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  1. Zoo 2.0

    FA Cup 3rd round draw

    Very happy with a home game against Lincoln, another one of the 92 to cross of my list. It should be a comfortable win for us too considering the gulf between the teams, I'd be happy playing a young side with a few experienced heads sprinkled on top. They're 2nd in the league but it's League Two, hopefully they have one eye on getting promoted and let us have the tie in 90 minutes, going to an extra period or replay would be disappointing. Pickford Holgate - Keane - Jagielka - Baines McCarthy - Davies Lookman - Dowell - Richarlison Calvert-Lewin Keep the likes of Sigurdsson and Gomes on the bench if we're drawing on 60 minutes. Have the likes of Baningime and Broadhead there too in case we're flying at 3-0.
  2. Zoo 2.0

    Liverpool (Away) Sunday December 2nd

    Please, let's not have this shite. We lost, we fucked it up. Absolutely no excuses for that goal even if it happened in the 423rd minute. I'm sorry but that's just how it is for me. Could have. Would have. Should have. The absolutely embarrassing run at Anfield goes on and whilst yes, looking back with a calm head tomorrow there will be positives the fact is that for yet another year we have failed to win at their place. I'm absolutely sick.
  3. Zoo 2.0

    Two-year academy transfer ban

    There is no reason to worry for this exact reason, when Barcelona were handed a transfer ban they signed Aleix Vidal and Arda Turan, having them at training as normal but unable to register them officially as they were banned. It'll be the exact same here, we will just have our kids on trials for two years if needed before actually signing them up to each age category. If we are banned for adding new youngsters full stop (i.e. - banned from trials etc) then we'll get a feeder club to do the job instead. Look at Manchester City with New York and Melbourne, there's nothing stopping us from signing an agreement with Tranmere for example and using them as our off-site academy. A bit of a pain and not the best news in the world but I'd be surprised if this affects the academy process in any way.
  4. Zoo 2.0

    Brighton and Hove Albion (Home) Saturday November 3rd

    A slow start as mentioned but even in the first half we were the dominant team, Sigurdsson I think it was hitting into the ground in the first few minutes which would have been the perfect way to begin the game, we had a handful of other chances too that had we converted would have turned things into a rout. Gutted to concede in such poor fashion and something which I'm sure Silva won't be happy about but it's three points heading into the Chelsea game. Pickford didn't have much to do, couldn't do anything about the goal and had just the one save to make in the second half I believe. Zouma and Keane were once again class, not sure who lost Dunk for the Brighton goal so will have to see it again. Digne was again fantastic, a phenomenal signing and whilst Coleman was poor in the first half for me turned the screw in the second and took his goal brilliantly. After that I thought he was back to his usual self, brilliant to watch. Gomes with another Crystal Palace-like performance, superb in the middle alongside Gueye doing the yard work. Theo didn't really get a grip on the game but always looks a threat with his pace, a 6/10 performance along with Bernard who had flashes of brilliance but never really took the game by the scruff of the neck always losing the physical battle against Bong, Duffy and Dunk. Sigurdsson in the middle was how we've come to expect. Quiet but by no means a passenger, a great assist for Richarlison (my MOTM) and a constant threat acting as the pivot in the middle. Richarlison up top took a few knocks, he really does seem to get bullied which he will have to overcome but two well taken goals. The first with his back to goal under pressure and the second totally leaving Duffy for dead and rounding the goalkeeper, a fantastic move to seal the game. Good to see Mina on the pitch too even if it was for a few minutes. Excited to see what he can bring to the team.
  5. Zoo 2.0

