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  1. OK I understand, and agree, it was purely on his finishing I was looking at. Giroud is a good shout, but he wont come to Merseyside unless he leaves his missus, she's said she won't live anywhere except London in the U.K.
  2. Good we're on the same page on him them. A few have mentioned getting an older experienced striker for DCL to learn from and take the pressure off him a bit, in the same way that Sharpy benefited from Andy Gray, questionnis who and does that suit our style of play? I do think big Dunc should be able to do it on the training ground but not in match's Dzeko at the right price and wages is a good shout, maybe Vardy, although I think he's a yard dog and seems to be a shit stiirer at Leicester.
  3. I agree with all of this, but we would be stupid to let him go, we paid £27m for Tosun, DCL is a far more rounded player now and has the potential for a lot more, Tosun doesn't, and we would have to pay a lot more for improvement on DCL, Mitrovic is being touted at £40-50m in the papers. Kane has had the support of Son alongside him which takes some pressure off him, hopefully we will see the same with Richarlison and Siggy continuing to get their decent goal return, if we get 15+ goals apiece from them next season I'd be happy, a trio of decent goal scorers will give most teams a tough time. As we saw on Sunday consistency is what we really need.
  4. Yep and didn't concede from one also😳
  5. It looks like Marco is giving him the rest of the season to develop, and for me it's starting to work very well, I thought he was brilliant yesterday, led the line well, brought others in to the game, two decent efforts ( which could have been better, can't have everything ) and was the only player in the first 45 who looked like he was interested, the other 10 should be embarrassed with their own first half lack of effort. As many have said, game time, and maybe belief in him from the manager will best out of him.
  6. DCL for me. Only one who showed any desire in the first half and continued to give their defence problems through to the end. Unlucky not to get on the score sheet also. We’ve got a potentially v good player in him. Gana, Coleman and Pickford all had good games and worthy of a mention.
  7. Happy with our line up, Barkleys going to get some stick I think, certainly will from me at least
  8. Forgot Zouma is ineligible on Sunday, so Mina will be playing, time for him to step up and show us what he's all about.
  9. Good point about Martyn, although need to remember he was in his 30's when he came here, let's hope Pickford does settle down and become as good as one if not both of big Nev and Nige
  10. He also came back to pre season training earlier than he was scheduled to, maybe he needs a break, both physically and mentally.
  11. If he doesn't learn from the mistakes he made on Saturday he will never be as good as he has the potential to be. Very immature in winding up the Toon army, and got them behind their team, as opposed to getting at them. Goalkeeper Coaches need to show him how to not to push theball straight back into play, and kick more consistently.
  12. Brill, I always post my prediction once the team has been announced , not that it has does me any good so far !
  13. I posted this on another site while TT was down, still think it's pertinent.
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