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  1. Wiggytop

    Luke Shaw

    I think your spot on there Shukes, and agree 100% he's not the player for us.
  2. Hedgehog is very popular, particularly since the economic downturn, its cheap and readily available, I'm not too keen though, it sticks in my throat a bit too much.
  3. They have the potential to do the same as we did last season, too many changes which unsettles then team, hope so, I've got another bet on with my mate as to who will finish higher.
  4. Anyone know if the sewage treatment plant gives off any bad smells, the prevailing wind will blow any across the ground, doesn't sound too appealing if it stinks.
  5. Wiggytop


    We've over achieved in this tournament, we were expected to bomb out early as ever. Not played fantastic but they seem to developed a true team spirit, we now need to carry on and find a bit more creativity in midfield. We didn't freeze, but did seem over awed with the thought of making the final, I didn't see anything special from Alli, Sterling frightened the life out of their defence, a big error in taking him off for Rashford, Vardy would at least run at them with threat. Ahh well onwards and upwards lads.
  6. Don't ask questions he can't answer, that spoils his argument completely!
  7. Wiggytop

    Mason Holgate

    I agree, I think he'll be very good for us, Re not playing, Allardyce clearly didn't want to develop any talent just grind out dull results, Mason was not going to get much playing time under him.
  8. Wiggytop

    Mason Holgate

    More lazy journalism from the Echo IMO
  9. Wiggytop


    Pickford was brilliant, he's had three games where he's not really been involved, last night similar for most of the early part, and managed to stay focused to pull out that fantastic save, I think this tournament will really help with his development and Everton ultimately.
  10. Wiggytop


    Steve, I dont think anyone likes the play acting, but for too long England have let other teams kick, push, pull and all other types of intimidation, and have played with a "stiff upper lip" to our expense, we finally seem to have realised that we need to play them at their own game and play up to the re when it happens, otherwise it goes un noticed. For me we should go down when infringed, but not do five summersaults and a double roll after. The headbutt to Henderson could have easily smashed his teeth, or caused him to bit off part of his tongue, did you really want him to stay standing and shake the Colombians hand to congratulate him?
  11. Wiggytop

    Luke Garbutt

    Good luck to him, clearly not up to PL standards yet ( Think Vardy, it could happen). Hopefully this shows our intent at getting in a new LB soon
  12. Wiggytop

    Jack Rodwell

    By big money, I meant he went for the dollars at City.
  13. Wiggytop

    Ademola Lookman

    I agree, you've got to earn your place and then perform well enough to keep it, no one should have an assurance hey place regardless.
  14. Wiggytop

    Jack Rodwell

    Sorry I'm not buying this either, Rodwell took the big money move and wasn't forced out as far as I'm aware, in what way does that reflect badly on the club? He failed to make an impression at City, and then at Sunderland who have just has successive relegations, and now has his contract terminated by a third tier team, yeah that's all Everton's fault ! ( No it's not )
  15. Wiggytop

    Marco Silva (manager)

    As long as we have Gana we'll be fine