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  1. Neither does our board by the looks of it. Our short list is about 16 long now and we're looking at our 8th choice at the moment 🙄
  2. This where I'm at with all this. The next person is a gamble regardless of who it will be. The big names with Prem experience we're linked with are not realistic appointments for us
  3. No sure Im fully believing this is just a coincidence.
  4. Would love DF to be in the seat - not sure it is wise though but fair play to him. Made up with this win!! What about DF until end of season and then see our options. Think he would need an experienced head as his No. 2 though - Joe Royle got a job? Also think we cant get carried away with just 1 game in 🤩
  5. Apparently Niko Kovac (ex Bayern manager) is at Goodison. 🤔 Whats he doing there? Not sure he`s any good is he?
  6. Its true, was there myself to hear it. Norwich fans started it after 2nd goal and our fans joined them
  7. We were better and the players obs responded to HT talk....But damage was done in 1st 20 mins and its another game with no points and confidence is in the under world right now
  8. What does Siggy actually do? Doesnt take set pieces and does not dictate play. Doesnt contribute unless hes in 20yds free space
  9. Hes selected the team on tactics they seem to know nothing about. His walk down the tunnel was of a broken man. Hes tried to change things and we showed a better performance agaonst Leicester - but we still lost points. WE ARE IN THE BOTTOM 3 WITH NO MORE POINTS LIKELY TO COME UNTIL JANUARY. Weve played alm the promoted team and likely easy teams so for already and have just 14pts to show for it - its not even a point a game oj average should I go on?
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