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  1. Moyes had average players....Allardyce had 250M of "Stars" And..Moyes is tearing us apart
  2. POS! i takes 2 of their player to beat 6 of our players.... This year, its POS team! And the fat swine is another hopeless addition
  3. It was coming...fully deserved! in fact they deserve to even WIN againts our headless chickens!
  4. True,...and he also does not have support when he attacks... the players do not understand each others play or positions
  5. Second half...it is all about Swansea ... they deserve to draw or win at least!
  6. These bunch of idiots cant even play with simple one touch passing and yet they call themselves as professionals!
  7. within 40secs of restart, they tried to score..
  8. it is already terrible watching us play... the TV just made it horrible when they showed SAM's fat face!
  9. Fucking POS morgan... cant even intercept a simply ball... plays as if he has swollen balls...
  10. Never been a week where i can say Everton played very well....
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