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  1. Think Pope getting England shirt may be the injection he needs - or he falls like Hart.
  2. What can he do - we have square pegs in round holes everywhere? The 4-4-2 system cant work now with Siggy & Dave's & Gomes as the CM options. We all agree to this. So he tries a different approach and we end up with 3 FBs in a back 5 with one recognised CB. There are very few options in the squad we have right now - almost back to the knives in a gun fight analogy of Moyes days. We have to stick with carlo - let him get his own players in and see. We've tried all other options of Managers. We looked ok against a poor Liverpool performance, struggled to put away a very poor Norwich and beat a fragile Leicester. Think it really is down to the crap players we have bought in Moshiris time (Digne / Richie excluded) .Time to experiment in the last 3 games now to see who stays and who can go from the squad if anyone will take em off is. Really do have a piss poor squad. Interesting to see the fate of FFP tomorrow after City's appeal - we need to spend big again and hope Moshiri plays along too. Otherwise we are going to be the West Hams, Newcastles, Middlesbrough's of this league very very soon.
  3. Were still in this - Spurs looking nervy!!!!!
  4. Tottenham 3 - 1 Everton Coleman
  5. Tonight's game with Spurs is key I think. I see them as the ones who are likely to get 7th spot (Us catching Wolves for 6th spot is unrealistic). Their remaining games after us are straightforward I'd say. I think Palace, Arsenal, Sheffield and Burnley will drop points in their remaining games - Burnley possibly have the easier run in of all. Sheffield and Arsenal have tough matches left. We do too, with either European contenders or fighters to avoid relegation - not easy. I think 12 pts is possible for us from the remaining games unless we go mental and have one hell of a finish to the season for us - will that be enough to beat Spurs (if we lose tonight) or Arsenal? I'm not sure.
  6. No brainer if that fee is right, creative flair and dead ball sorted. Still a good age too. Oh sit down...
  7. Thought he plays through the middle, more of an upgrade on Siggy, but unsure if he can do a 4-4-2. Would be a marquee signing thought (we're still waiting) - wonder if Yerry can have a word?
  8. Totally agree, and if the kid can play seems a no-brainer
  9. Cant function in the morning until after drinking a builders mug of tea. 1 for the day and then I'm set
  10. Wouldn't touch him with a barge pole. Unreliable discipline
  11. Everton 0 - 0 Leicester No goal scorer Another classic watch in the making 🤔
  12. Could do with the points Mike...not exactly challenging for Europe with my predictions. What if I said my game was paused on Sky+ and it hadn't started for me at the time 🤔 🤣
  13. Iwobi for me too....surprisingly
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