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  1. Mourinho is one of the greatest managers of the modern era, if you're impressed with his work with Spurs then you should read up about his time with FC Porto, relative minnows on the European side of things and took them all the way (infamously knocking out Manchester United in the process). The way in which he did it was unbelievable in every sense of the word, a triumph that will haunt Benfica (their rivals) forever as they allowed him to resign from them before moving to Leira & Porto. His time at Chelsea was when he was at his peak, a truly unstoppable manager that told you what
  2. His brother in law died on September 8th, before the Spurs game yet he played on without taking time away from the team (something which should really be applauded IMO). If he's fit, then he'll play.
  3. Think he also said Agnes from the canteen found her boots from the 1940's. I know who I'd put in centre midfield.
  4. Carlo also says in his book that one of his biggest regrets was not using Roberto Baggio while he was managing Parma. He was obsessed with playing 4-4-2 (his dissertation at University was about it) and as a result completely froze Baggio out of the side as he was a number 10. He later said that it was a mistake and made him realise the importance of being flexible and building the formation around the players and not vice versa. Carlo used 4-4-2 when he was new to the club but his signings this summer showed that it was only a stop-gap until he could mould us into what he wanted, not to
  5. Hopefully Zaha volleys home a 30-yard own goal before sprinting to the dugout and throwing a CV at Carlo.
  6. Extremely worrying how shit we were for the first hour, something that Carlo really needs to drum into the players because against another side we would have been dead and buried. The last 30 minutes were something else though, so obviously very happy overall with the three points and the way that we killed the game off. Onto Fleetwood!
  7. Says it all when DCL gets a hat-trick and my MOTM is James. Scored a goal, two assists and quite literally ran the entire game. I don't think I've seen a player like him at Everton in my lifetime - we are so lucky to have him.
  8. Purely for confidence, I'd take off DCL now to save his legs and bring on Moise Kean. The game "should" be over now, so getting him a goal would be a massive boost to him. Edit: DCL off for Iwobi, hehhhhh
  9. Does the Everton store sell James Rodriguez pyjamas? Asking for a mate...
  10. This has been an absolute shit-show, will only hurt more if we don't win at the end of the season when these are relegated comfortably in the middle of March. They're an abysmal side, and we're making them look good. We look wafer thin at the back and anonymous in the middle, horrendous thus far. KEANE! 3-2.
  11. Hahahahaha is right James !!! Don't think I could love him any more, a goal and sends their side into meltdown inside the same minute. We need someone who can express the dark arts, "nice" doesn't get you anywhere. Lovely to see a Bilic meltdown too, perhaps he's just realised that he's the manager of a proper tinpot outfit.
  12. DCL has to score there, free header on the edge of the six yard box and he puts it wide. Great corner from James, but he really has to score there. Pickford has also played us into danger twice now, not a great start from him.
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