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  1. JimmytheJimster

    Michael Keane

    We just need to get a settled defensive partnership, for me it should be Keane with either Holgate or Mori (when fit), and let Keane be the leader back there as he was at Burnley.
  2. JimmytheJimster

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    Apparently it's the strikers fault for not scoring goals, can't remember there been any chance for them to score. It's ok tho because the rest of the team played well. What a nob
  3. JimmytheJimster

    Longest Thread! for Everton Discussion

    Yeah, we need to get the nucleus of the squad right and get back the team mentality we had under Moyes.
  4. JimmytheJimster

    Longest Thread! for Everton Discussion

    Problem is the top 4 if not the top 6 have £250m more talent in there squads, before they send £200m on 2/3 players in the summer.
  5. JimmytheJimster

    Watford (Away) Saturday February 24th

    Hopefully the same team barring injuries, but highly doubt it. Fat Sam will probably play 5 at the back and Gana and Morgan together in midfield.
  6. JimmytheJimster

    Man of the Match v Crystal Palace

    Voted for Tom Davies, his last 2 and a half games, he's showed the energy and drive we've been missing. Should never of been drop for the Arsenal game.
  7. JimmytheJimster

    Luke Garbutt

    The thing holding Luke back is, if he plays we'd have 3 young and inexperienced defenders in are back 4. I'd throw him in tho, because Coco's not even a player, we'd be better with 10 men.
  8. JimmytheJimster

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    I can see us coming to some kind of arrangement with Silva, that he doesn't take another job and he comes here in the summer. I would say this tho, is he the best manager we could get, his record is not the best.
  9. JimmytheJimster

    Favorite game of the past decade

    With you on that, also helped stop Utd winning the league (I think)
  10. JimmytheJimster

    Alfie Mawson

    Don't think we need any CB's just yet. Swansea won't want to sell him so will be a way to high price. Wait until the summer and get him for a more realistic price when Swansea are in the championship.
  11. JimmytheJimster

    Gylfi Sigurðsson

    Looks so much better centrally, put pace on the wings and a quick forward passer in midfield, and he'll be great.
  12. JimmytheJimster

    Cenk Tosun

    Made up with this, god knows we need him.
  13. JimmytheJimster

    Man of the Match at Liverpool (Cup)

    Jags for me, although Kenny had another good game.
  14. JimmytheJimster

    January Transfer Window

    Think there working on Klaassen to make him not so easy to knock of the ball, just like Tottenham did with Modric. I can see him getting game time soon. could have done with getting an easier draw in the fa cup, to play are fringe players.
  15. JimmytheJimster

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    With you on this one, let's see after January. The reason he plays so defensive maybe because we have no creativity or goals. How many of us hoped to win one game under Koeman, let alone go on a unbeaten run.