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  1. That was very visible I thought too - 1st half performance he could have been pulled and moved on. Second half much different - a Carlo rocket at half time maybe?
  2. Even better maybe, we had to pay for Seamus - Niels was free (long way to go though - maybe we should loan him to Blackpool - but signs are there that he could be very good)
  3. I agree Haf - not much else to take from this game other than Theo is shite and youngsters (mainly Gordon, Niels) look very promising. Bernard, Suggy & Davies still useful although expensive on the wages for what they deliver! Keane I thought was MoM tonight. Virginia a surprise and did everything he needed to do too. I dont think we need to worry about either FB position or the LW position for reinforcement. What is a must is a true RW, followed by a CB - both purchases in my mind!
  4. Dont see who or where you change it - does any of the bench improve that line-up, not immediately in my eyes
  5. Just too many changes tonight!! Might be squeaky bum time
  6. Anyone else have a little chuckle on looking back at the media links and thoughts to where our new signing levels were (Mings, Barkley, Fraser, Periera, Ivanovic ffs)...
  7. Half n half for this one I think..... We need a good cup run with ambitions to win it, we need to give match fitness to players still and also look to protect some for the league games as I still see WBA as the more important fixture of the 2. Lossl Kenny Keane Mina Digne Allan Davies Doucoure Walcott Bernard Kean (Although swapping entire front three may be a risk) Subs: Try get Gordon, Siggy and Iwobi on. Protected: Coleman, Gomes, James, Richarlison, D
  8. Brands and the scouting team must start putting the hours in looking for the next young Allan now and sign them up!!! What.A.Difference
  9. Joined the Pickford bus.... His saves were crucial to getting that result. Not sure how we would have responded to them taking the lead first. If there was a Professor Carlo option I would have selected that though! Top choices to play all 3 new boys and formation change. Spurs very poor and very defensively set - I did wonder if we had swapped kits with them before kick-off
  10. Son scares me down the left though
  11. Surprised Gomes starts to be honest
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