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  1. Lacked passion and determination today, I've seen more watching Sunday league. Silva doesn't seem to have any idea for how to play against the so called lesser teams who sit behind the ball, he needs to learn and quick. Our build up play is to slow and we never seem to play a long diagonal ball to switch the play. Utterly feed up tonight.
  2. It just won't feel right supporting another team.
  3. Thought he did ok, the ball bounced off him a few times and he tried to be to clever on the odd occasion, but that might be due to him not been ues to the speed of the game. He made some good runs with and without the ball. He just needs a bit of time and it's great to have options up front again.
  4. The games against Wolves, Leicester and Man United are going to be massive this season if we're going to finish in the top six.
  5. I would like to take my seat, been in it 20 years so I think I've more then payed for it, but I also wouldn't begrudge paying a few pounds for it as long as the cash went to a charity.
  6. Has to be Lucas Digne pure class, Iwobi looked lively aswell and will done him good to get his first goal.
  7. I think we have better all round players now, who will allow us to change tactics and formation from game to game and even in games without changing the personnel.
  8. Going back to the beginning of the 84/85 season the cup winners cup was seen as a bit of a second rate competition and that we'd struggle with the demands of European football. Is anybody willing to swap that now, even tho it probably cost us the fa cup? I don't think so.
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