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  1. I think we've done the honourable "develop youth players, use the loan market, hunt for bargains" whilst having our best players sold to the rich clubs long enough...... whilst being called plucky. I'm quite happy to watch us get called out for ruining transfer markets, having £40m full backs on the bench and all that stuff..... obviously I want that to mean winning a trophy though in a big shiny stadium which generates £1m a match through corporate entertainment and fans buying food and beer from state of the art high speed dispensers.
  2. Me neither.... probably because it doesn't depend on kenwright.
  3. Usually it's what you see with hairdressers over here......
  4. Never gonna happen.... wont believe it till there is a spade in the ground blah blah blah...... lol Half the red nose tourists won't be able to do a ferry trip without seeing our big shiny and 3rd new build stadium on the skyline whilst they remember they are sticking extensions on our first stadium destroying the local community. Anyone who recalls their first match will always remember seeing the stadium and then the pitch for first time...... as a kid that is the clincher. We will have one of the top 4 stadiums in the country.... us, spurs, arsenal, old Trafford. After that it will be villa then maybe city.....
  5. They prey on people who have good hearts... but yes they will also prey on the desperate.
  6. This is what does my head in with many of our fans.... they see success as being something relative to their previous experiences rather than what goes on the honours list. Many fans under 30 get overly carried away with having an England international in the side or a player going for golden boot or a manager who got us into Europe league a few times. Man United are as faraway from having a great side as we are but their fans will not tolerate shit that pretends to be success.... they know what they need to be seeing. Ferguson has taught them well..... whereas they aren't arsed that lukaku was bought in for big money, scored a few more goals than Rashford - they knew he wasnt the player to deliver a top finish in the prem. Got rid and move on.... we still have fans begging Rom on Insta to come back. They've got a world cup winner in Pogba, who when returning from the world cup has gone even worse with his attitude, again.... get rid. They aren't arsed that he won the world cup. They watched Ferguson ditch stam, RVN, Beckham etc etc. Till many of our fans understand that people like moyes got very very rich at our club on very low risk,and that being held accountable for delivering silverware is the only thing that should be a goal - we will always get mark Hughes and David Moyes shouts.
  7. My wife has been an exceptional nurse looking after children for over 20 years. She never looked at a £ sign when choosing her vocation... because that's what it is - a vocation. After 20 years of being called in to work on Christmas, because she was happy to with colleagues having children.... after 7 years of no pay rises. After a few years of being told her work pattern would change for the worst she is completely disillusioned. Her colleagues ask how she is able to knock back extra shifts, how she can go on holidays etc and that's because with my income we can....... my income is generated from doing a far less important job than my wife and that is wrong. The government have abused the goodwill of the good honest NHS staff for too long.
  8. Surely actions are determined by attitude? The player with a professional attitude who turns up earlier and is the last to leave the training pitch. The player who has an attitude to focussed on being a professional who switches his mobile off, listens to his manager and executes instructions. A footballer with a professional attitude understands he is a cog in the wheel. That type of footballer doesn't lie on the floor taking injury while an oppononent picks out top bin unmarked. The same attitude leads to the player not picking up runners etc. We have seen this from Morgan and it's shit. But we have seen the player he can be when he puts his mind to it.
  9. I was more alarmed that Evertonians heralded him as someone who was going to be tough to replace. Yes we have hired some dross but Martinez got very close to cementing something till he got carried away with himself. After him we just threw darts at the board till we signed Carlo. Moyes did a very good job for a short period and milked his Everton stay based on 2 years worth of good signings. Yes he did arguably stop us going down but his last 3 years were so dull and he had stopped being fresh.... I knew aglfter he left us he would be crap. He stopped evolving.
  10. Atalanta.... laughing when we were getting snotted. Confronted by fans "we got battered don't you care?" ... smirked and shrugged his shoulders. His attitude has been piss poor because his ability is far greater than the output he offered. But.... if he carries on as he has then keep him in. But I don't trust him.
  11. The thought that we were close to hiring moyes....... seriously. He would have taken us down. West ham have shown absolutely nothing.... he has gone in to try and not get battered. Typical pen knife to gunfight stuff.
  12. Yep.... as the train arrives in Manchester Victoria I look around the skyline and it's awful. The amount of homeless people spiced off their faces is astonishing. There something in the air that I can't get my head around. The other day I went out for my lunch and couldn't get into Morrison's as it was cordoned off.... someone had been stabbed several times.
  13. I honestly wasn't aware. But it doesn't surprise me.... he's got a sharp brain.
  14. I work in Manchester... can't believe how much they are still growing it. Liverpool is a better city centre in my book.... more atmosphere and warmth.
  15. I recall taking niacinamide... a b vitamin. Made me sleep well. Best of luck matt. Feel for ya
  16. I'm sure you've probably tried them.... but melatonin and magnesium?
  17. Got a good brain on him that lad, would be a successful business man
  18. Probably means he makes 10 tackles a game and never passes forward!;
  19. I think dubruvka may be out of our reach.... PSG were looking at him.
  20. Gary Neville spoke about this brilliantly. Basically said FFP is a load of bollocks. Designed to protect the club's like United and Liverpool who sell shirts...... Neville said city will win. It may end up with FFP changing......
  21. Very depressing programme. They all look like they need a wash.
  22. No worries, but you quoted me, which I assume means you were replying to me.
  23. I struggle with humans at times..... watching 12 years a slave was bad enough but this is now?! Ffs,
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