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  1. I'll change my goal scorer too Baines please Arsenal 1-1 Everton Baines
  2. Richarlison, he was the game changer. Schneiderlin had a really good game playing some wonderful passes.
  3. I would say they are not world class but good enough to get in most teams barring probably the top 6 champions league teams
  4. That's where are problems lie, with out champions league football or the pull of London we end having to pay more in wages and that only attracts players with no real ambition.
  5. How much did we pay for Gomes, Digne and Mina again 🤔 and with the wages, get rid of the dead wood and we should have more than enough, saying that we'd probably only have 6 players left 😂
  6. Liverpool did the same with the Coutinho money and look at them now. Sell him in the summer for £100 million and buy 3 top class players and we've got a better squad.
  7. Could have easily be a red, my dad is a blue but his two brothers and his dad are red. For some strange reason there was five Liverpool season tickets in that house, with my dad having one of them. When someone couldn't go I ended up going, so by the age of 12 I'd seen a lot more of Liverpool than Everton. The thing that made me chose Everton though was the first game I went in 87, it was an Easter present and we beat Newcastle 3-0 and 6 year old me just loved the way everybody stamped their feet on the wooden flooring and the noise it made. If it wasn't for that wooden flooring I'd probably
  8. Should definitely score more, won't even mind him if he took shots on and missed but he doesn't, it's like getting a shot off is his last resort and he will always look for a passing option even if it's more difficult.
  9. Bernard for me, gives us that bit of star quality and can open up a defence. Just needs to do it week in week out now, if he can stay clear of injury. Richarlison was great, he took his goal really well and his work rate is excellent. Hes not been going down as much lately, which is a positive. Lucas Digne had his best game in a while aswell.
  10. The way we played and the players we had in the team allowed him to get forward more. He knew he had a centre half who was fine covering him at left back in Zouma with one of the midfielders dropping to centre half and Idrissa Gueye covering the midfield. Don't know what's happened to his crossing or his willingness to take a shot on, I suppose it must be a confidence thing.
  11. Gylfi Sigurdsson and Morgan Schneiderlin should not be allowed to wear an Everton shirt again, they got schooled by a couple of kids and Adam fucking Lallana. It's a proper low point as an Evertonia, I thought getting beat by Norwich at home was bad but this takes the piss. would have been better playing the U23 🤬😡
  12. It depends on what Klopp wants more, another trophy and the extra games that will bring, or to stay undefeated in the league. If I was a Liverpool fan I'd want us to forget about staying undefeated and go all out for the treble. Can't believe I've just written that, life would be unbearable if they did it.
  13. If you think about it as a business, you bring him in and he improves the team, the team will finish higher up the league, gaining more money and improving the reputation of the club ie more shirt sales and maybe bring higher calibre players to us. He'd also rub off on our younger players, which in turn will increase their value. So his lack of sell on value could be off set by what he would bring to the club in other ways, we could easily make £8.5 million back. I don't include wages as you would have to pay someone else a wage to take his place. It's not the older players that our
  14. I thought he was lucky to stay on the field after that stupid tackle in the corner. Think it was more frustration then anything else, but he was a very lucky boy.
  15. Need to take him off corners, I've lost count the number of times he's either hit the first man or put a high looping ball in.
  16. Went with Pickford, it was either him or Mina, although neither had a brilliant game. Mina seemed to lose Jesus a lot of the time, but with saying that Jesus did have a really good game. Pickford pulled of some good save, but was also beaten at his near post for their second. Nobody else really showed up, which was disappointing.
  17. DCL for me, Holgate and Richarlison especially when he was moved centrally had very good games too.
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