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  1. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    That's a hell of a finish that. Fair play to the lad.
  2. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    He's shit him. Had to let it bounce first.
  3. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    Sandro getting laughed at on SSN. Cheeky bastards.
  4. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    Haha. don't hold back fella.
  5. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    'people bitching' it's a fact you plonker!
  6. Ronald Koeman

    Watched again last night. It's crazy what you miss when your engulfed with rage watching us. I see nobody mentioned Baines switching off again back post for lukaku goal. If he's gonna give us less going forward then he's got to give us more at the back.
  7. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    got to play niasse tomorrow. One of very few chances he's gonna get to prove himself.
  8. Ronald Koeman

    In all fairness Newty, Rooney's pass rate will probably always be considerably lower than Gana's due to the passes involved. Rooney continuously tries to spread 60 yard passes across midfield and tries intriguate first time passes once it's played up to him. Gana, on the other hand doesn't seem to do this. He wins the ball and plays it simple for someone else to do their business. The problem I have is the simple pass does not come off nowhere near the amount of times it should, based on how technical the pass is.
  9. Ronald Koeman

    He's good at what he brings to the team. But his talents are very limited. That's all I'm saying.
  10. Should we sack our manager?

    If I say black, you'll say white... You know if your completely honest with yourself that whether it be 5 or 500 games, you can see that there isn't any productivity. He won't get 38 games if it drags on, so I'll base it on 5 games.
  11. Ronald Koeman

    Loses possession far too easy. Can't shoot. Loses his positioning sense.
  12. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    I never seen him take a man on also. That doesn't bother me. But when the left of an attacking three is looking over their shoulder for an overlap, he doesn't even do that now.
  13. Wayne Rooney

    The one concerning thing with Wayne at the moment is his delay on making a pass. He doesn't seem to have that instinct anymore. He sees the pass and doesn't execute it until the tackle actually comes into him.
  14. Wayne Rooney

    He'll be made up they used the dark brown crayola for the hair though.