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  1. So many to choose from, what a nice change, went for Gomes never flustered.
  2. DCL for now getting much more involved for longer periods of the game, progressing well.
  3. I love the term good shot stopper and wonder what a keeper is there for.
  4. The thing that stands out from all these opinions is, hes not improving, hes not learning, and i dont think he can. he has reached his level. The Newcastle thing has been going on since he signed for us, the mistakes are getting more often, no improvement in commanding the area. He looks like he plays to his own rules and everyone else is wrong. If Silva can not change his attitude then get rid.
  5. Im afraid yesterday he gets to involved with the Newcastle Sunderland thing to the detriment of us. He has a lot of growing up to do, hes had a disastrous season and im not sure he will pull out of it. He does not seem to learn from his mistakes and there are a lot, he shows no sign of dominating the box or of trying to. Personally i would move him on in the summer. We should have sold him last summer when his stock was high.
  6. Good performance, nice to see a fighting spirit again, so far that has only surface against them,need to see it in all games.
  7. Coleman he was mustard, back to his old self
  8. League winner great passer workhorse, and commands the midfield, some shite i say.
  9. Maybe bring Drinkwater in sitting at Chelsea doing nothing, ball winner, good passer league winner, just a thought.
  10. I think the VAR issue is us clutching at straws, the back 4 are all strangers to each other, someone said the 2 free kicks against LD were soft, its LD who is soft We must have said all week dont give free kicks around the the box, hes shoves the lad in the back under the linos nose clear shove the lads going no were, top class numptyism Then he goes into the back of their man after the ball has gone, now i know footballers are not the brightest but come on how can silva be blamed for that.LD should be droped for a month till he wises up, we do have a good replacement at the moment, he has not done to bad since his arrival but his defensive side is poor. As for kean bullied by a sunday league striker panicked into hoofing the ball anywhere, hes been in this league all his life and his 2nd year with us no excuses, time to move him on and get a leader. Why play AG & GS in the same team against a team who will bully and get in your faces they dont have a tackle between them were was davis? or any ball winner, did we not get the weather forecast and see what kind of night it was going to be. As for Gana he does not tackle he nicks the ball, his first thought is to go backwards and if he goes forward its always behind the player so the move slows down, he is the main reason we are slow going forward. PSG in for him who made that up his agent. Right now its very difficult being a blue in a family full of reds, probably my lowest ebb in 60 years as a blue.
  11. I believe with the Russian drains you need a good WC
  12. Wallcot for one and bernard could be used with them coming on for one of them hes only a loan player could well be else were next season, also charlie needs resting and competition hes been poor lately, You could rotate them but making sure the young Everton players got regular playing time. Its not always a straight choice as other will be out of form along the way. Its about managing the squad with the emphasis on youth and players committed to staying with us, otherwise we stay in this state of flux for ever. We have to be in good shape for next season short term fixes dont work as we have seen in our recent history.
  13. Agree with this but add lookman and play them both till the end of the season, dont see the point of spending money on short term solutions we want to rebuild and get EFC back in a good place for a long time to come.
  14. Digne for me, was going for Keane but again the same mistake with his first touch, we were lucky this time but he has to cut it out of his game.
  15. Dint get the fuss on this lad, goals per game is poor, needs a lot of chances, not a natural finisher like the lad who went to Leicester from city iheanacho very over rated. We need a fox in the box we have enough athletes. Understand if hes cheap, but would not excite me one bit.
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