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  1. Look me ole mucker i don't know you and you don't know me! I can be a very nice person a bit feisty here and there but i look after my own and take care of those around me. I love this club and love footy. Iam heavily involved with our local youth teams (bloody hard work).but i cant stand this current set up of players and coaching staff at everton. It needs to change. R.
  2. So hopefully this starts tomorrow. If we win we could be dammed. (Silva keeps his job) if we lose we're also dammed. Nature of the beast! But then losing could be a new start for us new manager to sort this lot out. The RS could actually do us a huge favour. But i just don't want us to lose this!
  3. Hello! I just think we're getting the wrong calibre of players like too many that play the same game. It's kinda like watching a kids game, all over the place. I know the game has moved on but look back at the nineties, dark days weren't they? But most of the team back then really got stuck in and played for the shirt, the fans, the club. We even won silverware beating top clubs in the process. This lot won't know what a trophy looks like until it smacks them in the face. This is going to be my first season not going to goodison since 1989. (I've been everton since they found me in 1975) i love the club the fans are so real and always a pleasure to go. But i truly do not like this current team, manager and DOF. apologies for the F! P.s. maybe a new coach to play this team properly, one from the UK?, REGARDS, r.
  4. I've been banned from forums expressing my views over brands and silva. And that was before they signed all that shite. I wish they would both fuck off, so i can go back to watching my beloved team.
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