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  1. Lovely idea, I’ll be happy to do the same, we all deal with things differently, I found out yesterday from one of my wife’s friends that her husband who I go out for a drink with occasionally and comes over as being a positive guy, is really struggling to deal with Covid, she said he wakes up each day thinking all his family are going to die from it. It’s important to not assume how someone is.
  2. I’d like to see another season ( if it happens ! ) where Carlo can bolster the defence and get to see what Pickford is really about and if he is as solid as we all want
  3. Didn’t see you hadn’t been well, glad to hear your home and well, stay safe in these uncertain times.
  4. Pickford. And after a 4-0 defeat it’s embarrassing to have our goalie as MOM
  5. Woeful performance throughout except Pickford, absolutely no desire to win the ball never mind the game, next Monday is looking scary after that.
  6. Building the spine of the team for the future💙👍
  7. Excellent work by the club and Mason, no shouting in the press, business done quietly and quickly, shows we can do it properly. Starting to put a good spine of young talented players together, Pickford, Mason, DCL and Richy. Add Davies, Iwobi and JJK who may or not be there yet.
  8. They always make an example of us, Niasse being the first to get the three match ban, nothing since then as AFIK. I do t want us to start injuring other players, let’s play them off the park instead, yes put in hard tackles but not at the expense of getting sent off, cos we all know our players will. We need to be much smarter and vocal at the right time, on Sunday we should have been challenging the decision for a penalty on Siggy as he put his shot in, Maguire was in the refs ear all game long.
  9. So many failed tackles yesterday, and why didn’t he go to the ref and claim a penalty after Wan Bissakas tackle, poor performance once again.
  10. He’s our 20 goals a season striker we’ve all be wanting, time for the doubters to standup and accept they were wrong.
  11. DCL gets my vote, fast becoming an absolute beast of a player to play against. Baines and Holgate a close second, both played with composure and a calm head when it was required. Michael Keane gets a mention after some poor performances, today he was solid.
  12. Sooooo pissed off at the result, we have definately been robbed of the win, it feels like a loss to me, and seemed to be the same for everyone else on the bus back in to town we took. Plus points, we kept going to the end, numerous corners ( which we should have made more of though) and DCL, what a player he is turning out to be this season. Time for a big drink now.
  13. Here’s my take on him, he’s classed as a full back, his defending is woeful, every team have identified this and ping cross field balls in to the space he leaves as he comes inside too much. He has put some decent cross in, but isn’t that what a winger is for? Let’s have a defender who can defend, plus put some decent balls in the box, with a winger who can put crosses in and also score a few, or try and shoehorn one or the other into a semi decent fit.
  14. From a poor starting point also, I don’t remember him getting close to the ball during open play in the first 20 mins.
  15. Pretty much agree with all this, No8 is as obvious as it could be. I’m not convinced with Mina either, would like us to buy two CH, an experienced one to play alongside Holgate and one as back up.
  16. Gomes for me, Richy and DCL in close contention, but when Gomes came on we did look like we were going to take something from the game. It’s partly heart over head after the injury and timeout, but I didn’t see him put a foot wrong
  17. Arsenal 0 Everton 2 DCL May revise prediction if I’m not stuck in an airplane
  18. We’re away this week but I’ve been able to keep up via his Facebook page. Fantastic achievement, I’m looking forward to shaking his hand again at Goodison and dropping a few quid more in his bucket.
  19. My sons just told me the sad news, sadly not everybody can cope with living in the spotlight, another loss that shouldn’t have been.
  20. Thanks, He puts in so much effort for every penny, and he appreciates the support he get👍👍💙
  21. Absolutely, and Europa will be 6th and 7th, who would have thought we could make Europe a few weeks ago !
  22. I know De Gea is having a bad season but he’s probably still regarded as a keeper😜
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