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  1. GeirR

    Ticket and Transport questions

    I have no problem with your sceptisism MikeO. I would probably have been the same - living in Liverpool and having access to tickets... I am who I am allright - working as software Developer for the Norwegian National Lottery and Betting Company ;).... So I see your point. It was a bit of risk booking the flight and the hotel first - assuming the ticket would be obtainable as we are out of the competition... I will just have to continue trying my Luck up until the time of arriving in Liverpool on the 23rd and the kick-off.
  2. GeirR

    Ticket and Transport questions

    Anyone having a spare ticket for the Atalanta game on Thursday November 23rd for me to buy? I'm an Everton supporter (since the early '70s) living in Norway - but my last visit to Goodison was in 2010 so I have no previous booking history through the web site. I've already made my other travel arrangements - and had no clue about the special issues regarding the tickets for this game. Any help would be very much appreciated. Name your price - and I will throw in a pint or two as well :)..... Please e-mail me at geir.rossvoll@gmail.com or gei-ross@online.no