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  1. An example being Richarlison who we "broke the market" with and who, 18 months later,is one of the more promising young players in world football and likely worth twice what we paid.
  2. Not to mention that he’s at a club having a poor season who just sacked their manager. He needs to be more professional, of course, but the kid is 19. This is one of those situations where I think throwing an arm around him and offering encouragement would go a lot farther than the sink or swim treatment. Young players need to be allowed to make mistakes without the fear that they will get immediately yanked if they have a bad spell. DCL, Davies etc.. have certainly made their share and I don’t think either has Kean’s potential. A lot of this has to do with relegation. If we were in a more comfortable position I imagine he’d be given more leash but right now points are vital so he’s given much less of a chance. I hope that when we do get a new manager in he’s mature enough to see it as a fresh start. Certainly if it’s Ancelotti you’d think he’d have no choice but to listen and learn.
  3. Obviously a big difference today in terms of our intensity, highlighted by a very telling stat. We out tackled Chelsea 37-15. If you exclude fouls conceded that number is 23-6. Really drives home the point that we were extremely physical and made it hard on them. If we can keep up that sort of effort then, regardless of the result, nobody will want to play us.
  4. In no particular order.. The Wire The Sopranos Seinfeld Game of Thrones The X Files Battlestar Galactica (updated version) Breaking Bad The West Wing The Simpsons Batman: The Animated Series Honorable Mention: Arrested Development, South Park, Deadwood, Chapelle's Show, The Daily Show w/ John Stewart
  5. I hear ya I just don't think it's fair because neither sample size (particualrly Kean's) is meaningful yet. I don't know if you follow baseball but it would be like commenting on a players average after his first 50 at bats.
  6. I think it's way too premature to say this. Kean is adjusting to a new country, new teammates, new manager and hasn't had a run of games. While DCL is still young and can develop we have a much better idea of what we are getting with him. Let's give Kean some time before we start making determinations.
  7. I think the real test will not be this year but next. Would love to get into Europe and I think we will but Silva/Brands have done almost a complete overhaul of our squad over the last couple seasons. The team we have out there is nearly unrecognizable. By next year we should have most everything in place and those guys will have experience with the club. Brands has mentioned he wants to model our approach after some of the big clubs where we are only bringing in 2-3 quality signings during the summer window. That lack of turnover should really help stabilize things and by next August we should have a talented group with good experience together and be ready to really mount a challenge. I think we are building the right way.
  8. Does Lincoln City have a single player that would make our bench? These can be tough games for a variety of reasons but it's absurd to say it's 50/50. If you really believe that then I've got quite a large wager I'd like to propose.
  9. Excited for this one. The series has to end in tragedy, no?
  10. I hear ya. They definitely need to do a better job of explaining the protocol to the fans. In this case I think whichever call the ref made in real time was gonna stand as it was close enough to not be “clear and obvious” either way.
  11. It has nothing to do with anyone being a “name”. A manager should play the team he thinks gives us the best chance to get the points. I’ve never bought into this idea that you shouldn’t change a team if you are getting results. It’s a simplistic view. For one, it ignores that different opponents may require different set ups. For two, it’s arbitrary. If a striker misses several easy chances and we win 1-0 it’s madness to say that he needs to stay in there because of the result. You seem to be making an assumption that if we are getting good results than everyone who is starting is equally responsible and so their individual performances can be overlooked. It is possible for us to win games with DCL (or anyone else) not performing well just as it’s possible to lose and still have certain players do a good job. I would hope Silva takes a more nuanced approach and doesn’t stick to an inferior lineup because of what amounts to superstition. Your example is baffling. If you were manager you’d take out a striker who was scoring a hat trick every game because we weren’t getting wins? Why on earth would you assign blame to the striker in that case? You’d create an environment where whether a player starts or not has little to do with how he performs. Beat Lincoln City 5-4 and everyone stays. Lose @ Man City 1-0 and change out the whole squad.
  12. You’re making a point that if a team gets good results you shouldn’t change the players. I’m giving you an example of why that isn’t necessarily the case. It’s great that DCL does a job for the team but his 1st responsibility is to score. If he can’t do that regularly and we have a better option than I don’t think he deserves a spot regardless of how many points we get. Besides, I don’t think anyone is arguing we are playing great at this point, particularly up front.
  13. I think people overestimate how likely a goal is from the positions Richarlison found himself in. Those were good chances but no way is he supposed to score 50% of the time from there.
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