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  1. Hasn’t done enough to warrant staying here, all the frailty he showed at Arsenal came with him. Move on ASAP.
  2. Please please Leeds do the right thing
  3. we need a spine, we just don’t have one at the moment, Pickford doesn’t inspire confidence in his back line, which effect their play, he can move on, a strong CB who can talk the other defenders through a game, and a midfield general like Reidy, I’d also look for an experienced striker to help DCL and Kean develop doing what Giraud and Glenn Murray do, can’t help thinking we didn’t use Rooney correctly when he came back.
  4. Any married bloke could have told you this is how it works in every marriage !
  5. But Siggy had been decent at Swansea
  6. 👍 More talk about Carlo, not the past please, thought we had covered the unmentionable to death.
  7. He’s been giving the first team squad plenty of chances to prove themselves sInce the restart, not many have grabbed it. We can’t go from where we are and do wholesale change, we need 4 key players recruiting to move us forward with a strong spine to build on.
  8. Keane, solid and not troubled apart from being turned once towards the end of 2nd half.Branthwaite looked composed when he came on. As for the rest .......
  9. Historically just of cup of team then. Seriously hope we side step this.
  10. Sorry my bad, I’ve miss read your original comment, yeah there are 9 other outfield players, must be too many San Miguel’s and being on holiday !
  11. No, 11 in total and 10 OUTFIELD. See I can shout too! MATE 😜
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