    Brighton and Hove Albion (Home) Saturday November 3rd

    Just me that's really excited to be going back to Goodison? The Silva Effect 😎. Agree that this is a very winnable game but they're organised, it could well be another Palace game where we have to huff and puff for 80 odd minutes before actually breaking through. Given how Brighton will approach this it could well turn out to be a single goal that wins it. Fingers crossed that Pickford doesn't need to make it a hat-trick of penalty saves this weekend and we can actually make some clean tackles! Pickford Coleman - Keane - Zouma - Digne Gueye - Andre Gomes Walcott - Sigurdsson - Bernard Richarlison I do agree that Richarlison is better suited to being on the wing but I just don't think this is the right game for Tosun. We need to get at them with pace and it's not what he's about, Cenk's a lot more suited to the games where we need a physical presence in the box. I've no doubt that he will make an appearance on the hour mark or there abouts but I'd stick with Richard up top from the off. Need a big game from Theo as he was poor against Palace and United, same with Bernard to be honest. Keep Gueye away from our own penalty box at all costs and tell Andre Gomes to put in another performance like the game against Palace. Tosun's goal drought probably forced Silva's hand. Remember DCL got a few games up top too. Gor Mahia probably 🙄.
  6. Zoo 2.0


    South Americans especially have a hard time getting into Barcelona and Real Madrid as they are mostly bought for marketing purposes. There is a power struggle between the two to be the most marketable which is why so many flavour of the month players from that continent make the switch and then get thrown onto the rubbish heap when they next one comes along. James Rodriguez was signed by Madrid after a solid World Cup although they already had Isco and Modric. Yerry Mina was signed for Barcelona despite Pique and Umtiti being one of the best centre-back pairings in Europe and they signed Malcom as he's an up and coming Brazilian that's popular at the moment. There was also an insane power struggle between Madrid and Barcelona for the signature of Neymar (so much so that he's still on Florentino Perez's radar) and to a latter extent Vincius Junior who's signed for Real Madrid for £40,000,000 despite being just 17. It will continue to go on and on. South Americans will sign for Madrid and Barcelona as a marketing PR stunt before being tossed aside when the next one comes along. I disagree that Barcelona are terrible at integrating new ''players'' into their team (Lenglet, Arthur, Coutinho and Semedo for example are doing well) but without a doubt they sign players that they have no intentions of using just to expand the brand. I don't think he will leave either for what it's worth. Ousmane Dembele has a terrible attitude, most famously smashing up Jurgen Klopp's flat when he was denied a transfer out of Dortmund so is expected to leave Spain as the management there have had enough of him. I expect him to depart for Arsenal as early as this January leaving Malcom free to be the ''bit-part'' player of the front three.
  7. Pretty much this, such a game defining moment. They score we lose, they don't and it knocks the stuffing out of them and gives us an enormous boost. The atmosphere following the penalty save and cleared corner was absolutely electric. I thought Pickford did well all round to be honest, a couple of tidy saves from open play to nullify any threat.
  8. Zoo 2.0

    Crystal Palace (Home) Sunday October 21st

    Superb that. Marco Silva football is such a breath of fresh air after the past few seasons of pure shite. Even though they had some chances in the first half I thought we did alright and looked like the "home" team which couldn't be said last season under Allardyce. Jordan Pickford though, an absolute beast. More than happy to make Sunderland the capital of the country in his honour, class save for the penalty which changed the game and swung things in our favour. A few big stops in open play too which kept us on top, that touch onto the bar in the first-half springing to mind. So good to have Seamus back, yes Kenny has done well but when Coleman's on form he's electric. I thought Theo didn't offer him much and had a really poor game but in defence we were solid on the right, as was the left with Digne. Zouma and Keane bossed it. Kurt looks clumsy as hell IMO but he gets the job done so it suits me just fine. Great to see that Michael Keane has turned into a footballer too after looking like a rabbit in the headlights alongside Ashley Williams, he was unlucky not to have scored too - let's just forget about the brainfart in the first half. Top debut from Andre Gomes, unlucky to be thrown into the Barcelona machine when Xavi and Iniesta were departing but if he can capture his form from Valencia will be a fantastic addition. Gueye alongside was brilliant. Some tackles rather close to the knuckle but against teams like Palace that's exactly what's needed, no nonsense stuff. Just a shame pineapple-ballbag Zaha couldn't be on the end of a bone cruncher as he's turned into a right melt. Bernard had a really bad game - one to forget. Richarlison did OK, a couple of poor decisions in the final third but by no means terrible, a shame he couldn't have put himself on the scoresheet. MOTM? Marco Silva. Inspired, positive substitutions at the right time which flipped the game in our favour. Lookman comes on, bags and assist to Calvert-Lewin. Tosun comes on and bags the winner, three subs bringing home three points. Obrigada Marco 🇵🇹.
  9. Zoo 2.0

