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  1. I do agree but the open goal was in 2017 GE when May was PM. For all Johnson's failings, he has far more charisma than May and is a far better campaigner. It is looking like a 74 to 78 Conservative working majority which means Boris will now be able to get just about anything he wants through Parliament. Pleased to see that Corbyn has said he won't lead the Party into the next election but the country needs a credible opposition which means he, along with Abbott, Mcdonnell and probably Thornberry all have to step down. The only battle now is not Brexit but Scottish independence as SNP did do very well too - mainly at Labour expense too. N Ireland could also be interesting with DUP losing seats to SF - who won't take up their seats, thereby further extending the working majority.
  2. You been on the Rioja again Palfy or just struggling to contain your disappointment at the way the election is going. Either way, you are letting yourself down again, badly. I hope the election result and subsequent consequences of brexit don't adversely affect you, but your foul language when you don't get your own way really does expose your character flaws. I neither squirm nor lie Palfy. But it is entertaining to see you throwing your toys out of your pram - again! Cheers.
  3. We have avoided nuclear war. If you read all my posts you will also see that I stated conventional conflicts will always occur. Since we can't 'uninvent' nuclear weapons it becomes vital that we have nuclear parity. To do otherwise is foolhardy.
  4. Thanks but no. I'll go with the MP's opinion. He is the guy who is championing the removal of the 'time limit prior to being disenfranchised.'
  5. Well, the letter I got from MP agreed that I had been disenfranchised. I'll take his view over yours on the matter I think.
  6. Indeed. But Korea did not have nuclear weapons. Falklands was classed as a conflict rather than a war. An exercise in semantics maybe but we still needed to project our power over 8000 miles to regain the Falklands. Iraq, similarly, is a non nuclear state. The country missing from your list of course is Russia. And the reason it is missing is because we have nuclear weapons and it knows what would happen if ever it launched first. Ergo, nuclear deterrence works. Conventional skirmishes will always happen but you cannot 'uninvent' technology so there has to be nuclear parity. Various treaties have been signed to reduce the number of warheads each side has, which in turn reduces costs. But a deterrent really is necessary.
  7. No Palfy my old mate you are quite wrong. For the first 15 years after I left UK I still had the vote. I was disenfranchised only after 15 years as an expat. Incidentally, the tory party are looking at reinstating full voting rights for UK expats without any time limit. Pleased to see some certainty now in UK politics. I believe the same message is also coming out of Brussels. The last thing EU wanted was another hung Parliament. Nice to see the markets reacting so positively already, too.
  8. You obviously don't understand the very successful defence policy of NATO since WW2. The reason we have not had a war is because of our nuclear deterrent. No nuclear weapons = no deterrent = far higher risk of war. It really is that simple.
  9. I couldn't vote as I have been disenfranchised but I am very happy that Corbyn not only lost but appears to have ended his political career. For Labour to operate as a credible opposition now they need to rid themselves of Corbyn, Abbott, Mcdonnell and Thornberry. The markets are loving the exit poll and the £ is rocketing in value.
  10. If Keane or Holgate get injured then Schneiderlin will likely drop back to play cb.
  11. 4-4-2 or 4-5-1? But I agree. Gonna get hammered. Mina is a big miss.
  12. Have to agree. Our squad even if fully fit is arguably no better than last year and injuries have been cruel. But, we have to do the best we can with what we have. Easier said than done, I know.
  13. Everton 1-3 Chelsea Richarlison
  14. Also went for Mina but it was a car crash of a team performance.
  15. With the current shortage of fit players, is there a case for playing him right midfield in front of Coleman?
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