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  1. Southall Coleman Weir Jags Baines McFadden Speed Horne Kilbane Ferguson Rooney Sub: Carsley Keep the challenges coming...think theres probably a Scandinavian XI there somewhere and maybe African / Asian / Australasian combo XI too
  2. I honestly dont think people would be upset if we got Bale in. Ramsey is more of a risk for me as hes more injury prone of the 2. Bale has not played much recently due to fall out in-class so I'm not sure hes as old a playing age as his real age. Would like to think there are 2-3 more seasons in him with desire to come back and prove a point. He still does it for Wales...
  3. I dont believe any of it either - press got to write about something I guess in sport. But what a statement signing Bale would be, no transfer fee, realistic wages with performance based incentives to add on. No brainer.....
  4. Southall Digne Weir Heitinga Coleman Richarlison Arteta Barry Donovan Cahill Lukaku 4-4-1-1
  5. Too many of us are quickly forgetting the keepers we had under Bobby Martin's!
  6. Really? Looks crap to me... Each to their own (i did own the navy and salmon striped kit & the grey n white away number 🤪)
  7. Torn on the summer transfer needs to be honest. Before Christmas we were all crying out for a prolific CF until DCL came through. Is he going to keep this up and be like a Kane for us for next few years consistently- I don't know, hes great now but if goals dry up are we going to keep playing him through a barren spell? Richarlison is not a lone striker and jury is still out on Kean. If we were to get 3 new signings I think a starting RB, a hounding CM and a flair No. 10 are the priorities - next would be a top striker. Just realised missed off a starting CB, looks like we need 4 - 5 must have signings again already 🤦‍♂️
  8. Everton 2 - 1 Man Utd Baines
  9. Man U line-up not fearsome either though
  10. Not liking the look of our MF selection today - wondering if Richy is LW?
  11. No more summer friendlies against Kenyan teams then...
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