    Marco Silva (manager)

    If the ''fans'' on social media had their way Silva would have been sacked along with Marcel Brands, Duncan Ferguson and the bloke that pours the half-time pints. Moshiri would have been removed from his position and deported back to Iran with Goodison Park demolished and the shirt sponsor changed because, y'know, betting 'n all. I don't read the Everton social media pages as the people commenting there are either on a wind-up, have the mental capacity of a four year old or are a mix of the two.
  10. Zoo 2.0

    F1 Chat

    If Bottas is pissed about today then he should have been faster when team orders had no business being used earlier in the season. He's got the same car as Lewis yet has taken until Russia to have a nailed on chance of winning. Where was this pace in Australia, Bahrain, China etc? Not that I'm bashing Valtierri, I think he's a solid set of hands and a great part of the Mercedes machine but you simply can't be upset about what happened today given how the title race is shaping up. He's not in the fight for the grand prize and points are everything at the business end of the season, like it or not the only two drivers relevant at the moment are Lewis and Seb. In theory, Hamilton can DNF twice now and still win the title, had he come second today then he couldn't. It's basic strategy. Can you imagine the rattlement if Lewis let Bottas back through and then lost the title by a point in Abu Dhabi? Nah, not having it. Mercedes were spot on today and had the roles been reversed then Bottas would be the first to celebrate, as would Vettel/Kimi etc. It's not great viewing or what the fans want to see but it's about winning and as quickly as possible, whilst it might not seem like a necessary move at the moment it could well prove to be when the chequered flag comes out in November - if Bottas wants to stop being a wingman then he needs to drive faster and take a note out of Nico's book - even Sebastian when asked about the move in the paddock said that it was totally understandable.
  11. Zoo 2.0

