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  1. Think it had to happen for all parties - dont think we will miss him based on number of apps for us last season, weve doubled our money on him and we probably couldnt wait much longer for him to break into 1st team. Lookman also gets chance to kick start his career again. Things starting to move up a gear for us now transferswise - would like to see an attacking replacement in next for us. We do seem to have to balance the wage book a bit - player out before the next player comes in... Have trust in Brands
  2. Hes no Barry or Milner though. Cant get excited about this at all.
  3. Good move for him and us if he plays. Could cause a problem if he plays and plays really well then returns to us wanting 1st team football. Cant see Pickford going anytime soon.
  4. Not sure this is genuine as prev posts have indicated but would be the type of player we need for our attack. Not sure on his movement on and off the ball but has the right physical traits for our league.
  5. Summer is always tough going with no real matches played - WWC has been ok, and the Cricket. But its not the same...
  6. It seems crazy to me - playing a game after only really 4 days of training where the opposition will be well up for it. Just hope there are no injuries. Good experience for the youngster tho Not sure how lucrative these trips are or whether its contractual with SportPesa
  7. Cisk

    Been a fan....

    No - Mike was spot on. Bridgend historically has been a very successful rugby town before the change to regions. Team more or less disappeared from top flight rugby now. Home fans would call them the bridge. Didnt think of connection to Chelski...
  8. What position does he play - 5' 8" bit short for a defender?
  9. Not a fan sorry...not even a grower for me. Reminds me of the seat fabric on public transport. Eager to see Away & 3rd strips now (hoping there are no neon colours this time too)
  10. Think its the registering of new players is the ban - would apply to free transfers too if so
  11. Cisk

    Been a fan....

    🤔 Look-at-you? Set myself up there!
  12. Be happy to just get rid for free and save the wages. Done nothing for us. Not sure I like the sound of us being linked to more Spanish strikers either this window
  13. Not sure which way this one will go. Indications are that Zouma would want the move if hes not given reassurances of enough game time but Chelsea dont have to sell him as he has loads of time left on his contract. Guess it would depend where hes rated against the other young CBs they have knocking on the door of their squad/starting XI. They may want to take the rumoured £30m money to help with their FFP on a squad player who they may think can be replaced with youth. What I'd like us to do though is give some time deadline of a decision and move on if they are not interested in selling - could disrupt our whole plans for defence this summer window
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