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  1. And being Pascha, Rachel Riley’s bloke 😜
  2. Plenty as he’s not playing !
  3. Long enough, there were a fair few calling for him to go before they got the Champions final last year, and no I don’t follow but I’m local so can’t really avoid the shit they come out with, wish I could TBH. The only manager who’s come out of the blocks well recently is Rodgers with Leicester, don’t like him, don’t want him, but he’s doing a bloody good job there after Puel, who I wouldn’t want over Marco in any shape of form, why can’t we have that sort of impetus?
  4. Tom Davies for me also, only seems to want how to move the ball forward when he has it, Mason a close second, looked very assured and composed and moves the ball in the right direction rather than too much sideways. (Based on live commentary and highlights on website)
  5. So happy we won, listened to the Everton feed, and sounds like we should have put the game to bed by half time. Got to give the lads credit for getting the lead. Also just listening to Radio Merseyside post match, Ronnie Goodlass just made a good point about being mentally strong after Gomes injury last week. Two weeks to hopefully get some of the injured back to fitness ready for Norwich.
  6. Siggy I can live with but not Schniederlin, hope he proves me wrong and has something to prove against his old club
  7. FFS why have they said this now, it just pisses me off even more, at 2-1 we were in control and on our way to three points. Next week they will no doubt come out and say we should have been given the two penalty shouts against Spurs also.
  8. Whilst he has the skill set of can shoot with both feet and is good in the air ( when not chanllenged) he’s not tough enough to play CF, would like to see him get on the end of DCL,S knock downs more, and also when he’s on the wing, run down the line more, he kept stopping and passing the ball back too often on Sunday when he had the chance.
  9. Are we though or is it just fans who think he’s not working out for us? I’d rather keep him, even playing from the bench a super sub who could get 10 goals a season is worth more than £20m plus wages IMO
  10. This is beyond belief, I can’t bring myself to watch the footage again, it was horrible enough in the ground on Sunday. As most have said there was intent to bring Gomes down by Son, he did it’s a red . On the basis that a decision can be overturned, should we not be asking for Keanes penalty at Brighton be overturned and a 1-2 result be awarded, and the two clear penalties from Sunday be reversed, score one miss one, we win 2-1, can we have our 5 points please Mr PL.
  11. Played well at the weekend, he looks so much more confident than Keane does, and is faster. Also noticed on Sunday that he was looking to play the ball forward whenever possible, still has a mistake in him, but he’s not alone in that.
  12. Tom only wants to move the ball forward, I think he brings a much needed energy to our game, and as such should be a starter, yes he still makes a couple of mistakes, but dont they all.
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