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  1. Wiggytop

    Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    It will given a bit more time
  2. Wiggytop

    Missing players

    Just came across this, what a difference a year makes !
  3. Wiggytop

    Seamus Coleman

    It's Irish, my wife still calls them that after 31 years of living on the Wirral ! Thought a few other would have picked up on it though.
  4. Wiggytop

    Jordan Pickford

    I think we all hope this is the case, plus he's been relagated and then had a toxic season over the last two years, we're 10 games in. And he can see the way we've changed and moving forward with purpose, I think he's head and heart will tell him a move to Utd is wrong for him.
  5. Wiggytop

    Seamus Coleman

    Anyone relate to it being a bundy ?
  6. Wiggytop

    Ademola Lookman

    What’s the injury, if have given him a start on Saturday in place of Theo, who needs a bit of a wake up call
  7. Wiggytop

    Chris Smalling

    At the start of the season Keane gave me the heebeegeebees every game, but over the curse of the season he has impressed , so much so I don't notice his lack of pace as he doesn't seem to be getting caught out of position anymore. Smalling is over rated and over the hill, the polar opposite of what we should be looking for. Keane, Mina, Holgate and hopefully Zouma, why would be interested?
  8. Wiggytop

    Marko Arnautovic

    One of my mates is a Hammers fan, to quote him, "he is great on his day, but they aren't enough of them, if he has a bad start he fails to get into the game" His attitude is main issue for me, we seem to have changed from a toxic dressing room to one of harmony, it's a no from me regardless of his talent.
  9. At least they didn’t make the same mistake as we did last year 😱
  10. Wiggytop

    Samir Nasri

    Why on earth would we want a little shitty agitator in the dressing room when Marco clearly has the squad working for each other? So no and no again.
  11. Wiggytop

    Chelsea (Away) Sunday November 11th

    Great stats, not really a fan of them, but the result backs it up. Given the right players Marco is looking good for me.
  12. Wiggytop

    Gylfi Sigurðsson

    If Bernard can knock Rudiger over there's nowt to worry about in terms of his strength 😜
  13. Wiggytop


    Laughable comments from Rudiger, however I hope he's there first choice and we get the opportunities to buy Zouma, who has handled himself very well here IMO.
  14. Wiggytop

    Man of the Match at Chelsea

    He had a game where I didn’t really notice him, which after last season means he had a good game with no major mistakes, he’s is also much better on the call this season.
  15. Wiggytop

    Man of the Match at Chelsea

    Pickford just edged it for me, good team performance again, whilst we weren't sharp in front of goal pressed well for most of the game which stopped them from being too creative