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  1. Thank the heavens that I can drown my Everton sorrows with Formula One. George Russell qualifying in 12th (then bumped to 11th) made my day. I'm really hoping that if Mercedes replace Bottas they do so with young George. He looks every bit a future star. Ferrari continuing to be shite is a fantastic sight, as is McLaren being back where they belong at the front of the pack. Lando and Carlos have had a great start to the season. I just hope that Max can have reliability so that we can have the Mercedes/Red Bull battle that was robbed of us last season. King LH to win of course, on pole with an insane lap yesterday. 1.2 seconds ahead of the field which is remarkable, no matter how hard you try to knock it.
  2. I've seen traffic cones deploy better offside traps than that.
  3. Agreed, I didn't say that we should accept losing, simply that there is a clear difference between having something to play for and not. There is no battle, we won't make Europe and we won't go down. This is the perfect time to experiment in preparation for next season when we actually have something to play for - not to mention that we are playing every three days or so which is bound to take its toll against what is a wafer thin squad (quality wise).
  4. I said way back when the league restarted that these games were nothing more but glorified friendlies for me, obviously want to win but it's the perfect time to try new players (Gordon, Branthwaite) and new formations. Europe is and always was a pipe dream and realistically we were never going to go down. We were set for mid-table and remain so, I'll reserve judgement on Carlo/Everton until we're into next season and actually playing for something.
  5. That post has aged well mate.
  6. Defensively we're OK, but the lack of quality in midfield is shocking which in turn makes the two up top totally insignificant. Signing two centre midfielders is an absolute priority this transfer window as it's been our obvious Achilles heel since the Premier League restarted. On another note, see a few people are already kicking off about Carlo. Cringe as fuck.
  7. Jordan Pickford isn't the best thing since sliced bread and has a lot to improve on, but some of the criticism that he gets (unfortunately mostly from "Evertonians") is laughable in the extreme.
  8. Kean/Bernard for Sigurdsson please.
  9. Zzzzzzzzzz. Not been this bored watching a game of football in a long time, zero creativity from either side and that goal sums up the first 25 minutes.
  10. I'd take John Stones back here all day long, was gutted when we sold him. There were some flaws in his character but a very good player in there that just needed to be moulded. At 26 he's in the prime of his career and if we bought him could arguably get 4-6 years out of him. An all-English defence of Holgate and Stones would be brilliant, with Kenny on the right and Digne on the left. Don't forget that Michael Keane has been revitalised since Project Restart and has looked very, very strong under Carlo. I know I'm the minority but Mina I really rate too, he offers us something else. Stones, Holgate, Keane and Mina is a healthy batch of CB's for me.
  11. We've always mixed white and blue shorts with the home shirt, but I think they've probably only sold white as part of the kit on the store. Whenever we play at Old Trafford for example, we always seem to play in full blue as opposed to white shorts/socks. Edit: I've just seen that the sound bars are Z-Cars too, which is a nice touch.
  12. Simple design, but that's always the best way. The iconic Hummel logo across the shoulders as expected with white shorts and socks. The Cazoo sponsor is great too, in the sense that it's not some horrendous logo that takes away from the actual design (like Chevrolet and United). Happy with that.
  13. Tottenham were absolutely shite today against Sheffield, I know Mourinho always seems to do badly in his third season but it seems to have already started going tits up - they were on the wrong end of an appalling VAR decision, but can have no complaints about the result. Lloris was and still remains one of the most overrated goalkeepers on the planet (in the same group as Kepa and Courtois) and the defensive partnership of Sanchez and Dier was totally ripped apart on a constant basis, I'd be disasapointed if DCL and Richarlison can't cause them problems. Harry Kane was proper isolated up top, hopefully Paulo Keandini can have another monster performance and keep him quiet as if we do, and take care of Son (their only other outlet) then we'll take the three points.
  14. So badly want to give it to Anthony Gordon who was excellent but it's Keane again for me. He's looking more like the player who showed all potential at Burnley (and more) which is fantastic to see. I thought that he did really well, but it was only when Carragher commented that he'd had the most aerial interceptions in a league game so far this season (12) that I was assured of how good an afternoon it had been. His interception from Pickford's brain fart literally saved us two points and going to 2-2 so early would surely have swung momentum into Leicester's favour and make it 3-2. I can't praise him enough.
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