    Fulham (Home) Saturday September 29th

    Just what we needed that, despite a wobbly ten minutes between the half hour mark and half time where Sessegnon hit the bar I thought we looked very much in control today. To be honest I thought we looked great against West Ham and Arsenal until conceding so it's great that we were able to get the first goal today and put the game to bed. A clean sheet too (the first of the season I believe?!) is the icing on the cake. A fitting way to celebrate Jordan Pickford signing a new deal. Jordan himself was solid, made a great challenge at 1-0 when Fulham broke free and whilst he wasn't challenged too much did what he needed to. Kenny and Digne were boss on either wing, the latter turning into a fantastic signing and a worthy replacement for Leighton Baines. In the centre, Zouma did well, and I've been critical of him in the past alongside Michael Keane who is turning into the player we all wanted him to be. Gueye was absolutely everywhere, a bit sloppy in his passing for me which was frustrating but a great defensive display alongside Tom Davies who has come under fire recently - unjustified criticism in my opinion. A great choice of captain for the future so here's to hoping the good performances continue. Theo continues to impress, a constant threat on the right hand side and unlucky not to have got himself on the scoreboard. Richarlison as always a danger, lovely to see him picking the ball up and heading for goal as opposed to passing it sideways, knowing where the goal is can be a good habit to have. Sigurdsson, mediocre in the first half but came into his own in the second. I didn't feel confident when he stepped up for the penalty funnily enough but he got his head down and scored two great goals - the first seemingly going into the back of the net in slow motion from where I was sitting. Calvert-Lewin again was poor for me, other than winning the penalty I don't know what he did. Now that Tosun has found the back of the net (finally) then he really should be back in the side with Domenic dropping back to the bench. As others have said, we are very much a work in progress, phase one of a much bigger plan. That said we need to win games and it's great to be able to celebrate at Goodison again. Three great goals and a clean sheet, top stuff 👌. Oh, and Bernard. What a little player we have - loved him at Shakhtar and happy to see he is making the transition.
  12. Considering I was born in 1993, the five-a-side team that I pick will be from players that I'm old (or young) enough to remember. You won't find an Alex Young or Brian Labone in here 🙄. Goalkeeper - Tim Howard (329 league games, 1 goal). An absolute legend in my eyes. Tim joined in 2007 when I was playing as a goalkeeper myself and was a true inspiration growing up. He took Everton into his heart and put in some amazing performances inbetween our sticks, the best memory I have is the penalty shootout against Manchester United where he saved penalties from Rio Ferdinand and Dimitar Berbatov to send us into the FA Cup Final. Now at the Colorado Rapids, Tim would be a great addition to our five-a-side squad and if it was a particularly windy day, perhaps a goal or two could be on the cards? Defence/Midfield - Thomas Gravesen (149 league games, 11 goals): Not a defender in the eleven a side matches but would fill in the gap on the smaller field. An absolute beast in his day was Thomas, a big bloke who would run through walls for Everton and despite only bagging eleven goals was a handy person to have around going forward. I was gutted when he left for Real Madrid and whilst he did have some success there I'm a little bit sore that his career never really went into the elite levels. He was a fantastic player IMO. Midfield - Mikel Arteta (162 league games, 27 goals): A magician on the ball. He's going to be a top coach too after learning from the best, Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. In his prime, Mikel was unplayable at Everton and was a great replacement for the Danish man mentioned above. A brilliant partnership with Tim Cahill is one of my fondest memories of the Moyes era, it's just a shame how his career with us ended and how the relationship went a little sour following his spell with Arsenal. Attack - Landon Donovan (17 league games, 2 goals): An entry from left field - Landon Donovan. In his first loan spell with us he was untouchable. Had he made the move permanent like he wanted then he would be spoken about in the same breath as the Arteta's and the Cahill's. His love for football (or lack of it) put a damp shadow over his time in the USA and I do think that it's a shame he never reached his full potential. Landon gets a place in my five-a-side. Attack - Romelu Lukaku (110 league games, 53 goals): Like him or not now, the best goal machine we've had in the modern era. A monster that's wasted at Manchester United. Always the life and soul of the party?
  13. Zoo 2.0

    West Ham (Home) Sunday September 16th

    Haven't seen an AIDSfest like that in a long time. We were absolutely bullied and played off the park by a West Ham side that everyone has been laughing at. I called it like most before the game too, regardless of past results we were going to drop points here. Pickford was poor, totally at fault for the second goal. Jonjoe Kenny was appalling, demanding that his intentions were checked, verified and signed off before playing a pass, flat around refusing to just kick the fucking thing and give us some rhythm. Kurt Zouma continues to confirm my fears, way out of his depth at Chelsea and an integral part of a Stoke City defence that shipped about 16,000 goals last season - get Yerry in soon. Holgate was alright but mugged off for the first goal. Digne I actually thought did OK, was about a 6/10 so thus our MOTM I suppose. Credit to Schneiderlin for playing under the circumstances, that's all I'll say on the lad today. Gueye's passing was on par with Steven Hawking's for large portions of the game however seemed to settle when Bernard came on alongside him, the Brazilian himself at least trying to create a spark although it was an uphill battle. Walcott was bang average but had Kenny behind offering the square root of fuck all, on the opposite flank DCL had an absolute shocker and I'm disappointed that the Bernard change wasn't for him to come off, how he lasted 90 minutes is beyond me but perhaps it's because he's tall up against West Ham's Empire State defence? Siggy as captain was anonymous although took his goal very well - plus points for that. Up top Tosun was gash, had one good chance and took about fourteen years to take it. Overall, a shocking display in every sense of the word. The Evertonians clapping the lads off at the end left me speechless and are part of the problem. We are still laying the foundations under Silva but if this is the kind of football we are going to be given then we should have just saved a few quid and kept hold of Koeman and/or Allardyce.
  14. Zoo 2.0

