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  1. I was actually a Liverpool fan as I didn't know Everton was a local side..... as a 6 year old I knew Liverpool was a ferry trip away. My brother is a massive blue, he wasn't having me being a Red, 2 of my other brothers are reds. So he took me to a game..... 1984 top balcony, Nottingham forest 5-0 we won....... I was a blue from that day.
  2. You do like to recreate history Pete..... I pasted some on the DCL thread for you to see how you actually thought he was due for a career at Burnley...... The beauty of being on a 50 minute train journey...... I may have a look at the holgate Keane mularky for you. I think opinions have varied week to week on him based on performances..... not least the England managers..... maybe he needs your insight. Is Chris Brunt English?
  3. Of course Davies wasn't culpable in any way shape or form..... just like I'm sure you wouldn't lay blame on Gana in the same situation......... I can go back to any posts and show support for Dom, holgate I called class in 2016 before you had even commented on him..... you did so in 2017 where you said he should be ahead of cuco..... nice one
  4. I think if you go back... I was one of only 2 or 3 who seem something in DCL. I stated there were times he wasn't ready or was poor in games but I believed in him from the get go. Davies? Stupid foul for the 2nd, missed an easy header to clear ball then stood still after he missed it. The first he and digne were both culpable. Get rid of it. Simple as that. For the record in 2016 I called holgate a class act and worth £25m already.......
  5. I was never convinced by Keane since he got rolled so easily by lukaku when we played Burnley. Too slow. He did at times shoe games where you thought he had something.... but that's probably true with Davies really isn't it. Here's the thing Pete.....it is possible that a players change in performances can change your opinion - you don't have to pin your colours to the mast..... I know it can be a knock to the ego to admit a player proves you wrong but that's football. Players improve and decline..... you don't have to make posts to fit your first opinion.
  6. Agreed. I assume Carlo doesn't do his dirty washing in public because some other managers would have called out the complete unprofessionalism that caused the goals. The levels of professionalism in our team arevscandalous and seemingly contagious. We have had schneiderlein lying on the floor waiting for a foul that wasn't whilst a player picked out the top bin.... add on to that what happened the other night and I hope that behind closed doors the management team have a conversation which sounds like "Mentally poor, got to go. Passenger, got to go, bad attitude got to go" Of course on the training pitch he will be all pleasant and keeping them in the dark and motivating them as best as possible toll he calls them aside and says "Bangor city have bid £50k for you, it's too good to turn down, a car is waiting for you"
  7. Wasting your breathe mate..... When peteo chose to slate gana he pretty much came out with all sorts of ridiculous comments as to who was better and why gana is gash. In stating that Gana was as bad as he is... he had to bump Davies up to level that he isn't. I really want Davies to do well, I have a mate who used to double date with Davies mum.and dad and he comes from good stock and by all accounts is a crackin lad.... sadly the first team is not for him right now and maybe a loan will do him good
  8. I don't think it's the right time to gloat about one that you think you've got right.... Tom Davies absolutely cost us on 2 goals tonight. Holgate has been our best defender which isn't saying much.... but why was he and Mina doing sat down behind the goal line for the second goal???? They actually watched it all happen. Davies missed his header and stood still instead of getting behind the ball too..
  9. Pure and simple.... weam minded players... piss poor
  10. Either we are sooo much better or Newcastle are shocking
  11. DCL looking every inch a bona fide centre forward now
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