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  1. I see this as in upgrade on Stek, younger, and reasonably decent keeper as a back up and competition to ensure Pickford stops the brain farts, as long as his wages aren't stupidly high I'd go for it, rather we spent our money elsewhere on the field
  2. And a big thank you from me also, really enjoy this thread and participating, squeezed in to top 10 on my first full season. Looking forward to August and going again. 👍
  3. I've always thought he's a bit lazy and prone to spitting his dummy out if things don't go his way( hhhmmm remind you of anyone else who played for us recently?) , not sure if he's the right fit for us.
  4. I like the lad, but he's had a lot of injury issues and I'd be concerned at the price tag on that basis, if he can stay fit he could be a good addition.
  5. I don't think he is the right fit for us, he can be lazy and isn'tt a team player, if we're going to pay that sort of money for a CF I'd rather go for Rondon, he plays a similar game to DCL, but has scored more goals this season, of course he has played more games than DCL. I really like DCL he would run through brick walls for us, and bar scoring more contributes a huge amount, if he could improve the goals to 18-20 he would be brilliant.
  6. Is this the team that play at Goodison Park and didn't concede a goal there after February?
  7. 100% more enjoyable to watch, bar a few poor moments, even when playing poor we played forward and looked like we might score, last season, 1-2 shots per game if we were lucky. Always room for improvement, even Pep is talking of improvement from Citeh next season.
  8. Much better performances from Jordan over the last few weeks, apart from his kicking on Friday against Burnley. Wonder how much noise the press would have made if it had been Jordan who made the errors and not Heaton? Hope he has a quiet summer and comes back more balanced (grown up I guess )
  9. Job done by Citeh, maybe the draw at Goodison will be the difference
  10. And yet we end up with some right donkeys
  11. I think he is full of potential, he needs to find a bit of clarity and calm in front of goal. He had two shots yesterday one ballooned over the top and the second was a weak shot straight at Heston (surprised he didn't spill it 😀) A player with weak sprit would have hides after that, but he didn't, he closed down a defender really well in the right corner of the pitch and won another corner. To have that mindset after missing a couple of chances shows he has the right attributes. Once again his hold up play and bringing others into the game was excellent.
  12. I'll buck the trend here and agree with you Pete, we took our foot off the gas after the 2nd goal. There was a period in the 2nd half where we couldn't put two passes together and we looked nervy, at 2 up against a side who only had an aerial threat it looked like we were back in January, but got back on our game for the last 20 mins or so.
  13. Everyone was excellent but I’ll give it to Digne, kept driving us forward and solid defending again.
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