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  1. I'm not usually politically vocal but the coronavirus and the government's appalling handling of it all has made my blood boil. Essentially as it stands the nhs workers are being told to risk their lives because they aren't valued by our government. Plain and simple. They have downgraded the severity of the disease in order to ensure they can't be prosecuted for not providing the correct level of protection. Great Ormond street hospital has 8 covid patients and have 10 times as many staff who have tested positive. This disease is being caught and spread due to nothing less than manslaughter..... before long there will be no healthy staff to look after patients. Stay inside everyone. It really is getting horrendous.
  2. Complete and utter disregard for human life. They had months to prepare for this. They downgraded the required levels of PPE because they never had correct supplies. Surgical masks??? They needed to be FFP3 masks with filters. Disgusting.
  3. When Klopp snarled at fans for wanting to shake hands I thought he was being over the top.... turns out he wasn't. There has been lots of things that have disgusted me in this outbreak. Some things have made me believe in people.
  4. Yep... he with a great "let's throw the physio under the bus" act after getting rid of the bloke who told him McCarthy wasn't ready. The players like Distin clashed with Martinez over his training. He insisted on small space high output training, short pitches with lots of bursts and decelerating which put strain on their hammies. Jagielka was another who I recall voiced concerns. Distin more than any player we've had was more physically aware. Martinez biggest issue was that he refused to listen or learn and was stubborn. It cost him his job in the end. Was it donachies job to take training too? No. Our injury record under him and moyes was very good for years. All on Martinez.... it started with him and he lost the trust of players over it. Here's a more complete article:- Just before Christmas last season, Everton’s head of medical services, Danny Donachie, gave an interview to a professional website where he addressed some of the key issues facing him as the senior physio at one of England’s leading football clubs. Six months into Roberto Martinez’s tenure as manager, Everton were riding high; the evening after Donachie’s interview was published, Martinez’s Everton would do what the team hadn’t managed in the previous 21 years and beat Manchester United at Old Trafford. It was hard to overstate the optimism, and the enthusiasm, which swept the stands at Goodison in response to the Catalan’s exposition of free-flowing football and apparent total lack of fear.That December day, few Evertonians noticed Donachie’s interview, given as it was to a site which is part of the trade press and excited as they were about the looming fixture the next evening at Old Trafford. In the weeks which followed – as Goodison began to echo to chants of ‘Oviedo baby’ – it was still less likely that any match-going Blue would pay it much attention. But a year on, with Everton only having scored five league wins all season and slipping into a relegation battle on the back of four straight defeats – and with Donachie parting company with the club – it repays a look.Donachie began by picking up on the issue of hamstring injuries, arguing that “many of the treatments we employ are no better than placebo under proper scrutiny. Anti-inflammatory medication for example is used widely in elite sport and yet there is more and more evidence arising that for soft tissue injuries they may actually retard rather than expedite healing.” One stat which went unheralded until recently was that in the 18 months of Martinez’s tenure, the Everton squad had been hit with 18 hamstring injuries – more than anyone else in the league – whereas previously Everton had a good record in this area. Donachie moved on, to address directly the challenges a physio can face dealing with a manager:Competition and financial implications of success are irresistible in sport these days and the aspirations of the stakeholders involved in the care package of an athlete may not always appear to be aligned…It’s not inconceivable to find yourself in a position where the athlete and the coaching staff are desperate to play in the next game and you know it’s not in their best interest! This is when your communication skills come into play, by convincing the management it is the best thing for the player and hence the team and explain and cajole the player into preparing for the more sensible option.So much, so unremarkable. Physios have to argue with managers – and players themselves – to stop players returning from injuries too soon. Big wow. But taken in context, Donachie’s remarks – and his sudden, unexplained departure from Everton – raise questions about the management of Everton’s first-team squad in the 2014-2015 season. It is perhaps merely a coincidence that James McCarthy, sidelined with a hamstring injury for weeks, was rushed back into the team in the middle of a bad run of form, and then had to limp out of the Newcastle match, proving to be unavailable for the next game against Hull. It’s perhaps a coincidence that news of Donachie’s resignation broke the day after that match. And then again, perhaps it isn’t.
