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  1. Westlo

    2018 World Cup

    He got the assist for the winning goal against Switerland... also won the Golden Ball
  2. Westlo

    2018 World Cup

    You're being a prisoner of the moment.... Messi dragged Argentina to the finals last world cup, if Higuin didn't bottle it like usual.... Portugual won the Euros with Ronaldo off after ten minutes.
  3. Westlo

    Marco Silva (manager)

    lol what club is going to spend 20m on Bolassie.
  4. Just shows how bad the league is after the Top 6.... If Arsenal sign a top CB and replace Xhaka they'l be out of sight the teams 7th and below.
  5. Westlo

    Who should replace Koeman?

    Throw the checkbook at Julian Nagelsmann.
  6. Westlo

    Who should replace Koeman?

    One of the best coaches right now in the world was an amateur player and banker..... And by the time Nagelsmann goes to Bayern none of those players you mentioned will be left.... Tuchel got next anyway.
  7. Westlo

    Ronald Koeman

    Need to add the Barcelona logo in the direction Koeman is looking at in the first one. And add an executioner waiting in the bottom pic.
  8. Westlo

    Who should replace Koeman?

    Nagelsmann is a future Bayern legend, Unsworth at his best will probably be Shakesphere.
  9. Coming just days after Jose Mourinho claimed his value has already doubled since his £75 million signing this summer, Lukaku’s sixth goal in six appearances served to underline the point. “I think we were very clever,” Mourinho told The Times . “We thought that something could happen that could change the market forever. Normally the last part of the market is less expensive, but this season after Neymar everything changed – and changed for the worse in terms of prices. I think Lukaku on August 31 would have been £150m.” He would've cost more than neymar if he had better first touch!
  10. Westlo

    Nikola Vlasic

    Top FM player, if he's half as good for us as he is on some saves.....
  11. Westlo

    2017 Summer Transfer Window

    lo arsenal are an utter rabble at the moment. Alexis can run around in circles and drop a shit on the pitch and still get picked for Chile and pick up a massive signing bonus from City next season...... you think he's going to give a shit this year? They needed another CB and didn't get one. They've need a replacement for Cazorla for years and still haven't addressed that... Alexis and Ozil will leave on frees at the end of this season... but what about the season after... who's in their final year? Ramsey, Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck, Monreal, Ospina, Cech Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked if West Brom finished above Arsenal this season..... Do they still have a good team? of course. Will they be played in the right positions... well going off the liverpool game... nope. Also knocking back 10m for Gibbs and saying 52 mil was too much for Lemar a month or so ago... to selling Gibbs for 7m and trying to get Lemar for 92m.... says it all really...
  12. Westlo

    2017 Summer Transfer Window

    Really should be going for Marcos Llorente on load from Real Madrid.... need that DM cover with Barry gone and McCarthy more than likely going as well. Marcos Llorente is going to be a star, but Madrids midfield is just way too stacked at the moment....
  13. Westlo

    Ross Barkley

    What's Troy Deeney got to do with it?
  14. Utd would've been top 2 with Lukaku last year.... So what if he's a flat track bully, that's exactly what they needed last year... with so many draws against shit teams... his shot/conversion rate last season was vastly superior to Ibras as well...
  15. Westlo

    2017 Summer Transfer Window

    Would be happy to spend 50m on him.... can play left back, left winger and even midfield....