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  1. Im waivering on Marco...Was very happy with his appointment, concerned with last xmas slump but boyed by results during tail end of season. Lets not foget the scalps we had vs top 4 teams yeah!!!! I attribute them to Marco. But, the concerns are returning again now. WHY CANT WE PERFORM AGAINST TEAMS EXPECTED TO FINISH BOTTOM HALF OF LEAGUE!!!!!!!! This is no 'we are better than them post - we deserve to win', but on paper we are superiror. I am puzzled by our players mental approach. I am too, concerned by Marco's 1 striker 2 wide playmaker approach to EVERY game. I am also thinking Marco has not been able to field 'his' team yet this year - which troubles me. I think he still needs time to end of season - Christ, Gbamin is out until Feb which when he 1st joined his No. 6 was the key role to his whole formation plans!
  2. I mean no disrespect but the rumour is Milan. Wow..In the 90s They were arguably the team to join. But they have had such a fall from grace that I would now put them in the average bucket. They are no improvement on us currently!! I also mean that in no disrespect to us either * I also dont think hes good enough RB starter for us from the limited action Ive seen of him * Hed be no loss currently and an U21 player can do what hes done so far.
  3. Makes you wonder why he didnt have the surgery at the start? Questioning the level of homework performed on JP G before signing. His injury record is shocking!
  4. No its not the time & it wont be again
  5. Sounds good Mike! Late for Tuna sandwich though isnt it? You should try Bakeoff...
  6. Ill start - half way through a very nice cheap French red wine watching Bakeoff on sky+ contemplating work in the morning
  7. Getting fed up of doom n gloom of Toffeeness but also fed up of International break, so..... For fun, what is everyone up to right now? This could turn out to be a laugh - it could be messy - it could morally wrong - it could be scary. Hopefully a bit of fun n a laugh!!
  8. Thinks its the hunger in the players that we are missing. We were good under Moyes because he got the diamonds from the Championship in - Gave them the chance to play in the prem and excel, band of brothers like. Who have we signed recently that is the same? Pickford??? Rest are either here for money or to salvage their career. Need more of the Cahills, Lescotts, Jags....
  9. Urghhhh....Ugly looking list which depresses me. All have their negatives. Could add Houghton or Dyche to those easily too. Prob go European again like Alegri (pie in sky) or Blanc or Loew
  10. Been feeling more in the glass half empty camp lately but actually fancy us today. Have a feeling Kean will bag his 1st off the bench. Burnley 1 - 3 Everton DCL
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