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  1. Brilliant, feeling much happier at having renewed my season tickets! Where has the Allardyce thread gone?
  2. He's hopefully on his way out now, but he's played us like a bunch of idiots, holds out for 18 month contract, achieves the basic task of staying in the premiership, realises he isn'tt liked here, realises he probably won't serve the full 18months, sets the team up to play negatively, gives negative and derogatory towards the players press conferences, end of season gets the sack with full payout of contract, off he goes on holiday, and will probably get another fire fighting job mid way though next season with similar money. Anyone else wish they could have a similar business model for themselves?
  3. No, we need to move forward, Moyes coming back for a 2nd terms is a retrograde step.
  4. Wiggytop

    Thanks feck - its all over!

    It feels wrong to feel good about it being over, but it does, and for me it's all down to Allardyce, the way he has us playing, and his comments. please get him out now.
  5. That makes sense, even with Watford changing manager every season, they probably wanted to stop him going anywhere else during the season. Would be very happy to hear an announcement at the end of the game this afternoon.
  6. Wiggytop

    Stadium at Garston

    Chuf chuf, woo, woo, all aboard the last train out of town 😳
  7. Wiggytop

    Wayne Rooney

    I think he can if used selectively, in the right position and against the right team, good manager should be able to do that.
  8. Wiggytop

    Wayne Rooney

    One more season with us to help mend the team spirit after Allardyce goes, and on the pitch if he can perform to the level required, commercially he's good for the club, I hear lots more foreign accents around the ground on match days, which can only be good for the clubs profile.
  9. Wiggytop

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Same could be said of virtually the whole team, woeful performance, and all down to the managers team selection, set up and influence on the players confidence. TBH I think your focusing on the wrong issue, Gana alone is not the reason we're looking so bad. I know it's a drum your keen to bang, and do so, but let's get a new manager in and sort out the team selection and setup, then we can see if he's as you say he is.
  10. Wiggytop

    Southampton (Home) Saturday May 5th

    That was 90 minutes of my life wasted that I'll not get back. Worst home game of the season ( pushing the West brom game ). Mr Negativity achieved his objective though, sent 37500 loyal paying fans home feeling totally dejected with no enthusiasm for the summer and next season, please let that be his parting shot at pissing everyone off. we stayed to watch the players parade, we're in the top balcony and walked down to the first row right above Bill and Farhad, surely they must see what we can all see, and will make the necessary changes now, last home game of the season, poor opposition, even worse team selection, it's like a bad dream. Only plus point was that the crowd that stayed for the parade, showed respect for the players and family, there was no bad language to be heard. Players looked totally embarrassed and dejected, they may well make their own move away, I can't see them wanting to play under such a negative manager. No sign of the coaches other than big dunc after the game.
  11. Wiggytop

    Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 2 Southampton 0 Tosun
  12. Wiggytop

    Cenk Tosun

    Don't know mate, but it's been a nightmare this season 👎
  13. Wiggytop

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    He had a good first season last year, but this season he's been poor, out of position a lot ( thankfully when they were at Goodison ), worth a punt for a low fee though if we get a manager who can help him develop.
  14. That's because he's a twat
  15. Wiggytop

    Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Huddersfield 0 Everton 2 Rooney