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  1. Hi all,Researcher here for The Real Football Fan Show on Channel 4, returning for our new series next week. We're after fans from the full range of premier league teams to make up our studio audience when we begin filming again next Thursday in London, with a particular emphasis on getting non-London teams represented. Please see below and don't hesitate to get in touch: The football revolution is back! Robbie Lyle returns for a second series of The Real Football Fan Show. The only show on TV that gives supporters their say on the Premier League. Expect banter; strong opinion and, most of all, passion for the game and teams. This is where you hear what people really think. We are looking for fans to be part of the studio, which starts on Thursday 13th September - Thursday 18th October. If you are interested, please email ap@uffproductions.tv stating the club you support, along with your contact details.Cheers and good luck this season!
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