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  1. Hard to see him doing it at home but he could drop Walcott and play Sigurddson and Bernard behind Richarlison with Digne and Coleman pushing on I suppose. It would send a message that form gets you in the side but not sure about 3 at the back at home myself.
  2. I can certainly see us doing that, maybe at Wembley in a few weeks. Don't think he would do it in the derby though. Thanks for reading Romey.
  3. Thanks for reading Shukes. Agree with you on Zouma. He is quicker than Mina and Keane so may be preferred because of that. Wouldn't blame Silva whatever he chooses. It's good to have the dilemma for this reason rather than what we had to put up with last year!
  4. Morning blues. New to the forum and giving it a go. Usually lurk on the WSAG forum. I also write for this Everton blog, the Street End. Here's the latest article if anyone is interested. https://www.thestreetend.com/marco-silvas-everton-list/ Hope it's ok to post it here. Cheers.
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