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  1. I think the youth of today would have a heart attack if they went to football in the 70's / 80's. No CCTV, trouble in grounds you'd least expect, every team had it's madmen, if you acted up the worst you would get is a kicking from the OB then slung out. Yet we'd think nothing of travelling up & down the country week in, week out knowing it was definitely going to go off before, during & after. Strangely, I miss it. In the sanitised world football of today, anything happens and bods film it to stick it on youtube instead of wading in to sort it out.
  2. I am 56, married with 4 kids & 2 grandchildren
  3. Hurlock is a legend, still goes to most matches and is often seen in pubs near the ground on a match day. Don't think he ever has to buy a pint! Cahill will always be loved. Pretty sure you will know but he has a Millwall & an Everton tattoo Whether some will admit it or not, most I know respect Everton as a proper, old school football club, Portsmouth are another Not too many about these days, most are happy clappy sold their soul to the corporate man. Clappers for example have no place whatsoever in football. Millwall, these days is the only place that I hear that lovely old chant - Lino lino you're a c*nt (not sure if swearing is permitted on here, it is on all of our boards)
  4. If we win things - ha ha ha, we know we'll never win anything at all, but that's OK. Football to most of us is about mates, a day on the piss and having a laugh. We are South East, not South West - there is a big difference. South West London is very affluent, Wimbledon tennis is SW London. The actual place Millwall, is on the isle of dogs. It's just nostalgia. Most of our history has now gone, we moved south of the river to The Den in 1910. There is a pub called The Lord Nelson on the island that is still standing. Our first ever ground was behind it. A few will still have a tour about the place but there is no real connection - apart from the name of course. The ground is in Bermondsey - SE16, If we ever did win anything that's where we would have a parade.
  5. Works both ways, we rarely get our full allocation for Cup games, especially against "bigger" teams. West Ham in the League Cup in 2009 we should have been given up to 12,000 - our allocation was 1,500 100% nailed on you wouldn't have given us 6,000 had it been at your place.
  6. We did, but moved over 100 years ago. You'll not find a single Millwall fan that would ever describe us as East London
  7. Millwall is NOT East London, we are South East London, (as are Charlton) a huge difference. Brentford, Fulham, QPR & Chelsea would describe themselves as West London. 2,200 is standard allocation for away fans. You're housed in your own 2 tiered stand and you'll only get the upper tier. Very rarely are teams allocated the lower tier, even if their is demand. It's to stop fans clashing on the pitch
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