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  1. it was incredible (the pre-match in Southall pub, the reactions from fans during the match, the match itself ), hope to go again in january or february, already miss Goodison and the city of Liverpool.
  2. that is not my case but yeah all the newspappers and sports blogs and channels give a lot of attention to Everton. the mentality here it's hard to explain, people supports who wins instead of supporting local clubs. most of my friends are "big 6" ( i dont agree with this expression) supporters.
  3. I must say that I use this forum since 2015 but only today decided to register
  4. Hello evertonians. Since I was a kid I watch Premier League matches in a sports channel from Portugal. I support my local team in Portugal which is Vitoria Sport Club ( from Guimaraes ). We are very devoted and passionate although we have never won a league title. I always liked the city of Liverpool and my passion for Everton was growing watching Arteta and Cahill playing and the atmosphere of Goodison Park, and over the years it has become more intense. Next saturday I'll prove everything I feel about this amazing club because I'm going to see the match against Cardiff. It will be the first time I'll see Everton playing live. I am excited to live this experience and obviously hope Everton wins, keeping the practice of good football. I could not be happier with our new manager (Marco Silva). He's the right man in the right place! COYB
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