to Delph overhitting balls by about 15 yards and Sigurdsson playing hide and hide, is unquantifiable.
  4. Sidibe was good defensively?! Good lord. Richarlison but I was seriously tempted to give it Gomes. That’s how good he looked. Thank fuck I’ll see less of the useless duo that are known as Fabian Delph and Gylfi Sigurdsson.
  5. Awful midfield that. Can’t see us getting three points today now but I’m hoping I’ll be very wrong and Delph and Sigurdsson will actually play well.
  6. I'd argue he hasn't done that at all though myself. And he's that slow and shit, he'll still be turning that corner next season when he's playing for a different club.
  7. An hour before kick off. And that wouldn’t be harsh at all, it'd be deserved.
  8. I hope he's offered some sort of royal award because of this (whether he'd accept it is another story, and lets not go into that please). This type of thing is what those awards should be about.
  9. Getting proper football is invaluable and will prepare him far better for actually playing for us than only featuring for our U23 side. I'm glad we persuaded him to commit to us and found him this loan move. Well in, Marcel.
  10. https://www.football365.com/news/everton-boss-ancelotti-backs-complete-keeper-to-brush-off-criticism
  11. I’m not complaining about how many corporate seats there are, that wasn’t my point at all by mentioning them. Already covered the second part.
  12. When you consider the huge waiting list we've got on season tickets now I reckon we'd comfortably have a packed stadium. Not saying we'd sell out every week but the empty seats would be so minuscule that it wouldn't do damage to the atmosphere, and then for the games when it was a sellout it'd be red hot.
  13. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1616269/ancelotti-underlines-importance-of-brands-relationship https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-stars-share-incredible-marcel-17782281
  14. With 5k being corporate seats I think anything less than 55k is shit tbh. Real small time thinking in my opinion.
  15. I still think the capacity is piss poor. That’s the only problem I have.
  16. He’s actually made it sound like he’ll start him. Said he didn’t see the benefit of having him come on from the bench. Why would anyone have Delph near the side though?!
  17. No. I want to win. Who would want to be anything like Chelsea, eh? They’ve only won trophies and been subjected to watching players like Eden Hazard.
  18. Strangely, I've not been concerned at any point that this wouldn't happen. It's been an odd feeling to say the least!
  19. I could've understood our fans being ok with him coming back if he hadn't been such an abject failure ever since he left us. How could the answer to us failing at that time be to bring in a failure? With almost complete certainty I can say we wouldn't be thinking about European football for next season if we'd brought him back.
  20. I’m more alarmed there were Evertonians championing us getting him back. I expect that shit from Kenwright because he’s a sentimental thing.
  21. It's as much to do with us getting acquainted with European football than anything else.
  22. The first disallowed Chelsea goal was debateable but the second wasn’t.
  23. No he hasn’t, he’s had numerous good games. You want someone with legs but you said Delph should be Gomes’ partner, which goes against that.
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