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  1. Why we talking about him - were not linked or rumoured to be after him? Its like talking about any random player we would see in our team. Still not a fan of him.
  2. Similar to the game earlier in the season where he hit straight at the keeper/defender - cant remember opposition
  3. Agreed, should be no excuses against that minimal experience of opposition. Plus milner is now off
  4. Quiet everywhere. Only Reds have made a signing plus Rodwell's move
  5. Too true!! Pessimism here is too much sometimes. Lets enjoy the good times and honeymoon whilst its here.
  6. Neither was Mr Ancelotti according to many media outlets!! 😎 lol Not sure on this fella - he was boss at Monaco and the World Cup and prob in his 1st season at Real too. But what has he done last 3 yrs? Badly managed or another case of a player reaching the top and doing a Ronaldiniho??
  7. Fair play to Baines - how good has he been the past couple of weeks. I didnt think we would see him again but hes slotted in and done a good job. He may not be starting XI anymore but hes been reliable. Another 1yr contract maybe as back up LB??
  8. Cant see anyone paying 25m for him - 10-15m maybe
  9. Newcastle 1 - 1 Everton Kean Todays the day!
  10. Has to be 4-4-2 - Cant see 3 CBs in there
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