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  1. Zoo 2.0


    Can't pretend that I'm not gutted but there are so many positives to take from this summer. We have gone from humiliation at the hands of Iceland to being 90 minutes away from a World Cup final, all with players with a handful of caps and little experience on the biggest stage - things can only get better with Southgate steering the ship. I'm just frustrated at how we ended the game yesterday, totally dominant in the first 45 minutes and so sub-par the next. A few people are jumping on Harry Kane's back but he had as much service as them kids in Thailand on their mobile phones. Pickford stood out all tournament and I just hope we keep him happy so that we can enjoy him for seasons to come. You wouldn't bet against United knocking if De Gea jumps to Madrid or Chelsea knocking if Courtois does the same.
  2. Zoo 2.0

    Luke Garbutt

    Luke Garbutt is such an enigma, I can still remember him getting minutes in the Europa League and looking like the next big thing. I honestly thought we'd have Baines warming the bench and him up and down the left-wing by now but it just hasn't happened for the lad. At 25, he should be an established footballer. You've got the likes of Tom Davies having games before they turn 20 so unfortunately it's a race against time for Luke and with yet another loan spell under his belt it's only a matter of time before it's made permanent. I've always liked him and do wonder what has gone on behind the scenes to stop him from "making it". Another side of me wonders how he's ended up playing for Cheltenham, Colchester, Fulham and Wigan in the past four years yet none of them wanted him permanently - a bad egg perhaps? Who knows. A shame in my opinion, I really had high hopes for Luke. Agreed, Oxford do seem to like poaching from Everton and I wouldn't be surprised if we finally cut ties with Garbutt and he makes his loan switch permanent. At 25, he really needs to find a home. A fellow Football Manager fan! Top stuff.
  3. Michael Keane was the victim of a broken squad and two managers who dropped the ball, much like Jordan Pickford who on face value might have looked poor due to the number of goals conceded, we all know that isn'tt the case as he was arguably our best player. I'd like to see Keane lining up alongside either Mason Holgate or a new signing. If we're dreaming here I'd like us to sign Mathijs De Ligt from Ajax but that's just me picking a name that I'd personally go for - who knows what Silva and Brands have in mind. Phil Jagielka is great don't get me wrong but if we want to go to the next level we can't rely on players who are getting nearer and nearer to 40, as a squad player he's brilliant but I don't know if he's capable of the full 38 games anymore. Let him warm the bench and play the last 15 minutes when legs are tired, or the cup ties to keep things ticking over. Ashley Williams as others have stated can go back to Swansea for me. Just seeing him in a blue shirt is enough to give me an aneurysm and I'd be over the moon if we begin next season with him out of the door - he's without doubt one of the worst signing we ever made and it still annoys me that he was allowed to wear the armband.
  4. Zoo 2.0

    3 wants for next season

    An identity - Let's face it, we don't have one at the moment. Out of the players out on the pitch which ones scream ''Everton'' to you? I could probably count on one hand the players that I could convince myself would put everything on the line for the shirt. I'm not tarring everyone with the same brush and saying that we have a team full of mercenaries but I don't think we have that identity and togetherness that we had in the Moyes era. At the moment we are just another modern football club, pissing money into the wind hoping our number comes up. I want us to spend money wisely, invest in the right people and have an identity again both off and on the pitch. A new manager - I don't hate Sam as much as others do but I agree 110% that he isn'tt the man to take this club forward, isn'tt the man that should be managing us next season and shouldn't be given a penny to spend in the transfer market. He deserves a lot of credit for steering us away from the relegation battle we found ourselves heading towards (because under Koeman and Unsworth we looked worse than Swansea and West Brom's U21's at times) so I'd like us to start 2018/19 with a new manager. Someone who is going to get bums off seats, someone who is going to get the Gwladys Street singing and someone who is going to bring back a feel-good atmosphere at Goodison Park. Half-time pints in a proper glass - A man can dream!
  5. Zoo 2.0

