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  1. I'd settle for stability and a positive trend in performances, on the pitch and behind the scenes. Mass clear out definitely needed.
  2. RPG


  3. Couldn’t be more wrong. Lovely ball from Bernard and Kean is up and running with his Everton goal tally.
  4. Lots of possession and pressure but no real clear cut chances. It will come from a set piece I think.
  5. Maybe it’s my time in the military, followed by 24 years of living in an expat environment but I have found that ignoring the elephant in the room for fear of causing offense (albeit with the best of intentions) often causes more problems than it avoids. Anyway, back to the game. C’mon you Toffees. I fancy us tonight.
  6. Agreed. A fast start, no wasted passes and a couple of early shots and tackles to get the atmosphere right and we will be set. On the other hand, too much sideways and backwards passing will not excite the crowd.
  7. Indeed. It wasn’t the children's drawings (good though they are) that she found funny. It was the conversation on the thread about them.
  8. My wife is 'non white' and I just showed her the posts on this thread. She thinks it's hilarious and wishes we could have more humour like this.
  9. Fair shout. Ok, but don't let me down Everton.
  10. Tricky one for me. The game is being shown here in Dubai but it's an 11-30pm ko and I have a very early start tomorrow morning. Maybe the first half only and hope we have the game won by ht.
  11. RPG


    Yes, saw that. My guess is that the Commons will pass the (unchanged) bill again, send it back to the Lords and it will then be passed by the Lords. Some good brexit news for all of us here though: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/foodanddrink/foodnews/wetherspoon-pubs-will-mark-january-31-brexit-by-slashing-60p-off-european-drinks-including-becks-peroni-and-grey-goose-vodka-for-a-month/ar-BBZ8z0k?li=AAJsMOW
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