    West Ham (Home) Sunday September 16th

    Ademola Lookman on the bench but doesn't seem to have come out to warm-up with the rest of the squad? Hope there is nothing sinister in that. That aside, really pleased with the XI out there. Gueye and Schneiderlin will provide the stability needed for the likes of DCL and Walcott to get at their full-backs. Masuaki is absolutely awful and will get pulled left and right all game if Theo is given the freedom to get at him, the same with Dom if they switch. Hoping for another big performance from Siggy as he's captain and a ton of respect goes to Morgan Schneiderlin, playing as normal so soon after the passing of his father. Despite playing well so far, Tosun desperately needs to start scoring. Fingers crossed today is the day, end the duck. Oh, and it's great to see Lucas Digne statting, get at them!
  15. Zoo 2.0

    Rotherham (Home League Cup) Wednesday August 29th

    A shaky start I thought against inferior opposition but overall a good result in our first game back under the floodlights. I was pleased with the team (just three changes from the one I posted) but was worried that one of them was Maarten Stekelenburg. Despite being an experienced head I just don't have confidence in him at all, especially after he let a low cross go unchallenged across his six-yard box in the opening few minutes which nearly gave me an aneurysm. To his credit he dealt with the high balls well but I'm hoping that in the near future Joao Virginia becomes our No.2. At the back Jonjoe Kenny was brilliant. I don't think he was as MOTM worthy as the radio stations are making out but he was good. Mason Holgate likewise with Lucas Digne, my player of the game on the left. Kurt Zouma I thought was really rusty. Bambi on Ice for the first 45 but seemed to settle down in the second half. Fingers crossed he puts his poor season with Stoke behind him and turns into a solid option for us, to his credit he was much better in the second half but I was worried at the beginning 😖! The midfield was great for me with nobody having a bad game. Tom Davies did what he needed to (great to see him captain) and Gylfi did well with his poachers effort to make it 1-0. Sandro Ramirez had some real moments of magic and just needed a goal to top off his performance, the best of luck to him in Spain as I've just heard he's left for Real Sociedad. Hopefully he manages to get some game time with them and come back a better player as a result. He was absolutely lethal for Malaga so there is a player in there somewhere. Kieron Dowell, despite snatching at a few chances I thought was alright, he really should have made it 4-1 in the last minute but snatched at his chance. Oumar worked his socks off as always but looked off the pace, his 50p head putting many palms to faces when he blazed his header over the bar. Up top DCL was fantastic, a well taken second goal and a great header for the second to put us out of sight. Overall a very professional performance which is pleasing to see after so many changes. We had about three or four higher gears to go into if needed and it proved scoring so quickly after Rotherham did. Zonal Marking continues to be our Achilles heel which is frustrating (I hope Silva allows us to go man-to-man at corners) but time will tell how that one plays out. Onward to Huddersfield and a return of Southampton in the next round! Holgate is 6'0 exactly - are you suggesting that if he was an inch taller you'd be happy with him? Whilst I can see where you're coming from it's not exactly a great comparison looking at their cup final squad. Being 90 minutes away from the trophy of course they're going to take it seriously. Their starting XI against West Brom in the 3rd Round last season included the likes of Mangala (who they then shipped out on loan), Delph and Yaya Toure (who had a frosty relationship with Pep). Don't get me wrong it's still a strong squad but I think that most Premier League clubs in and around the Top 10 take their foot of the gas when it comes to the Carabao Cup. Personally, I think that if we can't beat the likes of Rotherham with a second-string squad then we had deep problems behind the scenes.