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  1. ^^Concise and my thoughts exactly, well put Aiden,
  2. Ryan Frazier from Bournemouth impressed last season, fast, delivers a good cross ( DCL can put those away ) scores a few and tracks back, send Walcott in the opposite direction.
  3. At £8m compared to Mings at £20m I know who I'd rather have, seems like a sound bit of business to me
  4. If only he could do that on a regular basis! Great goal Hope he brings that form back to Goodison.
  5. Possibly true, but if so, why do we still have Mirallas, Niasse, Martina and Bolassie still on our books 😩
  6. Excellent, might just make it back from holiday for the Wolves game of easyJet are on time, was mighty pissed off at possibly not getting to Goodison until mid September again.
  7. I think you've more chance of becoming a Gana fan! 😜
  8. So happy to finally see this concluded, 22m and five year contract, brilliant! Looking forward to see what else Marcel and Marco have lined up 👍💙
  9. Oops my mistake, with sacking Hughton I was thinking they had dropped down.
  10. Can't be that good them if he's going to the championship
  11. Only if they take Bolassie and Theo in part ex 😜
  12. Has he, where and when? Certainly hope so
  13. Sorry it's CSKA, I must take more care on the detail! £14m is a good price for us, and I don't think he was ever going to be good enough for us TBH
  14. Radio Merseyside reporting that we’ve agreed to sell him to Sparta, no fee mentioned though.
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