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  1. Given it to Johnny today. He's been poor this season but he was much better today. Helped to free up Arteta in midfield a little more and was getting a little more stuck in, his passing range was closer to where it was during his good run for us at the end of last season. No real star performers today but Yak, Pienaar, Distin and Baines all did well throughout. Everyone just stuck to their jobs today.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub8FXMPT7oU Starts on Fx tomorrow I think but is available to watch online now. I highly recommend it. Directed by Frank Darabont(Shawshank Redemption/ The Green Mile) and based on a Robert Kierkmans graphic novel series. I've been reading them for awhile so was really looking forward to it. The pilot is fantastic. Watched it earlier and was not let down.
  3. So now that Coleman has starting getting a run of games, after being hyped so much, what do people think about his progress? Personally I think that he did well in patches against Liverpool, but has been fairly poor the last few games. However, he may have been disapointing but we have been picking up points with him in the team. He still far from the finished product but shows glimpses of brilliance, one thing though I think we can all tell that it's going to take a little more time and perhaps Moyes caution with brining him in can be justified. n a side note I would like to see Gueye start getting some game time from the bench. I think he could offer us something different, perhaps if we take Coleman off again from the wing it would be good to see Gueye given a run?
  4. Wow. Woke up this morning and apparently it wasn't just a dream. Amazing!!!
  5. I had high hopes for him. Didn't he get a really bad injury when his contract was up in SPL? I heard he got inured and was without a club, he didnt train, didnt get fit again. Pissed away his career. Pretty sure he was doing Ding around Liverpool at some point as well.
  6. I'm actually going to have to come back to this because there were so many good performances. Distin, Yak, Coleman, Baines, Cahill and Arteta all superb. Also worth noting just how good Ossie was. I'm one of his biggest critics but he was probably one if, if not the, best player in the first 45. He'd be right up there if he hadn't picked up a knock.
  7. I agree. I'm so fucking nervous. I wish there had not been the international break in between our last fixtures. Any momentum both teams had have been totally shifted, and within this time we've lost Jags and Felli (and Ross Barkley to a double leg break, though that's not a huge issue for this fixture). After the Brum result I was extremely confident of getting a result in this fixture, now that has totally dissipated and i'm very very nervous.
  8. Loving Fifa 11. The AI has improved drastically and the better players in the game are noticablly better. The likes of Messi and Ronaldo have ripped me apart a few times.
  9. I'd love him here. Both to have as a player but also to further increase our awareness in Japan. Having Honda and Donovan in the squad could actually be a money spinner. We can dream eh?
  10. I've always liked Simao but he's gone backwards in the last few years, he has however started well this season. Socred a few goals for Atletico and also been captaining them due to other injuries. Can't really see it coming off, he's a good player but I doubt he'd don much for us. A bit like Maxi for Liverpool, once great but not so much anymore
  11. Haha. As if we'd ever sign Jamie Cureton! When I saw this thread I did despair, luckily it's a non-story. I remember him scoring in the 2001 League One Play-off final (I think it was) when Walsall beat Reading.
  12. The story also ends with the fact that he signed a new five year contract last month. So it's pretty much a complete non-story
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