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  1. great match. Everything worked out. Thanks all for your help.
  2. Thanks for info. Normally not that lucky.
  3. with champions league draw now done, is derby being moved back to saturday? any official announcement yet?
  4. for about 600 quid. I planned the entire trip around that game.
  5. just heard they moved the derby. already bought flights and return was on Sunday morning April 8.
  6. Thanks Paddock/MikeO. Good to know how it works. Very excited..
  7. Thanks for the info. If it doesn't work, he will have to use the adult ticket and I will find a local.
  8. My son is a huge everton fan and I am bringing him over to mersyside derby on April 7. We live in rochester new York and I grabbed the last two tickets on stubhub together. They are adult class and kid class. Adult ticket is fine but he is 14 years old. Will they give us an issue if he has a kid ticket and not a junior ticket? I know you need birth certificates to buy season tickets for the classes but when they resell do they care as much about the class for those under 16? Thanks for advice on this.