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  1. I could understand this conversation potentially taking place 10 years ago but not now, if you don't invest in the multi millions then you will quite literally be left behind and sleepwalk into the Championship. When you have Manchester City, Liverpool, United and Chelsea all being bank-rolled to take anything out of them is going to take similar (if not more) cash. Not to mention that on the European stage you have PSG, Real Madrid etc all throwing around paper like it's going out of fashion. I want us to win, @Romey 1878 summed it up perfectly. I don't get excited about being mid-table and any investment is good for us as it gets us that step closer to being the Champions League, flirt with a league title kind of team that we all dream of. It won't happen overnight, but Carlo Ancelotti is leaps and bounds better than anything I've seen at Everton in my lifetime so serious investment alongside his management is something that will only get praise from me.
  2. Tin foil hats at the ready but this could be another Manchester City sponsorship model in the sense that (if rumours are to be believed) they announce a £100 million shirt sponsorship deal with the sponsor actually paying around £2,000,000 with the other £98,000,000 being "gifted" to the sponsor through family friends of the owners to be pumped back into the club, it's a way of funding the club without it being seen by FFP as it's part of the club's genuine income stream - Manchester City and PSG are the known two that do it although I'm sure there will be more. Odd time for me to say this I know with the recent City/FFP story breaking but you never know, I wouldn't be surprised to see USM/Megafon announced in a record breaking deal that's funded by Usmanov, Moshiri and whoever else already at the club recycling cash. I'm happy about the news too, I wasn't that bothered about SportPesa in truth but given the option I'd steer clear of gambling companies, I'm part of the lucky group that can gamble and walk away as and when whoever there's the unfortunate percentage of folk that let it take a hold of their life. It won't happen, but I'd love it if there was a rule where the chest sponsor could be whoever each club wanted but the sleeve has to be a registered charity (i.e. - EITC, a hospice, mental health awareness) would allow 20 charities to get exposure each weekend without paying a penny. Think of the amount of people who go the game with a phone in their pocket (pretty much 100%). If even 10% install the app after seeing the adverts they're making some nice money - especially when said people get hooked and tell their mates.
  3. I know I'm in the minority here, but I can't fathom why people pay monthly for phones. I've never once paid monthly for one as like anything else, you work out what you can afford and pay for it outright. Never understood why paying bit-by-bit is the norm when it comes to mobiles yet not anywhere else. It's a bit like going to Tesco and then asking to pay off your shopping in £10 monthly intervals.
  4. Shame to hear that the derby was called off due to the windy conditions although you can understand their reasoning - safety has to come first. There's been a lot of damage in my town too including the local cheese factory. Debrie everywhere.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I don't think we have anything to fear against Arsenal but anyone thinking that this will be an easy win need to have a look at themselves (not specifically anyone on here, Twitter mostly). They are still a good side capable of hurting anyone on their day and they've got home advantage - not to mention that they've now got a very good manager in Arteta. They're in a transitional stage at the moment but will be a different beast once he's had time to mould them and has had a summer window to get rid of the deadwood and bring in his own players, I just hope that they continue to be hot and cold and have one of their off days against us. Coleman, Holgate, Mina and Digne as the back line for me (JP in goal). Schneiderlin in the middle with Andre Gomes (if fit) alongside to play box to box, if not then I'd give Sigurdsson the nod again although I thought he was a bit anonymous against Palace. Arsenal have a real Achilles heel in their centre back pairing for me, David Luiz I've never understood the fascination with and Mustafi has been stealing a living for a while now. Both DCL and Kean up front bullying them would work well IMO with Richarlison and Bernard operating as inside forwards, basically giving us four options in the final third to attack with. I'd have him as the last option to be honest, I don't think he has done anything of note to justify walking straight back into the XI. Long term I'd be happy with calling it a day with him in summer too, just don't think he's the kind of player that we need going forward.