    Players out of contract this Summer

    Getafe were in talks with Joel Robles last summer and a deal was only pulled off the table as they couldn't agree on personal terms. Getafe's current goalkeeper, Vincente Guaita is set to become a free agent himself and is being linked to Crystal Palace and Atletico Madrid as an understudy to Jan Oblak. As a result, I'd expect Joel to probably wind back up in his homeland with Getafe, with a deal coming to fruition now that he doesn't have a transfer fee tied to him (and because Guaita is off the wage bill). Jagielka I can see staying, but only for another year with a view to taking up a coaching role. When a defence contains the absolute calamity that is Ashley Williams keeping Phil is an absolute must however that does hang in the balance when you consider we have no idea who is going to be managing next season. Will they go for youth? Will they stick with the old guard? I'd like to think I haven't seen Phil in an Everton shirt for the last time but who knows. Conor Grant I don't know enough about but he's been around long enough to make a big impact and clearly hasn't. He must be 21/22/23 now and this is the age where special talents are already getting 15/20 first team games a season. I'd expect him to be on the released list and wind up at a League One/Two outfit.
  6. Sky Sports News are reporting that David Moyes is set to have talks with West Ham United this week, but that it is ''very unlikely'' that he will remain as manager of the club. Following this, and with the increasing pressure on Sam Allardyce at Everton - would you take David Moyes back as manager of our club? This is obviously a philosophical question, many people (myself included) could name managers that they would prefer to take over but I still thought that it was an interesting question nonetheless.
  7. Zoo 2.0

    West Bromwich Albion (Home) Saturday January 20th

    Ended up flicking through YouTube earlier and stumbled upon one of the ArsenalFanTV vlogs from today's game. Basically the lad was moaning about just going through the motions with Arsenal now and it struck me as it's pretty much how I feel about Everton at the moment. I go the game every week as I have done as a season ticket holder for years now but it just feels like going through the motions at the moment. We're so shite it's unreal, I'm at the ground to support and get behind my team but it isn'tt half hard when the eleven on the pitch don't seem arsed. That performance against Spurs was embarrassing but it isn'tt the first and won't be the last. I'd be optimistic about this at home but we failed to beat them away when they were laughably shite so I assume they might give us a game at Goodison. I'd take a 1-0 but I wouldn't be surprised if it's a smash and grab from the Baggies.
  8. Zoo 2.0

    Ross Barkley

    Like the signing of Danny Drinkwater in the summer this is merely to bump up the numbers to fill Chelsea's ''home-grown'' quota. He's not going to break into their first-team and after 18 months of being bored and crying will link back up with David Moyes at West Ham (you heard it here first). I'm not really arsed in a way, I think he's always been given a free-ride because of the fact that he's come from the Academy. If he'd been signed from some Dutch club he would have been shipped out years ago. Despite having some potential and popping up some some magic every now and then he's 24 now and hasn't exactly set the world alight. If he thinks that he's going to join a Champions League club and stand shoulder to shoulder with Eden Hazard and Alvaro Morata then he's more deluded than Garth Crooks after a crate of Absinthe. I normally wish our ex-players well but I hope Ross falls flat on his arse. I understand that he wants to move to try and further his career but backing out of a Chelsea transfer at the eleventh hour to then sit on our injury table for six months and then move to Chelsea anyway is just as sly as it comes. He's no better than Fabian Delph committing his future to Aston Villa and declaring his love for them as captain only to turn around and leave 48 hours later. You won't be missed Ross, the next Lampard my arse. It's totally spineless. Hopefully this changes the illusion that Koeman fell out with him and proves that Ross was being an arse from the start. He's had this planned for months (even years) and had no intentions of ever playing for us again. .
  9. Zoo 2.0

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year (and a belated Merry Christmas!) to everyone involved in ToffeeTalk. I have been in and out of this place since my school days (which seem further away than I'd like to admit !) and it's nice to see that the same faces that were knocking around then are still here today. Let's hope that 2018 is a happy and prosperous year for you all and with it Everton follow a similar path, COYB! Hope 2017 is an enjoyable time for you mate, any tips on who might replace Obama ?
  10. Zoo 2.0

