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  1. I'm a little surprised there isn'tt more mention of Digne's performance. He was a problem for them all day. Of course hes been so good consistently that maybe we are just coming to expect it.
  2. I hope there is an option to buy here. I wonder if we agreed to a buyback clause on Mina in exchange for a buy option on Gomes.
  3. It’s an exciting looking team for us and offensive minded, to be sure. My concern would be Gueye in that formation. He’s not the type we’d want to be bringing the ball up the field a lot which means that it would fall to Gylfi to come back often. I’m wondering if that would tax him too much over 90 minutes when he’s also supposed to be the engine of our offense. Perhaps the box to box role is exactly what he’s made for, I defer to others there, but I’m going to be curious to see what the plan is in that area early on.
  4. It isn't plausible though. You're admitting as much by saying its probably not likely. It would be pretty stupid to lie about something like this when it could be easily disproven by Chelsea, Ross, his agent etc... and I think we can all agree that, in addition to being upfront with Everton supporters so far, Moshiri isn't stupid. Beyond that, I'm not sure how this would be effective as a deflection even if it was his goal. Those who are upset about the lack of a big name striker and a defender aren't going to forget about it because of this stuff with Ross.
  5. I expect you to head to the Werner thread next.
  6. 1. It doesn't 2. This guy has been linked for, what, 3-4 days?
  7. I thought Williams was quality when he first arrived but has looked a touch slow since then and as a result has been a bit clumsy. The Split penalty was a good example. Given the situation at the time, that was as unnecessary a challenge as you're gonna see. Agree with the rest. "It's a project" as Koeman likes to say.
  8. Fair enough. I think the jury is still out on the whole team. Normally I give it 10 games or so but it will probably take a bit longer this season to know what we really have. In terms of pace and creativity, I'm looking forward to Bolassie getting fit. He can be a bit of a headless chicken sometimes but he gives us an element we don't seem to have much of at the moment.
  9. Fair enough on Williams but I've not heard many describe Sig as average. At worst he's a hardworking, attacking mid who is world class in deadball situations.
  10. Your premise seems to be that we had the option to get a real quality striker in and that we are just dragging our feet. Perhaps that is true for other clubs and maybe it was true for us in the past but I think that's an unfair assumption given the level of activity we've seen under Walsh & Co. As we go for a higher quality of player it's going to be harder for us. We are going to be competing against richer clubs, many of whom can offer CL football. It will require patience from those making the decisions and from our supporters (as unrealistic as that may be). Nobody gets to where we want to get to overnight anymore. I'd rather us not sign a striker this window and wait to find an option that will really improve us than make a panic buy and sign some mediocre option to a long contract which will stifle the growth of guys like DCL and Sandro while not moving us forward. In the grand scheme of things it's far more important to get the right players in then to do it quickly. Whoever we bring in may be here for many years. missing 5 or 10 games is a small matter when weighted against that.
  11. You're making a lot of assumptions which aren't going to be relevant if we sign a decent option. I will say that it doesn't matter what we "look like" we are doing. Neither of us are privy to what's going on behind the scenes but given our spending this window and the quality we've brought in I think those pulling the strings have earned more faith than you seem to have in them. I think most would agree its been a very positive window given our circumstances. The fact that the new players are going to take some time to gel together and that we aren't immediately going to be a top 4 team doesn't diminish that.
  12. Few things that could be said about this post but why don't we wait until the window closes to see if the sky is falling/not falling debate is necessary.
  13. Skimming their forum it appears he has a year or less under contract so perhaps they would be agreeable after all.
  14. I don't see how their management could possibly let their top 2 scorers go like that but who knows.
  15. I think that he'd be quite a smart buy at this point. He's a serious physical presence (6'5") and scored 15 in 28 starts and 5 sub appearances in the league. Most of his goals were converting crosses with his head which is what we need and he obviously has a repoire with Siggy. I'm not sure how his hold up play is but I think he'd be really solid for what we need for a year or two (as has been mentioned) while we find the perfect longterm option. His physicality alone will force defenses to account for him and open up space for others.
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