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  1. Currently on holiday in Croatia so could only follow the game via the Twitter page, the beer tastes so much better after three points 🍻. Just looking at the stats it sounded as if we really attacked them and didn't really give a sniff, the only moment of panic was when Ogbonna forced Pickford into a save. For all the criticism that Marco has had (mostly justified) it's worth praising him for today. Dropped Sigurdsson and mixed things up, including dropping all of our strikers and playing Richie up top. Plan B's, C's and D's are what we need, especially when up against it. Time to build a little run together, considering how tight the league is still it only takes three to six points to suddenly be fighting for Europe again. Never heard "worried" and "goal" in the same sentence before. I really couldn't care less who scored. If Sigurdsson plays next week then surely he has earned it, coming off the bench and scoring is all we could have asked?
  2. To win is not enough at Barcelona and Real Madrid. It's the reason that Guardiola took a sabbatical and why Valverde, despite winning two La Liga titles in two seasons is on the brink of going because he's doesn't play with "Barca DNA" and has struggled in the Champions League since joining. Real are top of the league, but they have been a shell of themselves. Barcelona are struggling so aren't putting too much pressure on, plus Club Brugge drew 2-2 with them in the Champions League at the Bernebeu with it being 2-0 to the Belgians until very late. Perez has been elected until 2021, but will want to start his 2020 campaign with the fans on side - most of them want Mourinho over Zidane for the reasons above and more. The sticking point is that it'll cost around €70-80m to sack him, which could be afforded but not alongside the transfer of Neymar (who they tried relentlessly to sign in the summer) or Mbappe, a player who had his name sang for the entirety of Eden Hazard's reveal. It's always a circus at Real.
  3. It's Real Madrid. The fans there idolise him and were even seen on camera in their thousands both inside and outside the Bernabeu singing his name, even when other coaches (Benitez, Solari and Zidane) were in power. Florentino Perez (President of Real Madrid) is still on really good terms with Josè and the whispers for some time havs been that he would appoint him again should the ship start to rock with Zinedine - which it has. There has been a power struggle all summer between Gareth Bale (who Perez idolises) and the management (Zidane and the fans). The transfer of Bale to China was all signed and ready to go only for the President to block it at the eleventh hour, which was the reason that Zidane resigned in the first place. This added to the rocky start to La Liga has called Zidane's tenure into question. This has turned into a bit of a tangent about Real Madrid, so I'll leave it there. But yeah, don't get your hopes up mate.
  4. West Ham are shit, but one of those hard-working teams that get results against others that aren't up for the fight. I fear that with Hallier in form they'll battle through to three points with a goal or two, I just don't think that we're mentally ready for a game of this ilk although obviously happy to be proven wrong. If Silva was going to be sacked he would probably have gone by now, the post match debrief with the Directors would have taken place today so unless they're spending the night sleeping on it would have expected him gone this afternoon. No doubt the feelers are out (and probably have been for some time) on a replacement. Norway is my favourite place on Earth, go there if you can. Can't recommend it enough. Estonia is really nice too if you're wanting to spend time in Scandinavia. I'd put them above Denmark/Finland/Sweden although don't think you'd go wrong spending time there either.
  5. That sounds pretty, but your option of playing one man in the middle of the park when 1-0 and a man down is ridiculous in the extreme.
  6. I'm neither pro nor anti-Silva but I wouldn't jump up and down about him being sacked after tonight. Unfortunately football is a results based business and we've had a fairly easy start to the campaign yet sit 17th with four defeats on the bounce. You'd be half sympathetic if we looked decent but apart from the opening five minutes we've created the square root of fuck all. Not really, had Schneiderlin come off for a striker we'd have had just one in the centre of midfield which is insane. With 10 men swapping the two strikers is the logical, if uninspiring solution. Yes - it's the most likely time for a sacking really. Gives the new (or caretaker) manager that extra week to work with the players.
  7. I'd rather we changed our home kits to Red and turned Goodison Park into a multi-story car-park than sign this bloke. An utter shambles of a footballer simply because he has an abysmal disciplinary record - last season he received five red cards leading to 10 matches missed. Absolute lunacy, especially when you consider his dismissal against Celtic was for elbowing Scott Brown and then punching another opponent (can't remember who) right in front of the referee. People dislike Schneiderlin for being an early bath magnet but this lad takes it to a whole new level - makes Roy Keane look like the Pope. And yeah, it's Scotland. When we're crying out for a striker signing another "maybe" player is not what we need. If DCL, Kean and/or Tosun aren't the answer spend big and get someone who is.
  8. The FA policy is that any form of concussion results in a substitution so as soon as he looked out of it Theo was as good as off. Iwobi looks bright though, so not a terrible replacement. For those wondering why, after the incident where Hugo Lloris was concussed and carried on playing there was a public outcry from all corners of medical science, leading the FA to enforce an unspoken rule that players would always be taken off in these situations.
