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  1. Who should replace Koeman?

    Until we hire another manager, he still has every chance.
  2. Who should replace Koeman?

    It's allardyce I tell ya.
  3. Who should replace Koeman?

    He's putting us off the scent.
  4. Who should replace Koeman?

    Did u go the cash machine?
  5. Who should replace Koeman?

    We've found out the past 24 hours that a con man now owns us and another con man will manage us.
  6. Who should replace Koeman?

    Moshiri is turning out to be one of THOSE owners.😩
  7. Who should replace Koeman?

    Get ya tenner ready pad.🤣
  8. Wayne Rooney

    I'd just thought I'd big my shit up. Something you seem to every single post.
  9. Wayne Rooney

    Did say Baines was finished a year ago and said he would be badly exposed this season. Now everyone's on the wagon. Hello lads.
  10. Watford (Home) Sunday November 5th

    The last time we won 3-2 from being 2-0 down at home was Wimbledon 94. Best game I've ever been to. Says Alot for an everton supporter.
  11. Watford (Home) Sunday November 5th

    Just you
  12. Watford (Home) Sunday November 5th

    Just to bring you's back down to earth lads. After three goals and a win we are still shite at the back and we can't create for shit. Still don't know what our identity is as a team. Lucky it was warlord but I'll enjoy it nevertheless.
  13. Watford (Home) Sunday November 5th

    I'd just like to repeat again. Everyone who wanted Silva will be getting another Martinez. Couldn't see 0-2 lead out.