  6. The defending for all goals was woeful to be honest, the Richarlison goal was arguably the one you could let slide for me, just because of how fast he was able to break away. For the first goal there's absolutely nobody near Bernard (as they'd played three in the middle with Zaha and Ayew really advanced) which was always going to cause problems. For the third goal DCL is in a totally different postcode, he has time to flick the kettle on back home and get back in time to stick the ball in the back of the net he's so alone, criminal to give someone such space in the box at a Premier League game but it'll get no complaints from me. Driving home I heard that they've got one of the worst scoring records in the whole division and have relied on a solid back line to keep them out of trouble. With a lot of time between now and May coupled with the fact that the transfer window is closed they could be a dark horse for relegation.
  7. Could have been so much different that, we were very much second best at the start of the second half and scored through Richarlison completely against the run of play. It took a massive save from Pickford to keep it at 2-1 too as we did our best to shoot ourselves in the foot. I thought for the first 45 minutes we were very dominant and hardly gave Palace a sniff, with them playing three through the middle we were always going to have fun down the wings and it was no surprise to see a cross from the right flank be met by Bernard on the left. A few moments later DCL was inches from scoring to double the lead but just couldn't get there. As I've already mentioned, at the start of the second half we were woeful. So scrappy with our ball movement and playing at such a jittery tempo, we allowed them right back into it and conceded through a very soft goal - Mina not getting tight enough and Jordan allowing what was a weak shot to slip through his legs (I'll have to see the goal again to see if it was deflected as I'm stunned that such a tame shot was able to find the back of the net). Richarlison was fantastic today though and pulled us back into the game, Sidibe was totally unmarked on the right wing but to his credit Charlie went all the way. DCL then finishing the job with a tap-in late in the day and no less than he deserved after another solid graft. Disappointed to see Walcott leave the game so early, so fingers crossed his (knee?) injury isn't too serious. Coming away from the game I'm hearing that we're right behind the Top 4 now which is astounding considering where we were at under Marco Silva - Ancelotti is a God 🙌 Heart skipped a beat when DCL blazed over in the final few minutes too, I had Bernard to score first and us to win 3-1, never wanted a shot to both go into the back of the net and about twenty feet over the bar in all my life. Edit: Just seen Benteke's goal, it's really poor from Pickford to be honest and he won't want to see it back. Just doesn't get his feet and hands sorted quick enough and in the end just let's the ball squeeze under him, would have been better just saving with his feet although you'd expect a Premier League goalkeeper to scoop that up (with hands) for fun.
  8. He has mostly been used as a sub in the latter third of Madrid's games, it's not as though he is getting the minutes that he would have been expecting. He removed himself from the warm down training after their last game and as a result was totally absent from the squad to face Real Valladolid. After much hype (unjustified I might add) his career at Real only seems to be heading one way and that's the exit door. Another South American to add to the conveyor belt.
  9. Quite a boring reason in the sense that my Dad supports Everton so naturally there was no other option as I absolutely idolise him. To be fair my Mum who wasn't really into football turned into an Everton fan after going on a date to watch Leeds and being blown away by the atmosphere. My first game was a 4-0 win over Wimbledon where I cried my eyes out after the first two goals because the cheers were so loud, I had an uncanny record of never seeing Everton lose which lasted for a good few years until we were beaten 1-0 by Charlton, Matt Holland with the goal. Since becoming a ST holder 12 years ago I've seen a few defeats now, but wouldn't give up my ticket for all the money in the world. I went to primary school in the era that Manchester United were winning everything so had a phase when I was around 5-6 where I followed United, pretty much because literally everybody was obsessed with them. I remember watching the '99 cup final against Bayern Munich and going to Old Trafford to see them beat Derby 5-0 in 2001 but pretty quickly I realised that Everton was different to any other club I had seen either on the TV or in the flesh. A couple of my mates from primary school also followed Arsenal because of the Invincibles era but again, nothing came close to Everton. I've played football since I could walk and my footballing career has coincidentally entwined with Everton too, from being scouted at the age of 13 and spending some amazing times at Finch Farm representing the club that I hold so dear. It ultimately didn't turn into me playing professionally and there was a lot of regret and negativity afterwards but after coming to terms with the rejection I can look back at those days with such fondness. I'm now going through my coaching badges with the FA and funnily enough spent some time with one of the coaches who has now left the club but for who I directly played under when signed to the Academy. It seems as though myself and Everton were meant to be and quite frankly life would be so much different without them. Win, lose or draw I love the Blues, you honestly can't put into words the feeling that you get walking up the stairs and seeing the Old Lady. The buzz that you get from going the game is second to none and although in my lifetime I haven't seen us win a trophy (I was 2 in 1995) I couldn't follow anyone else. Everton is just different and will always be the club my heart beats for.
