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  1. We have got the worst midfield I've seen since the days of gemmill and pembridge. Not sure how our back 4s ability or inability to defend is dependant on the midfield. The wolves game was the poorest display I've seen from our midfield in years. Shocking.
  2. Missed him massively. Don't give a shit that he doesn't dribble or pass like xavi or score like Messi. Absolutely brilliant at what he did, Liverpool fans moaned that Henderson doesn't do the things that more talented players do .... but they know when he's not playing. £15m and I would be happy. Yes he's older but for 2 years it would be worth it.
  3. Fwiw.... had my first YouTube viewing of this lad. His finishing sticks out as being somewhat assassin like. Big enough, not necessarily quick..... good movement.
  4. Don't think there are many wingers you build a team around. They are supplementary players. I'm undecided on this lad, he clearly can do it at this level but he may be very hot and cold I agree.
  5. He's a multi billionaire mate.... he's already sponsored us to a decent amount.
  6. He's a better player tbf. I think he's a talented player. May be more value out there I suppose.
  7. £25m plus Bolassie.... maybe
  8. The finances in the old regime would work by us selling best players and getting rejects And loans in part ex. Nowadays we get sponsorship from our true owner... I'm assuming that will keep happening to provide us with the means to buy better.
  9. One player isn't going to make us a too 4 side.... Lionel Messi couldn't. What we need is an introduction of 5 or more first team players who have character, talent and drive to get us there. I'm not saying he is or isn't good enough but many comments ate shutting him down for other reasons than ability.
  10. Got to look at this as two seperate entities 1. Buying proven players (albeit in other leagues) where age and price don't make sense 2. Are they good enough Number 1.... we need to stop with this nonsense that we are able to build a team capable of challenging from young potential. It's doable yes - but unlikely. The likes of Liverpool and city make these buys to supplement their team for future proofing it. 2. We will always have different views on quality. But for now age and profitability shouldn't be a factor. We need experience, character and quality. This bloke doesn't fill me with optimism but I'm not poo pooing it based on age and cost. I'd sign David Silva if he could improve us.
  11. We need players to transition us from shite and spineless to decent and with know how..... I'm not saying this guy is the answer but signings of this ilk may be required. SAF bought RVP, at 29/30 for excessive money. He knew what he would get and swallowed the price. We are in a shite state. We need quality and character. We aren't in a position to go with potential.... maybe he is a mentor for Moise
  12. Anthony Taylor single handedly giving arsenal the fa cup. This needs investigating
  13. Just turned 20... playing in a foreign country with a team of cowards. Plenty of potential.
  14. I specifically recalled that passage of play ... you would have been forgiven for believing we were playing right to left ..... we were chasing the gane and playing left to right. It was an absolute disgrace. I wouldn't expect an 18 year old kid to show such lack of bottle and ownership. He's a supposed playmaker who makes things happen. This type of thing happens all the time with him. It's the type of shit that gets players sold from Man United with the tag that they can't play for a big club. This is Everton where we just want players to show desire and will forgive the odd stray pass.
  15. What do you make of this one? I read this one in particular.... less than 10 minutes left. there's a load btw
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