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  1. Davies for me, lots of energy and always wanting to play it forward, even if it was just a 5-10 yard pass.
  2. Frustrated me yesterday, on a couple of occasions he could have crossed the ball first time but decided to take a touch and got closed down, a bit like the rest of the team really
  3. The game at the time was a bit stretched and he tried to gain more control in the midfield which would have been fine if we were winning, and although DCL scored shortly after I feel if Silva would have been brave and brought Kean on instead of Delph then we would have won easily, they were there for the taking but Silva decided to invite them on to us.
  4. Lose in this one and he should be sacked. Pickford's Sidibe Keane Holgate/Mina Digne Davies Gomes Delph Richarlison DCL Iwobi I know Silva won't but I would like to see this team with Davies and Delph covering the full backs when they go forward and Gomes dictating the game.
  5. The penalty was shocking but it's the way we responded to it that is worse, our heads went down and we looked like a team of kids that had just been told off. The Delph substitute was a mistake, I can see what Silva was trying to do, but it just slowed everything down and we kind of lost our shape. We should be beating teams like Brighton but instead we've conceded three goals to a team that struggle to score.
  6. Davies for me, for his work rate and desire. Holgate was a close second, but I can't choose a defender when we've conceded three.
  7. Gomes for me, him and Davies bossed the midfield with Gomes just getting it for me. Big shout for Mina aswell.
  8. I heard that's there's a young manager doing well up in Scotland with Rangers, oh shit I'll just get my coat 😂
  9. Mina for me, Iwobi was the best of the attackers but wasted a couple of chances.
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