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  1. Professor Ancelotti and the School of Science does have a nice ring.
  2. Don Carlo or Professor Ancelotti?
  3. If any of you watch American Football the comparison I make for James is that of a “route runner” type WR. Not overly athletic or quick but he understands the game so well and is so technically preficient that he’s still able to create space to operate rather easily.
  4. Fair enough though in actuality he’s often playing as our 10. Someone should start a counter on the number of times he cuts in on his left and pings a cross field pass. We have to be near double digits already after 2 games.
  5. He was solid today but James was sublime when he was on the ball. Be fun to see that midfield after 10 games or, even more so, after a year together.
  6. He’s a premier league striker and you can’t fault his work rate. I just worry that what he lacks (finishing and decision making in the box) is something that might be hard to teach at this point. Not everyone can be Zlatan. If he can just get a little bit better there I’d take it for everything else he does but I just don’t know if it’s in there. He needs to be scoring 15+ in the league for us this season with the increased quality we should have in attack.
  7. I disagree with your assessment a bit. I think he has the tools and scoring well in his opportunity at Juventus proves (for me) it’s in there somewhere. I understand what you mean about players that work but you have to have the talent as well or you get a Tom Davies. Thousands of kids would work their asses off that we’d want nowhere near our first team. He’ll be an interesting one to follow this season. I’m someone who isn’t sold on DCL as a starter for a European team so that combined with Kean uncertainty does make me think that’s an area we may be looking to add before too long.
  8. I did notice him not tracking runs a couple of times defensively. If you’re gonna not gonna be great in that area of the game you’d better be real dangerous going forward. Can’t wait to see him in 2-3 years if he can work on his weak points.
  9. Important to remember he’s a kid still getting used to a new country, language etc.. and he’s had limited game time. His mentality at 20 isn’t necessarily his mentality at 22 or 25. He had a poor game but at the end of last season there was a general feeling of positivity about him. One game after a limited preseason shouldn’t erase that. Perhaps he’s not cut out for the premier league but it’s early to make that call in my opinion.
  10. In fairness to Gylfi he’s the one that put us 2-0 up.
  11. Hard not to get excited with his build, composure on the ball and attacking mentality. Gonna hold it in check until we see him against some better competition but he looks to be quite the coup.
  12. So what do we think is best at this point? Still against lower league opposition but he looks a great prospect. Better to get a loan and some games or to stay and learn from his countryman while providing cover?
  13. I don’t think Keane is ever gonna be a world beater but he’s looking like he’s settled in as a good, solid premier league CB.
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