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  1. They did mate. It was toxic, like the last days of Roberto Martinez. People were singing "sacked in the morning" which caused a bit of fuss as half the fans were defending Silva, with the others joining in and for the last five minutes whenever we won possession the team was booed. I've seen managers get stick, but for the home team to be booed every time they touched the ball was something special. A horrible night from start to finish really, atrocious football and a poisonous atmosphere.
  2. Now that it's done, I wish him well. Even though his tactics can be called into question, I don't think you can question his commitment to the team. What pissed me off about Koeman is towards the end he didn't look like he gave a shit, we were shipping goals left, right and centre without looking arsed. Silva always looked as though he was desperate for a win (or a point) but just wasn't getting the run of the green and/or good enough. Unfortunately, I don't think his tenure will be remembered in 10-20 years time. Moyes took us from fighting relegation to Europe, Martinez brought that attractive, attacking football and I think at the start Koeman looked really good - I just don't know what identity Marco has brought to the club nor do I think he's really progressed us as hoped, quite the opposite. It'll be interesting to see how we respond against Chelsea. As much as I wanted Silva to go I'm filled with anxiety due to not knowing who we'll get next. A bad appointment could put is in an even bigger mess.
  3. Not saying that we wouldn't pay it, but it's been reported that Benitez has a £20m buyout clause in his contract with Yifang so just getting him out of there, without taking into account sign on fees, wages etc would be an astonishing fee that I doubt the board would entertain. Like others have said, it'll be Moyes probably. No fee to pay as he's out of a job and Kenwright clearly loves him. I just hope he's good enough to get us 17th or higher because that's literally the target at the moment.
  4. How many board meetings have you attended to come to that conclusion? How many times have you spoken with Moshiri on the phone/via email to conclude this? Can you advise why he needs a "marquee" signing, despite signing a Director of Football to handle first team and youth transfers? As someone who doesn't know Moshiri or work with him on a daily basis I'm unable to determine what he's like or what plans he has for the football club. Given that he has funded the team in every window, successfully put plans in place for us to move to a much needed new stadium and made good moves at board level I'd say he was doing rather well, albeit with some concerns surrounding his managerial choices. Amazing how people cried and cried about Bill Kenwright and as soon as he's replaced, the successor is subjected to the same rubbish from people who have never met, worked or spoken with the bloke.
  5. He's gone, just waiting for the announcement. Moshiri, Kenwright and Barrett-Baxendale had a meeting after the final whistle which I can assure you wasn't for cocktails and a discussion about lawn darts. Silva has also said in his press conference that "the club must come first" which is almost as if admitting that the end is near.
  6. That was toxic at the end, felt like the last days of Roberto Martinez all over again. I've always tried to find the positives in Silva, but I said I'd personally give him the Southampton and Norwich games and we've taken three points which isn't enough. It wasn't particularly the defeat (although it's unacceptable) but the manner of it. Playing two defensive midfielders against a team set up for a draw with 4-5-1 is laughable and it showed as we created the square root of fuck all until the last 20 minutes when we swapped Schneiderlin for Iwobi. The squad is good enough to beat most in this league but a managerial team of Marco Silva and Luis Boa Morte just isn't working, it's time for change. Unfortunately, Benitez is on massive bucks in China so I don't know why he would swap a holiday in Asia for an absolute shambles at Goodison. People in the stands asking for Pochettino need to give their head a wobble, will get a Steven Gerrard tattoo if it happens. Feel a right mug being a ST holder.
  7. Voted Gomes, probably wasn't the best player on the pitch but has been an inspired signing since moving from Barcelona, won't play again this season, probably won't be the same player when he does. Totally, totally distraught for him so yeah, voting Andrè to show my support - as silly and insignificant as that is.
  8. Unfortunately, that's the last we will see of Andrè Gomes, it's going to take him the rest of the season at least to be fit for playing football and even then the psychological damage is enormous. Few players come back from injuries of that caliber and it's one of the worst breaks I've seen - his foot was completely pointing sideways. Gutted too because I love Andrè, wish him all the luck in the world but that's just horrendous, ten times worse than Coleman and Digne's injuries.
  9. It happened more prominently with Anthony Gardner back in the Moyes era. He never really played for Tottenham due to injuries but was loaned by us as back-up due to the AFCON (if I remember correctly, although might have been due to injuries too). He never actually played for us but was just there if we needed him. Whilst there are young kids in the academy, they're totally unproven at professional level so most managers would look to more experienced heads, regardless of what they have done in their career - I'd argue that until a player sets foot on a professional pitch they're always going to be inexperienced, but that's a completely different topic for another day - ask Ajax that question!