  10. Serves them right for leaving early. If you're not going to stay for the full game don't go the game - same applies for people who go to the bar during the match.
  11. *Woodward. He will never be removed from the club as financially they are growing year on year, he's employed to make the Glazers money and is doing exactly that. The results on the football pitch are very much a secondary concern to the income that Woodward and his team generate. Not that chants calling for his death should be acceptable mind, a little bit over the line to be honest regardless of how poor the team are playing.
  12. Easier to just quote myself from 2018 when discussing Malcom. Madrid and Barcelona hoard South American players and then toss them onto the rubbish heap six months later. Just look at Vincious Jr. who was dubbed as the next thing since sliced bread but who is already linked with moves away as his career is stagnating. Moving to either of those clubs is fantastic on face value, but unless you are already at the standard of Messi/Ronaldo then it's career suicide. Haaland did it right moving to BVB.
  13. No professional football team should crumble like that, however we have a rotten, feeble mentality and poor judgement which has allowed what has happened today to happen. Whilst it isn't the same result, it's the exact same reason why we went to Anfield and lost to a couple of lads doing work experience. There is a mentality problem at the club that raises its head when we come under any form of pressure. The "freak occurrence" in this instance is that we have a goalkeeper unable to command his box (which is a serious issue) and an experienced head (Delph) who instead of retaining possession hoofs the ball 50 yards into Newcastle's defence allowing them to counter attack. If the KO had gone back to the defence, down the wing and into the corner flag then we would have won 2-1 and saved our blushes. In short, the freak set of circumstances are our own doing, which is why it's so unacceptable and why I am so utterly devistated.
  14. Baffled as to why everyone is going back and forth about the substitutions. No professional football team should be conceding two goals in the 94th minute regardless of whether Oumar Niasse, Greaham Norton or a paper bag has been brought onto the pitch. As I mentioned in my earlier post, putting it down to a "freak occurrence" is naive and quite frankly short sighted. There were clear errors from the players on the pitch that allowed the goals to happen - argue all you want about who should or shouldn't have been taken off but the point still stands for me - no professional football team should crumble like that. Unacceptable in every sense of the word.
  15. The level of incompetence on show tonight is utterly staggering. Jordan Pickford completely unable to kill the game and command his area has cost us two points, utterly dismal at being a presence and shitting the bed twice allowing them to score. Mason Holgate who had a great game needs to to look at himself too. Clears the ball lazily with his right foot rather than his left to gift them a cheap throw in and then heads the ball out for a cheap corner which they score from. It's simply unacceptable to switch off and become lazy "because it's 2-0, Newcastle are shite and it's 91 minutes" as this is the what happens. Fabien Delph, abysmal. Twatting the ball right into Newcastle possession rather than playing it short and keeping the thing for another 60 seconds - dreadful. All three need a good bollocking for quite simply playing like inexperienced, terrified six-year olds. Edit: "Supporters" coming down the stairs saying "that's football" and "bloody Everton that" need to have a look at themselves too. It's not football or Everton, it's being brain-dead when a blind man on a galloping horse could see exactly what went wrong and what was going to happen.
