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  1. Going myself, girlfriend lives in Wigan but supports Liverpool 🤦🏻‍♂️ so be taking her and her 2 boys along to try to enlighten them, wish me luck 😂
  2. I'd rather us slip under the radar, the quality we have in are team with a couple of signings we should easily be challenging the top 6 if not the top 4, Arsenal are no great shakes and who knows what's going to happen at United and Chelsea
  3. No from me at that price, we have enough wingers and other positions that need sorting first.
  4. Champions league football, he wants to concentrate on getting in our first team and making us a champions league team before anything else, considering we pay his hefty wages 😠
  5. I loved going the first game of the season be it home or away, meeting up with mates you only see at the match. It's tarnished a bit now as I can't get to as many games, but I always remember Walter Smith's first game walking up to the ground and a steward saying to me "cheer up mate it can't be as bad as last season" with me replying "that's what I'm worried about" sure enough the game and the season was nothing to write home about, other then the Duncan Ferguson debacle. I think that is the only time I've never felt optimistic for the first game, although we'd spent a bit of money getting some good players and had a new manager, something just didn't feel right.
  6. I think we'll either get a RB or a CB not both, and Holgate will be the back up to the one we don't get. It will be a make or break season for Holgate, if he fails it could and should be his last season here.
  7. We lacked a plan b last season especially against teams that sat back against us, hopefully with the signing of Delph and fingers crossed a few others we will have a few more options and be able to play different formations against certain teams.
  8. Don't think we'll be getting rid of Niasse anytime soon, he'll be quite happy been sent out on loan and still pick up his hefty wages
  9. Yeah I'd go with something like that, it would give us a plan B and we wouldn't be so predictable. I also wouldn't mind getting Costa if the price was right (10-15 mill) at least he'd gives us that aggression and could teach DCL a thing or two.
  10. We ain't going to get a proven striker without champions league football, so do we take a risk on DCL or risk spending millions on an unproven striker for it not to work?
  11. What we as a club are missing is a player that can score a goal out of nothing, and change a draw into a win. If DCL can do that then great, he'll save us a load of money. I personally would like to give him a full season as are main striker to see if he can do it, but I wouldn't be happy going into the new season with just one striker because we have no one else good enough.
  12. We just need to get a settled defensive partnership, for me it should be Keane with either Holgate or Mori (when fit), and let Keane be the leader back there as he was at Burnley.
  13. Apparently it's the strikers fault for not scoring goals, can't remember there been any chance for them to score. It's ok tho because the rest of the team played well. What a nob
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