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  1. Wiggytop

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Saw the game on Sky and just watched the highlights on MOTD, we weren't clinical in front of goal, if we had of been we would have won this game, 9 attempts 6 on target. That would have been 4-5 games worth last season. if can and will improve, we need a couple of those chance to go in, and build our confidence, were clearly a work in progress so let's give it the time it needs.
  2. Wiggytop

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Arsenal 1 Everton 2 DCL
  3. Wiggytop

    Ademola Lookman

    Me too, he was th first off the pitch today, head down, didn't have the balls to look around and acknowledge the fans. As for his playing time, did nothing of note.
  4. Wiggytop

    Man of the Match v West Ham

    100% right, but surely he shouldn't have been playing today, his head wiill have been mashed today. My sympathies go to him and his family.
  5. Wiggytop

    West Ham (Home) Sunday September 16th

    I missed the first two home games, and was looking forward to today.. The first few minutes we were dominant and looked totally in control, they scored and our heads dropped so much, we seemed to loose all confidence and then gifted them a second. Clawed one back, and started second half looking like we were going to go on and win, and then threw away all hope. I felt we were better than anything we saw under gravy chops, we actually had a few attempts on goal, on another day, Tosun head in, puts his shot wide of the keeper and we've got three, and Niasse hits the net not the bar.. But, we didn't, we ran ourselves in to deadends so many times, passed behind each other when playing forward slowing moves down, Tosun is clearly lacking confidence, how long can we carry on with him, Morgan's just lost his dad and gets my full sympathy , but should not have been playing, his head clearly wasn't right. im going to out this one down as a bad day at the office, hopefully with some lessons learned.
  6. Wiggytop

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Everton 3 West Ham 1 walcott
  7. Wiggytop

    West Ham (Home) Sunday September 16th

    Confident we’ll win today, should be an open game as W Ham need points
  8. Wiggytop

    West Ham (Home) Sunday September 16th

    No way, you’ve got to have faith in the blues!
  9. Wiggytop

    Carabao Cup Draw

    Trying to buy tickets for my ST seats on the club site, can't connect, anyone else getting the same?
  10. Wiggytop

    Injury Crisis

    OK sorry not
  11. Wiggytop

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Couldn't agree more with this, from what we've seen, it would be a bonus if he could change and starting being more of a leader for us on the pitch when we need it.
  12. Wiggytop

    Injury Crisis

    Feck, I hate the International breaks, nothing to talk about, so we all revert to this ^^^^^^ 😳😩😥🤔😱🤓🤡😖😣😤 I do sincerely hope that was all grammatically correct by the way. ( none of this btw shit for me ! )
  13. Wiggytop

    Top 5 albums, films, books and box sets

    Ta, it was difficult to do, I love my music, listen to 6 Music or my IPod during the working day, I had so many albums to choose from, on reflection it wasthe groups I've liked since my late teens and still do. Also lucky be to gong to see both Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze) and Neil Finn in Liverpool in the next few months.
  14. Wiggytop

    Top 5 albums, films, books and box sets

    Here's my choices Albums 1 East Side Story - Squeeze 2 Wasp Star - XTC 3 Imperial Bedroom Elvis Costello 4 One Nil - Neil Finn 5 The Undertone - The Undertones Films 1 The Graduate 2 Pulp Fiction 3 shawshank redemtion 4 Usual suspects 5 American beauty Books 1 Godchildren Nicholas Colerdige 2 The Horse Whisperer Nicholas Evans 3 What is Love David Baddiel 4 Dead Heart Douglas Kennedy 5 A postillion struck by lightening Dirk Bogarde autobiography 1st Dont do box sets
  15. Wiggytop

    Carabao Cup Draw

    Confirmed date 2nd Oct 7.45 KO Tickets on sales from Thursday for season ticket holders, missed the PL game so I’ll be there COYB