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  1. bluehuddo

    Ashley Williams

    How the hell did this Gobshite get made Captain ahead of Coleman? Fucking Unbelievable
  2. I am surprised that given there are quite a few "grammar Nazis" on this site that noone has complained about the title of this thread
  3. bluehuddo

    David Unsworth

    And Peter Reid
  4. bluehuddo


  5. bluehuddo

    Idrissa Gana Gueye

    Should that be Principle? :jump for joy:
  6. bluehuddo

    What Are You Listening To?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ycit4OwYPNg One of the only artist's who's live performances are so much better than from the studio albums
  7. bluehuddo

    Your favorite cricketer?

    My Top XI (plus 12th Man) from my time watching cricket Hayden Cook (almost went Greenidge) Lara Tendulkar Ponting Kallis Gilchrist Warne Muralithuran Ambrose McGrath Akram (12th Man)
  8. bluehuddo

    What Are You Listening To?

    And Ian Astbury is a Blue
  9. bluehuddo

    Kopite Thread

    Its from Kop being a Affrikaner word for hill and they were on a hill. Nothing to do with Liverpool as a City... but that doesn't stop them
  10. Got an Everton Jersey from Everton Two for £15 today ?
  11. Luckily you can have it tomorrow. I will have to wait 18 months foe my next one ?
  12. So we all have great taste on food. Pity we are all fat bastards?
  13. bluehuddo

    Kopite Thread

    All my red relatives aren't replying yo me ☺
  14. Pete i know.. unfortunately for me most Asian girls can eat whatever they want. I will be getting hammered in the gym when I get back☺
  15. bluehuddo

    Where is everybody from?

    Thanks Mike last time we had together we were able to go to Goodison to see us win against Newcastle 3-2 in 2013. We had the funeral down in Eastbourne as he had lived there for 20 years. We had Z-cars playing as we brought the coffin in