  9. When you consider that our attacking options are a 19 year old kid, DCL and Cenk Tosun it really doesn't take a genius to work out why we are struggling to win games. Going forward we're absolutely abysmal and never once looked like scoring, all it was going to take was one Sheffield goal to kill us off. We are so out of ideas it hurts, the fact that Silva in the end went with three at the back and three up front (to his credit) and we still couldn't have a clear cut chance is so deflating, especially against a side that you'd expect to breeze past. I don't think it's worth going into each player individually as collectively we were awful, nobody stood out as a bright spark and heading into Manchester City next week, I'm not sure how we're even going to score, let alone get a point or three. Some whopper near me saying that we should be all over David Moyes, thank Christ that for all his faults at times some of these people are not on the board sacking Silva every five minutes. Marco played a strong side (not sure what anyone would have changed?) and when we went behind he threw on three attacking options, whilst I understand that the buck stops with the manager sacking him at this point in time is ludicrous. Not in trouble at all, jumping the gun if ever I saw it. Did nobody see that Watford lost 8-0 today? Does nobody see Wolves in freefall? Newcastle? Brighton? Over 38 games we won't be in any trouble at all, mid table perhaps but nowhere near the bottom three.
  10. If the player agrees to a mutual termination, then any future wages are forfeit. If the players contract is terminated without an agreement in place (i.e. - a sacking) then any wages owed would have to be paid outright. The fact that Bolasie, Martina and Niasse won't find the wages they are currently on elsewhere makes staying at Everton a lucrative proposition. Why move to another club for a fraction of the money when you have a guaranteed income where you are? Everton won't be too interested in paying them up early either as in an absolute crisis players like Oumar can be used. Taking the emotion out of it, you'd do the same in the shoes of some of these players. If you were employed at Parma for example on £100,000 a week would you walk away from it simply because the fans didn't want you there? A contract is agreed by two parties, don't offer it if you don't want to see it through.
  11. That's Sheffield United mate, Wednesday are in the Championship. I will take it though, they've been a mixed bag in the lower leagues and will probably have one eye on the race for the playoffs, even though it's still early doors. We could have had a lot worse and even though it's away we should really be winning it comfortably. Apparently Pickford was gutted we didn't draw Sunderland 😂!
  12. A few Lincoln players showing themselves as proper yard dogs, no class at all. That challenge on Richarlison at the end was embarrassing, clearly a superior player and has had the beating of them all game so a cynical challenge with seconds to go... Brilliant. Anyway, I only got home after 25 minutes or so and missed the start. In a nutshell, Digne MOTM for that sensational goal and basically running the left wing. His dribble and cross for Charlie's fourth was amazing, had it not been for Jordi Alba ahead of him he'd still be at Barcelona, that free-kick is the kind of goal that I'd happily make love to. Gutted Kean didn't score, but made up for Iwobi who continues to impress. Sigurdsson did well and just needs to carry this form into the league, he's a top class player but needs to impose himself on more games. Lincoln have a 100% record (I think) so far this season and are managed really, really well. At home this was their Champions League final so it was always going to be tough, despite a few scares four goals and a ticket into the next round will send me to bed a happy man. Oh, and fucking class from Marco Silva telling all the players to give their shirts to the travelling supporters. Really pleased with that attitude.
  13. - DCL missing with half the goal free in the first half - Iwobi hits the post in the second half - Walcott blazes over from six yards out Just three "big" chances off the top of my head that doesn't include the half chances like Digne hitting it over at the end. If we'd been more clinical, that would have been rather comfortable. We had the lion share of possession but just couldn't finish and it'll be the difference between us finishing where we want to be and 8th/9th. A bad day at the office, too fragile at the back too. Yerry Mina looked great again but Keane had a shocker, just crap. Not sure that anyone can pin it on Silva too, three very attacking, positive subs (two as early as 60 minutes) so we clearly went for the win. It's just the players in the final third were a shambles. One highlight from the game? Seamus Coleman absolutely leathering their winger at the end. Love a bit of bite.
  14. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a harder to miss than score attempt but DCL simply has to bury that chance, especially when he's got Moise Kean breathing down his neck for the starting position. Good strikers pick their place and find it; Aguero, Henry, Drogba would have all finished that and to be in with a chance of European football we need a player of that mould that can hit the back of the net. Overall, not a terrible half from us although we need to both be clinical up front and stop switching off at the back. DCL off for Kean would be my chance at half-time. Iwobi for Sigurdsson on the hour mark if the latter continues to be anonymous. Silva looks pissed off though which is a good thing, expect a good bollocking at half time and hopefully a new team for the next 45. They've been brilliant going forward though mate, all of our passes from the middle have been on point - we just need to tighten up without the ball.
  15. I know everyone does it, but it's irritating how fouls are given simply because a player dives on the ball and picks it up. Not a chance that's illegal on Grealish but because he lands on the ball and picks it up Oliver blows for a free-kick. Not good enough defensively though, Keane simply cannot allow Wesley to run across him like that and get away with it, not much Pickford could have done really. Going to be a rough 10 minutes or so now, Villa's tails are up and the early dominance has evaporated. We'd do well to park the bus for a little while and keep it at 1-0.
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