  5. It's not a conspiracy theory! Up till the McCarthy spate of injuries Martinez was almost permanently talking himself up as a physio - because he has physio qualifications. Let's make this clear - McCarthy and his injury problems all go back to his repeated early comebacks on Martinez watch. McCarthy is an old school footballer who would play with an injury and these players need the expertise of the management team to choose when/If to play them. I'll leave it to the words of Donachie himself who had 10 years great service at Everton till his new boss decided he was a better physio. ‘It’s not inconceivable to find yourself in a position where the athlete and the coaching staff are desperate to play in the next game and you know it’s not in their best interest,’ said Donachie. ‘This is when your communication skills come into play, by convincing the management it is the best thing for the player and hence the team and explain and cajole the player into preparing for the more sensible option.’ Donachie is currently on gardening leave but is sure to be in demand.
  6. I think yobo would have been ok at right back. Amazing athlete and when his head was on it a very good defender. Right back could have been ideal for him. Just checked.... he did play right back under moyes. Yeah... had to get sheedy in there. My second English spot was Baines, Welsh spot Ratcliffe.
  7. Southall - Wales Digne - France Gough - Scotland Matterazzi - Italy Yobo- Nigeria (rb) Sheedy- Ireland Arteta - spain Cahill - Australia Gueye - Gana Kanchelskis- Russia Rooney - England One 451....Tough one that. Right back was the most difficult... it would be Stevens but England spot was rooneys. So yobo emergency RB. Probably wouldn't need him with that team
  8. I've been saying this for weeks. I travel in to Manchester 3 days a week from the wirral. I get the train which is a petridish of coughs, sneezes, farts.... I look out the window approaching Manchester and see the access roads blocked with cars yet there are skyrises being built all over. I'm an analyst so 90% of my time is in front of a pc. It can't just be me who gets more work done at home... I'm literally 3x more productive. I envisage that remote working is going to be far more common place, we've been using zoom/blue jeans for conferencing. Most people will work till they get a job done rather than "best not start this pie e of work now, I've got to leave in 30 minutes" etc. The fintech banks will be far less saddled with overheads, the branch networks will be less and less. People go to the banks for a chat and routine which is nice but not essential for most of the people aged below retirement as banks aren't open after working hours.
  9. What is pissing me off is all these high paid footballers getting tested.... yet people on the frontline like doctors and nurses aren't. No doubt they get all sorts of pro active treatment that will help them for when the symptoms kick in.
  10. Like who? What team would want him at the moment? His save percentages and errors leading to goals make statistically one of the worst in the league. Good goalkeepers get bought - no messing about.... there is only one keeper you can have in a team at one time and the pool of keepers playing at the top league level league is around 100 across Europe. Realistically there are around 30 keepers that the top sides would even look at and they need to be better than what they have got. Pickford isn't one of those.
  11. Fans get way too emotional on "x y z should be England keeper"..... stoke fans going all in on Butland, Burnley on Pope etc. It's a load of bullshit. If your club keeper gets selected because they are playing well for the club and continue to stay level headed and play well for the club and country then great.... the reality is that it is emotionally very taxing, requires huge maturity and mental strength. Basically you become a target and most keepers of recent struggle to cope. Pickford for one protests too much "eye I'm mentally strong like, I won't make mistakes" .... walks on the pitch giving it large like Joe Hart. Wrong... that's only heading one way like Joe Hart did.
  12. From what I've seen in keepers that Ancellotti has managed.... Dida, Buffon, Cech, neuer.... I don't think pickford is as safe as many think. For me he creates uncertainty in the defence.
  13. I don't. I think Ancelotti knows quite clearly that a keeper isn't just a shot stopper.... it's the organising and trust of defence/command of area. He's not gonna be swayed by a few works class stops amongst some pretty glaring errors.
  14. So was pickford before he got going with England, same with Hart. Same with Paul Robinson, Rob Green, David James...... Even David Seaman who had a rock solid temperament got tested as England's number 1. Henderson looks a better all round keeper than pickford. Has a more assured mentality but I just don't like the burden of being the nation's keeper
  15. My concern with Henderson like pickford is that he is English. I said ages ago I didn't want pickford playing for England as I had concerns it would change him with the media etc.
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