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  1. Please don't worry; if there's a problem, just let us know (hello@sportspersonalities.org) & we will sort this for you. Look forward to hearing your thoughts!
  2. Hey Mike, Brilliant news that your print has arrived - appreciate you letting me know. That’s really annoying regarding the dented tube; by all means send us a pic (hello@sportspersonalities.org) & we can always replace this for you. Pleased you love the print itself 👍
  3. Would love to hear your thoughts when you receive the print; keen to raise awareness with Everton fans that these are available. 20% of profit from the sales of Richarlison prints will also be donated to Cure Leukaemia so grateful for your support for them with this purchase too. Thanks!
  4. Incredibly grateful for your support; thank you sincerely. Really sorry to hear you just missed out.
  5. Just to say that prints are now available via our online shop Mike. Here’s a link for you if that helps; https://www.sportspersonalities.org/shop/richarlison
  6. Finishes today at 8pm GMT. Current bid at £590 👍
  7. Just to make sure you are aware, the auction finishes at 8pm GMT tomorrow. Wishing you all the very best with your bidding. Grateful for your support for the auction & the charities 👍
  8. They will be available from Monday Mike; link to our online shop here: sportspersonalities.org/shop
  9. Good luck over the remaining 4 days. Thank you for getting behind the auction. Four fantastic charities will benefit from funds raised from the 10 paintings available.
  10. As you say, the Danny Ings one still low. Thought that one may be popular though I guess still four days left..
  11. Cobbold is quite a common name in Suffolk; as you say, you never know!
  12. Not as far as we are aware! My husband was a mascot for Wolves at Ipswich when he was 6 & his dad (also from Suffolk) supports Wolves too. There are a few around this way! Sorry to hear you’re no longer leading the way in the bidding!
  13. Thank you Mike; very grateful for your encouragement! This is the third season Wolves have had an artist paint/design their covers but the first that has also included an away player so it’s a really interesting project to be involved in. Thanks again!
  14. Thank you for your encouragement & good luck with your bidding! I wasn’t there; usually with the paintings we are getting them signed on the day of the match by the away player but for this one, the first game of the season, my son was a mascot for Wolves & we didn’t have the painting with us so Everton kindly sorted this when we posted it to them. He did like the painting on Twitter (if it’s him who looks after his own feed!). Thanks again!
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