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  1. Terrible news for the lad, I’ve just been back over the previous page to refresh my memory, it really doesn’t read well for him. Wishing him a full recovery and getting back into contention.
  2. I got the email this morning, also have see the posts on Facebook, most seem to be donating the refund to EITC if they are able to do so, I will be, there’s lots of people in worse of situation and in need of assistance. Either way very proud to be a blue and part of the family.
  3. Clearly, that’s why I said he needs to wise up.
  4. had, I was born and grew up in Ellesmere Port, born at home in Suffolk Avenue which is off Luton Rd. I played in the junior Sunday leagues, so know all about the turds and trolleys of E Port!
  5. Thanks Palfy, I’m self employed running a home maintenance/improvement business on the Wirral. Hope your OK also, maybe we should run a poll to see if everyone else is OK to and do our bit for EITC, mods?
  6. Voted for option 2 on the basis that the same happens in each of the lower leagues, nearly a 3rd of the season is outstanding, can’t even remember how many games played now. Physically and mentally I’m OK, I’ve been able to keep busy at home, although my customers stopped calling and I’ve not earned a penny since the lockdown started, thankfully my work fixed overheads are low. Anyone who is struggling has my sympathy.
  7. Yeah most of us did, but we Weren’t earning he sort of money he is, he needs to wise up and take some responsibility and realise the opportunity he has in life.
  8. Hi all, I’m still here, just haven’t had much to say as there’s no footy, apart from the rerun games on Weds and Saturdays, I’d imagine many others are the same. There’s a fair few reports of Facebook, but I’m dubious of the accuracy at present, well as always TBH. Hope everyone is keeping well.
  9. Lovely idea, I’ll be happy to do the same, we all deal with things differently, I found out yesterday from one of my wife’s friends that her husband who I go out for a drink with occasionally and comes over as being a positive guy, is really struggling to deal with Covid, she said he wakes up each day thinking all his family are going to die from it. It’s important to not assume how someone is.
  10. I’d like to see another season ( if it happens ! ) where Carlo can bolster the defence and get to see what Pickford is really about and if he is as solid as we all want
  11. Didn’t see you hadn’t been well, glad to hear your home and well, stay safe in these uncertain times.
  12. Pickford. And after a 4-0 defeat it’s embarrassing to have our goalie as MOM
  13. Woeful performance throughout except Pickford, absolutely no desire to win the ball never mind the game, next Monday is looking scary after that.
  14. Building the spine of the team for the future💙👍
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