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  1. The journos/paparazzi have put Cummings in line of gaining sympathy... no doubt the arrogant prick will mention it in his speech and take the high ground
  2. It's very easy to forget Martyn as he was here not too long after Southall left - relatively speaking. But he was a brilliant goally... no bravado or acrobatics... a brilliant keeper who was probably closer to schmichael in levels than schmichael was to Southall in levels. But Joe public seems to think schmichael is the best keeper we've seen in the English top flight
  3. It's the first time in my life I've really seen certain types of human nature at its poorest... Take these mp's, Tories specifically. Arrogant, egotistical overprivledged pricks.... most come from money to the levels that they need not worry about paying mortgages and feeding kids etc.... they could do a £50k a year job in the private sector and be comfortable, they may even get the job that allows them to bully people and feel like they have made it. Money isn't the only thing with them, like romey said it's power... they more than likely come from a long line of twats, told they are better than everyone else, had an education that "teaches them how to pass exams".... but very little else. Their parents want them to be "important people" because their little egos need that to boast about at bridge club.... well guess what - important people need to be good at their jobs and these fuckwits aren't. They lack common sense, life skills, an emergency for them is their child's nanny ringing in sick or the cleaners not turning up. They haven't got a fuckin clue. I actually think top level mps are massively underpaid - the problem is that the people doing these jobs are underqualified and get away with crap - "thick as pig shit but have qualifications and can bullshit without a shred of embarrassment". I'd have laws passed that made incompetence punishable by prison sentence. Pay them a million+ a year - high risk high reward .... you will soon see a level of competence that we should see. The likes of patel, Johnson and hancock should be kept well away from the control panel of the country.
  4. Same for me on the Nigel Martyn shout. Absolutely brilliant keeper.... should have been signed years before but he was kept waiting at park hampers. If he was around now he would be the best in the prem.
  5. Gk:- Nigel Martyn LB:- Baines CH:- Jagielka CH:- Dave Watson RB:- Gary Stevens CM:- Trevor Steven CM:- Peter Reid CM:- Paul Bracewell AM:- Gazza ST:- Lineker ST:- Rooney
  6. When you look at him you just see a cold blooded piece of work. Same as lot of them, patel, blair, hancock..... horrible human beings He should resign but he's the boss isn't he.
  7. He's right. You can't play football safely in this situation. They aren't essential they are entertainers. Sadly people earning under £10 an hour are deemed essential which is a different argument altogether.
  8. Had my eye gouged in a game, opposition team launched fireworks into our changing rooms. Teammate bitten standing in a well waiting for free kick..... lovely league!
  9. It's pathetic... yes I get it, running away with the league and a global tragedy means you may not get to lift the trophy with satisfaction after 30 years of waiting... and they do deserve the win. They do, but tough. People are dying in their thousands across the globe every single day. Thats all that needs to be said. Key workers are being exposed to a deadly disease by an inept government who can't even close borders/impose quarantine or safeguard the elderly in care homes.... yet footballers are being looked at as some sort of special test/retest population in the same of entertainment. They want children to go back to school in June?! Why? Whats changed? Has the disease suddenly become non lethal, are the elderly going to be banned from picking up their little pocket germ spreaders at 3pm? The whole country needs to sit up and actually realise what we are in the middle of... people are getting bored/complacent after 6 or 7 weeks of staying in and watching TV with their new found jogging/cycling hobby that they never ever did before. Sod sport, let's get vocal for proper PPE - set up factories that produce N95 masks that "every single key worker uses, and every single person travelling on transport uses".... make shoppers use surgical masks. Let's pray the vaccine works and that by September the country can get it . Let's kick the government's arse and get them in a place where this catastrophe will be at play out like this again.
  10. There was a period 18 months ago or so where He was playing very well indeed. Not so sure now.
  11. As I said back then.... clear as day what the bastards have done. Downgraded the severity of the disease and exposed good people to a deadly disease. I want people in prison for this. Counting a pair of gloves as 2 items of ppe, paper towels?? Fookin lying pricks.
  12. Yeah my first experience at Costco 3 weeks ago was the same... except for one bloke walking round coughing into the air. I spoke to a few workers to extend my appreciation. But everyone was fine. For me complacency is kicking in. There is a silent "I don't know what all the fuss Is about".... as time goes by and a population of people are unaffected and unaware they will do things that they shouldn't. They will revert to the "its only the flu" type mentality that seen people flock to pubs on the Friday before lockdown. I watched the 25 minute covid documentary on netflix... very good. It shows how the flu in 1919 had different results in 2 different states. One state had parades etc, St Louis shut down. When it lifted the lockdown they had a spike and immediately shit down again. The big risk is that there are millions of animal viruses.... that theoretically shouldn't transfer to humans. But I guess when you have a population of people eating disease carrying bats them you are screwed.
  13. That certainly seems to be the case. It's an awful time to be a human - we are reliant on everyone thinking of each other and all people think of is themselves. I went to Costco today... not one person in the shop wearing a mask. 3 workers and that was it.... social distancing? Bollocks. Had to tell 2 women - one of whom had a 3 year old with her. Some fella smirked at me for weasring a mask and having my hood up. The mind boggles. I wouldn't lift rstrictions.. I would double down and try and get true death figures out. Two sporting events and a few pop concerts have certainly made this a long return back to normal life. I would say "no sport, no footy, nothing, and nothing can be sorted till people behave responsibly". Klopp certainly knew it wasn't right to play that game.
  14. Exactly. I was made redundant from a stressful job after 21 years and had 7 weeks off before starting my new stressful job. By stressful.... I'm talking providing data - not saving lives. That's true stress. The 7 weeks off I did very little and was very happy, doing school runs etc. Just not worrying is a gift itself... people think life is being able to boast about having expensive things. What's expensive isn't necessarily valuable. I'm happy in my own skin and find real happiness in simplicity and annoyance with people who love to get caught up in the insta world of bullshit. My wife has worked as nurse over 20 years, only now are they clapping them? Patronising, insulting and in my opinion an exercise from people in the government to exert pressure on good people to work in dangerous conditions without protection. Keep those close to you safe, don't use the government as a means of applying safety advise.... they don't care about us. If your stomach tells you something isn't right... then avoid the situation.
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