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  1. Cheers mate, if you're ever in the area you have a place to stay as a Blue.
  2. Very long story. Born and raised in Pittsburgh. My dad was born and raised in Philadelphia, his parents were too poor to buy an Eagles jersey for him. Grandfather went to a thrift shop and they had a Bart Starr jersey on sale for $0.50 and that was all my grandfather could afford, so he got him that jersey and the rest is history!
  3. You are correct. Seems like the fans here are quality! Huge plus
  4. Life-long Green Bay Packers fan... Can't get enough NFL and Premiership talk! Fantastic combination for Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons!
  5. I've been told, by my friend Gethin, that if I ever give up rooting for the blue crest that I am a wanker bulldog chewing on a pissed on thistle. His quotes are hilarious. Once describing an unattractive female as a "bulldog chewing up a wasp". Impressive analogy! Excited about the new stadium on the docks, and already have plans for seeing a mid-week game and saturday premiership game in the same week in October. Cheers!
  6. Fellow Blues, My name is Austin, and I have quite the story on becoming an Everton Fan. Born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (USA), and was always into American Football, hockey, and amateur wrestling (was decent enough to compete in college at a high NCAA level). After college, I moved to Chicago, Illinois where I met an Everton supporter at a bar by chance (not shockingly, he was drinking beer watching Saturday morning Premier League football muttering to himself). Heard his accent and asked the 'best way to get into the beautiful game as an American'. His advice was to "pick a
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