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  1. I'm going with Djibril Sidibé Thought he done a very good job considering he hasn't had too much game time. In fact, I'd like to see start the next game too.
  2. Was glad to see Tom Davies getting a start today and performing well. Kept the play moving with quick, simple, passes, that helped sustain the pressure we were applying 👍
  3. Or... maybe he will 😆
  4. Well, I got the exciting part right 😆
  5. Sadly, you are right. He's stuck in his tactical mindset, and I doubt he'll change anytime soon 😕
  6. So does Seamus Coleman miss the West Ham game, due to his sending off against Burnley?
  7. Staying positive. It's another winnable game, and now pretty much a 'must win' game too. We've got this, our season starts to turn for the good with this one.
  8. I can see this being a close and exciting game... COYB! Everton 3 West Ham Utd 2 Yerry Mina
  9. Mikel Arteta - He's never managed, so I don't particularly want him to use Everton to test the water, so to speak. Lots of supporters were saying we need to stop the sentimentality and 'jobs for the boys' attitude, yet there are so many shouts for Arteta Eddie Howe - Won the League Championship in the 14/15 season. Could be the man to re-establish us in a healthy 8th or 7th place, ready for a better manager to come in and move us forward from there. But would he want to come to Everton? David Moyes - Brought Everton close to actually winning something in the last 24 years by getting us to our last FA Cup final, ten years ago. Looked completely out of his depth at other clubs since leaving Everton. Phil Neville - Even if he was a top manager... wild horses couldn't drag him away from all that young p*ssy he's managing right now. Why would you give that up to sit in a changing room full of sweaty, hairy-arsed men? Gareth Southgate - Appeared to think that taking England to one of the easiest World Cup semi-finals the National Team have ever played in was good thing, even though they struggled to beat Tunisia, and got beat by Belgium (twice) and Croatia. David Unsworth - He may have learnt from the mistakes he made last time he took over, but would he ever be more than an interim manager? Could he really command the respect needed from the players? I wanted Farhad Moshiri to give Silva until the end of the year, but now I would give him until the Watford Carabao Cup game, at most, whilst sounding out a potential replacement just in case. We are going to need someone who has experience in dragging clubs out of the mire of the relegation zone (or there about), someone with a no-nonsense attitude, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done... even if it's not pretty. Yes folks, hold on to your hats because he's coming back. Hated by all, loved by none, never wanted when here, and happy when he's gone. Get the gravy on a simmer and welcome him home with open arms... Big Sam Allardyce.
  10. The perfect team to get the job done. The mix of someone experienced who's been there and done it, with someone very ambitious and wanting to get there and do it 👍🏻 😎
  11. Anyone else starting to feel this way about Everton 😄
  12. Say what you will about Marco Silva, but he did well to get a point out of 4th placed Crystal Palace 😆
  13. Went for Alex Iwobi because he looked lively throughout the game.
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