    Andre Silva

    To be fair to the lad he's not really been given too much of a chance at AC Milan but in all honesty I'm not sure where all the hype came from when he was at Porto. His goal-scoring record wasn't all that great but his knack for doing it in big games (as he bagged a brace in the Portuguese Cup final a few years back) seemed to elevate him onto a level greater than his ability. Due to his age I'd take a punt on him for a shoe-string price but nothing of what Milan are expecting teams to spend. Unfortunately, André is another poor Portuguese export in the mould of Renato Sanches who has spectacularly failed since leaving Benfica, I hope we steer clear.
  11. Zoo 2.0

    Chelsea (Home) Saturday December 23rd

    Towards the end of Koeman's reign we were relegation fodder, losing every week and shipping three and four goals in the process. I'd quite frankly have Charles Manson in charge if it kept us away from relegation so whilst I'm not ecstatic with Allardyce at the helm I can accept it and get behind him. Whether you like him or not, during his tenure so far we've looked a lot better at the back and have shot up the league grinding out results at Anfield (where we usually get battered) and against Chelsea who took the piss out of us last season. It wasn't exactly a fun game to watch but I'd rather have a dull 0-0 than an ''exciting'' 3-0 defeat. He'll go. He went straight down the tunnel at full-time with his head down and looks to be suffering from an incredible lack of confidence. Sam has confirmed that he won't leave next month but I do believe that he will return to La Liga to find some form in the 2018/19 season. He's one of those players that just isn'ttt cut out for the toughness of the Premier League but is suited perfectly to Spain, that chance at the end that he fluffed was painful to watch and it just confirmed my fears that he's not going to make it. Ha, well said . Thought you would be a bit happier considering the 0-0 shutout against Chelsea .
  12. Zoo 2.0

    Newcastle (Away) Wednesday December 13

    I was expecting this game to be a rebuilding job after a battering against Liverpool but seeing as we're still unbeaten under Allardyce I'm actually optimistic heading into this one. Newcastle have been in awful form and if it wasn't for the absolute dross in this league like West Ham and Crystal Palace hogging the lime-light they would be getting scrutinised a lot more than they are doing at the moment, to put it bluntly I'll be dissapointed with anything other than three points against the Toon. They're two points above 18th, if we beat them in the week they could be in there which would go against your theory. Despite having a little bit of clout Newcastle really are under-achieving and if it looks to be going pear shaped around February/March expect Rafa to start making noises about leaving to save face.
  13. The worst part about this that Atalanta and Lyon drew 1-1 meaning that if we had held onto our lead we'd be in 2nd and going through into the next round. As it stands we're bottom and whilst we're only a point away from going through it feels like a massive opportunity missed. How we allowed ourselves to concede from a set-piece so early after Limassol went to 10 men is criminal and Koeman has every right to be feeling pissed off. DCL had to score from that header too, it's a free shot unchallenged and on the edge of the six yard box. He's young and I'm not going to get on his back but that simply has to find the back of the net, it's the difference between going through and crashing out. Shocking mate, looked intentional to me. Stamped on the back of DCL while he was on the floor and cause a bit of a panto. Kudos to the referee for seeing it and sending him on his way. Vlasic looked fantastic when he came on and has to start against Burnley for me, he scored a goal and should have set one up when DCL missed at the end. I'd have him over our other ''wingers'' any day of the week at the moment.
  14. And who signed Vlasic you tool?
  15. Shades of Bournemouth for me, we started OK but concede after yet another calamity from Ashley Williams who's becoming a bigger car crash as the weeks go by. To concede like that 12 minutes into the game shatters confidence and that's exactly why we've had yet another disappointing half of football. Everyone on here knows my stance on Koeman so I'm not going to repeat myself but he seriously needs to have a look at Williams. Having a weak link as big as that in the side could literally cost him his job, if we don't win tonight and then suffer dropped points against Burnley and Brighton then he might well be out of the door. He was rimming Lukaku 13 seconds into the game so it was to be expected. Are you a professional misery or is this just some kind of hobby?