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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-ie/sport/football/zlatan-ibrahimovic-statue-at-risk-of-collapse-after-being-attacked-with-a-saw/ar-AAK4YI5?ocid=spartandhp County Road Cutters in disguise trying to get the statue to our side of Stanley Park ?????
  2. I hope they don't rush it, I'd leave Dunc in charge for the next few matches (at least until the FA cup derby), I really don't see what we've got to lose. The danger for a new manager coming in now with the run of games we have if that if results go against us, the confidence will just drop and we end up back in the relegation zone in 5 or 6 games time. I can't see the manager turning that around. The atmosphere in the ground yesterday was great, the fans love Dunc and will give him a chance. As Shearer mentioned on MOTD, he seemed to unleash the monster in DCL, got him playing a more aggressive game, like Dunc played himself. If he does well into the new year I'd certainly give him the rest of the season unless we can get the right manager in the new year. The only manager I'd like to see would be Poch (obviously), but there absolutely no chance of that. Nobody else mentioned seems to fit for me. Would I take Moyes, yes I would. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to move forward. Moyes knows the club and certainly won't get us relegated. I think we have to accept that top 6 may be a few seasons away. I do think the board need to sort themselves out though before we can make any real progress.
  3. Let's play our strongest team, go for the cups, we've never won this one before, it's one of our 3 ways into Europa. My team Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Digne Charlie Gomes Siggs Iwobi DCL Kean, We dominated Villa last weekend but couldn't score, but one great moment happened, the link up play between Iwobi and our new superstar Kean. Kean played the most perfect pass and Theo blasted over. I'm giving DCL a free pass in this game, but I think our 19 year old star has already showed maturity, he knows how to play football. The link up at the end of last season between Mustard and Charlie got us so many points, keep that combination, I think we have a new partnership on the left. Thoughts ??
  4. VAR is just used in the League Cup this season, not in the FA Cup of Premiership, but we needed it today.
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