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  1. For the tackle gomes pulled out ... Simple as that. Injury of whatever, he pulled out. I don't have agendas. I'm stating facts. You think Allan should have tackled and gone through both Allan and the wba player? Not saying Pickford should have saved it ... I'm saying that based on goalkeeping fundamentals he gave himself the worst chance possible to save it. Everything was wrong, his footwork, position, and reaction time.
  2. Have you actually watched this back or are you being a hipster? Gomes was the only pass on.... James telegraphed it. The only excuse I can offer Gomes is that half our team have been so crap at passing that they expect it to a stationary person rather than into their stride
  3. First one he should have done better. Position, wasn't set, barely even dived.
  4. Backing off was right till Digne got back to cover the right hand side pass. He had Keane covering him and needed to tackle/take a yellow. Diangana looks 2 footed
  5. First off.... Gomes was flat footed - what is all that about? Basic football and that is lazy, sheer laziness and generally in keeping with how he is when he's not in the game. We are in the final third, every player needs to be active to the ball. Wavelength - He was accessible for the pass and when you are accessible for the pass you get on your toes as if you are accepting it. Standing still with your weight on your heels is shite. Even when he seen the ball go passed him he didn't even attempt to tackle the man who picked it up. Allan was 20 yards behind diangana who on his ru
  6. Forget the financials ... A player who has been at elite clubs who is in his prime does not come to a midtable club unless he has a great level of being grounded. Delli Ali in his chauffeur driven rolls Royce thinks he's too good for the level he's at and he's not a patch on James. I think this lad loves football.
  7. He's like a Paul scholes type player... Who in his 30s was able to return from retirement and improve a united side. Give him the ball and he will find teammates with passes no one else in the side can see or execute.
  8. Not sure what Pickford was doing with both dives. His arms barely stretched from his side. Diangana.... Genius by Moyes selling him..... Looks a player.
  9. Zero sprints in 75 minutes.... Get rid! In all seriousness it goes to show how he operates and also points to the potential that he could play till he's 35. He moves so intelligently dropping into pockets. If you have 2 banks of 4 he is the man, the opponents either have to break the banks by getting someone to manmark him ... In which case it gives us one less man to mark the front 3 - but if they don't he will get the ball of our midfield 3 and pick passes like we seen him do. Quality quality player. Loved to see his snidey south American side come out in the sending off. We'v
  10. I was wondering at what stage he was actually going to engage the player.... Surely the best option is to wait for the call from Keane to say "I'm covering" then if he tries to tackle or foul he escspes with yellow card.
  11. I read somewhere that he took some blame for the first goal .... In short that is bollocks If starts with James making a very short pass to Gomes who was flat footed and didn't even stretch his foot to control ... He then didn't try and tackle the played who shifted it to the diangana. Allan got back and while Mina just allowed diangana to run and shoot - Allan covered the angle to the overlap which was the obvious best option which forced diangana to shoot .... Which Pickford should have done better with.
  12. Just can't be relied upon unfortunately. Let down by mina for the first goal but he looked like he was a dad letting his kid score against him
  13. James.... Outstanding footballer. Simple as that Well played DCL - but James gets my vote
  14. No.... you didn't read my post 13/17 duels won .... That's not defensively solid??? MJB the bloke has come from a pedestrian league and has become an organiser in our midfield. He's not going to be perfect straight away .... He's far from "not at all impressed" status.
  15. Some minor gripes but I'm sure all will be addressed. Rodriguez is our captain ... Simple as that.
  16. Quality by James.... Just quality. Pissed off about the first goal we conceded.... Shocking.
  17. Most players of that age could have taken the safe option and just stayed back and done a defenders job.... Niels was right at them. Attitude was spot on.
  18. It's a biological fact. Darker skin requires longer exposure to more intense sunlight in order to produce enough vitamin D. You can't produce vitamin D using sun block either... I said it years ago that big pharma didn't like vitamin D, it's a powerful cheap vitamin that stops people getting sick. results out from Spain .... In a university hospital they administered vitamin D in its pure converted form (the tablets take a week to convert in the liver etc). 50% of covid admisions without vitamin D needed ICU, of the people given Vitamin D - only 2% needed ICU. It
  19. We are all probably going to get it. Get yourselves and you family on vitamin D3, 5000 i.u per day. If you can get one with vitamin K included to stop calcium being absorbed in arteries Vitamin D was the reason ethnic groups were hit harder, darker skin does not produce vitamin D as easy. The studies will come out but not get much exposure, vitamin D is your immune system vitamin. Moreso than vitamin C
  20. You could tell they were scared of him. They fouled him non stop
  21. I don't see anything about Moyes that says building a decent team. He struck gold at Everton on the low fees high wages model. It's all different now. He's had loads of chances to prove himself and failed to live up to his Everton reputation
  22. He turned 19 this year... He's barely stopped growing never mind putting on muscle. Phil Foden is a similar build. ... Football ability can carry some smaller players far
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