  16. Feels like ages since we've played at the Old Lady under the lights, can't wait 💙.
  17. Just because it's Everton doesn't make it any different to the Gareth Bale situation for me. It's not Niasse's fault that we put him on a bumper contract, if I were in the same boat at another club I'd do the same. He's not going to get the same money elsewhere so is taking what he is owed from his employer, exactly what anyone else would do in his situation. Not every footballer bleeds for Everton and will bend over backwards for the club (especially after how he was treated by Koeman). You can't blame him for sitting in the reserves earning double the money he would get elsewhere in what is a notoriously short career. The frustrations should be taken out on whoever scouted and approved the signing of Oumar as he was never good enough and hasn't looked Premier League quality since day one. I'll always respect him for putting in 110% each week but Russian football is probably his level.
  18. Anyone writing off a 19 year old kid who doesn't speak the language and has played under three managers in six months needs to give their head a wobble. Not setting the world alright, but put in 110% today, the first goal will come and then he'll be off.
  19. Schneiderlin's last appearance in the league was a 3-1 win against Chelsea.
  20. Boss game that, hung on for the last 10 minutes which was frustrating but other than that it was A*. Ball retention was fantastic, some great moves up and down the wing too which was always going to be the case with them playing a 4-3-3. Bernard completely ran the show and it speaks volumes that when he went off our creativity dipped, although admittedly that's when we changed focus and sat deeper. I must admit that I'm confused by some of the posts on here and social media regarding the substitutions. We were starting to look tired and Brighton were starting to throw everything at it so perfectly sensible to take off the tired attackers, save legs and sit deep for the 1-0. Moving Davies out wide and putting some fresh legs in the middle where they had an extra player and adding Coleman to tighten up the defence (mixed with Sidibe to play as a defensive winger) made perfect sense. Holgate out wide was the only one that could raise questions but with the height that Brighton have why would you bring on a small player (Baines) rather than the man mountain that is Mina? I'll admit it's a touch risky shutting up shop at 1-0 but IMO it was the correct call. Notable shouts for MOTM alongside Bernie is Richarlison for his goal and general graft alongside Holgate who was so calm and collected. No surprise that Micheal Keane had one of his better games alongside what is a confident Mason.
  21. I was so excited about Lookman, especially after he scored his debut goal against Manchester City but the fact that three managers overlooked him (Koeman, Allerdyce and Silva) plus Unsworth lead me to believe that not all was right behind the scenes. I don't necessarily think that he had a poor attitude but perhaps just wasn't good enough when push came to shove week in and week out on the training pitch. The fact that we were able to get so much for him after barely playing him and paying so much to Charlton was a great bit of business considering he was never likely to make it here and towards the end wanted to leave. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it seems we made the right choice letting Ademola go. I don't think that moving to Newcastle is a fantastic move for him either, the amount of toxicity surrounding them makes any transfer a poisoned chalice - just looked at Joelinton.
  22. The biggest worry is how this affects our season. The Derby with *that* goal from Origi in the 96th minute absolutely killed us for months.
  23. When you have a manager with the pedigree of Carlo Ancelotti and are playing against what is essentially a teams academy it's the biggest indicator that winning and Anfield don't mix. This is the best opportunity we've had in 20 years and won't face easier opposition for 20 more. I usually like to see reason but this is without doubt the darkest day I've ever known supporting Everton. An embarrassment beyond comprehension. Not a single shot on target and 95% of passes going to and from Mina, Sidibe and Holgate before being twatted into oblivion by Pickford, only for Adrian to stroll out and begin a counter attack. Our ball retention, game management and quality has been abysmal beyond words and shows that while there are genuinely good players here (Digne, Bernard) they are far outweighed by absolute dross. This is the culmination of years of shocking decisions behind the scenes. Raise a glass to Steve Walsh.
  24. Appalling. The fact this is even a contest is abysmal, this is the Liverpool academy team, they've got three players that are experienced in the first team and one plays in goal. Three massive chances and all have been woeful. Good saves yes but it's saves that you'd expect a professional goalkeeper to make - the best chance of the game has come from Origi. Embarrassed to put it bluntly.
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