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  1. And the previous two, do try and keep up please. 😜
  2. Most definitely, we could assemble a decent team around him ........
  3. Horrible to watch all over again, but I’m still of the opinion that it’s not a foul in the centre circle, which makes it all the worse to watch. I’m still so pissed with Delph for launching it the way he did, anyhow, end of, I’m going to move on.
  4. I’ve already said that but some seem happy to ignore it
  5. How to win friends and influence people ! Let me put it this way, loaned to Hull, option to buy not taken, Loaned to Cardiff, option to buy not taken, refuses to go to a championship team on loan this window, came on last night, had the opportunity to run at goal from centre circle, ball bounces 5 yards of him and we loose possession. Yeah he tries and does it with a smile, I would for the wages he gets, probably with same results as last night.
  6. And did you see the qualities he brought to the game, big fat zero, he needs to go, way way off PL level
  7. 100% aren’t the experienced players meant to have a cool head and see the game out. Major blot on his copy book, to add to the others, frustratingly he had a good game until then.
  8. Rotten nights sleep after that, just couldn’t stop thinking how we messed up. At 2-1 which was disappointing after controlling the game, how the hell did we throw the win away with seconds to go. Delph should have kicked the ball upfield and out of play, there wouldn’t have been time then for them to get back in our half as they did, but no they lump it forward, we give away a stupid free kick (Delph again I think) giving them the opportunity to lump it into our box and we freeze like rabbits in headlights. So, so frustrating, They had 2 shots, both in last two minutes and both hit the net.
  9. Holgate for me, once again the youngster plays with the calmest head, he made a few poor passes early on but didn’t let it get on top of him. Such a shame the more experienced players couldn’t help him see the game out to win.
  10. We need to sort his out quickly so we keep him, I rate him a lot.
  11. Pickford based on listening to the game, kept it a 1-1, Holgate summed to be the other stand out player, his name is first on my team sheet.
  12. Slight neck injury reported on the club radio commentary
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