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  1. Do we really care that the Emptyhad is going to have more empty seats in the future?
  2. He's a real talent that just doesn't fit into unai's arsenal and every other top 6 side..... Would be crazy not to have a go at bringing him here but he needs to be either playing in Siggy or Gomes spot to make it work.
  3. Can't stand this prick, but would be a quality get.
  4. If we can get zouma and gomes for 60 mil combined we're laughing....
  5. Had to go with Richarlison..... but what a game by Gana! Silva's getting the best out of him paired with Gomes who was also class today, best game Coleman has played in a while as well.
  6. Richarlison up front, bernard left next match
  7. how long until gomes is fit? would like to never see morgan and gana together again.
  8. He had massive potential before his injury.... if we can pry him out of their hands and get it back to where he should be, would be massive for us.
  9. Whats your opinion on Henrique Almeida? He's a World Cup winner and receiver of the Golden Ball as well!
  10. He got the assist for the winning goal against Switerland... also won the Golden Ball
  11. You're being a prisoner of the moment.... Messi dragged Argentina to the finals last world cup, if Higuin didn't bottle it like usual.... Portugual won the Euros with Ronaldo off after ten minutes.
  12. Just shows how bad the league is after the Top 6.... If Arsenal sign a top CB and replace Xhaka they'l be out of sight the teams 7th and below.
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