  10. He was absolutely gash when he was at Everton, people just saw him as a diamond because he came through the club's academy. I was absolutely made up when Manchester City took him off us, totally out of his depth playing top flight football - hence why he never made it there and couldn't get a look in at Sunderland nor Blackburn, despite the injuries. He will only play a handful of games for Roma too (if any). They're having a crisis which is why he's being signed, they can only sign free agents as it's October/November now so Rodwell is the best of what will be a bad bunch. As soon as January comes around they'll sign an actual footballer if need be.
  11. He's been incredible this season, he normally has a so-so first half before absolutely smashing it in the second. Even at circuits that he's not expected to do well (Singapore last season, Mexico this) he pulls it out of the bag and delivers. Consistency is the key and this season he hasn't put a foot wrong, four points will seal it this weekend and make him champion again. Great to see a British driver dominating and clearly someone who will go down in F1 folklore. Just by breathing he rattles to likes of Mike too which is brilliant. Makes you want to support him even more. Wasn't the best, thought that Verstappen was unlucky to get a puncture from his move on Bottas which in the end put an end to any podium hopes he had. Did well to recover though and finish alongside Albon. Have to feel sorry for Lando Norris, DNF'ing through no fault of his own.
  12. Currently on holiday in Croatia so could only follow the game via the Twitter page, the beer tastes so much better after three points 🍻. Just looking at the stats it sounded as if we really attacked them and didn't really give a sniff, the only moment of panic was when Ogbonna forced Pickford into a save. For all the criticism that Marco has had (mostly justified) it's worth praising him for today. Dropped Sigurdsson and mixed things up, including dropping all of our strikers and playing Richie up top. Plan B's, C's and D's are what we need, especially when up against it. Time to build a little run together, considering how tight the league is still it only takes three to six points to suddenly be fighting for Europe again. Never heard "worried" and "goal" in the same sentence before. I really couldn't care less who scored. If Sigurdsson plays next week then surely he has earned it, coming off the bench and scoring is all we could have asked?
  13. To win is not enough at Barcelona and Real Madrid. It's the reason that Guardiola took a sabbatical and why Valverde, despite winning two La Liga titles in two seasons is on the brink of going because he's doesn't play with "Barca DNA" and has struggled in the Champions League since joining. Real are top of the league, but they have been a shell of themselves. Barcelona are struggling so aren't putting too much pressure on, plus Club Brugge drew 2-2 with them in the Champions League at the Bernebeu with it being 2-0 to the Belgians until very late. Perez has been elected until 2021, but will want to start his 2020 campaign with the fans on side - most of them want Mourinho over Zidane for the reasons above and more. The sticking point is that it'll cost around €70-80m to sack him, which could be afforded but not alongside the transfer of Neymar (who they tried relentlessly to sign in the summer) or Mbappe, a player who had his name sang for the entirety of Eden Hazard's reveal. It's always a circus at Real.
  14. It's Real Madrid. The fans there idolise him and were even seen on camera in their thousands both inside and outside the Bernabeu singing his name, even when other coaches (Benitez, Solari and Zidane) were in power. Florentino Perez (President of Real Madrid) is still on really good terms with Josè and the whispers for some time havs been that he would appoint him again should the ship start to rock with Zinedine - which it has. There has been a power struggle all summer between Gareth Bale (who Perez idolises) and the management (Zidane and the fans). The transfer of Bale to China was all signed and ready to go only for the President to block it at the eleventh hour, which was the reason that Zidane resigned in the first place. This added to the rocky start to La Liga has called Zidane's tenure into question. This has turned into a bit of a tangent about Real Madrid, so I'll leave it there. But yeah, don't get your hopes up mate.
  15. West Ham are shit, but one of those hard-working teams that get results against others that aren't up for the fight. I fear that with Hallier in form they'll battle through to three points with a goal or two, I just don't think that we're mentally ready for a game of this ilk although obviously happy to be proven wrong. If Silva was going to be sacked he would probably have gone by now, the post match debrief with the Directors would have taken place today so unless they're spending the night sleeping on it would have expected him gone this afternoon. No doubt the feelers are out (and probably have been for some time) on a replacement. Norway is my favourite place on Earth, go there if you can. Can't recommend it enough. Estonia is really nice too if you're wanting to spend time in Scandinavia. I'd put them above Denmark/Finland/Sweden although don't think you'd go wrong spending time there either.
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